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How long does it take to beat Howl and unlock all trophies?

Around 5 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Howl and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Howl have online trophies?


Does Howl have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Howl have missable trophies?


Does Howl have glitched trophies?


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Does Howl have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Howl Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation

Welcome to our Howl Trophy Guide. Howl is an exciting turn-based indie strategy game in which you can lay out up to 6 actions per round, but must predict the subsequent actions of your enemies in that action chain because if they hit you, the round ends. If they hit you twice, it’s game over!

For each action, you can move, push, wait, or shoot one of three arrows. Additionally, as you progress you’ll unlock access to abilities that offer more ways to take out enemies and more ways to get around unseen.

The trophy journey is an overall enjoyable experience. You’ll start by working your way through the main campaign at your own pace, and then you’ll mop up anything you have left over. Each level has a target number of rounds to complete them in, as well as collectible skulls and survivors to save. Fortunately, you don’t need to complete a perfect run at any time and can replay levels for one collectible resource at a time.

Phase One | Complete the Main Campaign

For this first phase of our Howl Trophy Guide, you should simply focus on making your way through the story campaign. Eventually, you will need to have earned every Confidence Point, collected every Skull, and rescued every Survivor. That said, nothing is missable, and many of these missions are easier with upgraded abilities, so it’s fine to leave some things for later, we’ve plotted out some time for this in the guide!

It’s still recommended that you at least try to get as many Confidence Points and Skulls as you can along the way, as these will allow you to acquire new abilities and then upgrade them. This, in turn, makes the missions easier in general.

Some of these missions can be extremely challenging, especially since you need to predict several monsters’ actions up to 6 times, which is no simple feat. Fortunately, you can turn on “Assist Mode” via the menu in a mission, which will draw out the next few moves of the enemies on-screen, making things much easier. There’s no penalty for using it!

Unmissable Story Trophies

Complete Chapter 1

Defeat the white beast.



You will unavoidably need to face and defeat the White Beast in order to progress to Chapter 2 of the Campaign. Upon doing so, you’ll receive the “Complete Chapter 1” trophy.

Complete Chapter 2

Defeat the pack leader.



The Pack Leader is the second major boss you’ll face on your way through the Howl campaign, at the end of Chapter Two. Upon defeating it, you’ll unavoidably receive the “Complete Chapter 2” trophy.

Complete Chapter 3

Enter the Cathedral.



Completing the final mission (The Cathedral) in Chapter 3 will unavoidably unlock the “Complete Chapter 3” trophy as you make your way into the Cathedral itself, which serves as the setting of the final Chapter.

Complete Chapter 4

Defeat the origin beast.



You will receive the “Complete Chapter 4” trophy upon defeating the final boss at the far-right end of the Cathedral. This marks the end of the campaign, but there’s still plenty to do!

Phase Two | Main Campaign Cleanup

Here in this second phase of our Howl Trophy Guide, we focus on revisiting any levels you have not yet finished completely and try to collect anything you missed. A level you have finished will have a half-filled yellow circle, but a 100% complete level will be a full yellow circle with a white checkmark over it.

You essentially need every single level to look like that. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Earn every skull in every level by killing all possible enemies. Note that some enemies need to be summoned by others first. You don’t need to get everything all at once, if you get all of the skulls in one run, you won’t need to get them again when you go for survivors or confidence points; the game will remember this progress. This will net you the Ruthless trophy.
  • Earn every Confidence Point in every level for The Perfect Prophecy. Some are earned by completing each level in the prophesied target number of moves, whereas the rest come from saving Strangers. You can earn the prophecy confidence points and stranger confidence points separately.
  • Acquire every skill. Some tiles on the map cost Skulls to access. Some of these block access to side-paths while others give access to new abilities. Just make sure you visit every tile on the map until you have all skills as you’ll need them all for Master.
  • Upgrade every skill. Using the Confidence points you’ll earn/have earned, purchase all of the skill upgrades (and all of the scroll slots—though I imagine you have those by now!)

Level Completion Trophies


Gain every Skull.


To unlock the “Ruthless” trophy, you need to acquire every Skull in every level on the campaign map. You can choose to do this as you play through initially,  or you can come back to mop up skulls later. Do note, however, that Skulls are used to unlock new routes and abilities on the campaign map.

You acquire skulls by killing enemies in a level, and you will need to kill every enemy to earn them all. This includes enemies that are summoned from dens by the silver Pack Leader enemies, but does not include the potential monsters that strangers become if they are caught. However, if a stranger is turned to a monster, you’ll need to kill them in that case.

This trophy is much easier to accomplish with a full set of upgraded abilities, so feel free to leave the most challenging ones until later, when you’re more powerful.

Note that you can earn all of the skulls independent of the Confidence Points. For example, you can play a level to get all of the skulls, then you can replay it ignoring the skulls and just get the confidence points. Afterwards, you’ll be left with 100% skulls and 100% confidence, even though you technically earned them separately.

The Perfect Prophecy

Gain all Confidence.


To unlock the “The Perfect Prophecy” trophy, you need to acquire every Confidence Point in every level on the campaign map. You can choose to do this as you play through initially,  or you can come back to mop up Confidence Points later. Do note, however, that Confidence Points are used to upgrade abilities, making the game easier overall.

You acquire Confidence Points by completing a level in the target number of turns. For each turn you take over the prophesied number of turns, you will lose one collectible point. To retain all possible points, you must complete a level in less or equal turns to the determined “prophecy.”

This trophy is much easier to accomplish with a full set of upgraded abilities, so feel free to leave the most challenging ones until later, when you’re more powerful.

You will also receive one Confidence Point for each stranger you rescue. Fortunately, you can earn these points separately by saving the strangers in a separate run if you’re unable to earn them all at once.

Misc Upgrade Trophies


Unlock the last scroll slot.

By pressing on the Chapter Select Map, you can open the Upgrades Menu. Here, using the Confidence Points you’ve gathered from all prior levels, you can purchase new action slots and upgrade skills.

To unlock the “Tactician” trophy, you must purchase all available scroll slots, which will allow you to perform up to 6 actions per round. Each scroll slot costs 5 Confidence Points so with just 15 Confidence Points you can purchase the required slots and receive the Tactician Trophy.


Unlock level three for any skill.

By pressing on the Chapter Select Map, you can open the Upgrades Menu. Here, using the Confidence Points you’ve gathered from all prior levels, you can purchase new action slots and upgrade skills.

To unlock the “Skilled” trophy, you must purchase both available upgrades for any single skill. The first Skill you acquire is called “Force” and can be upgraded for 8 followed by 12 Confidence Points.

After spending Confidence Points to fully upgrade one skill, you will receive the “Skilled” trophy. You must continue on to reach Level 3 with all 6 skills to receive the Master Trophy.


Unlock level three for all skills.


To unlock the “Master” trophy, you must unlock every upgrade for every skill card. First, you’ll need to acquire them all. Skills can be purchased from special locations at the end of side-paths on the campaign map. It will cost you Skulls to access the side-path and then you’ll need more skulls to buy the skill itself.

Beyond that, you’ll then need to start collecting Confidence Points, but you should be collecting them all anyway for The Perfect Prophecy.

Then, using those Confidence Points, press on the Campaign Map to access the Upgrades menu and purchase all possible upgrades.

Misc Tactic Trophies


Kill two enemies using Force.


To unlock the “Overpower” trophy, you need to use the Force Skill to push two enemies into each other, killing them both simultaneously. You’ll unlock the skill in Chapter 1 of Howl.

A great place to earn this trophy is in Deep Creek, just next to the Circle of Elders at the start of the Chapter Select map.

Move down two tiles, then right one tile. From there, use Force to the right and you’ll push the two wolves together, killing them and unlocking the trophy.

Sparks and Smoke

Kill two enemies with a single Smokebomb.


When you have upgraded the Smoke Bomb skill to Level 2, it will place smoke on your current tile and all four adjacent tiles. Once you upgrade it again to Level 3, that smoke will then deal 1 damage to any enemies caught in it.

To unlock the Sparks and Smoke trophy, you simply need to activate the Level 3 Smoke Bomb skill while at least 2 enemies are within its radius. The resulting smoke will kill those enemies and unlock the trophy.

You unlock the Smokebomb in Chapter 2.


Kill two enemies with a single Vault.


The Vault ability is one that you’ll acquire in Chapter 2 and it allows you to jump several tiles in any unobstructed direction. When upgraded, this ability will damage enemies that you jump over.

To unlock the Attacrobatics trophy, you need to kill two enemies using this ability, at the same time. With a Level 3 Vault Skill, here’s an excellent method for earning the trophy:

  1. Open up “Cathedral Entrance” in the Catheral (Chapter 4)
  2. Move right one tile.
  3. Use Shadowstep to turn invisible.
  4. Move right one tile again.
  5. Use Vault to move two tiles down and two tiles back, so that both enemies are caught in the blue area.
  6. Confirm the action combo to unlock the trophy!
From the Shadows

Kill an enemy while under the effects of Shadow Step


Shadow Step is an ability you get access to in Chapter 3 of Howl. This ability, which you can only activate on your second move in a round, turns you invisible for your next 3 moves. When the ability is upgraded to Level 3, your attacks from within this invisible state will do extra damage.

To unlock the “From the Shadows” trophy, you just need to turn invisible via the Shadow Step ability and then kill at least one enemy while in that state. This is quite likely to occur naturally, and is obviously much easier to accomplish when the ability has been upgraded.


Kill three enemies with a single Piercing Shot.


Piercing Shot is the final ability you can acquire in Howl, and you can find it at the far side of Chapter 3.

Once you have it, you can use your 6th move to fire a Piercing Arrow. The Piercing Arrow, as you may have guessed, will hit multiple enemies in a line, passing through one enemy into the next.

To unlock the Efficiency trophy, you need to use this ability to kill three enemies all at the same time. This can take a bit of setup, but this is the method that worked for me:

  1. Load up “Descent” in Chapter 4.
  2. Move 1 tile right.
  3. Drop a smokebomb.
  4. Wait in this spot for 3 turns.
  5. Fire a Piercing Arrow to your right.
  6. Confirm the action combo with .

Your arrow will cut straight through the row of enemies lined up on the top row and you’ll receive the Efficiency trophy!

Burn the Wolf

Set fire to three enemies with a single Exploding Shot.


The Exploding Shot is the second skill you’ll acquire, and it allows you to shoot a flaming arrow without spending one of your allotted arrows for the round. What’s more, a flaming arrow that hits the ground will set alight all adjacent tiles, burning any enemies that are standing there.

Furthermore, the skill can be upgraded to light all surrounding tiles on fire. Here’s a strategy I came up with that uses the Level 3 Exploding Shot:

  1. Load up the “Deep Marshes” mission in Chapter 2, where you’ll find a large group of enemies near the center.
  2. Move up one tile.
  3. Use the Shadowstep card to stop the enemies from moving towards you.
  4. Move right two tiles.
  5. Move up one tile.
  6. Fire a Level 3 Exploding Shot to the right, at the group of enemies.
  7. Confirm the action combo and you’ll cause the deaths of 5 enemies with this one attack.

Follow the above steps exactly and you’ll have the “Burn the Wolf” trophy in no time!

Combat Prophet

Use three skills in a single round.

As you’ve likely surmised by now, skills can only be activated on specific turns, for example; Smoke Bomb is available on your 2nd turn, Force can be used on your 4th turn, and you can pop off an explosive shot on your 6th turn only.

To unlock the “Combat Prophet” trophy, you will need to use a skill at every opportunity within a single round of a level. That is to say, you’d need to activate a skill on your 2nd, 4th, and 6th turns all in a single move and then confirm the action.

If the series of actions plays out fully without an enemy or hazard breaking the chain, you’ll unlock the trophy at the end of your turn.


The Tale of the Prophet

Collect all other trophies.

After collecting every trophy in this Howl Trophy Guide, the "The Tale of the Prophet" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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