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How long does it take to beat Thirsty Suitors and unlock all trophies?

Around 8-12h depending on how much difficulty you have with the Skating Challenges.

How difficult is it to beat Thirsty Suitors and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Thirsty Suitors have online trophies?


Does Thirsty Suitors have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Thirsty Suitors have missable trophies?


Does Thirsty Suitors have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Thirsty Suitors?


Does Thirsty Suitors have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Thirsty Suitors Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation

Welcome to our Thirsty Suitors Trophy Guide. Like most games published by Annapurna, Thirsty Suitors is an experience not to be missed. Dealing with an extremely complex set of emotional, cultural, and generational topics, the game’s storywriting handles them all not only with respect and love, but also with tact and emotional intelligence.

Wrapped delicately around these concepts are a surprisingly eclectic yet expertly enmeshed gameplay mechanics based on games like Cooking Mama, Tony Hawks Pro Skating, and turn-based RPGs.

Trophy Hunters will find the trophy journey enjoyable overall with only one or two minor challenges standing between them and the Platinum Trophy. Nothing is missable, there are no difficulty-specifc or annoyingly high-skill trophies, and you can even lower the difficulty via the settings without any penalty. Play however you want to play and just focus on enjoying the game, with nothing to be on the lookout for.

Phase One | Complete the Story

In this first phase of our Thirsty Suitors Trophy Guide, just play the game however you want! If yuou want to go in with blinders on and charge to the credits you’re welcome to do so. Alternatively, if you want to take your time, complete side-content, farm some exp, and really just immerse yourself in everything the game has to offer, that’s cool too!

The underlying goal here is to simply reach the credits. You can still access everything you could possibly need even after finishing the game, meaning nothing is missable.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Nylon Empire

Battle Sergio



Sergio is the first “Thirsty Suitor” you will face, and the battle acts as a tutorial to introduce you to some core gameplay mechanics.

Upon completing the battle, you’ll unavoidably receive the Nylon Empire trophy!

Cooking Lesson

Cook with Mom



You will be asked to cook with your Mom by your Dad as part of the story, which will unavoidably lead to you receiving this “Cooking Lesson” trophy.

If you get 3 stars for this recipe, which is quite easy, you will also receive the Good Cook trophy.

Rookie Skater

Complete a skate challenge



You will unlock the Rookie Skater trophy when you complete a Skate Challenge for the first time, regardless of what Rank you receive at the end.

This trophy is unmissable, as you’ll have to complete at least one Skate Challenge to progress the story.

Voice of Reason

Battle Diya



You will unavoidably receive the “Voice of Reason” trophy after your fight with Diya, an unmissable story event.

Cat Fight

Battle Irfan



You will fight Irfan as part of the Story in Thirsty Suitors, so you’ll unavoidably receive the “Cat Fight” Trophy upon doing so.


Battle Bruno



Bruno is one of the Main Thirsty Suitors you’ll have to face on your way through the story. After beating him in battle, you’ll unavoidably receive the Jellybeans trophy!


Battle Andile



Despite this trophy’s order in the official Trophy List, you will actually fight Andile after Bruno in the story. When you do, you will unavoidably receive the “Polygalactic” trophy for defeating them.

Paws and Reflect

Skatepark Resolved



You will resolve matters at the Skate Park automatically as you progress through the story without doing anything extra. As such, the “Paws and Reflect” trophy will unavoidably unlock naturally.

Digging Up the Past

Battle Tyler



You will unavoidably face Tyler towards the end of the story campaign. As such, you;’ll unavoidably receive the “Digging up the Past” trophy by simply progressing.

Generational Trauma

Battle Paati



Reach the end of the story campaign and the “Generational Trauma” trophy will unavoidably be added to your collection when all is said and done.

Phase Two | Cleanup

With the main story complete, all you need to do now is mop up the remaining trophies. Depending on how much you did as you played through the story, you might have a mountain of recipes, skate challenges, favours, and more to get through. On the other hand, you might only need to complete a handful more battles and Skate Challenges.

Essentially, you’ll need to earn 3 stars on every Recipe, get an S rank on 15/28 of the Skate Challenges, complete favors for all characters, reach Level 20, and then wrap things up with a handful of misc battle-related trophies.

The worst you’ll face here is probably the Millionaire trophy, but you’ll get it with some practice and patience.

If, for any reason, you need to return to Chapter 8, before you finished the story, you can do so via the Family Portrait next to the stairs at your home. Press on it twice and then select “OK” to go back to Chapter 8. You will keep all of your experience, items, clothing, and favor progress.

Cooking Trophies

Good Cook

Get Three Stars on a Recipe

The Good Cook trophy will unlock when you attain a 3-star rating in a Cooking Mini-game for the first time. You will actually need to get 3 stars in all Cooking Mini-games for Exceptional Chef.

Great Chef

Get Three Stars on Five Recipes

The “Great Chef” trophy unlocks when you have a 3-star rating for at least 5 of the recipes that you can cook with your Mom. You’ll unlock this naturally while working on Exceptional Chef.

Exceptional Chef

Get Three Stars on All Recipes

To unlock the “Exceptional Chef” trophy, you need to achieve a 3-star rating on every recipe in the game. You will gradually unlock recipes as you progress through the story, with the final recipe being unlocked near the end of the game, after you’ve unlocked Polygalactic.

If you find yourself struggling with any of the recipes, try one of the methods described below:

  • The Heat Saver
    • Save up any and all Heat that you generate until you have 4 Heat. Cash that in for a “Power Up” and you’ll get an approval multiplier!
    • You can then either use any subsequent Heat for activating the “Super” versions of your next few tasks, or you can save up your Heat to activate it again later (only recommended for recipes with more than 7 parts).
    • This method works best for longer recipes, but shorter ones don’t provide enough time for the Power Up to be worth it.
  • The Sweet-Talker
    • Everytime you get 1 Heat as soon as you have it to compliment your parents and spin a wheel of perks and debuffs. You essentially want to get either extra Approval or (ideally) an Approval Multiplier.
    • If you get Heat from the compliment wheel, use it immediately to spin again.
    • If you get lucky and get an Approval Multiplier, use any heat you get to perform “Super” actions, making the most of the Multiplier.
    • You can restart the recipe at any time from so if your wheel spins are particularly unlucky, just restart and hope for better luck next time. For short recipes, you can exploit this until you get a multiplier from the start, making things much easier.

Skate Park Trophies

Casual Skater

Get an S rating on 5 different skate challenges

To unlock the “Casual Skater” trophy, you will need to attain an S rating on at least 5 of Soundie’s Challenges at the Skate Park or in Downtown.

You will eventually need to achieve an S rating on 15 Challenges to unlock Pro Skater.

Pro Skater

Get an S rating on 15 different skate challenges

Between Downtown and the Skate Park, there are a total of 28 Skate Challenges available. As you will thankfully only need to achieve an S-rating on 15 of these, you can be a little picky on which ones you choose to complete. This is a great mercy because some of the challenges are very frustrating to S-rank on.

Regardless, here are the 15 Challenges I completed for this trophy:

Challenge Location
Neon Burger Challenge Skate Park
Learn to Score Skate Park
Don’t Be Wet Skate Park
Zipline Gap Line Skate Park
Learn to WHEELIE Skate Park
Scattered Burgers Skate Park
A Tiring Challenge Skate Park
Spinning Platforms Skate Park
Skatepark Scavenger Hunt Skate Park
General Store Alley Tour Downtown
Diner Alley Tour Downtown
Fountain Frenzy Downtown
Diner Alley Tour Downtown
Bar Alley Tour Downtown
Timber Tour Downtown

Of course, you don’t need to complete the same ones as me, but those are the ones I found to be easiest. There’s plenty of others to choose from.


Get one million points in a single skate combo

To unlock the Millionaire trophy, you need to rack up a score of on million points in a single move combo while skating without letting the combo meter in the top-left corner reset completely.

There’s actually even two Skate Challenges you can try which ask you to do this within a time limit, but I don’t recommend attempting them because they’re very difficult to earn an S Rank on.

The best place to earn this trophy is Downtown in my opinion. This is because there’s plenty of objects to grind on and interact with all within a tight radius of one another. Additionally, the fountain acts as a central and easy-to-find ending point for your combo, where you can multiply your final score to tip it over into the million threshold.

This is probably the most challenging trophy you’ll need to unlock, depending on how good you are with the skating portion of the game. I personally find skating games really frustrating as you don’t have direct control over your character, and your button inputs are more like suggestions than clear directions.

The combo meter will increase everytime you grind or interact with an object, and then increases further with each modified trick ([rt]+/+) you perform too. So, honestly, the best approach is to basically just skate all across Downtown, grinding on every item in sight while also mashing [rt]/ and wiggling .

If you see that the combo meter stops increasing with new object interactions, move to a new area as quickly as you can and jump onto the nearest object.

You basically want a Combo Multiplier of around x90-x100 and a score of 100,000-150,000 when you press on the fountain. The multiplier will then be applied to your total score and will hopefully result in a final score of 1,000,000,000.

Favor Trophies

Sergio Favors

Do all Favors for Sergio

After your battle with Sergio in the Story, you’ll be able to text Sergio to get favor requests from him. You can do so from > Suitor Status > Sergio.

If there is a new favor available, you’ll see the “Follow Up” option on the right-hand side. Select this to text Sergio and receive the details for the favor he needs.

For Sergio, you’ll need to cook him a specific meal, win a specific fight for him, and then complete a dancing QTE Minigame at the Diner with him.

After completing the Minigame, all of his favors will be complete, and the Sergio Favors trophy will unlock.

You can see your active favors in > Tasks. Here, you can press on a highlighted favor to pin it and have the waypoint direct you to wherever you need to be.

Diya Favors

Do all Favors for Diya

For more information on how Favors work, see Sergio Favors.

To unlock “Diya Favors” you will need to complete all three of Diya’s favors after beating her in battle. Be sure to check the Suitor Status screen for “Follow Up” opportunities so you can keep progressing.

Irfan Favors

Do all Favors for Irfan

For more information on how Favors work, see Sergio Favors.

To unlock “Irfan Favors” you will need to complete both of Irfan’s favors after beating him in battle. Be sure to check the Suitor Status screen for “Follow Up” opportunities so you can keep progressing.

Andile Favors

Do all Favors for Andile

For more information on how Favors work, see Sergio Favors.

To unlock “Andile Favors” you will need to complete all three of Andile’s favors after beating him in battle. Be sure to check the Suitor Status screen for “Follow Up” opportunities so you can keep progressing.

Gameplay Trophies

Can I Do This?

Reach level 10

You will unlock the “Can I Do This?” trophy upon reaching Level 10. This should happen naturally, fairly early in your trophy journey.

You’ll need to continue on to gain 10 more levels for the I Can Do This Trophy.

I Can Do This

Reach level 20

The “I Can Do This” trophy will unlock when you reach Level 20. You will receive EXP for completing fights, completing skate challenges, and completing cooking minigames. Depending on how much side-content you choose to complete, you should naturally reach Level 20 somewhere around the time you meet Bruno in the story.

If you want to grind exp at any point, you can fight Paati’s Suitors by picking up the gift boxes in DownTown, or you can fight Soundie’s lackeys by interacting with the floating bear head holograms at the Skate Park.

Big Spender

Spend 5000 Kquenchos


The “Kquenchos” currency in Thirsty Suitors can be acquired from battles, favors, and coin-shaped pickups. To unlock the “Big Spender” trophy, you need to spend a cumulative total of 5000 Kquenchos.

There’s essentially two places to do this, both of which are in Downtown; Loopz and your Aunty’s Workshop. Both sell cosmetic gear, and Loopz also sells a selection of consumable items.

Basically just keep buying items until the trophy pops! If you need to farm money, consider completing some Skate Challenges or battling some of Paati’s Suitors.

In the Mood

Inflict moods 50 times


During Battle, you can inflict status effects, which are called “Moods” in Thirsty Suitors. Rather than traditional status effects like poison, paralysis, or confusion, you have things like heartbroken, shocked, and thirsty.

Some attacks and skills will apply moods like this but the easiest way to inflict a mood on an opponent is to use a taunt. Depending on how well you do in the QTE, the effect will be applied for up to three turns.

To unlock the “In the Mood” trophy, you need to apply moods to opponents a cumulative total of 50 times. If you don’t have this trophy by the end of the game, you can fight Paati’s Suitors by picking up the gift boxes in DownTown, or you can fight Soundie’s lackeys by interacting with the floating bear head holograms at the Skate Park.

Self-Help Expert

Heal 1000 HP During Battle

To unlock the “Self-Help Expert” trophy, you just need to heal yourself for a cumulative total of 1,000 HP. There are several ways to heal yourself; some abilities and items will heal you right away, while others will heal you over time.

Whether or not you earn this trophy naturally depends on how often you get hit, and how often you heal yourself. I myself had a habit of healing outside of battle, so each time I healed myself it wasn’t contributing to the trophy at all.

You may up having to farm more battles with Paati’s Suitors and Soundie’s Lackeys after finishing the game so that you can heal yourself in-battle whenever you’ve taken a good amount of damage. If you need more healing items, you can cook them at home with your parents or purchase them from the cashier at Loopz, Downtown.

The latter is a great way to progress the Big Spender trophy.


Win 50 battles


To unlock the “Scrappy” trophy, you’ll need to win a cumulative total of 50 battles. While you’ll complete a lot of battles on your way through the story, the actual total of mandatory fights is only around 20, so you’ll be needing to farm quite a few extra battles at the end of the game, depending on how many optional fights you completed during the story.

To farm battles, you can fight Paati’s Suitors by picking up the gift boxes in DownTown, or you can fight Soundie’s lackeys by interacting with the floating bear head holograms at the Skate Park.You can check to see how many Battles you’ve won so far by going to > “Stats.”


All done!

Collect all trophies

After collecting every trophy in this Thirsty Suitors Trophy Guide, the "All done! " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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