Metro 2033 Redux

By MrZhangetsu

I know this tunnel, and it knows me.

10 years ago, 4A Games and THQ released a video game adaptation to Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel of the same name which received favourable reviews. Sadly, it failed to make its way to the PlayStation 3, but in 2014 Metro Redux was released for PlayStation 4.

Having only ever played half of Metro Last Light, I decided now was the perfect time to experience the entire series right from the beginning (also, at the time of writing this, Metro Redux was on sale so why not give it a go?).

Metro 2033 Redux Review


Before you start playing Metro 2033, the game asks a seemingly important question in today’s video game landscape, what difficulty do you want to play on?

There are the standard settings, named Normal, Hardcore, Ranger or Ranger Hardcore in Metro 2033. But, interestingly you can also set a game mode.

Spartan mode offers a regular FPS. You can play the whole game by shooting your way through every encounter without worrying about managing your gear or health. There’s nothing really to say about this mode, it’s pretty generic stuff.

Survivor mode is the traditional Metro 2033 experience. Artyom moves, aims and reloads a little slower. Filters don’t last very long and the watch on Artyom’s wrist is analogue. But the biggest feature of Survivor is the distinct lack of ammunition to be found which forces you to value it a little more. This is the mode to play on because every encounter carries a higher risk. You can get through the game by shooting your way through it, but you’ll likely be constantly low on ammunition and health. Instead it’s best to use stealth wherever you can.

Sneaking through some vents with questionable fungal growth

While the stealth system isn’t the best, it’s definitely competent. The thrill of sneaking by patrolling enemies and knowing that if you were to be caught, you wouldn’t have the ammo to survive the battle, is truly one of the game’s highlights. Enemies are essentially blind in the dark, which is great because you can turn off/shoot almost every light source in the game. You have to be careful though, because enemies will notice a light being put out or destroyed if they’re stood too close to it. The downside to creeping around in the dark is that it’s harder to spot a tripwire or the makeshift “hanging cans” alarm system in some areas.

Don’t get me wrong, sneaking is great. Really. I love stealth in games. But shooting is so much more fun, right? It’s like a primitive form of therapy, which is ironic because I’m sure cavemen didn’t have AK47’s or Shotguns, but if they did they’d feel the same as we do. Guns are cool and shooting them feels great. In Metro 2033, however, they don’t feel all that great. Now, that might come across as a negative but hear me out. Metro 2033 takes place 20 years after a nuclear war forced humans underground. Access to weapons was almost nonexistent so the inhabitants of the Metro had to use bits of scrap to cobble together a gun capable of firing bullets. So when you fire the “B******”, which is a submachine gun made out of a bit of piping and wood, it feels as janky as it should.

You will be doing quite a bit of shooting in Metro 2033 despite its insistence that stealth is the way to go. There’s an overreliance on defending waves of mutants in some levels which, on Survivor mode, ends up being more frustrating than a tense moment.

Story, Characters and Mutants

I mentioned earlier that a nuclear war forced humans—or at least the people of Russia—underground to survive amongst the Metro tunnels. It’s never revealed what or who started the war and who, if any, were the victors, but that’s probably not important anyway. The important thing is that there IS survivors living in tunnels as the world above them mutates in the radioactive remnants of our past lives.

Artyom was born shortly before the bombs fell and spent most of his life growing up amongst the tunnels of the Metro system. It’s unclear what happened to his real parents, but he lives with his uncle inside VDNKh Station (Exhibition Station). One day a Ranger by the name of Hunter shows up and gives Artyom a postcard of New York City—evidently, Artyom likes to collect things that remind him of the world before it effectively ended. Artyom’s uncle tells Hunter about the “Dark Ones” and how they’re a threat to the station. Almost immediately after this exchange, Exhibition is attacked by a horde of “Watchmen” (I think. It’s hard to tell the mutants apart) and Artyom, his uncle and Hunter must fend them off. Before Hunter leaves for the surface, he gives Artyom his dog tags and tells him that “If he’s not back by morning”, to go to Polis Station and give his tags to the Rangers there. Of course, Hunter never returns.

The developers did an excellent job of making the Metro feel cramped and lived in

Shortly after leaving Exhibition, Artyom meets up with a man named Bourbon in Riga Station. Bourbon is an interesting character. He appears friendly, but he has an unparalleled knowledge of the entire Metro and you get the feeling that he’s a dishonest person who makes enemies more than he does friends. Together Artyom and Bourbon travel through the dangerous mutant and bandit infested tunnels to Dry Station whereupon Bourbon has agreed to give Artyom his “Kalash” assault rifle. It’s not long before Bourbon is out of the picture, which is a bit of a shame. I was looking forward to unravelling the mystery behind his character. It’s not all bad though, because as quickly as Bourbon leaves, Khan shows up and takes his place.

Khan is possibly the most unique character in Metro. Everyone up to this point has reinforced the idea of “if it’s hostile, kill it” which is sort of the Ranger motto. Khan, however, urges Artyom to stop and think about his actions and how they may impact his life and the life of those around him. From the start, Khan will make Artyom stop and stand still in the face of danger which leads me to my first real negative point about Metro 2033. Throughout Khan’s level, the game teaches you that you need to be patient and wait for Khan to say it’s okay to carry on. So when Khan climbed into a derelict train car and stood still for a few minutes, I stood with him and looked around waiting for him to inevitably say “Okay, let’s go”. He never did though. Assuming it was a glitch, I reloaded the checkpoint and tried again. Khan stood still and 5 minutes later, we still weren’t moving. I did some Googling and it turned out that I had to use my lighter to burn some cobwebs so Khan could progress through the level.

I ran ahead of Khan here, but these are the tunnels where he escorts you through

The game never told me that I could use a lighter to burn cobwebs. I didn’t even know I had a lighter. The game neglects to tell you a bunch of things. For example, you can disarm tripwires, but when you’re introduced to them early in the game, all you’re told is to watch out for them as you see your companion jump over it and run off down a hallway. Naturally, I assumed that’s what I had to do with all tripwires. You can also press the touchpad to bring up Artyom’s journal which will display your current object and a nifty little compass will point you towards it. I didn’t figure this out until 60% through the story. Would have been handy to know all this right from the start.

My other negative point is the mutants. There are “Watchers/Watchmen”, “Nosalis”, “Lurker”, “Librarian” and “Demon” (and a few others that don’t appear too often). Aside from the Demon, which is a huge flying mutant, I couldn’t differentiate from the others all too well. They are all quadrupedal, grey-skinned animals of similar size—the Librarians are more ape-like, however they look a lot like the Dark Ones. They all sound the same too. The only real way I could tell them apart was their attack patterns. Lurkers run in—a little too fast to do anything about—hit you once and scurry off to one of their rabbit holes. Watchers also charge you, but they don’t run off and they often attack in packs. Nosalis get up real close and flail their arms wildly at you, often getting in 2-3 hard hits before you can even turn to face them. The worst thing about all these mutants is it’s hard to know when they’re running up from behind you. This gets really annoying on the harder difficulties.

Librarians. Sometimes they’re agressive, other times they just stare at you

Demons swoop in and grab you which seems impossible to dodge or counter, but since you don’t come across them too often it’s not too bad.

The humans are the best enemies/companions. They’re predictable and avoidable.

My Metro 2033 Redux Platinum Trophy Journey

In order to platinum Metro 2033 Redux, I needed to do 2 complete playthroughs and a bit of replaying levels via chapter select.

I totally staged this platinum screenshot because there’s a lot of screen transitions at the end and I didn’t want a crappy screenshot

For my 1st playthrough, I chose to play on Survivor Hardcore and focus on collecting invisible “Moral” points. This is a hidden system in the game that changes the ending depending on how many points you have. It’s unclear when you have earned a point and there is no way to know how many you have, but you need an unspecified amount to get the “Enlightened” ending for a trophy. Luckily, there are hundreds of guides that list almost every single encounter/interaction that awards you with on and what to avoid so you don’t lose any of these mysterious points.

There were also a bunch of kill-related trophies for reaching 100 enemies killed with pistols, 200 enemies killed overall and 30 enemies killed with explosives etc etc. But since I knew I was going to be playing through a second time, I didn’t spend too much time with these trophies.

After spending the entire 1st playthrough paranoid that I didn’t get enough morality points, my efforts were rewarded at the end when the Enlightened trophy popped up. Well, onto my 2nd playthrough…

For this playthrough, I would play on Spartan Normal and get the canon ending while also focusing on finding all 51 notes for Artyom’s diary, using chapter select where possible to farm kills with certain weapons and making sure I killed at least 1 enemy with every weapon in the game—including throwables.

One thing that became somewhat of an annoyance a second time around was how much waiting around you have to do. Characters will open doors for you, inspect items on the ground or just stand around talking to one another, and while this made a rather cinematic and immersive 1st playthrough, there is no way to skip these bits and really slowed down my progress on my 2nd run.

I managed to make it to the end, however, and I had successfully found all notes, killed an enemy with all weapons and got all kill-related trophies. The only thing left to do was see the ending and collect my new, slightly irradiated platinum trophy.

Time Breakdown

Survivor Hardcore run

Spartan Hardcore run

Miscellaneous Trophies

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My Verdict:


Plat it! Metro 2033 Redux fights back against the traditional, copy & paste first-person shooter format by adding a reliance on resource management and stealth. I highly recommend starting your first playthrough on Survivor Hardcore—or even harder if you’ve got the stones for it.


  • Interesting environments
  • Weapons feel believable
  • Engaging lore
  • Super fast loading times


  • Game failes to explain certain mechanics
  • Hidden morality system
  • Mutant design and AI is a bit lacklustre

Platinum Trophy

I really liked playing Metro 2033 Redux. The delecate balancing act between stealth, combat and resource management on the higher difficulties gave me some crazy survival horror vibes and I can’t wait to finish the series!

About the Author

Metro 2033 Redux 20

MrZhangetsu has a real talent for FPS and skill-based games. His impeccable timing makes him a good match for more difficult trophies. However, his tendency to get tunnel-vision and zero-tolerance attitude can bring him down where TheDblTap might succeed.

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A Plague Tale: Innocence

By TheDblTap


A Plague Tale: Innocence (or “Plague Tale” as I will conveniently call it for the rest of the review, SEO be damned) is a gripping Naughty-Dog-esque story-focused game by developers “Asobo Studio”, who – bizarrely – worked on Microsoft Flight Simulator but also – perhaps more memorably – they’re developers behind the Xbox One Exclusive, “Quantum Break”.

Plague Tale Review

The game sees it’s protagonist Amicia and her younger brother Hugo survive plague-stricken France during the mid-1300s. Throughout their journey, they will uncover the secrets and mysteries of their noble family’s past and face daunting trials while avoiding the Inquisition and fighting back hordes of blood-thirsty rats.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 29

Legs won’t save you here!

And when I say “hordes”, boy do I mean it. I have no idea how these guys got so many rats on-screen all at once while still making the game look as graphically marvellous as it does. Sure, it’s no God of War or Uncharted 4, but man, this game really looks great. Their use of lighting, in particular, is really effective.

The story is a steep and slippery slope into spoiler-town and I don’t want to ruin anything for you as it really does have a fantastic story with some really great moments which you should experience for yourself, but the great thing about this game is that it’s not just a story on wheels, there’s a really solid puzzle mechanic which is consistently present throughout the game and keeps you on your toes;

The rats.

I know I already said it, but I’m going to say it again. Holy cow, there are a lot of rats in the game. There will literally be thousands on-screen at a time. If these rats touch you, you’re bonemeal. Within seconds they will swarm and engulf Amicia if she so much as dips her toe in the plentiful pools of fur and red eyes which bare their incisors throughout many of the game’s stages.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 30

Whatever tech they used to achieve this was more than worth it. It really makes you feel trapped.

So how could anyone possibly survive, right?

Well, that’s where things get interesting. They don’t like the light. They typically live underground and burrow through the earth (not very rat-like, I suppose, but as you’ll learn they aren’t your typical rat) popping out of the ground to attack villagers and animals all across France.

So, naturally, they won’t go near daylight, can still be found in basements or cellars and won’t go near an open flame. Using this wonderful fact, you can carve a path for Amicia through the story by using fire, daylight and even a very well-built alchemy system to ward off and – in some cases – eviscerate the rats.

At multiple points in the game your goal of getting from point A to point B will be hindered by the presence of these rats (have I said rats enough yet? It’s starting to look weird…) and you’ll need to use the environment to solve a puzzle, often very satisfying and sometimes intense.

Stealth also plays a large role in the game. Being just a young girl, Amicia doesn’t stand much of a chance in one-on-one combat with a knight of the inquisition, but she does have a trusty sling which was given to her by her father and she’s light on her toes.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 31

There’s plenty of sneaking to be done!

When you’re not warding off rats you’ll often be avoiding the Inquisition, using alchemy and the sling (an incredibly gratifying weapon by the way) to distract and often even kill them.

And if you’re not doing either, then you’re probably doing both. Some of the greatest moments in the game come from using your wits to get inquisition guards eaten by the rats. For example, some guards carry glass lanterns to keep the rats at bay, but by breaking them with your sling you open them up to a whole world of pain.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 32

The relationship[ between hugo and amicia plays a huge role.

All in all the game’s chapters amount to a fun, simple adventure through a captivating story filled with clever puzzles and I enjoyed it end-to-end.
If I had to think of a complaint about the game, I have three.

Firstly, often when there’s no nearby action in the game, the characters dry up completely, and they just stand there like planks waiting for the next interaction, it kills the immersion pretty quickly as you suddenly become very aware that you’re just looking at 3D models.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 33

Seriously, who just stands there and stares directly forward like that?

Secondly, they leave a lot of questions unanswered by the end of the game. A lot of things the rats do within the final few chapters of the game are confusing and seem to be leading up to a bigger reveal but ultimately it’s never explained.

And lastly, Amicia has a smudge of blood on her nose for the entire game and I don’t have a clue why. Sometimes entire weeks will pass between chapters and lo and behold, there’s Amicia, still with that smudge on her nose.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 34

Look at it! Who put it there and why doesn’t it wash off?

It’s not a deal-breaker by any means but it did admittedly bother me a little.

My Plague Tale Platinum Trophy Experience

When I started my playthrough I had the advantage of a bit of advice from MrZhangetsu, who had just completed his playthrough.

He told me there were two trophies which prove difficult to get in the same playthrough and that in order to get them both with the minimum amount of time spent on a second playthrough I should hoard upgrade materials like they’re rare Pokemon cards and focus on upgrading Equipment first.

With that in mind, I played through the game, keeping my eyes widely peeled for upgrade materials and collectables, focusing on upgrading the equipment.

By around chapter 12, I had all equipment upgrades and 2 out of 6 sling upgrades (you’re forced to buy the first one and I got the second one early on by accident). I had convinced myself that by the end of the game I absolutely could finish all the upgrades in a single run.

I was wrong.

When I finished the game I only needed one more sling upgrade and had only missed 2 collectables, a gift in the first chapter and a curiosity in the 3rd chapter.

Naturally, I used chapter select to go into the first and third chapters for those missing collectables and then began a partial playthrough of the game from Chapter 10.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 35

The last collectable trophy popping.

I did this because the game remembers which upgrades and materials you had at the start of that chapter the last time you played it and at chapter 10 I had all of the storage upgrades, which are vital for being able to carry enough materials for some of the sling upgrades.

From there on, I just played as normal, a little bit faster as I’d done it before and knew all the puzzle solutions and material locations from my first playthrough. It took around 2 hours to get far enough to get that last upgrade where I finally platted the game.

It was a fun and simple plat, so long as you’re vigilant about collectables and materials, otherwise you can make things really hard for yourself.
I’d say it took me around 13 hours in total to platinum and was certainly worth the time. I actually kind of wish it was a longer game because it really was great fun and I was really drawn into the story.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 36

Getting the Platinum trophy.

Plague Tale Trophy Tips and Tricks

As I already stated, you’re going to want to be very careful with collectables and upgrade materials. No trophies are missable because you can use chapter select, but you can almost double your time-to-plat by not managing resources and keeping your eye out for collectables.
The two upgrade trophies are as follows:

Not a toy anymore

Fully upgrade the sling

Handful of pockets

Fully upgrade the equipment

There are a few alchemical munitions you can make which require Fabric and Leather. Avoid these wherever you can. There is almost always an alternative solution which will allow you to avoid using things like Luminosa.

In situations where these ammunitions are the only way to proceed, then look around because the game will give you back the leather or fabric you used somewhere nearby. For example, most Alechmist carts can’t be reached without Luminosa, but you’ll always find replacement leather inside the cart.

It’s good to note, too, that if you need to go back to a previous level to get a collectable, you can quit back to the main menu once you have it, as it will save the fact you got it without you finishing the level.

The rest of the trophies are simple, there is just one more tip to give you though, for this trophy:

Captain Sidekick

Stay with the Captain

This one is pretty misleading. You need to get through some doors which Captain Nicholas passes through in Chapter 14 before he can close them, staying with him will usually result in you getting shut out and having to take the long way. If you go ahead of him, though, and get through the doors before him you can slip under a cart near the door and wait for him to catch up, causing the trophy to pop.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 37

Here I am, under the cart when he finally catches up and the trophy pops.

Again, make sure you explore everywhere. You’ll not only find collectables and materials but also sometimes trophy locations such as the Blacksmith’s forge. Abuse the “Reload Checkpoint” option too.

If you waste resources by accident or realise you didn’t actually need to use Luminosa for a certain part or figure out a way you could have got a misc trophy, reload the checkpoint and try again. There’s nothing to lose as the game checkpoints frequently. You just need to hope your checkpoint isn’t so far into the level that you can’t get back to what you need.

My Verdict:


This is a fantastic game with an excellent story and some really solid puzzle mechanics. If you like Uncharted, The Last of Us or Hellblade:Senua’s Sacrifice, then you’ll enjoy this one too!


  • Great Graphics
  • Genuinely enticing Story
  • Satisfying puzzles and gameplay


  • A little on the short side
  • Lack of quality idle animations causes lifeless moments

Platinum Trophy

This game more than deserves a platinum trophy. I’m surprised I didn’t hear about it sooner.

About the Author

TheDblTap is fond of single-player action and adventure games as well as the odd collect-em-up or RPG. He thinks FPS games are stale and repetitive and has little patience for gunfights which are too drawn-out. Originally a Nintendo gamer, the PlayStation line of consoles quickly took their grasp as he fell in love with Sony’s gamer-centric approach and – eventually – collecting shiny, shiny trophies.

With a keen eye for secrets and treasure, TheDblTap’s play-style often benefits him as a trophy hunter, but as someone with poor timing, he struggles with more skill-based combat trophies…

Untitled Goose Game: Review and Guide

By MrZhangetsu


Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 2 years, chances are you’ve heard about Untitled Goose Game. Developed by House House, an Australian 4-man team who’s only other game was Push Me Pull You (2016), and published by Panic Inc, Untitled Goose Game aims lets players take control of a clever little goose, with a huge attitude problem, to terrorise the locals of a small and quaint town.

What originally started as a joke on Slack quickly became an internet sensation and, upon release, received favourable reviews from critics and players alike often praising its humour and its gameplay which was inspired by Super Mario 64 and the Hitman series

Image taken from PlayStation Blog.

Gameplay, Graphics and Goose

Mechanically, UGG is very simple. Press to run, to lower your goose head, to flap your wings (I’m not convinced this is actually beneficial in any way other than it looks really bloody cool) and to zoom out so you can see a little bit more of the area. The MVP button, however, is the HONK button a.k.a . Honking is a relentlessly fun way to annoy, attract and/or distract the poor victims living in and around the quaint little village that you’ll be terrorising for the next 2 hours. The real beauty of the controls comes from the fact that they never seem to get in the way of you living out your wildest evil goose fantasies, which I’m sure we’ve all had… right?

Getting to grips with the controls.

There are 4 main areas in UGG and in each area you will be given a “To-Do” list, which I guess the goose him/herself wrote with his/her big orange feet? Either way, these lists are the meat of the game acting as puzzles that you have to figure out. One task might be to steal the hat right off some old guy’s head, which I’m sure he more than deserves, but you’re just a little goose, how could you possibly reach up and snatch that lid and then get away without being caught? You’ll have to make him take it off or bend down just far enough for you to reach. After completing enough of these tasks, a new one will be added which upon completing will unlock the next area. These puzzle lists aren’t too complicated but they will definitely lead you to some amusing situations, like intentionally dropping a metal bucket on a poor man’s head.

Graphically, Untitled Goose Game’s low poly style is ceaselessly charming and adorable and reminds me very much of Donut County (which TheDblTap expertly-reviewed quite recently). The models have just enough visual information to add character to each individual villager. There’s a guy with a nose, moustache, cardigan and slippers but no eyes or even facial expression and yet when you first get a look at him, you can just tell he’s a grumpy old who probably hates geese for no reason.

Gonna HONKING tear this place apart!

After you finish the “story” and return back to your… home? You will be given additional tasks in each area—which is great because I was gonna go through and bully everyone again anyway—which extends the gameplay a little further but the best, and possibly most frustrating, addition is the “To-Do, Quickly” lists. These are essentially speedruns where you’ll have about 6 minutes before the church bells chime to complete all the tasks on the initial To-Do lists which adds an opportunity to re-learn the areas and re-optimise your plan of attack.

After completing all available To-Do lists, you will be notified of a gift waiting for you back at the starting area. I won’t tell you what it is, however, I will say that the gift is both hilarious and undeniably cool.

I wonder what’s inside?

Guide and Tips

Untitled Goose Game is pretty straight forward, but if you’d like to know what exactly you have to do to acquire the plat then please refer to this guide.

Stage 1: Complete the 4 To-Do lists and Make It Back to the Starting Area.

This stage is really simple, just complete the 4 Areas, Gardens, High Street, Back Gardens and Pub. Then steal the bell from the miniature town behind the Pub and make it all the way back to the beginning.

To-Do List Solutions:



Get into the Garden – You can turn on the tap outside or interact with the radio.

Steal the Groundskeeper’s keys – You can sneak up behind him and snatch these pretty easily.

Make the Groundskeeper wear his sunhat – The best method I found is to pluck the Tulip out of the ground and wait for him to replant it.

Rake in the lake – Grab the lake at the top of the garden and drag it all the way to the lake.

Have a picnic – The sandwich pieces and apple are on the bench, the basket is at the side of the bench, jam, thermos are on the workbench in the top left corner of the garden, the radio can be found here too otherwise it’s outside on some bags. The carrot and pumpkin can be pulled from the soil inside the garden. Bring all these items to the picnic cloth to the right of the lake.

Make the Groundskeeper hammer his thumb – At some point the Groundskeeper will put up an anti-goose sign. Pull it down and hide in the bushes and wait for him to come and hammer it back in. As he lifts his arm up in the air to strike, HONK at him.


High Street:


Break the brooom – The shop keeper will use the broom to shoo you away when you get close. Just grab the broom head and pull when she does and it should break.

Trap the Boy in the phone booth – Run at the Boy and HONK, he will get cared and start running. Try to steer him towards the phone booth.

Make the Boy wear the wrong glasses – Steal some glasses off the rack in the shop and place them near the boy. Untie his shoes, HONK and chase him and he should fall over. Quickly grab his original glasses and replace them with the wrong ones.

Make someone buy back their own stuff – The Boy has a toy plane, you can steal it and drop it near the shopkeeper and she’ll pick it up and add it to her shop.

Get on TV – When you trap the Boy in the phone booth, he will call his mother, who works in the TV shop. After she comes running out, head inside and hit the red button near the entrance.

Go shopping – There is a metal basket near the shop. Drag this away so that the woman doesn’t catch you. Toilet paper is on the right side, fruit and veg is at the back of the shop, tinned food and cleaner is on the shelf on the left and the toothbrush can be found in a trash can next to a house on the far right. You will need to knock it over to get the toothbrush out.

Trap the Shopkeeper in the garage – At some point the Shopkeeper will open the garage to get an anti-goose sign. Steal and item and lead her inside and then quickly run out and interact with the pulley to lock her inside.


Back Gardens:


Make someone break the fancy vase – Grab the purple vase from the woman’s garden and get it over the the man’s side. When he sees it he will throw it over the fence and break it.

Help the Woman dress up the bust – You need to steal the pipe, hat and glasses from the Man’s table. You can do this while he reads the newspaper since he can’t see anything. Grab the item and run to the bottom of the garden where the broken fence is, untie the rope and transfer each item to the Woman’s side and place them near the statue in the middle of the garden.

Make the Man spit out his tea – The Man will alternate between reading and drinking tea. On the Woman’s side there is a huge bell, when the man takes a sip of his tea, interact with the bell.

Get dressed up with a ribbon – There is a wooden goose on the Woman’s side with a red ribbon around it’s neck. Drag the goose away and hide it somewhere she can’t get to. Take the ribbon and place it where she will find it and then interact with the spot where the wooden goose used to stand and you’ll pretend to be a fake goose. Eventually she will notice the ribbon and tie it around your neck.

Make the Man go barefoot – As the man reads the news paper, slowly approach his slippers and press and to stealthily steal his slipper. Repeat this step when he drinks his tea to get his other slipper.

Do the washing – Steal one of the Man’s slippers and place it in the pond at the bottom of his garden. Go to the Woman’s side and steal her socks, bra and bar of soap. Place these in the same pond as the slipper.

Make someone prune the prize rose – On the Man’s side, drag the rose further down the garden. Head to the Woman’s side and press to peck at the bunny shaped hedge. The woman will come along and use the shears to fix it, thus accidentally snipping the rose.




Get into the Pub – Outside there will be a box that you can hide in. Wait for the Deliveryperson to come and pick you up and take you inside.

Break the dartboard – There is an old man who will alternate between throwing darts and playing the harmonica. As he’s about to throw his dart, HONK and he’ll mess it up, breaking the board.

Get the toy boat – In the patio area, there is a sink with a boat. Next to the sink, near the floor, is a tap. Turn it on when the woman isn’t looking and the boat will slowly float to the top where you can grab it. (You can hide under tables here to stay hidden)

Make the Old Man fall on his bum – When the Old Man goes to sit down, you can drag the stool away causing him to fall on his bum. If he’s already sat down you can HONK to make him get back up so you can try again.

Be awared a flower – There are two woman sat opposite each other in the seating area with a raise platform on their left. Walk up this platform and HONK, then the woman on the right will ask you to bow so press , finally the woman on the left will ask you to flap your wings so press . They will clap and award you with the flower.

Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal – There are pint glasses on the tables in the patio area. Grab on and quickly head under the gaps under the patio. HONK to get the Burly Man’s attention and then run outside back towards the canal. Drop the glass in the water to complete the to-do task.

Set the table – In the back area, where the Deliveryperson is constantly heading, there will be a table. You need to set it. You can find the pepper grinder on the left sat on a table, the candlestick is on the right also on a table and there are knives and forks scattered around the patio area. Steal and stash these under the patio, where you go through to get to the back area, and then when nobody is looking take the items and place them on the table. You will see the final item, a plate, is sat on the shelf to your left.

Drop a bucket on the Burly Man’s head – Get the Burly Man’s attention and quickly run all the way to the back area and grab some tomatoes and throw them on the ground. HONK when you are there so the man will hear you and enter. Quickly head to the patio area before he sees you and he’ll instead notice the tomatoes. As he’s putting them back, knock the bucket off the wall.


Model Village:


This part is pretty simple. To get into the village, swim under the bridge. Head through the village and then break the castle tower to get the bell. Once collected you need to take it all the way back home. Be careful here because everyone is on the lookout for you now and when you make sudden moves or run the bell will make noise so take each area slow and try to be as stealthy as possible. You can place the bell down somewhere safe if you’d like to scout out the area. Once you make it back home, throw the bell in the pit with the others.


At the end of this stage you will have achieved the following trophies:

The Garden Complete the Garden to-do list

The Back Gardens Complete the back gardens to-do list

The High Street Complete the high street to-do list

The Pub Complete the pub to-do list

Thank You For Playing Our Videogame Finish the game

Stage 2: Complete the To-Do (As Well) Lists

After you finish the story, you will be given some extra tasks, (As Well) and (Quickly!!). I would recommend you focus on the (As Well) tasks first since they can be done in any order and have no time restraints.

To-Do (As Well) Solutions:


Lock the Groundskeeper out of the garden – Turn on the tap or radio, steal his keys when he comes to investigate, hide them, or if you’re fast enough run inside, and interact with the gate to close it.

Cabbage picnic – You will need to rool a cabbage, since it’s too heavy to pick up, all the way to the picnic cloth. (If you’ve already locked the gate, you can roll it out through a hole in the hedge in the cabbage section)

Trip the boy in the puddle – HONK and chase the boy towards the water on the far left. When he’s close you’ll have to quickly untie his shoes so he falls.

Make the shop scales go ding – You need to place items on the shop scales. Lock the Shopkeeper in the garage and then grab the model car and some tinned food to place on the scales. If they don’t go ding, then grabing anything else and quickly stack it on top.

Open and umbrella inside the TV shop – Steal and umbrella from the shop and place it near the TV shop. Trap the boy inside the phone booth and when the woman comes out to save him, quicky drag the umbrella inside and interact with the handle to open it.

Make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff – Steal the Groundskeeper’s trowel and drop it near the shop so that the Shopkeeper will place it amongst her items. Lead the Groundskeeper all the way to the shop and he should buy it back.

Collect the 5 flowers – There are 5 flowes for you to find and bring to the well and place in the basket. Tulip can be found inside the Groundskeeper’s garden, the lily is at the back of the shop in the street, the rose is the one the Woman snips in the Man’s garden, the daisy is the flower the two woman at the Pub give you and the chrysanthemum is in the model village.

Trap the boy in the garage – HONK and chase the boy towards the garage and then quickly pull the rope to close it.

Catch an object as it’s thrown – Take an object like the ribbo from the wooden goose and drop it on the Man’s side, quickly head back to the Woman’s side and try to catch it as he throws it over the fence.

Get thrown over the fence – Drag the box from the Pub all the way to the Man’s garden, climb inside and HONK to get him to investigate. Upon seeing the box he should throw it over the fence.

Dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens – You can steal the Groundskeeper’s hat or the Old Man’s hat as he falls on his bum, the pair of glasses from the shop in the street and the toothbrush from the trash can. Take these items to the woman’s garden to get her to dress the bust.

Score a goal – Take the football/soccerball all the way to the Back Gardens and have the Man throw it over the fence. Then dribble it through the hole in the fence at the top left of the Woman’s garden where you can finally dribble it into the small goal.

Sail the toy boat under the bridge – Steal the toy boat from the pub and take it to the Model Village area and place it in the water. Push it under the bridge.

Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon – Make the Woman in the garden put the ribbon on your neck and head to the Pub to perform for the women.

Steal the Old Man’s woolen hat – Make the Old Man fall on his bum and quickly snatch the hat off his head..


At the end of this stage you will have achieved the following trophies:

Nasty Lock the groundskeeper out of the garden

Ghastly Trip the boy in the puddle

Unlucky Open an umbrella inside the TV shop

Beautiful Collect the five flowers

Careful Catch an object as it’s thrown over the fence

Pretty Dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens

Lovely Sail the toy boat under a bridge

Yummy Cabbage picnic

Noisy Make the shop scales go ding

Devious Make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff

Dreadful Trap the boy in the garage

Intrepid Get thrown over the fence

Nimble Score a goal

Elegant Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon

Cheeky Steal the old man’s woolen hat

Stage 3: Complete the To-Do (Quickly!!) Lists

Now all that’s left is to complete the intial To-Do lists, but this time do them Quickly!! A.K.A in under 6 minutes.

You will likely find the Garden and High Street areas to be rather easy to complete in under 6 minutes, however, the Back Gardens and Pub can be much trickier due to the human AI sometimes not behaving how you’d like.

This stage will take some trial and error but this is the order I did each run:



  1. Turn on the sprinkler
  2. Steal the keys when the Groundskeeper comes out
  3. Take the flower from the flower bed and steal his hat when he comes to replant it (hide hat in bushes in top right)
  4. Drag rake into the lake
  5. Get all picnic items
  6. Drag no geese sign down and make him hit thumb

High Street:

  1. Chase boy towards phone box, untie his shoes before he goes in
  2. Take his toy to the shop and grab some glasses while there
  3. Return to boy and swap out his glasses (if you timed it right you might be able to enter the TV shop)
  4. Chase the boy towwards the shop
  5. Lock woman in the garage
  6. While woman is in garage collect all items on shopping list: Brush, Tinned Food, Cleaner, Toothbrush, Fruit and Veg

High Street:

This part is very tricky and the human AI is unreliable and I didn’t manage to come up with a foolproof solution so I’m afraid you’re going to have to figure out what works for you by trial and error. Here are some general tips though:

  • Work on stealing and transfering items immediately. The mans, slippers, pipe, hate and glasses. The Woman’s socks, bra, vase and wooden goose.
  • Place the woodeen goose on the Man’s side, as far away from the fence as possible (stops the Woman from noticing it and getting hung up on it)
  • Don’t have the man break the vase until you have the tricker tasks out of the way
  • The Man will likley switch to drinking tea by the time you’ve got most of the items where they need to be so hit the bell as he sips and carry on.
  • If at any point you can’t continue with the task you’re on because the human’s are in the way etc, improvise and switch to a different task


This area is also quite tricky, but less so than the Back Gardens, so again I will offer some tips:

  • Get the man to chase you so you can drop the bucket on his head first.
  • While on the patio, start collecting items to set the table
  • If at any point you can’t get an item for the table because somebody is in the way etc go and HONK at the Old Man to mess up his throw, steal his chair or perform for the women
  • While in the patio area, try to turn on the tap to fill the sink while you scavange for items
  • Leave the pint glass in the canal task for last
  • You have to have the toy boat in your mouth for a few seconds for it to count so don’t grab it if you’re being chased


At the end of this stage you will have achieved the following trophies:

The Garden, Quickly Complete the garden to-do list before the church bells ring

The Back Gardens, Quickly Complete the back gardens to-do list before the church bells ring

The High Street, Quickly Complete the high street to-do list before the church bells ring

The Pub, Quickly Complete the pub to-do list before the church bells ring

A Secrety Prize Earn every other trophy

My Verdict:


Plat it! UGG is really popular and after playing it, I can see why. If you’re in the mood for something light and hilarious but also oddly cute and charming then pick Untitled Goose Game up and get your HONK on.


  • Minimalist graphics are amazing
  • Lots of fun to be had as an angry goose
  • Puzzles are simple but realy fun to figure out
  • HONK


  • It’s quite short
  • Human AI can be quite janky at times
  • You will develop a fear of geese

Platinum Trophy

You’d have to be HONKING crazy not to find Untitled Goose Game to be one of the most charming games to be released in recent years.

About the Author

MrZhangetsu has a real talent for FPS and skill-based games. His impeccable timing makes him a good match for more difficult trophies. However, his tendency to get tunnel-vision and zero-tolerance attitude can bring him down where TheDblTap might succeed.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

By MrZhangetsu

A Fun Undead Detective Story

Murdered: Soul Suspect was released in 2014 to average reviews with most people criticising the combat, length and replay value and, even though I had gotten it as part of a bundle on PC, I never gave it a shot because of these reviews but since it’s October, I decided now was the perfect time to experience the game. (Since this game is heavily story focused, this review will avoid talking too much about the story to avoid any possible spoilers)

Ghost Ronan investigating his own death.

You play as Ronan, a criminal turned detective who arrives at an old building after receiving a tip-off about the Bell Killer being on the scene, however, Ronan is instead thrown from the top window and shot several times. Ronan, now a ghost, must investigate his own murder whilst utilising and coming to terms with his new ghost-like abilities but nothing is as easy as it appears, especially in the afterlife.

Investigations typically consist of you walking around the crime scene looking for clues, possessing people to eavesdrop on a conversation or influence them into remembering something by connected previously discovered clues. You can also use a “poltergeist” ability to turn on a fan that will blow some papers away so you can see the clue they were hiding.

Once you’ve collected all the necessary clues, you can conclude the investigation to carry on the story. Most of the investigations are pretty straight forward and will not pose many difficulties on you.

Along the way you will see plenty of other ghosts to talk to and some of them will give you side cases to solve, such as a sobbing ghost girl in the first building you visit who can’t remember exactly how she died but is pretty sure it has something to do with the old couple in the building. Upon completing these side cases, the ghost will thank you and a bright light will carry them off to the after-afterlife, I guess?

Another happy ghostomer… you know… like ghost customer? Sorry.

While you’re not running around solving cases, there are over 150 collectables to find. Most of them are just items in the world like newspaper clipping or a plaque on the wall etc, but by far the best of them are “broken” ghost objects like boilers or old muskets that you have to reveal with before you pick them up. There are always around 10-15 in each area and once you have them all, they reveal a pretty cool story related to the object.

The story related to these boilers is pretty cool. Make sure you check it out.

It’s not all about being clever and collecting random items because in the afterlife there are demons. If a demon spots you, it will shriek and chase you down relentlessly and, I guess consume your soul? You can, however, hide from them by possessing humans or hiding in old ghost residue spots while you wait for them to return to their patrol routes so you can sneak up behind them and destroy them.

This was a pretty cool shot, but they look somewhat goofy for the rest of the game.

You can use to spot these demons through walls and objects so you can better avoid them and/or strategise your attack. Ultimately, these demon encounters get stale fast but the game itself is short enough that it’s not much of a problem.

Hiding inside some old ghost residue while using Ronan’s demon vision.

Gameplay and the Platinum Trophy

The gameplay itself feels pretty decent and consistent, although I did experience a bug where Ronan would start to walk really, rreeeaaaalllly, slowly and would repeat the 1st second or two of his run animation if you tried to speed things up with the sprint button.

The controls themselves aren’t too complex.

  • —Is used to select things
  • —Is the interact button, which you’ll press a lot
  • —Concludes current investigation
  • —Reveals, Removes, Poltergeists and Possesses things
  • —Is called “Detective Mode” and is useful for seeing demons through walls
  • —Sprint
  • —Let’s you teleport once you unlock that ability

Murdered: Soul Suspect is somewhat open-world in the sense that there’s the streets outside of Ronan’s place of death that you can explore and a handful of interior locations where you’ll have to investigate to further the story.

You can possess and play as a cat, which will appeal to some gamers.

The game has no difficulty and all trophies can be obtained in 1 playthrough, or 2 if you’d like to experience the story first.

Once the game teaches you the controls and how to investigate, you should start your hunt for collectables in the first building you’re allowed to access (you’ll end up here right after the first investigation) but make sure to talk to the crying ghost girl because she’ll give you the 1st of 4 side cases.

Essentially, you’re going to want to hunt for collectables/side cases right away when you end up in a new area, like the apartment building or the police station, but save all the collectables outside on the streets for last. I would recommend you follow these videos so you don’t miss any collectables.

Other than that, you’ll naturally unlock trophies as you progress in the story.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a pretty decent platinum.

My Verdict:


Plat it! It will only take you about 7 hours and the story is pretty decent and intriguing enough that it’s worth it.


  • Decent story
  • Being a dead detective is a nice idea
  • The Ghost Stories are pretty cool
  • You can play as a cat


  • Demons are a bit boring
  • Movement can be glitchy at times
  • Maybe a little bit short

Gold Trophy

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting much at all, but I was really surprised by how much I was invested in Ronan’s investigation.

About the Author

MrZhangetsu has a love for all games and a real talent for FPS games. Spending his childhood thrashing friends in Halo and Call of Duty, his talents lie in accuracy and consistency. This perfect timing comes in handy for all types of skill-based trophies and allows him to face most challenges head-on. His determined focus, however, often means that he misses many opportunities to explore and collect.