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PlayStation 5

Release Date

September 17th, 2021


Something We Made


Something We Made


How long does it take to beat TOEM and unlock all trophies?

About 3-6 hours depending on how much you get done in your first playthrough

How difficult is it to beat TOEM and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10)

Does TOEM have online trophies?


Does TOEM have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does TOEM have missable trophies?


Does TOEM have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in TOEM?

One playthrough of each campaign, plus cleanup

Does TOEM have a Platinum Trophy?


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How to Unlock All Trophies in TOEM for PlayStation 5

Welcome to our TOEM Trophy Guide. TOEM is a chill, laid-back experience set in a heavily-stylized black-and-white world. Armed with your camera, explore the quirky locales your journey takes you to as you help out the even quirkier locals and take plenty of photographs!

The trophy journey is a smooth, short, and easy one void of frustration. Still, I hope that this TOEM Trophy Guide helps to enhance your experience further as you work towards the TOEM Platinum Trophy!

TOEM was one of the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games in September 2022.

Phase One – Complete the Story

In this first phase of our TOEM trophy guide, you really just want to enjoy the game however you like while making your way through the story.

There is Free Roam that you can take advantage of at the end of the game if you happen to have missed any photos for your Compendium, or any Quests.

There are 64 Quests to complete and 54 Animals to Photograph, though, so doing as many as you can in your first playthrough is advised. It’s even possible to do them all (except the last one in Homelanda) without finishing the game.

Story Trophies

Trophy Image
The beginning

Start your adventure!

Trophy Image



The “The Beginning” trophy will unlock unavoidably in Nana’s House at the start of the game, shortly after you receive the camera.

Trophy Image
The calm forest

Visit Oaklaville

Trophy Image



Oaklaville is the first area you’ll visit when finally departing from Homelanda, thus the “The calm forest” trophy will unlock unavoidably.

Trophy Image
Set sail for good weather

Visit Stanhamn

Trophy Image



Earn at least 7 Stamps on your Community Card in Oaklaville to be able to take the Bus to Stanhamn. The “Set sail for good weather” trophy will unavoidably unlock when you arrive.

Trophy Image
The big city

Visit Logcity

Trophy Image



Earn at least 8 Stamps on your Community Card in Stanhamn to be able to take the Bus to Logcity. The “The big city” trophy will unavoidably unlock when you arrive.

Trophy Image
Snowy peaks

Visit Kiiruberg

Trophy Image



Earn at least 9 Stamps on your Community Card in Logcity to be able to take the Bus to Kiiruberg. The “Snowy peaks” trophy will unavoidably unlock when you arrive.

Trophy Image
So close now!

Visit the top of Kiiruberg

Trophy Image



Earn at least 6 Stamps on your Community Card in Kiiruberg to be able to take the Bus to Kiiruberg Mountain Top. The “So close now!” trophy will unavoidably unlock when you arrive.

Trophy Image
Experience TOEM

Photograph the phenomenon TOEM

Trophy Image



Photographing TOEM is the protagonist’s main objective in TOEM, and as such, this is the final objective you will need to complete to finish the story.

Climb to the top of Kiiruberg Mountain Top and pull out your camera next to the camera sign. From there, you’ll get a great view of the TOEM.

Stare at it with your camera crosshair for a moment until it bursts with colorful light. Take a photo of this phenomenon, and the “Experience TOEM” trophy will unlock.

Return to the bus, and the driver will take you home to your Nana’s House as the credits play.

Trophy Image
Going long!

You just walked a thousand miles!

Trophy Image


In very early versions of the game, the “Going long!” trophy required you to walk a total of 5,000 steps while wearing the Clogs. This is no longer the case, and the trophy will just unlock over time as you walk around in the game. Probably around the time you’re in Logcity or Kiiruberg.

Phase Two – Cleanup

After you finish the story for the first time, you’ll be returned to the Title Screen, where you’ll see a few new things.

Firstly, several icons on the right-hand side show you how many Quests you’ve completed, how many photos you’ve taken, and how many Compendium Animals you’ve photographed.

Additionally, there will be a new option on the left that says “Continue Adventure.” Use this to load back into the game, where you can now Freely Explore and complete any trophies you still have left.

I’ve divided the rest of this guide up by area rather than category, so you can more easily collect everything in one trip rather than having to travel back and forth all the time.

Remember that in each area you will also need to photograph every Compendium Animal, and complete every Quest.

Homelanda Cleanup

Trophy Image
Home sweet home

Photograph nana’s house

Trophy Image

This trophy can be unlocked from the moment you step outside the front door for the first time. Just pull out your camera, point it at Nana’s House in Homelanda, and press to snap a pic, unlocking the trophy instantly, even if you don’t save it to your album.

You should save it to your album, though.

Homelanda Quests

There’s no specific trophy for the quests in Homelanda, but you will need to complete them for Required for A true completionist. See the table below:

Take a Photo of Nana!Self-explanatory. Photograph Nana and then show her the photo.
Experience TOEMAfter completing the story, return to Nana and show her your photo of TOEM.
A Hidden GiftCollect the Clogs from the gift parcel behind Nana’s House and then talk to the NPC opposite the bus kiosk.

Oaklaville Cleanup

Trophy Image
A majestic hotel

Photograph the oakhotel from the vantage point

Trophy Image

In Oaklaville, beyond the Scout Lodge, there’s a Hedgehog-looking NPC next to a log. To move the log out of your way, you need to find this fellow’s three brothers.

One is on the Scout Lodge, one is in the Hotel Lobby, and the other is on top of the Bus Kiosk. Aim your camera at all three until they get annoyed and yell at you. When they do, tell them their brother needs them and they’ll leave to help with the log.

With the log out of the way, you can access a new area with the Square Thistle needed for the Scout Quest and a lookout. The lookout has a sign with a camera on it, indicating that you can take a photo of something far-off from here.

Pull out your camera next to the sign and snap a pic of the Oak Hotel. You’ll actually need this photo for one of your Quests and taking the photo will instantly unlock the “A majestic hotel” trophy.

Trophy Image
Just a sock

Capture a close up photo of the sockman

Trophy Image

Before you can earn the “Just a sock” trophy, you will need to get the Ghost Glasses (see Calmed down) and use them to speak to the Ghost by the plant pots in the dark forest left of the Oakhotel.

He’ll ask if you want to play a game, the prize for which is a pair of socks. Keep an eye on which pot he puts the socks under and then try to follow them as the pot moves. Pick the correct pot to get the socks.

Take the socks to the sad Sock-man sitting on the bench to the right of the Oakhotel. You’ll complete his Quest, and he’ll begin sparkling.

Take a photo of him, and the “Just a sock” trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image
Calmed down

Capture a close up photo of the skeleton

Trophy Image

Go left from the Hotel in Oaklaville and then continue in that direction until you come to a strange-shaped house. An angry Skeleton wearing Sunglasses will come angrily storming out of the house and give you his “Ghost Glasses.”

You’ll need these to be able to speak with Ghosts so they’re very important.

Once you have the glasses, wait for the Skeleton to calm down and then return to him to see he’s sparkling.

Take a photo of him and the “Calmed down” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
You found us!

You’re really good with that camera!

Trophy Image

This trophy is hard to figure out naturally but actually very easy to earn.

First, go to Oaklaville’s Oakhotel and then head inside. In the lobby, point your camera at the ceiling and then begin scanning with your crosshair until you find a spot with some eyes.

Once you find it, hold your crosshair over it until the gauge fills, and the “You found us!” trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image
Who’s a good boy?!

Pet a pet

Trophy Image

This trophy can be unlocked by approaching any pet cat or dog and then pressing to pet them. The earliest place I could find to do this is the Cat on the counter in the Oaklaville Hotel.

Originally, this trophy required you to pet a dog specifically, but the developers updated this along with the trophy icon.

Trophy Image
Slow and steady

What an amazing race that was! Thrilling action all over!

Trophy Image

In Oaklaville, just outside the Hotel, there’s a little snail in the corner, near a tree stump and a tiny little flag. If you sit on the tree stump, the snail will begin moving excruciatingly slowly towards the flag.

You essentially just need to sit on the log and wait for the snail to reach and pass the flag, thus unlocking the “Slow and Steady” trophy.

Trophy Image
Nature’s showstopper

Complete the photo challanges in Oaklaville

Trophy Image

There are two Photo Challenges in Oaklaville. See the table below.

ChallengePhotos to Take
Photo Challenge #1Photograph a Mossy Rock, Pine Tree, and an Axe. The Axe can be found near the Scout Lodge, the other items are literally all over Oaklaville.
Photo Challenge #2Photograph some Ants. You can actually find Ants on the ground near Photo Challenge #1.

Once you’ve handed in all required photos to the two Challenge-givers, the “Nature’s Showstopper” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Strong as an oak

Complete all quests in Oaklaville

Trophy Image

There are 15 Quests to complete in Oaklaville. See the table below.

Photo Challenge #1 & #2Nature’s showstopper
Suspicious Activity – ForestPhotograph the suspicious character lurking in the trees of the forest where the children are playing Hide & Seek. Bring the photo to the periscope hiding in the bins near Photo Challenge #1.
Monster SpottingThere’s an NPC in the Oakhotel who wants a photo of all four hidden Monsters. These Monsters don’t show their face if you’re close to them. You’ll need to set down a tripod and then find somewhere to hide out-of-sight until the Monster reveals itself.
There’s one Monster in each of the following areas: Oaklaville, Stanhamn, Logcity, Kiiruberg.
They’re easy to spot thanks to the dark swirls that emanate from their hiding spot.
Bring the photos back to the NPC and show him them one-by-one until the Quest completes.
Missing SocksJust a Sock
Become a ScoutA child near the Scout Lodge will ask you to take photos of three different plants; Block Thistle, Cotton Puff, and Striped Shroom. They’re very easy to find, and there will be a scout near to each plant who talks about it when you speak to them. Show all three photos to the child to complete the quest.
Hide-and-SeekGo to the area left of Oakhotel, up the stairs, and through the next doorway to reach an area overlooking a forest. A scout there will ask you to play Hide-and-seek with him and his pals. Just aim your camera at each child and hold it there until they’re caught.
Log Blocking a PathA Majestic Hotel
Become a PaparazziThere’s a party in the forest that security won’t let you into until you have enough “swag.” Come back wearing the Ghost Glasses and he’ll let you in.
In the party, photograph the Moose DJ to immediately complete this Quest.
Capture the Hotel’s BeautyTake the photo required for A Majestic Hotel, then bring it to the Oakhotel owner.
Hotel ChefNear the overlook for A Majestic Hotel, there’s a depressed-looking, lanky bird. Speak to it and it#ll fly back to Oakhotel.
Go to the Oakhotel and speak to the bird again and he’ll open the restaurant, completing the Quest.
A Courageous StallionRequires Ghost Glasses. The Ghost outside the Ghost House where you get the Ghost Glasses will aks you what she looked like when she was alive. Take a photo of the framed horse picture in the Oakhotel and show it to her.
Cup ChampionAfter you’ve retrieved the socks from the plant-pot ghost (Just a Sock), speak to him again to take on the same challenge again. Beat all three speeds of his moving-cup game to complete the Quest.
Become a FlowerTake a selfie (or use the tripod ) while using the flower Photo Stand-In.
Ghost Helper!Equpped with the Ghost Glasses, revisit all areas and complete quests for every ghost in Oaklaville, Stanhamn, and Logcity. Ghost quests have a ghost icon next to them in the Community Card. Once you’ve completed every other Ghost Quest, return to the Ghost House where you got the Ghost Glasses, and speak to the ghost on the couch inside, thus completing this Quest.

Once you have completed all 15 quests, and received your 15th Stamp on your Oaklaville Community Card, the “Strong as an Oak” trophy will unlock! Required for A true completionist.

Stanhamn Cleanup

Trophy Image
A sparkling jump

Capture a close up photo of a dancer

Trophy Image

In the first area of Stanhamn, in front of the water fountain, there’s a cat lady prancing back and forth. When you speak to her, she tells you to give her a signal if you want her to jump.

This requires the “Honk Attachment” for your camera, which you get by completing the quest at the Lighthouse (or Honkhouse?) in Stanhamn.

Once you have it, return to the dancing cat lady and then press while aiming your camera at her to honk, causing her to jump. Snap a photo while she’s in mid-air, and you’ll capture a special photograph which then unlocks the “A sparkling jump” trophy.

Trophy Image
Flight ready

Capture a close up photo of a special seagull

Trophy Image

In Stanhamn, in the area with the “Fishing Tower” in it, look for a very sparkly seagull in a scarf with goggles on his head.

Simply snap a photo of him and the “Flight Ready” trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image
Employee of the month

Our best non-employed employee!

Trophy Image

In Stanham, ride the raft to the Hydro-electric plant and head inside.

At the top of the stairs, next to an employee, you will see the Employee of the Month picture frames. The last frame is actually empty, and you can put any photo you want in there.

Take a selfie and then put it in the picture frame, claiming the title of “Employee of the Month” despite not being employed. This will cause the trophy to unlock.

Trophy Image
Photograph the Smiling Huntsman

A voyage underwater

Trophy Image

The “Photograph the Smiling Huntsman” trophy can only be unlocked in Stanhamn. First, you must acquire the Diving Helmet from the Treasure Chest that you drag up using the Fishing Tower to complete the “Ocean Garbage” quest. You will also need the Honk Attachment for your camera, which you will unlock by doing the “Solve the Chaos” quest at the Honkhouse.

Once you have both, head to the beach where the sunbathing guy is and then use your Honk Attachment to scare the Seagulls off the pier.

At the end of the pier, there’s a big metal doorway on the floor. Press on it to dive underwater. Many of the animals you’ll need for your compendium are down here.

At the back of the area there’s a sign with a camera icon on it. Pull your camera out here and zoom into the murky waters beyond the sign, where you’ll see a silhouette of a big ship. Snap a photo of it and the trophy will unlock immediately.

Trophy Image
Calm as the sea

Complete the photo challanges in Stanhamn

Trophy Image

There are two Photo Challenges in Stanhamn. See the table below.

ChallengePhotos to Take
Photo Challenge #3All three photos are in the same area, near the beach with the sunbather and the pier you can dive underwater from. Photograph the anthropomorphic Hippo NPC, the huge Ice Cream in the boat by the pier, and the Sandcastle on the beach.
Photo Challenge #4This trophy asks that you stand behind the Farmer Photo Stand-in (near the same beach as the other photos) and then take a selfie while using it (the tripod works too if you actually want to get a decent photo).

Once you’ve handed in all required photos to the two Challenge-givers, the “Calm as the sea” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image

Complete all quests in Stanhamn

Trophy Image

There are 16 Quests to complete in Stanhamn. See the table below.

Photo Challenges #3 & #4Calm as the sea
A Good Spot with No SunTake a photo of the Cosmic Cube in the water near the sunbathing man. This will cause the weird block of sand near him to move, completing the Quest.
Suspicious Activity – HarbourTake a photo of the suspicious man under the pier where you first arrive in Stanhamn. Once you have it, show it to the Periscope.
Frames & Filters!Enter the Photo Challenge Guild building near the fountain. Inside, speak to the NPC on the right, who will give you access to Filters and Frames that you can use by pressing with your camera out.
Take any photo with a filter or frame on it and show it to the NPC who gave you them. He’ll find it hilarious no matter what it is, thus completing the Quest.
Power Shortage?!In the Hydro-electric Plant (Employee of the Month), there’s a worker on the far-right standing next to a huge generator.
Speak to him and he will explain that the machine isn’t working right now. Aim your camera at the lightbulb at the top to turn it on, revealing lots of stuck objects. Point your camera each of the objects clogging up the system until they’re all removed. This will solve the Quest and activate the power in Stanhamn, allowing you to access more areas.
A Lost DogFirst, speak to the hiker who can’t find his dog. He’ll tell you about “Meck”. Go to the shore where the Shy Hippo NPC is, and you’ll see Meck running around nearby. Talk to him and he’ll follow you. Lead him back to the Hiker to complete the quest.
Solve the ChaosThere’s a “Honkhouse” tower in Stanhamn, in a stormy area. Speak to the NPC outside it and he’ll lead you up to the big honker on top of the tower. He needs you to first take a photo of the ships in the distance and show it to him, revealing that they’re not in a great situation currently!
Next, aim your camera at each of the boat silhouettes in the distance until they’ve all been honked to safety.
Completing this quest will unlock the Honk Attachment, which you’ll need for a lot of things moving forward.
Scorching FlameRequires Ghost Glasses. Speak to the ghost on one of the smaller beaches in Stanhamn and he’ll ask you for a picture of a scorching flame. Just take a photo of the Sun and show him that, solving the Quest.
Supreme Deluxe Sandwich?!Requires Ghost Glasses. Speak to the ghost outside the Hydro-electric Plant (Employee of the Month) and he’ll tell you about a Sandwich he really wants.
Return to the fountain and then go left towards the Queen of Paper Hats. There, you should now see a sandwich on the floor with four seagulls walking around it, chanting. It’s actually very catchy!
Use the Honk Attachment that you receive from the “Solve the Chaos” Quest to startle the birds and then take the Sandwich.
Return to the ghost and speak to him to complete the Quest.
Ocean GarbagePart of Stanhamn has a great big “Fishing Tower” on it. If you speak to the barrel next to the fishing tower, he’ll allow you to use the Fishing Tower by pointing your camera at things you’d like to fish up.
Fish up all of the garbage in the water surrounding the tower and the “Ocean Garbage” Quest will be complete. Remember to open the chest that you fish out as it contains a Diving Helmet.
Make Someone Take a BathGo to the Hydro-electric Plant (Employee of the Month) and you’ll see a worker inside who’s balancing precariously on the edge of the metal walkway.
Use the Honk Attachment that you receive from the “Solve the Chaos” Quest to startle him, causing him to fall.
Go outside and stand on the bridge near the raft. From there, you can talk to the worker who was washed outside and complete the Quest.
Queen of Paper HatsLeft of the fountain, standing near the water, there’s a crazy-looking lady with a paper hat on… sleeping. Use the Honk Attachment that you receive from the “Solve the Chaos” Quest to startle her awake. She’ll give you a key to a treasure Chest.
The chest is in the same underwater area as Photograph the Smiling Huntsman. Open it to retrieve a Pirate Hat. Bring it back to the NPC and she’ll swap it for her Paper Hat.
A Whistling DilemmaThere’s a snowman in Stanhamn who wishes he had a good melody to whistle. Photograph the music notes coming from the humming Fisherman on the Stanhamn Fountain and then show that photo to the Snowman. He’ll begin whistling the tune and will give you a tape called “Fisherman’s Whistle.”
A Layered MelodyOn a beach in Stanhamn, there’s a wizard with a guitar who desperately wants a melody to play to. Use your Hikelady music player to play the “Fisherman’s Whistle” tape you get from the “A Whistling Dilemma” Quest.
The Wizard will love it and then the Snowman will arrive and they’ll put on a show for you.
The King of FishesComplete “A Whistling Dilemma” and then “A Layered Melody.” When the snowman and wizard are playing the Fisherman’s tune, a spot in the water will be bubbling.
Aim your camera at the bubbling water and wait for a moment until the King of Fishes leaps from the water, allowing you to snap a pic. Show the photo to the Fisherman on the fountain to complete the Quest.

Once you have completed all 16 quests and received your 16th Stamp on your Stanhamn Community Card, the “Seaworthy” trophy will unlock! Required for A true completionist.

Logcity Cleanup

Trophy Image
The grand clock tower

Photograph the grand clocktower’s special event

Trophy Image

Every hour in Logcity, a big chicken will come out of the Grand Clocktower. The “The grand clock tower” trophy suggests that you need to snap a photo of this special event occurring.

Well, actually, you don’t need to at all. Just take any photo of the clock face from the street below at any time of day, and the trophy will unlock immediately.

Trophy Image

Capture a close up photo of a influencer

Trophy Image

Outside the Hotbean Street Food Truck in Logcity, there’s an influencer who complains that her camera is not very good. Take a photo of the food on the table next to her, making sure to include her in it, then give her the photo.

Next, go into the next area via the exit next to the Influencer, and you’ll see her in front of the Cafe with more food on a different table. Snap another pic of her and her meal together, then give it to her.

Once she’s received both pictures, the Quest will end, and she’ll begin sparkling. Take a photo of her while she sparkles to get a unique picture of her and the “100 followers!” trophy.

Trophy Image
A new job

Capture a close up photo of a stressed human

Trophy Image

The “Stressed Human” can be found in the Bus Station at Logcity, sitting on a bench. If you speak to him, he tells you he would like something to clean.

Go deep into Logcity to the Alleyway where the Ratskullz Crew hang out. When you first meet them, they will splash your camera with mud. If you accidentally clean it off at a fountain, you can visit the Ratskullz Crew again and actually ask them to splash you with mud again.

Once your camera is dirty, bring it to the Stressed Human at the Bus Station, and he’ll clean it up for you. When he’s finished and his quest is complete, he’ll be sparkling.

Take a photo of him while he’s sparkling like this, and the “A new job” trophy will unlock right away.

Trophy Image
City professional

Complete the photo challenges in Logcity

Trophy Image

There are two Photo Challenges in Logcity. See the table below.

ChallengePhotos to Take
Photo Challenge #5There are three photos for this Challenge:
– 5 Living Things. Try to take a photo with 5 living things in it. I chose to take a photo of 3 roadworkers, an NPC, and myself at the same time and submitted that.
– Granny Car. After you’ve done the “Always Tumbled Granny” Quest, she will start showing up in her car on any road with moving vehicles. Stand by a road with your camera ready and wait for her to pass by.
– A Radical Moment. On the street leading to the Ratskullz Crew, there’s a young girl riding a skateboard. She repeatedly climbs the stairs, then grinds down the fallen lamppost. Take a photo of her when she’s grinding the lamppost.
Photo Challenge #6In Logcity, near the tree containing the thieving crow and his pilfered frisbee, there’s a man with a parking ticket on his car. Take a photo of him looking very confused about the situation.

Once you’ve handed in all required photos to the two Challenge-givers, the “City professional” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Buisness executed

Complete all quests in Logcity

Trophy Image

There are 18 Quests to complete in Logcity. See the table below.

Photo Challenge #5 & #6City professional
Suspicious Activity – CityTake a photo of the Suspicious man hiding under the stairs leading up to the Thieving Crow’s tree, near the man with the parking ticket on his car next to the busy street. Then bring it to the Periscope NPC hiding in a dirt pile near the Fashion Show.
Ratskullz CrewTake a photo of at least 5 different pieces of street art and then show them to the Ratskullz Crew to complete the quest.
A Mouse BakeryInside the bakery where the Influencer is eating a Burger and Fries, there are a lot of Mice. Use the Honk Attachment you got from Stanhamn to scare the Mice back into their hidey-hole. The Cafe owner will thank you with a Cinnamon Bun.
Punk Rocker Bread CrumbsNear the entrance to the subway, there’s a Lion NPC sitting on a bench. After you’ve completed “Mouse Bakery” give him your Cinnamon Bun to complete the Quest.
Press-ing NewsNear Photo Challenge #5, there’s a tall building you can enter. Inside, at the back, is a moustachioed man, eager to hire you for some photo work. Wear the press hat he gives you and then use it to enter the backstage of the Fashion Show.
While in there, change to another hat (I used the Hard Hat) and then speak to the uninspired designer in that back room. She’ll get motivated and asks that you leave to enjoy the show. Take a photo of the model coming down the catwalk.
Return to the moustachioed man and take a zoomed-in close-up of his moustache. Show him the photo of the Fashion Show and his moustache, then he’ll fire you but the quest will be complete.
A Design ProblemAfter you’ve taken the photo of the fashion show for the Press-ing News Quest, put your press hat back on and go back into the back room. Speak to the designer again and this Quest will be complete.
Sewer StumbleNear some police cars on a parking lot in Logcity, there’s a Sewer grate that speaks to you if you interact with it. Take a photo of the Cosmic Cube stuck to the window of a nearby building (look up!) and the Sewer grate will burst open, freeing the trapped man and completing the quest.
Super Hotbean BrosIn the Street-food van where the Influencer is enjoying their food, there are some sausage-shaped NPCs desperate for new business. Speak to them to receive a silly hat with a Hotbean on it. Find three hungry workers in Logcity while wearing the hat and speak to them. They’ll get excited about the smell and rush to the street-food vendor.
Return to the Hotbean bros to finish the Quest once all three NPcs have been sent to them.
Hang in there, BuddyBehind the Lion NPC on the bench, there’s a cat hanging from a telephone wire between the two tall buildings. Take a photo of it to complete the Quest.
Art ExhibitionInside the Art Gallery, there’s a snooty gallery-owner who wants something distorted for her empty photo frame.
First, take a photo of anything you like, but have a filter active when you do so. You can get filters from the Photographers Guild in Stanhamn.
Next, open your album, select the photo you took, and press to name it. Name it anything you like and then show it to the gallery owner to complete the quest.
Young and Inspiring100 followers!
Always Tumbled GrannyTake a photo of the Cosmic Cube at the back of this area, and the Granny’s Car will be magically repaired!
You can climb the stairs on the far-left side of this area to the very top and then snag the Cosmic Cube photo from there.
A Thieving CrowSpeak to the two frisbee-players next to the Mouse Cafe. As you do so, a Crow will come and steal their frisbee!
You can find the crow in a lone tree overlooking a parking lot. Use the Honk Attachment you got in Stanhamn to startle the crow, causing the frisbee to fall from the tree.
Collect the frisbee from the parking lot and bring it back to the players near the Cafe.
Cleaning Away the StressA new job
Spooky Scary CityNear the guy with the parking ticket on his car, and the tree where the thieving crow was hiding, there’s a tall ghost who misses Oaklaville. Show him a picture you took in Oaklaville to complete the Quest.
A Ghostly DateNext to the Art Gallery there’s another ghost in a beret. Speak to her and tell her you’ll go on a date with her if she scares you. Act scared and she’ll join you for a tour around town.
Go to the area outside the Fashion Show and there’s a little dining table in a small park. Sit at the table to delight your date and complete the Quest!

Once you have completed all 18 quests and received your 18th Stamp on your Logcity Community Card, the “Business Executed” trophy will unlock! Required for A true completionist.

Kiiruberg & Mountain Top Cleanup

Trophy Image
A great story

Capture a close up photo of the mountain explorer

Trophy Image

There’s an Explorer behind the Yeti in Kiiruberg who wants you to find and photograph 6 wall paintings, similar to the one he’s standing next to.

5 of them are in Kiiruberg (remember to check high up, but most of them are in plain sight. You can hold to Zoom Out while exploring), but the last one is actually on Kiiruberg Mountain Top, under a bridge.

Once you have pictures of them all, take them back to him, and he’ll begin to sparkle with glee when the quest is complete. Take a photo of him while he sparkles, and the “A great story” trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image
Happy youth

Capture a close up photo of an old man

Trophy Image

In Kiiruberg, there’s an old man who gives you the Climbing Boots required to use the climbing walls throughout the area. When he gives them to you, he asks you to climb a summit near to his house, which leads up to a flag.

When you reach the top, pull out your camera to snap a photo of the huge snowball in the distance, with loads of debris sticking out of it.

Return to the old man and show him the photo. He’ll give you his hat in return but will head into his house to warm his hat-less head. Follow him into his home, and you’ll see that he’s sparkling.

Take a photo of the sparkling old man to unlock the “Happy Youth” trophy.

Trophy Image
All geared up

Collect them all

Trophy Image

To unlock the “All geared up” trophy, you will need to collect several clothing items from various NPCs in Kiiruberg.

See the table below for each item and where you can find it:

Clothing ItemHow to Find
Climbing BootsHappy Youth Trophy
Puffer HatHappy Youth Trophy
ScarfEnter the house at the bottom of the ski lift and speak to the NPC inside. She’;ll remark at how cold you must be and will give you a scarf to stop the shivering.
Ski GogglesGo to the top of the Ski Lift and talk to the NPC there, who will give you the Ski Goggles.

Once you have all four, you will be able to proceed past the block of ice you need to honk at to break. There’s a Blizzard beyond here, in which you’ll need the full set of gear to survive so that you can complete the “Birthday in Distress” quest.

When you pass the block of ice, finding the lost balloon child, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
The biggest hurdle

Complete the photo challanges in Kiiruberg

Trophy Image

There are two Photo Challenges in Kiiruberg. See the table below.

ChallengePhotos to Take
Photo Challenge #7Take a photo of the Moon, a Snowman, and the Balloon Family’s pet balloon dog.
Photo Challenge #8Take a photo of the walls inside the Observatory. You can actually even reuse the photo you take for the “Play Astronaut” Quest in Kiiruberg.

Once you’ve handed in all required photos to the two Challenge-givers, the “The biggest hurdle” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Ice fighter

Complete all quests in Kiiruberg

Trophy Image

There are 13 Quests to complete in Kiiruberg. See the table below. There are no Ghosts in Kiiruberg.

Photo Challenge #7 & #8The biggest hurdle
Military SuspicionsAfter finding the Suspicious Individual in every other area, go to the secret base in Kiiruberg and report to the military personnel next to the whiteboard inside.
The other soldiers will leave to bring the Suspicious Individual in for questioning. His identity will be revealed and the Military Suspicions Quest will be complete.
Play AstronautInside the observatory in Kiiruberg, there are some floating planets and even a little Alien Tato. Equip the Astronaut Helmet, and then try to capture a photo with you, the Alien Tato, and at least one planet in the frame. This will complete the quest.
Ancient PaintingsA great story
Assemble a SnowmanAfter speaking to the snowman, and revealing the man inside it, you’ll need to find the Snowman head and Torso in Kiiruberg and photograph them both.
The Torso is on a picnic table at the bottom of the Ski Lift.
The head is on the top of a Pine Tree at the top of the Ski Lift.
Show the NPC both photos to complete the Quest.
Yeti CutenessTake a photo of a “Fluffball” animal for your compendium near the Observatory, then show that photo to the Yeti.
Listen to the Goat ChoirAim your camera at the three Mountain Goats hidden around Kiiruberg until they get spooked and run off.
All three goats then converge near a sign that you can interact with to experience the Goat Choir.
Snowball MemoriesHappy youth
Birthday in DistressYou’ll need everything listed under All Geared Up. Once fully equipped, you can access the blizzard area where the Balloon Child is tied to a fence and clinging on for dear life.
Tie the Balloon Child to your waist and then walk him back to his parents at the bottom of Kiiruberg.
Become a YetiAnother Photo Stand-in. This time, it’s a yeti and you can find it at the bottom of the Ski Lift. Just stand behind it and take a selfie or use the tripod to capture a photo of yourself using it.
Locating an AsteroidIn the observatory, use the telescope to stare at a meteor floating in space. Stare at it long enough and it’ll crash down to the ground.
Go and find the Meteorite next to the “Assemble a Snowman” NPC and take a photo of it, then bring it back to the scientist in the Observatory to complete the Quest.
Ice Wizard’s ResearchThere’s a Wizard frozen in a block of ice within the blizzard where you find the Balloon Child. Use the Honk Attachment you got from Stanhamn to break the ice and free him. He’ll run off to his tower.
Meet him in his tower and photograph the Cosmic Cube inside to activate the fireplace and warm him up.
To complete the quest for him, however, you will need to photograph every Cosmic Cube in the game, and then return and speak to him to hand it in.

Oaklaville Cosmic Cubes:
Behind some trees near the Scout Lodge.
Under some Steps behind the Plant Pot Ghost.

Stanhamn Cosmic Cubes:
In the water near the sunbather, required to complete his Quest.

Logcity Cosmic Cubes:
On an apartment window above Photo Challenge #6, required to complete “Sewer Stumble”.
Behind the tall building near Granny’s Crashed Car. Climb to the top of the steps on the left side of the area to be able to see it. Required to complete “Always Tumbled Granny”

Kiiruberg Cosmic Cubes:
Just the one inside the Wizard’s Tower.

Once you have completed all 13 quests and received your 13th Stamp on your Kiiruberg Community Card, the “Ice Fighter” trophy will unlock! Required for A true completionist.

All Regions Cleanup

Trophy Image
A true completionist

Complete all the quests in the game

Trophy Image

The “A true completionist” trophy will unlock when you have earned all other Quest-related trophies. Essentially you need to complete every Quest in the game. Don’t forget the three Quests in Homelanda too.

Trophy Image

Equip every item once

Trophy Image

To unlock the “Cosplayer” trophy, you will need to not only unlock/find all 23 cosmetic items, but you will need to have also equipped them at least once. It’s easier to keep track if you just always say “Yes” when asked if you want to equip an item you just received.

I highly recommend that you don’t attempt this trophy until you’ve completed all Quests. This is because; A) You’ll know what I’m talking about better, and B) you’ll have received all the quest-related cosmetic items.

Use the table below to determine which items you may still need, as well as where to retrieve them.

Clothing ItemLocation
Cowboy HatIn a gift box inside the Mushroom House that spawns in Oaklaville when you photograph the Cosmic Cube under the stairs near the Plantpot Ghost.
Diving HelmetIn a treasure chest you pull up using the Fishing Tower in Stanhamn.
Fishing HatIn the gift box inside the Lighthouse/Honkhouse in Stanhamn.
Hard HatIn the gift box inside the Hydro-electric plant in Stanhamn.
Hotbean HatReceived as part of the Super Hotbean Bros Quest in Logcity.
Pirate HatFound as part of the “Queen of Paper Hats” Quest in Stanhamn. If you already swapped hats with her and forgot to put the Pirate Hat on your head, just speak to her again, and she’ll swap hats once more.
Paper HatReceived when you bring the Pirate Hat to the “Queen of Paper Hats” Quest NPC in Stanhamn.
Puffer HatHappy youth
Reporter/Press HatReceived as part of the Press-ing News Quest in Logcity.
Fjällbjörn CapReceived for completing the Become a Scout Quest in Oaklaville.
Space HelmetIn a gift box outside the observatory in Kiiruberg.
Ski GooglesReceived from the man at the top of the Ski Lift in Kiiruberg.
Ghost GlassesCalmed down
ScarfReceived from the Lady in the Ski Lodge at the bottom of the Kiiruberg Ski Lift.
ClogsHidden behind Nana’s House in Homelanda.
Rubber BootsInside the gift box at the docks to the right of the Fountain.
SneakersIn the gift box at the top of the branching stairs outside the Fashion Show in Logcity.
Climbing BootsHappy youth
Soaked SockJust a Sock
Foam FingerIn a gift box behind Oakhotel in Oaklaville.
Monster MaskReward for completing the Monster Spotting Quest in Oaklaville.
Photo Challenger FlagWith all 8 Photo Challenges complete, return to the Photographers club in Stanhamn and speak to the woman on the left, who will give you this item.
UmbrellaIn the gift box near to the Guitar Wizard in Stanhamn.

Once you have collected every item in the list above, if the trophy doesn’t unlock, just go through all of your equipment in the menu and equip them all one-by-one until it does.

Trophy Image
Collect them all

Photograph everything inside the compendium

Trophy Image


To unlock the “Collect them all” trophy, you will need to find and photograph 54 unique animals throughout the game. Compendium Animals have a small snail icon next to them when you have them in frame.

You can see which items you’re missing (and where) by opening your album with and pressing until you reach the Compendium Page.

Hopefully, you’ve already done most of these, but I’ve provided a table with some helpful details below.

I would recommend completing every Quest before attempting this trophy, just because some of the animals might not be accessible until you’ve completed a relevant Quest.

CowHomelanda – in the pasture at the left side of the area.
FliesHomelanda – Swarming an Apple Core on a Rock.
Home BirdHomelanda – Fluttering around the area.
TatoHomelanda – Sitting on the “i” sign above the Bus Kiosk.
AntOaklaville – Near Photo Challenge #1. Required for Photo Chllenge #2.
BeehiveOaklaville – In the park area where the Photo Stand-in and Striped Mushrooms are.
ButterflyOaklaville – Near the Bus Bench.
OskarOaklaville – Developer’s Pet. A Cat laid on the Oakhotel counter.
SeroOaklaville – Developer’s Pet. A Dog running around the Graveyard.
Forest BirdOaklaville – In front of the Oakhotel.
LadybugOaklaville – On the side of the Scout Lodge.
TomOaklaville – Developer’s Pet? A Monkey on the railing opposite Oakhotel.
NestwormOaklaville – Inside a birdhouse on the side of Oakhotel, above the Sock man. Aim your camera at it until the Worm pokes out, then take a photo.
Pet RockOaklaville – Photograph the Cosmic Cube behind the trees near the Scout Lodge and it’ll spawn a Pet Rock nearby.
SnailOaklaville – Outside Oakhotel. Slow and steady.
SquirrelOaklaville – In the Oakhotel Restaurant.
Stag BeetleOaklaville – On the front of Oakhotel.
Tato BugOaklaville – Photograph the Cosmic Cube under the stairs near the Plantpot Ghost. This will spawn a Mushroom House. The Tato Bug is inside.
Tato FlyOaklaville – Go upstairs in the Ghost House to their balcony where you’ll find the Tato Fly.
Bubble FlyStanhamn – Near a bench by the “Queen of Paper Hats” NPC.
FiaStanhamn – Developer’s Pet. A fluffy-tailed cat near the docks to the right of the Fountain.
FräsStanhamn – Developer’s Pet. Sitting on some boxes at the opposite side of the docks from Fia.
WillemijnStanhamn – Developer’s Pet. On a stack of boxes to the right of the Guitar Wizard.
CrabStanhamn – On a rock near the sunbather on the beach.
DragonflyStanhamn – Over a short pier outside the Hydro-electric plant.
Happy CarpStanhamn – Underwater where the Smiling Huntsman boat is.
JellyfishStanhamn – Underwater where the Smiling Huntsman boat is.
King FishStanhamn – See the King of Fishes Quest.
SeagullStanhamn – Several areas where they block paths until you Honk at them.
SeahorseStanhamn – Underwater where the Smiling Huntsman boat is.
Sunday SwanStanhamn – Floating in the water near the Snowman in the docks to the right of the Fountain.
Tato ScubaStanhamn – Underwater where the Smiling Huntsman boat is.
Tato SwimStanhamn – In the water to the right of the pier you arrive at.
ToadStanhamn – On a short pier near Photo Challenge #1.
Business PigeonLogcity – On a Police Car near the Art Gallery.
PortilloLogcity – Developer’s Pet. Outside the Mouse Cafe.
MouseLogcity – Inside the Mouse Cafe.
PigeonLogcity – All over the city.
Punky ParrotLogcity – Spawns when the Lion NPC has Cinnamon Bun to feed the parrot.
Tato SkateboardLogcity – Zooming around near some roadworks behind the young girl who’s also skateboarding.
Tato TouristLogcity – Standing with a Suitcase and Tour Guide near the parked cars outside the Fashion Show.
TurtleLogcity – As a reference to TMNT, next to a slice of pizza and a sewer grate in the parking lot where the man with the parking ticket is.
MikéeKiiruberg – Developer’s Pet. On a table inside the Ski Lodge, next to the Ski Lift.
NarikoKiiruberg – Developer’s Pet. On a bed inside the Ski Lodge, next to the Ski Lift.
Cosmo DeerKiiruberg – Step through the strange portal in the Wizard’s Tower.
TeddyKiiruberg – Developer’s Pet. On a couch inside the Hiker’s House. Meck’s owner, who you met in Stanhamn.
Fluff BallKiiruberg – Outside the Observatory.
HedgehogKiiruberg – On the high ledge to the right of the Balloon Family.
MeteopalKiiruberg – Floating around the Meteorite once you’ve caused it to crash.
Mountain GoatKiiruberg – See the Goat Choir quest.
OwlKiiruberg –
Snow BirdKiiruberg – darting around outside the Ski Lodge at the bottom of the Ski Lift.
Tato AlienKiiruberg – In the Observatory.
Tato SkiKiiruberg – Skiing down the mountain from the top of the Ski Lift.

Once you have all 54 photos, the “Collect them all” trophy will immediately unlock!

Trophy Image
Look at those cuties

Photograph all of the development teams animals

Trophy Image


Photos of the Development Team’s Pets are required for completing your compendium, which means you’ll unlock this trophy naturally while working on Collect Them All.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
And that completes the list!

Obtain all of the Trophies.

Trophy Image

Once you have acquired every other trophy in this TOEM Trophy Guide, the “Completionist” Platinum trophy will unlock.

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