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How long does it take to beat Superhot and unlock all trophies?

About 20 hours, heavily dependant on skill.

How difficult is it to beat Superhot and unlock all trophies?

Medium (5/10).

Does Superhot have online trophies?


Does Superhot have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Superhot have missable trophies?


Does Superhot have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Superhot?

You will need to complete around 15 playthroughs, but the game will differ each time so this isn't as repetitive as it sounds.

Does Superhot have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Superhot Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Superhot Trophy Guide. Superhot is an incredible FPS experience in which the flow of time is tied directly to your movements. Strafe around bullets, spear multiple enemies at once with a thrown katana, and even take over the minds of your enemies.

Slowing down the combat allows you to take a step back and assess your surroundings and the tools within them. You’ll feel like Neo as you casually walk around gunfire just to mock your helpless foes.

The trophy journey will squeeze a lot from you in terms of skill and willpower. You’ll really be put through the wringer with some of the later challenges, which even go as far as to ask for you to complete the whole game without dying once. It’s a rough ride, but there is plenty of pride up for grabs!

Phase One – Superhot.exe

In this initial phase of our Superhot Trophy Guide, just focus on completing the main story to unlock the other modes. Enjoy the game, familiarize yourself with the mechanics, and come back here when the credits roll for Phase Two!

Unmissable Story Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Access Denied

Complete SUBWAY level.



As you play through the story, you’ll eventually come to a level next to a train in a Subway. Some story events will occur in which you’re booted from the game, and the “Access Denied” trophy unlocks as you return to the game’s Omni-piOS system. Totally unavoidable.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
We Can See You

Complete SERV level.



Continue progressing the story until you defeat a group of enemies in a server room. Afterward, a story sequence will play out, in which you’ll see the on-screen text state “We Can See You” before you’re booted from the game again, unlocking the “We Can See You” trophy unavoidably in the process.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
We Told You To Leave

Get back to the system after being expelled.



Proceed through the story and launch superhot.exe again despite being made to promise you wouldn’t. Complete the next few levels to reach a story sequence where “See if it hurts” appears on-screen. Upon being returned to the Omni-piOS, you will unavoidably unlock the “We Told You To Leave” trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One of us

Complete the game.



The “One of us” trophy will unlock automatically at the end of the story, as the Credits begin to play.

Phase Two – C:\ENDLESS\

One of the two modes you unlock for beating the game is “Endless Mode,” which you can access via the .lvl files in the ENDLESS folder on the Omni-piOS system.

In each level, you will need to rack up a total of around 150 cumulative kills to unlock the next level. Which is to say that you do not need to get all 150 kills in one run to unlock the next level; just keep replaying the level and killing enemies until the next stage unlocks.

Even once you’re done, however, you’ll need to stick around in ENDLESS Mode to earn extra kills for the Can’t get enough trophy.

ENDLESS Mode Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Full Package

Unlock all endless levels.

The “Full Package” trophy asks that you unlock all 36 Endless Levels in the Superhot Base Game across Nine ARENAS (each having 4 Levels). You will start with three ARENA Levels Unlocked, and then you will need to unlock the rest by accumulating Kills on the ones you have available.

You will need to get around 150 Kills in each ENDLESS ARENA Levels to unlock all available ENDLESS MODE levels for that ARENA. However, this value is cumulative, meaning you won’t have to get 150 kills in a single run; you can just keep replaying the level and racking up kills until all three MODE Levels are unlocked for that ARENA, and then move on.

Note that you only need to play the ARENA levels (i.e. “LAB#18.lvl” or ” BRIDGE.lvl”) and not the MODE levels (i.e. “#18_RACE.lvl” or “STR_TIME.lvl”). You won’t ever need to complete the MODE Levels for this or any other trophy.

The game will notify you via on-screen text when a new ENDLESS Level has become available. You can safely hit to return to the ENDLESS menu once you’ve seen this if you want, and don’t need to finish the event.

Note that even if you have all the MODES for the first 8 ARENAs, the 9th ARENA won’t unlock right away. It seems to have a higher unlock counter than other ARENAs, but you can see by hovering over it how many more kills you need. Replay the other ARENAs until you have that many kills and then it will unlock.

Once you have access to all 36 ENDLESS levels in all 9 Arenas, the Full Package trophy will unlock the next time you return to the System with !

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Can’t get enough

Kill over 1987 Red Dudes in endless mode.

By the time you’re done unlocking all of the levels in ENDLESS mode for the Full Package trophy, you should have racked up somewhere around 1500 kills.

Unfortunately, as there’s no in-game tracker, it’s hard to know exactly how many enemies you have killed. Just continue playing an ENDLESS level of your choice until you eventually reach a total of 1987 Red Dudes killed in ENDLESS. At that point, the Can’t get enough trophy will unlock immediately!

The best stage I found for this way OFFICE.lvl. Just get your hands on a Katana and then hide in a cubicle for the whole fight. Enemies will be forced to get close to you so that they can fire at you, but they’ll be close enough for you to slice them up with the Katana before they get a chance to shoot.

Use this method to repeatedly farm around 50 kills per run, depending on how good you get at keeping the combo going. The longer you survive, the more enemies they send at you, making the trophy progress quicker.

Phase Three – C:\CHALLENGE\

This is by far the hardest part of your trophy journey. Here in Phase Three of our Superhot Trophy Guide, your reflexes, skills, and knowledge of the game will be truly tested. You will need to complete almost every level of the story again at least 13 more times in the CHALLENGE folder of the System.

Each version of the game in the CHALLENGE folder has certain active modifiers; some fun, some brutal. You will need to not only complete every level in every CHALLENGE mode, but you’ll need also to achieve strict times on both SPEEDRUN Challenge Modes.

CHALLENGE Mode Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Stand REDy

Get RED ending in every level of SPEEDRUN challenge.

The SPEEDRUN Challenge records your time only when the game is in motion. When you stand still or slow down, the timer will stop and slow too!

The goal here is to beat all 25 Levels in the SPEEDRUN CHALLENGE while achieving a “RED” time.

There’s no way to see the “RED” time until you beat the level once. Speed through the level as quickly as you can, and you’ll see the developer-determined “RED” time on the top of the HUD. If your run time was not equal or less than the RED time, you’ll need to replay the level and try to go faster to beat the RED time.

It helps to note that Jumping is actually a lot quicker than walking in Superhot, so jumping from point to point (holding to maintain slow-mo) will allow you to keep your times down.

You can press at the end of a level to quickly relaunch it and try again if you fail. Just continue this method of trial and error, taking each level one at a time, until you eventually manage to achieve the RED time, then move on to the next level and so on and so forth.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Get REDy

Get RED ending in every level of SPEEDRUNrt challenge.

The Get REDy trophy is near-identical to the Stand REDy trophy, except you will be asked to instead achieve RED times in all 25 SPEEDRUNrt Challenge levels.

SPEEDRUNrt is a bit more brutal than SPEEDRUN, because the timer moves in realtime and is not affected by the in-game time slowing. Fortunately, the RED times in SPEEDRUNrt are a bit more forgiving than in SPEEDRUN, but they are still very difficult to achieve.

Use the same methods as detailed for Stand REDy, but try not to aim so much. Stupid, I know, but if you’re spending more than a few seconds lining up a shot then you’ve already failed. You’ll need to really know these levels like the back of your hand so you can quickly and consistently kill every enemy with fluid motion.

Pulling this trophy off should give you a great sense of accomplishment as it’s no easy feat, but all just part of the long road to the Hercules trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Beat all Challenges.

To unlock the “Hercules” challenge, you will need to beat all 13 CHALLENGE modes. Some will be locked at first, but you’ll unlock more by progressing the modes you already have.

See the table below for details of each mode and what they entail:

Katana OnlyYou can only use Katanas. You can’t even punch or throw objects.
ADS2013Based on an old 2013 version of Superhot. Punches insta-kill, but there are no melee weapons. You can pick up weapons but not objects, items are not conveniently highlighted, and you cannot throw.
GhostYou can use Hotswitching from the very first level. You cannot use weapons but your punches insta-kill.
Fullstop ChallengeTime stops completely when you stop moving. Time also stays frozen even when you look around with . However, enemy bullets move much faster.
Killing ThrowsYou cannot shoot, only throw. Thrown objects/weapons kill enemies in one hit. Enemies now take 5-6 punches instead of 2-3.
BarehandsNo weapons. No throwing. Nothing. Just punching. Enemies still take three punches to kill in this mode. Only 24 Levels.
SPEEDRUN ChallengeYour time is recorded with the in-game clock, slowing and stopping when you do. Each level has “RED” scores for you to aim for. Earn RED in all SPEEDRUN levels for Stand REDy.
SPEEDRUNrtYour time is recorded in real time; slowing and stopping has no effect on the timer. Each level has “RED” scores for you to aim for. Earn RED in all SPEEDRUNrt levels for Get REDy.
HotswitchAnother SPEEDRUN mode but you only play the first 18 levels. You will have access to Hotswitch from the start and must try to beat RED times.
Hard ModeThe game, but harder. Time moves faster, and punches are weaker.
Impossible ModeHard Mode, but harder. Time moves even faster, gun have one bullet, and punches are weak.
NorestartThe worst part of the trophy journey. The trophy journey could be considered a 4/10 if not for this brutal CHALLENGE. You will need to beat all 25 levels start-to-finish, back-to-back, without dying or pressing to leave. Time does stop completely when you do in this mode, though.
FunFunFunA well-deserved reward for making it this far. Punches kill, throwing kills, enemies have huge heads, and the text is a bit more “fun”.
Note that the PUMPKIN Challenge is not required for this trophy!

Phase Four – Secret Hidden Terminals

The game’s biggest hurdle is now out of the way; it’s time for something a little more casual. Almost every Story Mission contains a hidden terminal for you to find and activate.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you made it this far without ever seeing a terminal of any kind. I certainly did. But, fortunately, we have a playlist of videos that you can use to track down and activate all 27 secret terminals.

Focus on doing exactly that in this phase of our Superhot Trophy Guide!

Find all 27 Hidden Terminals

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Find every hidden terminal.

Follow our videos to find all 27 of the terminals hidden throughout the Superhot story levels. Once you have activated all 27, the Charted trophy will unlock the next time you return to the Omni piOS System!

You can see from the level select if you’ve found a secret terminal, as the “-LEVEL->” text changes to “CRACKED!” and the right-hand screen will say “SECRET CRACKED.” Levels without a secret have no text on the right-hand panel.

Phase Five – Cleanup

There is a very strong likelihood at this stage in your trophy journey for you to have naturally unlocked almost every remaining misc trophy. I’ve divided the remaining trophies up by those that you can unlock in the Omni piOS System and those that you must earn through Superhot gameplay.

Browse the selection below to see if there are any trophies still standing between you and the Platinum, but if you made it this far, I don’t think anything could stop you now!

Misc System Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Launch every app in the system.

To unlock the “Bored” trophy, you just need to open every “.exe” or “.wir” file on your Omni-piOS system except superhot.exe. You can only do this once you’ve finished the game because you need to launch credits.exe and more.exe, which only appear once you beat the story once.

You don’t need to watch or “play” the apps you open, and you can just quit them immediately with after opening them once. Note that you don’t need to launch any of the fake apps in shrl.exe for this trophy.

In your system, after beating the story, launch each of the .exe and .wir files in the table below. Once you’ve activated each one at least once, the “Bored” trophy will unlock.

credits.exeC:\ (Requires Story Completion)
more.exeC:\ (Requires Story Completion. Press on it. Nothing will happen, but it’ll count. If unsure, leave til last.)
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Deep Web

Become part of the community.

After beating the game for the first time, open up the “APPS” folder in the System and then open the “ggroups.exe” app.

Just leave this running for a while. Read the dialogue if you want, or just step away and wait for the conversation to end. Either way, when you’ve left the app open long enough for the dialogue to conclude, the Deep Web trophy will unlock!

Misc Gameplay Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
It’s a me, Mario!

Kill an enemy by jumping on him.

In some Levels (such as 30GATE.lvl) and ENDLESS mode spawns, you will start the level above an enemy.

From there, you can use to leap into the air and then land on top of the enemy, immediately killing them and unlocking the “It’s a me! Mario!” trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Kill 100 Red Dudes with a pistol.


The standard Pistol weapon is very common throughout the game, so the chances of you killing 100 enemies with a pistol without even trying are extremely high, making the trophy very likely to unlock naturally.

It’s easy to farm kills anyway; just load up any level with a pistol, then keep killing enemies and restarting over and over to accumulate kills.

You don’t need 100 kills in one level or one playthrough; this trophy counts every kill with a pistol across your whole time playing the game.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Kill 100 Red Dudes with a shotgun.

The Killing trophy is near-identical to the Just trophy, except you need to use a Shotgun instead of a Pistol. The Shotgun is a lot less common than the Pistol, so while it’s still possible for you to unlock this trophy naturally, it’s much less likely.

The best way to farm kills is just to load up a Level that you know has a Shotgun in it, then repeatedly grab the shotgun, get kills, and restart the mission. Repeat to accumulate a total of 100 kills with the Shotgun and unlock the Killing trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Kill 100 Red Dudes with a rifle.

The Red trophy, much like the Killing trophy is near-identical to the Just trophy, except you need to use n Assault Rifle to get kills. The The Assault Rifle is a lot less common than the Pistol, so while it’s still possible for you to unlock this trophy naturally, it’s much less likely.

The best way to farm kills is just to load up a Level that you know has n Assault Rifle in it, then repeatedly grab the rifle, get kills, and restart the mission. Repeat to accumulate a total of 100 kills with the Assault Rifle and unlock the Red trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Kill 100 Red Dudes using melee.

To unlock the “Dudes” trophy, you need to defeat 100 enemies via Melee attacks. You can do this either by just punching with while having no weapon equipped (it takes three punches to kill an enemy) or by hitting them with melee weapons like Baseball Bats.

This trophy is fairly likely to unlock naturally, especially during ENDLESS mode, if you use melee weapons often. If not, you will need to farm the trophy by replaying STORY or ENDLESS levels.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
With Katana

Kill 100 Red Dudes with a katana.

The With Katana Trophy is like the Dudes, Killing, and Just trophies. You will need to kill 100 enemies with the Katana only.

Considering you will need to complete a Katana-only run as part of your trophy journey, the With Katana trophy should unlock naturally while you’re doing that.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
No they didn’t

Shoot down a bullet with a bullet.

To unlock the “No they didn’t” trophy, you will need to shoot an enemy’s bullet out of the air. Since the game is in slow-mo, this is actually not too difficult to pull off, as you can just aim at bullets in the air and carefully time out your shot so that the bullets meet.

This is a lot easier when Shotguns and Assault rifles are involved because the sheer volume of bullets in the air makes this trophy very likely to unlock naturally. In fact, that’s exactly how I earned it myself during my first playthrough of the main story.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Pointless but cool

Score 100 headshots.


As you may have gathered from the trophy name, getting headshots in Superhot is pretty pointless because any gunshot will kill any enemy regardless of where you hit them. The “Pointless but cool” trophy asks that you ignore that fact and get headshots anyway.

In Superhot, 100 kills is nothing. You’ll have 100 kills or more in your first 30 minutes of playing the game. Just spend a little bit of your playthrough aiming at enemy heads and you’ll unlock the trophy naturally during your first playthrough.

If you choose to farm the trophy instead, just replay the same level over and over, getting headshots and reloading with until the trophy requirements are satisfied.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Conserve Ammo

Kill 3 Red Dudes with one shotgun shot.

The “Conserve Ammo” trophy asks that you kill three Red Dudes at once with a single shotgun blast. This trophy is pretty difficult to set up because there are so many variables at play. First, you need a shotgun, then you need three people lined up, then you need the randomised spread of the shotgun blast to actually hit all three of them individually.

Shotgun pellets despawn when they find a target, too, so you can just shot through enemies, they really need to be side-by-side. I was eventually able to earn this trophy by accident, while using a Shotgun in ENDLESS mode and getting very lucky with lots of things lining up.

If you end up needing to grind this trophy out, though, you should try to do so in the Story Level “21MEETIN.lvl”

The first enemy after you pass security has a Shotgun. Kill him and grab it, then try to line up the next three enemies as the meeting room opens, to get them in a single shot. Restart the level with and then re-attempt as needed until you succeed.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Kill 3 Red Dudes with one rifle burst.

When you fire an Assault Rifle, it will shoot around four bullets in a row, or you can hold to keep firing. Using this single burst of fire, you will need to line up your shot so that at least 3 of your bullets find a unique target.

Successfully killing three enemies with a single burst of an Assault Rifle will unlock the Ratatatata! trophy.

You’ll get many opportunities to earn this trophy while making your way through the ENDLESS levels. Another good place to earn the trophy is in the Story Level “TIRALL.lvl”

Just load the level, avoid the truck by backing into the alleyway on your left, then grab a bottle near where the truck stops.

Throw the bottle at the red guy who comes out with an assault rifle, then immediately turn around and use it on the three enemies that come down the alleyway towards you.

If you fail to hit all three, hold to restart the mission and then try again until you succeed!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Kill 2 Red Dudes with one katana throw.

The Shishkebap trophy is pretty easy and is actually possible as soon as you get the Katana for the first time during a corridor section of the story (19OLDBOY.lvl).

With a Katana in hand, try to line yourself up so that two enemies are in single-file directly in front of you, one behind the other.

With the right setup, press to throw your Katana like a spear, impaling both enemies in a single throw and unlocking the Shishkebap trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
So it is possible!

Cut bullet with a katana.

Much like Shishkebap, the “So it is possible!” trophy is unlockable from the very moment you first find a Katana during the story (19OLDBOY.lvl), but there will be many opportunities to get this trophy whenever there’s a Katana nearby and some enemies with guns.

While holding a Katana, wait for an enemy to fire a gun at you, preferably a pistol, then slowly line yourself up so that you’re close to the bullet that was fired. For safety, try to get an angle so that if you miss, the bullet won’t just go straight through your head.

When ready, hit while aiming at the bullet to slice it in half. It might take a few attempts to get the timing right. If you’re correctly aimed at the bullet, a red overlay will appear over it. After successfully slicing a bullet with a Katana, you will unlock the trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Pumpkin Spiced SUPERHOT

Launch Pumpkin Spiced Challenge between 24.10 & 7.11

The “PUMPKIN” Challenge will only appear in the CHALLENGE folder between October 24th and November 7th. Fortunately for those who got Superhot from PS Plus, this date isn’t far away, and you could actually just wait and earn the trophy legitimately.

Instead of waiting, though, you can just edit the clock settings on your console. The game will believe that the date is accurate, and you’ll be allowed to play the PUMPKIN Challenge.

This challenge is not required for Hercules.

All you need to do is start up the first level, and the “Pumpkin Spiced SUPERHOT” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Spread the system

Capture the replay.

At the end of a story level, when your replay is playing out and the words “SUPER HOT” keep flashing up, you can press to edit your replay footage.

When you’re done, you can pres again to capture the replay and save it. Doing this for the first time will unlock the “Spread the system” trophy.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Trophy Hunter

Obtain all the Trophies

Once you have acquired every other trophy in this Superhot Trophy Guide, the “Trophy Hunter” platinum trophy will unlock.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for a Superhot Trophy Guide. Consider checking out our other guides!

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