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How long does it take to beat Monster Hunter Stories and unlock all trophies?

Around 60 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Monster Hunter Stories and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Monster Hunter Stories have online trophies?


Does Monster Hunter Stories have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Monster Hunter Stories have missable trophies?


Does Monster Hunter Stories have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Monster Hunter Stories?


Does Monster Hunter Stories have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Monster Hunter Stories Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Monster Hunter Stories Trophy Guide. Fans of Monster Hunter and Pokémon will love this fantastic monster-taming RPG as much as I do, and I, for one, am so glad it finally came over to grace PlayStation consoles, with trophies in tow for us all to get stuck into!

Monster Hunter Stories takes place in a unique continent within the world of Monster Hunter, where you can hatch and tame all your favorite Monsters from the long-running Monster Hunter series. Fighting alongside your collected and tamed “Monsties” you’ll get to gear up with familiar Monster-based weapons and armor and take on challenging and technical battles with an array of skills, attacks, and Kinship abilities. This experience is bolstered by a pretty well-written story campaign filled with mystery and wonder, too!

As for the trophy journey, you’re in for a lengthy and completion-driven experience with plenty of excuse to not only experience the story to its fullest, but get the most from subquests, battles, egg collecting, and more–even hunting down the various hidden “Poogies” in every region. There’s a lot to do, but don’t worry–this guide will provide everything you need!

Phase One | Complete the Story

For the first phase of our Monster Hunter Stories trophy Guide, I recommend just progressing the story. Along the way, to strengthen your team, earn exp, and find resources, you’ll end up doing a lot of exploring, complete subquests, engage in many battles, and hatch plenty of eggs. All of these things will ultimately contribute to your progression in other trophies which we’ll come to once you’ve completed the story.

Some things I’d recommend looking out for while playing, however, are:

  • Rare Monster Dens. If you happen to see any of the Monster Den caves that are a bright shining gold colour, be sure to head inside and grab an egg, as it will contain a rare or powerful Monstie to add to your team.
  • Poogies. These little pigs are hidden all over the game’s open areas and you’ll eventually need to find all of them for Encyclopoogia, so collecting them whenever you see them will benefit you in the long run.
  • Recipes. Often you’ll come across Subquests, usually those given to you by NPCs with blue “!” icons over their heads, that offer combination recipes as a reward. You’ll eventually need to collect every recipe for Combination Cookbook so try and complete these ones where you can. You’ll also need to complete 100 Subquests for Silver Medal, but there’s far more than just 100 of these in the game.
  • Barrel Felynes. Occasionally while out in the field or exploring Dens, you’ll come across Barrels with blue eyes peering out from within. These are Barrel Felynes and they’re very rare. To save the Felyne inside, you need to destroy the barrel before the critter flees from battle. You’ll have two turns to deal as much damage as you can, so pull out all the stops and use your best Monstie Skills to try and free them. You need to find and rescue 0 of these extremely rare cats for A Mewing (?) Barrel so don’t miss an opportunity to do so.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Mark of the First Cry

In recognition of hatching an egg. A broody seal for the mother in all of us.



The “Mark of the First Cry” trophy will unlock when you hatch your first egg as part of the Ritual at the start of the game (not the Rathalos egg, the next one).

Traveler's Charm

In recognition of your departure from Hakum and arrival in Darj Snowfields. A new journey begins here.



You will receive the “Traveler’s Charm” trophy unavoidably when you arrive in Darj Snowfields as part of the main story.

Inheritance Token

For performing the Rite of Channeling. Evidence of your excellent erudition.



As part of the story, you will complete a Channeling Tutorial in Darj Snowfields, thus unavoidably receiving the “Inheritance Token” trophy in the process.

Guild Emblem

In recognition of your Gildegaran visit. A heavily guilded emblem.



You will eventually arrive in Gildegaran as part of the main story, unavopidably receiving the Guild Emblem trophy upon arrival.

Autumnal Bookmark

In recognition of your Oasum visit. A gloriously autumnal bookmark.

The “Autumnal Bookmark” trophy will unlock unavoidably when you arrive at Oasum as part of the story campaign.

Withered Tree Branch

In recognition of your Albarax visit. A dried twig symbolic of the village.

You’ll naturally unlock the “Withered Tree Branch” trophy as part of the story after clearing the blight in Albarax.

Mineral Brooch

In recognition of your Geo-Fulkright visit. Minerals make many medals!

After gaining the ability to fly as part of the story you’ll unavoidably head to Geo-Fulkright from Trese Desert and will unlock the Mineral Brooch trophy before Geo-Fulkright has even loaded in.

Cat's Powerstone

In recognition of your visit to Koapni. A purrfectly pelagic powerstone.

Koapni is the final settlement that the story campaign will take you to, unavoidably unlocking the “Cat’s Powerstone” trophy when you arrive there.

Shining Kinship Stone

In recognition of completing the main story and revisiting Pondry Hills. Kinship lights the Rider's way.

You will unlock the “Shining Kinship Stone” trophy at the end of the Main Story, after the credits roll. The game doesn’t end here, though, and there’s a lot of post-game content to enjoy, plus the mountain of trophies left to earn. Ride on!

Phase Two | Post-Game Content & Cleanup

This second and final phase of your Monster Hunter Stories Trophy Journey will involve mopping up a lot of content. There’s a good chance, however, that you’ve already made a lot of progress towards most of the trophies in this phase.

Here’s a quick rundown of all you’ll need to do. Take it in any order you like and just enjoy yourself!

Subquest Trophies

Wood Medal

In recognition of completing at least one Subquest. Good job, but you've still got a long way to go!

You will receive the Wood Medal upon completion of your very first Subquest at the Quest Board. You’ll need to complete 100 of these for the Silver Medal Trophy.

Copper Medal

In recognition of your completing at least 10 Subquests. Getting there, eh?


You will receive the Wood Medal upon completion of your 10th Subquest at the Quest Board. You’ll need to complete 100 of these for the Silver Medal Trophy.

Silver Medal

In recognition of your completing at least 100 Subquests. Better than all the rest!

You will unlock the “Silver Medal” trophy for completing a cumulative total of 100 Subquests. This counts the quests you pick up from the quest board but also any that you happen to complete and hand in at NPCs in the various settlements.

There are a handful of Subquests you’ll need to complete for other trophies, such as Friend of Debli,Friend of Avinia, Friend of Reverto,Friend of Simone, Friend of The Channeler, and Beautiful Tree Branch. There are also far more than just 100 Subquests available in Monster Hunter Stories so you won’t need to worry about completing them all.

Note that you do need to collect every Combination Recipe in the game, and many of them are Subquest rewards, so if you see any that offer a recipe as a reward make sure you prioritize those above others.

Friend of Debli

In recognition of completing the Debli Subquest and revisiting Koapni Village. Ya still don't boogie the Poogie!

Debli is the blue-haired NPC you meet as part of the story when he’s selling fake Kinship Stones in Gildegaran. Later, you’ll meet him again and become friends with him. He follows you to Naubaka island where he decides to stay in Koapni Village there.

Towards the end of the game, you can find him near the stables with a subquest for you. This subquest line involves helping to keep him safe as he attempts to become a real Rider.

First he’ll head off to Aowa Valley on his own, so you’ll need to pursue him there. Bring a Monstie that can climb vines as he’s atop a big tree.

While picking mushrooms, Debli gets attacked by a special Congalala called “The Fetid Stink.” Defeat it and you’ll be return to Koapni Village where the trophy will unlock after a short silly cutscene.

Friend of Avinia

In recognition of completing Avinia's Subquest and revisiting Koapni Village. Mucho mutual assistance. Nice!

After you have completed Debli’s Subquest and unlocked the Friend of Debli trophy, Avinia will have a quest for you in Koapni Village. Go and speak to her to begin it.

She tells you about a special sword from her village which has been rusted by the Black Blight. Fixing it up requires a Purple Ludroth Scale. Get one from the Purple Ludroth on Papau Beach if you don’t already have some and then deliver it to her to complete the first of her Subquests.

Next, she asks you for an Agnaktor Shell and an Emerald Congalala Claw. You can get the Agnaktor Shell from Agnaktors in Dovan Volcano, and the Emerald Congalala Claw comes from Emerald Congalalas found in Babda Rainforest. Bring her both items to complete the second of her Subquests.

She will give you the newly-restored Sword and Shield called “Eternal Strife,” and then you’ll unlock the Friend of Avinia trophy!

Friend of Reverto

In recognition of completing Reverto's Subquest and revisiting Reverto's house. Learning the Hunter's way...

After finishing the story, return to Gildegaran and then speak to Reverto inside his house to begin the “Reverto’s Teacher” Subquest.

He’ll send you out to Trese Desert to fight a Shrouded Nerscylla in a Subquest Den.

After defeating it, you’ll bump into the “Mysterious Hunter,” she’ll send you off to fight a Tigrex in Monsonne Plains.

She asks you to make it Retreat back to its den, but you don’t need to do anything special to make this happen, just fight it as you normally would any other Monster.

After defeating it and listening to the Mysterious Hunter yap some more, you can go back to Reverto’s House to finish up the Subquest and claim your “Friend of Reverto” trophy!

Friend of Simone

In recognition of completing Simone's Subquest and revisiting the Scriveners. The endless pursuit of the unknown!

Simone is the pink-haired NPC who leads the Scriveners in Gildegaran. To reach her, go to Gildegaran and then cross the bridge to the Hunter’s Guild. From there, go through the blue door off the right side of the main hall and you’ll find her inside.

Speak to her towards the end of the game (or just after finishing the story) to get her special Subquest. She will send you to a Subquest Den in Pondry Hills to fight a Ruby Basarios called The Unbreakable.

Upon defeating it, return to Simone to hand the quest in and receive the “Friend of Simone” trophy!

Friend of The Channeler

In recognition of completing The Channeler's Subquest and revisiting the Darj Mountain Cabins. A new Riddle Master!

The Channeler is a large green NPC found in the Cabins at Darj Snowfields. He has several quests for you which require you to hatch specific Monsties and then talk to him with that Monstie in your party.

The first Monstie he wants to see is just an Apceros.

The second Monstie he asks you to bring him is a Red Khezu. The easiest way to find one of these is to enter and leave the Darj Snowfields repeatedly until you see a bright red Khezu at the center of the snowfields.

Go and fight it and then hope that it retreats after you defeat it (Or use a Paintball on it to force a retreat). If this happens, a Red Khezu nest will spawn in the area, marked with a green nest icon. Head inside and claim a Red Khezu Egg from the Egg Nest within!

The third Monstie he wants to see is the Nerscylla from Babda Rainforest–one of my personal faves!

Next, he will ask to see a Barroth from Trese Desert.

The fifth Monstie he wants to see is an Uragaan from Dovan Volcano.

The next Monstie you need to bring the Channeler is the Yian Garuga from Papau Beach.

The 7th Monstie the Channeler wants you to bring is a Congalala from Babda Rainforest.

The 8th Monstie you’ll need to show the Channeler is Lagiacrus, who can be found in Rare Monster Dens on Papau Beach near the end of the game.

The 9th and final Monstie required for the Channeler’s final riddle is Kirin, an extremely rare Monstie, essentially a Legendary Pokémon. This egg can basically be found in any rare den after you’ve finished the game. You’ll just need to keep farming Rare Dens until you find a Kirin Egg, which has a unique star-shaped pattern on it.

You can use a “Finding Charm” to increase your chances of finding one, but this is still by far one of the most annoying things you’ll have to do on your route to the Monster Hunter Stories Platinum Trophy, unless you get very lucky!

Beautiful Tree Branch

In recognition of revisiting Albarax after fully restoring it. A leafy twig symbolic of the village.

After you’ve completed the Main Quests in Albarax (which involve breaking a rock and then doing your first Monstie Expedition), the elder in Albarax will have a Subquest for you. All you have to do is give him 15 ores!

Once you hand the Subquest in, they’ll build and open the Rider Arena in Albarax. You’ll also immediately unlock the “Beautiful Tree Branch” trophy!

Dungeon Trophies

Secret Scroll of Bonds

In recognition of defeating the monster on the highest floor of The Tower of Illusion. You conquered the summit!


After beating the main story and returning to the game after the credits, you will unlock access to the Tower of Illusion.

This massive 50-floor dungeon features unique battles on every floor (except the 10s–i.e. 10, 20, 30, etc. as these are save points that you can easily return to via Catavan).

To access the Tower of Illusion, you can go via boat from any of the ports in the game, such as the one in Koapni Village.

The Monsters in this dungeon are much more powerful than any you will have faced throughout the story, with them all being High Rank Monsters. To take them on you’ll need a team of your very best Monsties leveled as high as you can level them. That said, the Tower acts as a fantastic level-grinding area for you to train your Monsties as you reach further and further up the tower’s many floors.

To unlock the “Secret Scroll of Bonds” trophy, you will need to reach floor 50 of this near-endless tower and defeat the Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos in the “Throne in the Sky” at the top. You’ll probably want a team of 90+ Monsties and plenty of healing items to even stand a chance. Fortunately, you’ll receive a lot of useful healing items from the chests after each battle.

Secret Scroll of Adventurers

In recognition of defeating the boss of the Shadow Labyrinth. A-mazingly good!

The Labyrinth is one of the Dungeons you unlock at the end of the game, much like the Tower of Illusion (See Secret Scroll of Bonds).

You can access the Labyrinth via the Ruins of Redan by walking into the jungle entrance next to the Catavan Stand. The Labyrinth has several stages, and you work your way through each Biome to a Nest at the end. There will be a powerful monster in the nest room, but after defeating it you’ll be able to grab a rare egg from the nest.

Much like the Tower of Illusion, the Labyrinth is filled to the brim with High Rank Monsters, which can prove very challenging if you don’t have a good team of Monsties. Those at around Level 70 should be able to handle the challenges within, but there’s no harm in levelling yourself further.

The Tower of Illusion proves to be the best place to farm EXP, but the Labyrinth also offers some significant EXP, the chance for more Monstie eggs, and a lot of resources you can farm while you’re there.

At the end of the Labyrinth’s final biome, you’ll have to fight either a Teostra or a Kushala Daora.

If you’ve beat the Tower of Illusion, you may get to fight Fatalis instead.

When you beat the boss at the end of the Shadow Labyrinth for the first time (regardless of which one it is you face) you will unlock the Secret Scroll of Adventurers trophy.

Arena Trophies

Bronze Lunar Cup

For winning Bronze at the Rider Arena. Good, but it's not Silver...

After you have unlocked the Beautiful Tree Branch trophy, a new Rider Arena will open in Albarax. To the right of the large tree on the uppermost level, you’ll see the gates to the arena, but you can’t just walk in. To the left of the gates you’ll see a desk with two NPCs.

The NPC on the right allows you to engage in Network Battles against other players, but there’s no reason to do that. The NPC on the Left lets you edit your Battle Party and then take your chosen 3 Monsties into Tournaments against other NPC Riders with their own Monsties.

In Tournaments, your opponent also has three hearts, just like you do throughout the game. To win the battle, you will need to knock out either their Monstie or the rider themselves, reducing their hearts by 1. Repeat until they run out of hearts completely and you will win and move on to the next battle in the tournament. If your hearts are reduced to zero, the tournament will end prematurely.

You can only attack the Monsties directly and cannot attack the Rider directly, but your Monstie can attack both.

To unlock the “Bronze Lunar Cup” trophy, you must select “Bronze” from the Tournament menu and then beat all of the opposing Riders and their Monsties.

Silver Star Cup

For winning Silver at the Rider Arena. Good, but it's not Gold...

Enter and win the Silver Cup in the Arena after beating the Bronze Cup to unlock the “Silver Star Cup” trophy. See Bronze Lunar Cup for more info on the Arena in Albarax.

Golden Sun Cup

For winning Gold at the Rider Arena. Good, but it's not Platinum...

Enter and win the Gold Cup in the Arena after beating the Silver Cup to unlock the “Golden Sun Cup” trophy. See Bronze Lunar Cup for more info on the Arena in Albarax.

Platinum Paradise Cup

For winning Platinum at the Rider Arena. Now this really IS good!

Enter and win the Platinum Cup in the Arena after beating the Gold Cup to unlock the “Platinum Paradise Cup” trophy. See Bronze Lunar Cup for more info on the Arena in Albarax.

Collection Trophies

Combination Cookbook

For collecting all recipes. Proof of your mastery over all items.


To unlock the “Combination Cookbook” trophy, you will need to acquire every single recipe in the game. Recipes are used in the “Combine” option of the menu to craft items using gathering resources.

Recipes mostly come from Recipe Books which are only ever acquired as subquest rewards, and those subquests are always given to you by specific NPCs and never come from subquests that you get from the Quest Board.

For your convenience, I’ve taken the time to note down every quest that gave me a recipe and exactly which NPC gave me that quest:

Recipe Book Quest Name Questgiver
Beginner’s Set N/A Acquired naturally through the story
Rider’s Memo N/A Acquired naturally through the story
Mega Potions Fruits of the Desert Traveling Merchant in Oasum
Group Healing 101 Rubicund Rapscallion Muffy in Hunter’s Guild
Group Healing Int Violet Venom Scaredy Cat in Koapni Village
Group Healing: Adv Infernal Emperor (+) Captain Simone in Hall of Scriveners. If you don’t see this subquest available, be sure to complete any other Subquests in the Hall of Scriveners first.
Essence Vitale A Cooling Crystal Pruney Hunter in Darj Rock Baths
Cool and Healthy Purrplexing Puzzles Domesticat in Albarax
Warm and Healthy Secret to Well-being Kind Grandpa in Gildegaran
Healer’s Comp V.1 Dance to My Tuna Mel in Hunter’s Guild
Healer’s Comp V.2 Mighty Malachite Careless Hunter in Albarax
Healer’s Comp V.3 Dragon Feeling Softhearted Hunter in Geo-Fulkright
Healer’s Comp V.4 Blue Sky King Chief Omna in Hakum Village
Hunter’s Life: Spr A Crumpled Horn Novice Hunter in Albarax
Hunter’s Life: Smr Raging Charge Infurlexible Felyne in Koapni Village
Hunter’s Life: Fall The Emerald Ape Skilled Hunter in Hunter’s Guild
Hunter’s Life: Wint Fresh Trials 3 (+) Dan in Hakum Village
Trpper’s Teachings Simone’s Past Simone in Hall of Scriveners
Boom Boom Book Toxic Toadstool Traveling Merchant in Oasum
Assassin’s Qtly Uroktor Hunting Softhearted Hunter in Geo-Fulkright
Delicious Recipes Over? Easy! Worrywart Rider in Hakum Village
Scrummy Recipes Vicious Vultures Achy Hunter in Darj Rock Baths
Piquant Recipes A Royal Pain Perceptive Boy in Gildegaran
Lavish Recipes Out of Your Shell Bashful Hunter in Geo-Fulkright
Royal Recipes Between Jobs Popola in Reverto’s House

Beyond those, you will also need to find all the “Lore” books. These allow you to craft specific beads and are found in red chests out in the field, so as long as you open chests and explore thoroughly you’ll come by most of them naturally. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to note down many of these locations as I played, and the missing information has proven very difficult to come by. I’ve provided a table below of the ones I was able to note down and the blanks I was able to fill in later. If you happen to know where the missing “Frigid Jewel Lore” can be found please comment at the bottom of this guide.

Lore Book Name Location
Flaming Bead Lore Found in a chest in Dovan Volcano Mine Path
Flaming Jewel Lore Found in a chest on Mt. Celion
Torrential Bead Lore Found in a chest in Dovan Volcano Mine Path
Torrential Jewel Lore Found in a chest in Melynx Den
Frigid Bead Lore Found in a chest in Manelger’s Laboratory
Frigid Jewel Lore Unknown at this time
Flashing Bd Lore Found in a chest in Dovan Volcano
Flashing Jwl Lore Found in a chest in Babda Rainforest
Draconic Bd Lore Found in a chest in Manelger’s Laboratory
Draconic Jwl Lore Found in a chest on Mt. Celion
Res-Elem Bd Lore Found in a chest in Pondry Hills
Res-Elem Jwl Lore Found in a chest at Ruins of Zalam
Power Bead Lore Found in a chest in Darj Snowfields
Power Jewel Lore Found in a chest in the Melynx Den (get there via Aowa Valley)
Speed Bead Lore Found in a chest in Trese Desert
Speed Jewel Lore Found in a chest in Paupau Beachfront
Tech Bead Lore Found in a chest in Trese Desert
Tech Jewel Lore Found in a chest in Pondry Caves
Evasion Bead Lore Found in a chest in Monsonne Plains
Evasion Jewel Lore Found in a chest in Paupau Beachfront
Attack Bead Lore Found in a chest in Wintertide Tunnel
Attack Jewel Lore Found in a chest at the Ruins of Redan

You can find your recipe books in the “Key Items” tab of your inventory, so cross-reference that with the ones listed above to see which ones you might be missing!


For finding and talking to all of the lost Poogies around the world. A compilation of blood, sweat & oinks.


To unlock the “Encyclopoogia” trophy, you must find all 100 Lost Poogies hidden all across the world map.

Check out our Monster Hunter Stories Poogie Location Guide for full details on where all 100 of these can be found!

Monster Encyclopedia

For slaying every kind of monster. Filled with info about all sorts of monsters.


For the “Monster Encyclopedia” trophy, you will need to kill every single one of the 108 Monsters in the Monsterpedia, thus filling out the Monsterpedia.

The first 105 Monsters in the Monsterpedia will all show up throughout the story and in the Tower of Illusion, so by completying the story and earning the Secret Scroll of Bonds trophy, you should have pretty much all of the first 105.

That said, I did notice that I didn’t have Green Konchu (065) in my Monsterpedia by the end. You can find these on the big Spider Web in Babda Rainforest.

Kushala Daora (106) and Teostra (107) are both possible bosses at the end of the Shadow Labyrinth (Secret Scroll of Adventurers) or you can just run the Special Subquests “Flame King’s Arrival” and “Storm’s Advent.”

Fatalis (108) is also a potential Shadow Labyrinth boss, but it will only show up once you have beat the Tower of Illusion. However, a much easier way to face it is via the Special Subquest “The End is Nigh.”

White Monoblos (110), Molten Tigrex (111), and Oroshi Kirin (112) are all bosses in Special Subquests available at the Questboard via these quests:

  • One-Horned Menace (White Monoblos)
  • Earth-rending Roar (Molten Tigrex)
  • Snowfield Phantom (Oroshi Kirin)

Misc Combat Trophies

Gambler's Shield

In recognition of five consecutive Head-to-Head wins. Headbanger!


The “Gambler’s Shield” trophy is not cumulative and must be earned in a single battle. This means you’ll have to attempt it in longer battles against tougher foes. That said, once you’ve been playing for a while and have got the hang of the game’s rock-paper-scissors system, you’ll probably earn this trophy naturally.

You can tell if a Head-to-Head attack is about to happen because the red line between you/one of your Monsties and the opposing monster will have a red star-shaped icon at the center. This also indicates who on your team will engage in the Head-to-Head.

To win a Head-to-Head, you need to choose the type of attack which would have an advantage over the opposing Monster’s attack type. For example, if the opposing Monster uses a Strong attack, you’ll need to use a Speed attack to counter it. Speed beats Strong, Strong beats Technical, and Technical beats Speed.

You can’t always tell what the opposing monster is about to use, but most monsters have a tendency to use one or two types of attacks, which can help you determine the best course of action once you’ve recognized their attack patterns.

To unlock the “Gambler’s Shield” trophy, you need to win a head-to-head five times within a single battle!

Coordination Shield

In recognition of executing a Double Attack. Keep up the great teamwork!

The “Coordination Shield” trophy is very likely to unlock naturally. To earn it, all you have to do is perform a Double Attack with any of your Monsters. To do this, you first need to be facing a Head-to-Head attack from another Monster.

You can tell if a Head-to-Head attack is about to happen because the red line between you/one of your Monsties and the opposing monster will have a red star-shaped icon at the center. This also indicates who on your team will engage in the Head-to-Head.

To win a Head-to-Head, you need to choose the type of attack which would have an advantage over the opposing Monster’s attack type. For example, if the opposing Monster uses a Strong attack, you’ll need to use a Speed attack to counter it. Speed beats Strong, Strong beats Technical, and Technical beats Speed.

Now, to execute a Double-Attack, both you one of your active Monsties must use the exact attack type that would win the Head-to-Head. In that instance, you’ll both attack simultaneously, bypassing the Head-to-Head sequence and dealing massive damage to the opposing Monster.

In all honesty, though, this is incredibly likely to happen naturally, even if you don’t fully understand how to execute a Double-Attack.

Kinship Shield

For executing at least 10 Kinship Skills successfully. United in victory.


When your Kinship gauge (the blue egg at the bottom of the battle UI) is filled, the “Ride” option becomes available. While riding a Monstie, you can then select “Kinship Skill” to activate your Monstie’s most powerful ability.

To unlock the “Kinship Shield” trophy, you just need to use Kinship Skills a cumulative total of 10 times.

Victor's Crest

In recognition of winning at least 500 battles. For those who seldom know defeat.


To unlock the “Victor’s Crest” trophy, you just need to win 500 battles. You’ll be battling A LOT throughout your time in Monster Hunter Stories. Not just for the Story Missions you’ll complete, the various Subquests you’ll finish, or all the exploring and resource-farming you’ll do, but also for the Tower of Illusion and Shadow Labyrinth dungeons you’ll find yourself fighting your way through, and the long grind to Level 99. The game’s all about fighting Monsters, so I expect you’ll earn this one naturally.

Supreme Crest

For obtaining S Rank in at least 50 battles. A crest to commemorate your style.


At the end of any battle in Monster Hunter Stories you’ll receive a ranking based on your performance. This could be D, C, B, A, or S. S being the best possible rank, of course.

Your ranking is not based on how quickly you complete the battle or how little damage you take, instead it’s based on how much of a spectacle the fight was. If you win lots of Head-to-heads, ride on your monster, activate special abilities and kinship skills, or land a Finishing Blow with an ability (and more), you will gain “Bonus” score. These bonuses are listed on the right-hand side in a post-battle summary screen to help you better understand what you get points for.

To achieve an S-Rank, you essentially just want to use the right attack types on the right monsters, especially during Head-to-Head challenges, activate both Rider and Monstie skills, and Ride on your Monstie when you can, activating the Kinship Skill for bonus damage output.

You’ll get the hang of it eventually and throughout the 500 battles you need to complete for Victor’s Crest, you’re bound to make a lot of progress towards the 50 S-Ranks needed for the Supreme Crest trophy!

Misc Crafting & Equipment Trophies

Great Sword Trophy

For making a Great Sword. Slice, slash, sever, stab.

Some time after your arrival in Gildegaran, you will get access to the Blacksmith. Via this NPC, you can accept various crafting quests, which essentially ask that you bring specific Monster Resource Drops in exchange for a specific weapon.

To unlock the “Great Sword Trophy” complete any crafting quest that returns a Great Sword.

Sword & Shield Trophy

For making a Sword & Shield. Intense combos for your delectation.

As with Great Sword Trophy, to unlock “Sword & Shield Trophy,” complete any blacksmith crafting quest that returns a Sword & Shield weapon.

Hammer Trophy

For making a Hammer. Try its heavy strikes for—not on—yourself.

As with Great Sword Trophy, to unlock “Hammer Trophy,” complete any blacksmith crafting quest that returns a Hammer weapon.

Hunting Horn Trophy

For making a Hunting Horn. Play yourself an itty bitty ditty.

As with Great Sword Trophy, to unlock “Hunting Horn Trophy,” complete any blacksmith crafting quest that returns a Hunting Horn weapon.

Armor Trophy

For making a set of armor. Trust in it, you made it, after all...

As with Great Sword Trophy, to unlock “Armor Trophy,” complete any blacksmith crafting quest that returns a set of Armor.

Battle Gear Royalty

For acquiring a rarity 7 weapon or armor. A kingly achievement indeed!

To unlock the “Battle Gear Royalty” trophy, you need to craft a 7-star rank piece of equipment. Either armor or any kidn of weapon. To do so, first you need to defeat a 7-star rank Monster to unlock that Monster’s equipment as a Forge Quest (Which you should have done or will be doing in the end-game, post-story content). Then, visit a Blacksmith and select any 7-star rank weapon or armor set to craft and deliver the required materials.

Once you do so for the first time, the Battle Gear Royalty trophy will unlock. To unlock the trophy myself, I fought a Sand Barioth Monster inside a Rare Den at Trese Desert and then used it’s materials to forge the “Sand Barioth Armor” at a Blacksmith.

Accessory Royalty

For acquiring a rarity 8 accessory. A queenly achievement indeed.


A Level 8 Accessory is perhaps one of the most rare drops you’ll find in Monster Hunter Stories. You can find them in High Rank areas like High Rank Monster Dens or the Shadow Labyrinth. Even then, though, the chances of them dropping are very low.

To improve your chances, activate a Gathering Charm before heading out. They mostly drop from yellow crystal deposits and chests.

It’s all up to RNG, unfortunately.

To speed up your farming sprees, bring a high-level Monstie with the “Roar” ability. A strong enough Monstie can scare off most Monsters with this ability. The only exception, unfortunately, appears to be Rajang, who doesn’t care. You can just Run Away when attacked by one, though, and it will disappear from the area.

Obviously, you also can’t scare away the boss monsters in the dens at the end of each Biome.

Misc Resource Trophies

Courier Master's Statue

For acquiring at least 50 eggs from Monster's Dens. Peerless in your pilfering.


All throughout the game, you’ll find small cave entrances that randomly spawn in all of the game’s open areas. Inside these caves, you’ll find Egg Nests, from where you can recover all manner of different Monster Eggs, which you can then hatch at Stables in any major settlement.

To unlock “Courier Master’s Statue” you just need to enter and recover eggs from 50 of these nests. Given that playing the Egg Nest Lottery is the only way to build out your collection of Monsties, there’s a good chance you’ll at least get close to recovering 50 eggs naturally throughout your time playing the game.

Egg Cup

For completing an egg from fragments. A golden egg of success.

While exploring and gathering in Monster Hunter Stories, you will sometimes find Egg Fragments. They’re pretty random finds so there’s not much you can do to try and up your chances of finding them. It took me the full length of the Story Campaign until I finally found enough fragments to complete a whole egg.

Once you have a fragment, you can go to the “Egg Fragments” option in the Stables to place the fragments you’ve got onto an egg-shaped jigsaw puzzle.

Once you have found fragments to fill all 9 slots on the right-hand side and then confirm the placement of your 9 fragments, the egg will hatch!

Hatching an egg you’ve pieced together from Egg Fragments for the very first time will unlock the “Egg Cup” trophy.

Ruby Crystal

For acquiring a Ritual Item. Monstie power in crimson form.

Ritual Items are special resources which can be used in a Channeling Ritual to bestow an ability upon a Monstie without using another Monstie in the process. An example of such an item is the “Ice Res Bead,” which can give a Monstie Ice Resistance through a Channeling Ritual.

You get items like this as resource drops after battles with wild monsters, so you’re very likely to unlock the “Ruby Crystal” trophy (named after the item you’ll receive upoin unlocking the trophy) naturally. Note that you won’t start finding these items until after you’ve received the Inheritance Token trophy.

Silver Forager's Badge

For gathering items at least 100 times. The embodiment of insatiable curiosity.


Foraged resources are basically those that you gather yourself from the environment and not those that you get by defeating Monsters in battle. So, for example, picking plants, catching bugs, mining ore deposits, fishing, and more.

To unlock the “Silver Forager’s Badge” trophy, you simply need to collect 100 resources in this way. It might sound like a lot, but it’s not when you factor in just how many resources you’ll gather in a playthrough. Expect to earn this one naturally.

Zenny-Pinching Pouch

For accumulating at least 1,000,000z. Next round of bumblepumpkins is on you!


Misleading Description

To unlock the “Zenny-Pinching Pouch” trophy, you need to earn a total of one million Zenny. This is, obviously, quite an insane amount of Zenny to earn.

Note that despite the confusing use of the word “accumulate” in the trophy description, you do need to be holding one million zenny all at one time.

Honestly, your best bet for earning Zenny is completing quests. If you can handle fighting Fatalis, for example, you can repeatedly complete the “The End is Nigh” Special Subquest from the quest board for 15000z per run. Quests at the questboard can be accepted and turned in repeatedly as much as you want.

Another way to earn Zenny is to set your Monstie Expeditions to the “Treasure Hunt” goal and try to get an “Awesome Result” (See Monstie Adventure Tales) to receive lots of rare materials that you can sell for high Zenny payouts.

Repeatedly farm subquests and expedition parties, then sell anything you don’t want or need to gradually accumulate the fortune required.

Alternatively, if this is the last trophy you need, you can probably make well over a million Zenny by selling all of the monster parts, equipment, accessories, and items you’ve gathered throughout your entire playthrough. I managed to do so by selling just under a third of the contents of my inventory.

If you want to save all your items, you can just make a separate save before doing this which you can then load once you have the trophy to reacquire your inventory items.

Angler's Statue

For a Great fishing result at least 10 times. See things from a different angle.


At bodies of water in many of the open areas and some of the settlements in Monster Hunter Stories, you will find Fishing Spots. These are indicating by swirling fish in the water. When standing near a Fishing Spot, you can just press to start fishing, then when your lure is pulled underwater you should press again to pull it back out and retrieve the resource caught at the end of your line.

The color and brightness of the shining object you pull from the water indicates your fishing result, with a bright red shine indicating that you’ve acquired a “Great” fishing result.

To unlock the “Angler’s Statue” trophy, you need to pull up 10 “Great” resources from fishing spots. To farm these, just look for fishing spots at any body of water and repeatedly fish until the trophy unlocks. You can reset fishing spots by leaving the area and returning.

Misc Monstie Trophies

Ancient Bingo Card

For achieving bingo in the Rite of Channeling. Magnify those Monsties!

Through the Rite of Channeling, you can move Genes from a Gene Slot on one Monstie to the matching Gene Slot on another Monstie. With some planning and coordination, you can do this in a way that three gene slots in a row end up filled.

A much easier method of filling up desired Gene Slots, however, would be to use Ritual Items (see Ruby Crystal), as these items allow you to place a Gene in any slot you like!

Through the Rite of Channeling, fill a row of gene Slots to attain a “Bingo,” boosting your Monstie’s stats significantly, and you’ll receive the “Ancient Bingo Card” trophy.

Note that some Monsties already have a Bingo when you hatch them, the trophy won’t unlock when this happens, you need to physically form the bingo yourself through the Rite of Channeling.

Top Rider Prize

For raising a Monstie to Level 99. Pushing limits to their, err, limits!


To unlock the “Top Rider” trophy, you need to raise at least one of your Monsties to Level 99.

The best way to farm EXP is to activate a Training Charm (or better yet, a Training Charm+) at a Prayer Pot and then go and farm Barrel Felynes in the Tower of Illusion. Here’s where you’ll find Barrel Felynes:

  • Floor 5 – 1 Felyne
  • Floor 15 – 1 Felyne
  • Floor 25 –  Felyne
  • Floor 35 – 2 Felynes
  • Floor 45 – 3 Felynes

The Labyrinth is also a good place to farm exp against the High Rank Monsters there. Barrel Felynes also tend to spawn in the Labyrinth once or twice per run.

Monstie Adventure Tales

For an Awesome Expedition Party result. Illegible Monstie scribbles.

If you have already been trying to earn this trophy you might be thinking “What is going on? I’ve run hundreds of expeditions at this point and none of them have ever been Awesome results!”

I certainly was. Until I took a closer look at what the Monstie Expedition Party screen was telling me.

On the right-hand panel, you’ll see the “Rec. Elem” or “Recommended Element.” This means that for the best results in an expedition, you want to send out Monsties of those types. Sending an eclectic mix of Monstie types will not give you an “Awesome” expedition result.

The Recommended Elements change depending on the locale. Take Pondry Hills for example. You also get a boost from using the same Monstie types. So, for a really good chance of an Awesome Result in Pondry Hills, send out a full team of Fire Monsties, like I’ve done here.

This won’t give you a 100% chance of getting an Awesome Result, but you’ll have a fairly decent shot at it if you do this.

Keep running Expeditions with the right team of Monsties until you nab the “Monstie Adventure Tales” trophy.

Other Misc Trophies

A Mewing (?) Barrel

In recognition of saving at least 10 Barrel Felynes. Roll out the barrel...


In Monster Hunter Stories, there is a very rare enemy called Barrel Felyne.

This enemy can appear in any open world area or in Rare Monster Dens, but is a very rare spawn.

Thankfully, you can easily find them on many of the floors in the Tower of Illusion dungeon, most notably just on 5F. This makes it easy to farm them repeatedly for the “A Mewing (?) Barrel” trophy.

To earn the trophy, you need to “rescue” 10 of these Barrel Felynes. “Saving” them is a matter of simply defeating them in combat. They do not fight back and only do two things; wait-and-see or flee. Unfortunately, as they are so quick to flee, you need to defeat them very quickly by using a high-power skill or attack. Personally, I would deal with them by having Ratha use “Savage Fireball” right at the start of the fight. This typically weakened them enough for me to finish them off with a simple Power attack.

You can also use a Big Barrel Bomb to quickly defeat them if you have any in your Battle Pouch.

Catavaner's Cap

For riding the Catavan at least 10 times. A cap brimming with Catavaner pride.


The “Catavan” is a fast-travel method available in Monster Hunter Stories. As you explore the world around you, you’ll come across orange stands with umbrellas on them. Once you approach one of these Catavan Stands for the first time, the umbrella will open and you’ll be able to fast travel to or from that stand moving forward.

To unlock the “Catavaner’s Cap” trophy, you only need to use the Catavan 10 times. Given the scale of the game’s map and how long it’d truly take to walk everywhere you want to go, I can’t imagine a world in which you don’t earn this trophy naturally, especially when you’re mopping up Side Quests and the like.


Master Rider

Obtained all trophies.

After collecting every trophy in this Monster Hunter Stories Trophy Guide, the "Master Rider " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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