22 PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Theme Concepts

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So, Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just aren’t part of the game-o-sphere, you have almost definitely heard the news about the new PlayStation 5 controller reveal.

I woke up this morning to a message from my buddy, containing a single image. I stared at it through foggy first-thing-in-the-morning eyes, trying to make it out. “Is that a Stormtrooper?… Some… sort of gamepad, looks like…” then my eyes finally focused enough to make out the words “New PS5 Controller”.

Well, needless to say I shot out of bed and ran to my computer, to confirm I wasn’t being duped. No, no, the controller is very real and very beautiful. I was instantly in love and cannot wait to get my hands on one of these babies. However, looking through the comments on Twitter, I could see that a lot of people aren’t too happy. “Where are the coloured face buttons”, “I hope it comes in black”, etc.

She’s so pretty!

Well, as somebody with a copy of photoshop and one or two leftover skills from my days as a Graphic Designer, I gave my knuckles a crack and got to work putting together a Photoshop template which would make it easier to create DualSense themes, and then gave one to my girlfriend (who is still a Graphic Designer) and MrZhangetsu who dabbles in Photoshop now and then.

Many hours later (Unfortunately, I had to work today) we are extremely excited to present to you a collection of DualSense theme concepts. I have split these up into four categories to hopefully make your perusal easier, we hope you enjoy them! And hey, if any tickle your fancy, consider sharing this post with a friend.


Re-imagined Dualshock 4 Themes

Sony have brought us a veritable platter of different Dualshock 4 colourways in the past, and as we look on into the future it feels a shame to leave some behind. We picked out our favourites from the last few years and imagined what they might look like on the gorgeous new DualSense gamepad.

Based on the standard Blue Dualshock 4
Based on the Standard Red Dualshock 4
Based on the Silver Dualshock 4
Based on the Gold Dualshock 4
Based on the “Berry Blue” Dualshock 4 Controller
Based on the “Sunset Orange” Dualshock 4
Based on the PlayStation Anniversary Dualshock 4

Re-imagined video-game tie-in Dualshock 4 themes

Sony weren’t the only ones designing themes in their lab for the Dualshock 4. In recent years we have seen many fantastic controllers released as part of special console bundles or special edition sets. Here, too, did we pick out some of the ones which best caught our eye (and weren’t transparent!) and put them on the DualSense to see how they’d look!

based on the simple yet striking colourway of the Uncharted 4 Dualshock 4
Based on the God of War Dualshock 4 controller
Based on the Marvel’s Spider-man Dualshock 4 controller

Custom video-game tie-in DualSense themes

Of course, Sony are never going to stop selling custom controllers to tie in with the great franchises they have under their belt, and we wondered what might be possible now that the Dualsense has such a sleek and panelled look, which may be easier to customise than the current DS4, here’s what we came up with:

My personal favourite, based on the beautiful colour scheme of the Maykr in DOOM Eternal
Another DOOM Eternal DualSense theme, this time inspired by DOOMSlayer’s armour.
Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best exclusive franchises available on PlayStation, but it never got it’s own themed controller. Here’s what I thought a HZD Dualsense might look like.
Based on the first confirmed PlayStation 5 game, Godfall.
Based on the upcoming Outriders game.
Based on the hugely anticipated, yet forever delayed, “The Last of Us Part II”

Custom Colourways

Often, the best redesigns are the simplest ones. We had the most fun in just changing the colours of the different buttons and panels and seeing what happened. Below are a collection of fantastic custom colour-ways which we think could make the new DualSense really stand out (as if it doesn’t already!)

Here’s the black colourway which everyone was asking for. In our opinion, the original is much better!
Gradients are something Xbox users were treated to this gen, maybe Sony will see fit to spice up our lives in the same way come next gen!
Taking the Gradient idea and running with it; here’s something a little crazier while still trying to stay clean and subtle about it.
Making the white a slightly beige colour and pinking-up some aspects of the controller has resulted in a really eye-catching theme!
Simply taking the existing metallic gold theme and adding some yellow and navy resulted in a very exciting colourway concept.
This one’s for the trophy hunters! With blue accents based on the twisting stems of the Platinum trophy, we wouldn’t think twice about adding this to our collection!

I hope you enjoyed looking through this gallery and it maybe gave you some great inspiration and ideas for colourways and themes of your own. We’d love to see them over on our Twitter, so share away!

Here’s to an exciting future with PlayStation at the helm; I can’t wait to hold a DualSense for myself!

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Thanks for reading!