The Top Four eFootball Trophies To Win

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The Top Four eFootball Trophies To Win

Konami’s eFootball game isn’t top of many people’s lists of games to play. In fact, fewer than 10,000 active players are online at any one time currently.

It is overshadowed by EA Sports’ FIFA series and is likely to find itself relegated to third place when the much-anticipated UFL is released. IGN explains that is the newest game to enter the market and one that fans are eager to get their hands on.

Sadly, eFootball’s release was dogged by glitches and bugs, with some graphics looking more like PlayStation 2 than PlayStation 5. It was so bad that you might even have turned to Super Soccer Blast for your football thrills!

Recent updates have made it better, but some fans have not been turned back to the grandchild of the mighty Pro Evolution Soccer series. However, it is on the rise, like Barcelona coming from nowhere this season to make a fist of the La Liga title challenge.

Perhaps Konami can reclaim their place as challengers at the top of the football video game market next year and recreate the famed FIFA v PES battle. Perhaps.

There are still trophies to be won on eFootball, though, and with so few active players, you might be able to grab something rare that your friends don’t have. Here is our guide to some of the trophies to win and how to do it.

The Sniper

To get The Sniper, a bronze trophy that 12.49% of gamers have achieved, you’ll need to net a free-kick from a distance of 25m or more.

This may take some time to achieve, as you must wait for a foul in that area of the park. However, having the right player on hand is crucial when you get one.

For this, we’d recommend you play as Southampton, a team never rated among the favorites in the Premier League odds at Coral.

They make up for what they lack in title-winning ability by having the best dead-ball specialist in the Premier League, James Ward-Prowse. His set-piece rating is 90, and if you want that trophy, he’s the man to have on the ball when the moment comes.

Comeback King

Remember back in 2005, when Liverpool came back from three goals down against AC Milan in the Champions League final? That was a super comeback, as it was when they overturned a three-goal deficit against Barcelona, which was named the best ever comeback by Sportskeeda. That’s what this trophy is all about.

It’s a silver trophy, and 14.72% of players have won it, and you’ll achieve it by winning after coming back from three goals down.

Liverpool will be hoping they don’t need to do the same against Real Madrid in this year’s Champions League final, having overturned a two-goal deficit in the away leg of their semi-final against Villarreal. They’re favorites to lift the prestigious trophy yet again, and you’re likely to find them a good team to use for a comeback, especially if you try to win the next trophy simultaneously.


To take the bronze super-sub trophy, you have to score with a substitute. This is easy to win; you don’t have to wait until late in the game and hope to produce something late on.

You can simply start a game with three weak forwards on and change them after 15 minutes. The better the team you use, the more likely you are to get the trophy, so avoid Southampton for this one.

Perhaps start as Liverpool with Salah, Mane, and Firmino on the bench, then bring them all on after five minutes. Or, you could go 3-0 down on purpose, then make the changes and bag Comeback King as well.

Best Supporting Actor

After the Comeback King trophy, this is the most difficult of the eFootball trophies to achieve.

You’ll get it for providing three assists with the same player in the same match. It’s not easy, but some tricks might help you do it. Playing with good wingers and a center-forward who can head the ball is a great tactic – Paris St Germain might be a good bet. Both Messi and Neymar have strong passing skills, and with Mbappe’s pace, you should be able to rack up the assists quickly.

Spurs are a good bet as well; Son Heung-Min is the player to whip the crosses in, and Harry Kane is a unit in the middle to finish them off.