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How long does it take to beat Skul: The Hero Slayer and unlock all trophies?

It could take you anywhere from 8-20 hours depending on skill and luck. The game's pretty tough!.

How difficult is it to beat Skul: The Hero Slayer and unlock all trophies?

Hard (7/10).

Does Skul: The Hero Slayer have online trophies?


Does Skul: The Hero Slayer have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Skul: The Hero Slayer have missable trophies?


Does Skul: The Hero Slayer have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Skul: The Hero Slayer?


Does Skul: The Hero Slayer have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Skul: The Hero Slayer Trophy Guide and Road Map for PS4

Welcome to our Skul: The Hero Slayer Trophy Guide. Skul is a very interesting Roguelike game, in which you must use the abilities available from up to 90 unique skulls as well as hundreds of unique items and buffs to build the ultimate hero-slaying skeleton capable of reaching the end of the game.

If you’re here as a trophy hunter, there’s a good chance you’ve heard that it’s possible to cheat this game and unlock the trophies in less than an hour. This was originally done using the developer console which was left accessible in the game. However, the v1.6 patch disabled this feature and it is no longer possible to earn the trophies that way.

Because of this, our Skul Trophy Guide focuses on completing the game legitimately, without use of this developer console. If you still want to try and cheat and have some degree of technical know-how, it’s said that you can use a specific tool to access an old version of the game. See more about that in this PSNProfiles Thread. Credit to all the presumably wonderful people involved there!

The trophy journey is extremely enjoyable and addictive, however, there are 5 trophies that require you to defeat individual bosses without taking damage. Without those trophies, this game would be a 3/10 difficulty and not 7/10. Best of luck!

Phase One | Reach and Defeat the Final Boss

The core goal in this first phase of our Skul: The Hero Slayer Trophy Guide should be reaching the end of the core game. Skul is a roguelike game so you will be reset at the start of the game each time you die, and you’ll need to rely on RNG and the items you come across in your journey to make it to the final boss and defeat them.

As you journey, though, you’ll come across new companions and “Dark Quartz” resources which can make your subsequent runs easier and easier, until you’re able to complete a full run in around 1 hour with minimal luck. For now, though, just focus on getting that first completion.

Note that if you find things too challenging, you can activate “Rookie Mode” in the settings, which decreases incoming damage by 50% and doesn’t affect trophies. You will have a little baby icon taunting you for the entirety of your run, though… One which you’ll see prevalent in my own screenshots… Heh. It’s a hard game, okay?

Unmissable Story Trophies

Rescued Elder Ent

Defeat the elder ent, Yggdrasil.



Yggdrasil is the first of the major bosses you’ll need to defeat in your quest to rescue the Demon King.Upon defeating it for the first time, you’ll receive the “Rescued Elder Ent” trophy.

The End of the Gold Mane Knights

Defeat the adjutants of the Gold Mane Knights, the Leiana Sisters.



You will have to face off against the Gold Mane Knights at the end of the second area and must defeat them to progress. As such, you will unavoidably receive the “The End of the Gold Mane Knights” trophy upon defeating them.

False Goddess, Disappear

Defeat the distorted goddess, Chimaera.



Being the third main boss of the game, you will unavoidably face the Chimera on your way to rescue the Demon King. Upon defeating it for the very first time, you’ll receive the “False Goddess, Disappear” trophy.

The Fall of the Leonia Order

Defeat the archbishop of the Leonia Order, St. Joan II.



St Joan II is the fourth main boss of the game and you will unavoidably face them as you ake your way to rescue the Demon King. Upon defeating them for the very first time, you’ll unlock the “The Fall of the Leonia Order” trophy.

The Final Battle of the First Hero

Defeat the Sword of Carleon, the First Hero.



The First Hero, Sword of Carleon, is the final boss of the game. You will need to survive a full run, defeat all other bosses and reach the First Hero, then defeat him in all three phases of this boss fight. Defeating The First Hero for the first time will unlock the “The Final Battle of the First Hero” trophy. This is also technically the end of the game, albeit far from being the end of your trophy journey.

Go Home...

Rescue the Demon King and return to Demon King's Castle.



After you have unlocked The Final Battle of the First Hero, you will get a short cutscene, followed by your results screen.

Press to return to the Demon King Castle, where another cutscene will play out, followed by the credits, which you can skip with .

At the title screen, press any button to continue and you’ll spawn back in the familiar territory of the Demon King’s Castle. Then and there, you’ll receive the “Go Home…” trophy!

Phase Two | Cleanup

In this second phase of your Skul trophy journey, you should now have a fairly strong understanding of the game, a decent collection of permanent upgrades, and a bit more confidence. There are a few things you’ll need to do here:

Obviously, the hardest by far will be the No-Hit Boss Trophies. If you don’t want to faff around restoring access to the cheat console for this, then you’ll need a good strategy.

The best I could come up with involves using the Genie Skull. When this skull is upgraded at least once for 30 bone fragments, its teleport-dodge ability also turns into an attack. Plus, this dodge moves you further and seems to leave you invincible for slightly longer.

Pair this skull with items that add more attacks and effects whenever you dodge and eventually you’ll have a very hard-to-hit character who deals a lot of damage just by dodging!

Note that you can dodge up to twice consecutively, but after that there is a small grace period where you can be hit, so be careful of that.

Misc Gameplay Trophies

The Legend Begins

Return after experiencing death.


Being something of a roguelike, death is a core mechanic of Skul: The Hero Slayer, and as such you should expect to die eventually. When you die for the very first time, you’ll receive the “The Legend Begins” trophy.

If a trap kills you, you’ll also unlock Focus!.


Die from a trap.

The “Focus” trophy, much like the The Legend Begins trophy, asks you to simply die. However, you will only receive the “Focus!” trophy if you’re specifically killed by a trap, such as the spiky vines on most levels. Basically, getting killed by anything environmental that’s not an enemy or one of their attacks will unlock this trophy.

The Hero Killer

Kill 100 adventurers.


Adventurers are the Human Mini-bosses you will face on each run. They are all based on traditional RPG classes; Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Mage, and Cleric. The Rookie Hero counts, too!

In a complete run, you will face 7 Adventurers; 1 in the first area, 2 in the second, 3 in the third, and then 1 super-powered adventurer in the fourth area.

To unlock “The Hero Killer,” you will need to kill a cumulative total of 100 of these. As you can kill up to 7 per run, this would mean performing at least 15 runs. So not too bad, and you’ll keep progressing this trophy as you work on others.

Demon King's Castle Trophies

Rules of Etiquette

Reach the top of the throne in the Demon King Castle.

The Demon King Castle is the castle you respawn in each time you die, where the Witch and her pets wait for you.

In this area, go left instead of right; away from the way out. You’ll come across a throne at the top of some steps. Jump up those steps with and the “Rules of Etiquette” trophy will unlock when you land next to the throne.

The Dwarven Chandelier

Reach the top of the chandelier in the Demon King Castle.

This trophy involves restoring the Demon King’s Castle. See Castle Restoration Plans for more information on how to upgrade the castle.

Once you’ve bought the second upgrade, you’ll notice some new chandeliers have been added to the hall.

Stand on the Witch’s cauldron and then double-jump from there until Skul’s body is overlayed by the Chandelier (you don’t actually need to get on top of it) and the trophy “The Dwarven Chandelier” will unlock.

If you do want to actually land on the Chandelier, just to be sure, you can jump from the witch’s cauldron onto the wooden structure over the Fox Hunter. From there, you can easily jump up and land on a chandelier.

Castle Restoration Plans

Restore the Demon King Castle to its original form.

On your adventure, you’ll eventually run into the Death Knight.

Once you free him from his cage and speak to him, he’ll head back to the Demon King’s Castle, where you can speak to him on subsequent runs.

When speaking to him back at the castle, you can offer him Dark Quartz crystals (the same resource the Witch uses to upgrade Skul) to upgrade the Castle. While this may just seem cosmetic, it actually improves the free resources you get from the other NPCs at the start of each new run. Unfortunately, you need a lot of them:

  1. First Upgrade costs 1,500 Dark Quartz
  2. Second Upgrade costs 5,000 Dark Quartz
  3. Third Upgrade costs 20,000 Dark Quartz
  4. The Final Upgrade costs 100,000 Dark Quartz

To unlock the “Castle Restoration Plans” trophy, you must purchase all of these upgrades. It seems insurmountable at first, but once you’ve made decent progress in the game, you’ll find that your Dark Quartz yield grows higher and higher.

Black Market Trophies

What should I buy?

Stay in the black market for 1 minute.


You will enter the black market after each run, where you can spend your gold on upgrades, healing, and better equipment.

To unlock the “What should I buy?” trophy, simply stay here for one full minute. I recommend staying around for 4 more so you can unlock the Brain at Full Throttle Trophy too.

Brain at Full Throttle

Spend 5 minutes on the Black Market.


To unlock “Brain at Full Throttle” stay in the Black Market area after a level for 5 full minutes at once.

Too Much of a Talker

Keep talking with the Headless.

When you’re in the Black Market, you’ll notice a Headless NPC at the center of the market who offers you a replacement skull for free. He’ll take your current skull for his own head if you accept his offer.

Regardless of whether you’ve given him a head, speak to him repeatedly until the “Too Much of a Talker” trophy unlocks. There should only be about 5 or 6 versions of dialogue to mash through.

Inventory Management

Re-stock continously.


In the Black Market, on the ground level, there’s a row of items you can purchase using any gold you’ve acquired up to this point.

To the right of these items is a lever you can pull to refresh the stock of available items, but it will cost you some gold to do this.

You need to pull this lever 5 times in a row to unlock the “Inventory Management” trophy.

Pulling it 5 times in total or 5 times in a run won’t count, it has to be 5 times in the same visit to the Black Market.

The cost will increase each time you pull the lever, too, so make sure you have a lot of cash stocked up.

Unique Run Trophies

The Skeleton King

Defeat the First Hero with the Little Bone.


“Little Bone” is the name of Skul’s original Skull. To unlock the “The Skeleton King” trophy, you need to keep Skul’s original Skull on your person for a full run, all the way to the final boss, and then defeat him with it.

You can, of course, pick up one new skull and use that for your run, just be sure not to pick up a second, replacing Little Bone.

Once you get to the final boss, defeat his first two phases until you reach the third phase where he has grey hair (he knocks you both to the floor below).

Once his health is very low in this final form, switch back to Skul’s original form with and then finish him off. Once you defeat the First Hero with Little Bone equipped, you’ll unlock the trophy.


Defeat the First-Hero without rescuing any NPCs

The Cold-Blooded trophy asks that you complete a single run without rescuing any of the caged NPCs you tend to see on a run.

These NPCs can be rescued by holding on them after destroying their cage. If you want this trophy, you must complete a full run without rescuing any NPCs.

That said, you can destroy their cages (this tends to happen by accident), just make sure you don’t hold on them, effectively releasing them.

This is a lot easier to do once you have a few Dark Quartz upgrades under your belt, as you won’t need to rely on the items and buffs you get from rescued NPCs as much.

You should also note that you do not need to start a new game if you have already rescued some of the Demon’s Castle NPCs such as the Hunter or the Ogre. This trophy only counts on a per-run basis and doesn’t care if you’ve rescued people before or not.

No-Hit Boss Trophies

Quick Movements

Defeat the elder ent, Yggdrasil, without being hit.


To unlock the “Quick Movements” trophy, you need to defeat the first boss, the Elder Ent Yggrdrasil, without taking damage at all.

Yggdrasil telegraphs all of his attacks clearly by raising his fists in the air. Keep yourself mobile when he does this, moving to the far ends of the screen is a good way to avoid him, just be sure to jump when you need to.

Master of Speed

Defeat the adjutants of the Gold Mane Knights, the Leiana Sisters, without being hit.


To unlock the “Master of Speed” trophy, you have to complete the Gold Mane Knights boss fight without taking damage at all.

This is a bit of a challenge because of how fast they are, they are much easier to deal with in their gold form, though, and the purple form is much more difficult to avoid.

A good strategy for avoiding damage from these ladies is to weaken both of them equally. In this fight, the second sister gets powered up when you defeat the first. She gets some health back when she does this, but if she is already at low health she’s a lot easier to take down quickly.

So, get both bosses down to as little HP as you feasible can, and then finish them both off as quickly as you can. All while avoiding damage, of course…

Deadly Power

Defeat the distorted goddess, Chimaera, without being hit.


You will have to defeat the Chimera boss without taking any damage at all in order to unlock the “Deadly Power” trophy.

This is one of the easier boss fights as the Chimera only has one form and doesn’t move around. Just be sure to watch out for all of its clearly telegraphed attacks and to dodge around them.

The Levitator

Defeat the archbishop of the Leonia Order, St. Joan II, without being hit.


Even when using the Genie Skull method I described earlier, defeating St. Joan II without being hit is one of the most challenging trophies in the entire game.

Not only do they have two phases, their second phase is pure chaos, essentially a bullet-hell. You’ll need to focus more on avoiding damage than attacking the boss. This is also excruciating because they have so much health in their second phase that you’re going to be dodging projectiles for a good 10-20 minutes.

Having items like Spirits or using Skills/Quintessences that spawn allies who can attack the boss from a distance while you focus on dodging projectiles is likely the best possible approach here.

Defeat them without taking damage at all throughout the entire fight to receive the trophy; “The Levitator”.

The God of Battle

Defeat the Sword of Carleon, the First Hero, without being hit.

Defeating the final boss—The First Hero—without taking damage is a monumental feat, especially because of the light-speed attacks he uses during his second phase. However, it is a much easier feat than unlocking The Levitator, so if you can do that, you can do this.

I reckon your best option here is to use the Genie Skull method I described at the top of this phase, and buff yourself with lots of dodge-based items.

Another method would be to use a magic user, equip as many spirits as you can find, buff your magic attack as much as you can, and then try to essentially nuke this last boss with high-damage magic attacks, all while dodging his every move.


Legend of Harmonia

Acquire all trophies

After collecting every trophy in this Skul: The Hero Slayer Trophy Guide, the "Legend of Harmonia " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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