Top 5 Reasons to become a Trophy Hunter

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Trophy Hunting has obviously been a passion of ours for a long time. As our trophy collection grows larger and that number next to the platinum increases, we grow more and more fond of our hobby, and we’d love to get more people involved!

Below we’ve curated a list of the 5 reasons we love to hunt trophies in the hopes they might convince you to take on the mantle of Trophy Hunter and join us!

5. Bragging Rights

Monster Hunter: World | Platinum Trophy
My Monster Hunter World Platinum Trophy

Okay, so maybe Jan in HR isn’t going to be blown away when you tell her you spent 100+ hours in Monster Hunter farming Large and Gold Monster crowns, but there are certainly those out there who will be.

It’s a great feeling when a conversation breaks out about a game and you can casually slip into conversation that you’ve got the Platinum Trophy. That you’ve faced every challenge the game threw at you and came out the other side victorious.

There are many Trophy Hunters out there with the Platinum Trophies for all Soulsborne games who garner a lot of community respect for their hard work!

4. Community

Speaking of community, there are some fantastic communities out there. The r/Trophies subreddit or PSNProfiles forum to name but a couple.

Trophy Hunting communities are just about the best communities you can find when it comes to gaming. Sure, every community has its A-holes but Trophy Hunting communities have a focus on helping each other out and congratulating those who pull off amazing feats.

While other gaming communities are full of toxicity, the love and support we’ve both found within the Trophy Hunting community has been second-to-none. Even this website which we’ve worked hard and passionately on has received insurmountable support, and we have only love for those we’ve interacted with.

3. Show Your Love

For me, completing AC: Odyssey was a labour of love. I couldn’t get enough of Ancient Greece and I’ll be revisiting soon for that 100% completion!

It’s not just about getting those Platinums or achieving high trophy rankings, either. There are Trophy Hunters out there who only focus on singular franchises, for example, getting every trophy in the Final Fantasy Franchise, or the Resident Evil Franchise.

Collecting Trophies shows that you loved a game so much you were willing to go the extra mile and do everything the developers deemed worthy of reward and it is a fantastic way to show your love for a franchise, or even just a singular game. 

Why, my very first Platinum trophy – long before I became a Trophy Hunter – was for Gravity Rush. A game which I personally loved so much that I wanted to show it.

2. It Makes you Happier

We’ve written a post about this before, but as that post says, Trophy Hunting is a very satisfying hobby. Hobbies are important to living a long and happy life because achieving a “flow” in something you are passionate about is the most satisfaction a person can experience.

Trophy Hunting just so happens to be one of the best hobbies for achieving a “flow”. Hunters who view a game’s trophy list as a to-do list and take the time to structure their platinum journey in a way which flows well from task-to-task will experience immense satisfaction upon completing their goal, and excitement to move on to the next one.

A Hunter’s trophy collection stands as a record of everything they’ve achieved as a gamer, something to look back on and reminisce about the challenges they overcame, and that’s more reward than most hobbies will afford you.

1. Get the Most Out of Your Games

Death Stranding torii mountain memory chip
There’s a lot in Death Stranding I would have missed if I wasn’t out to get that Platinum!

This is, in my opinion, the singular best reason to begin trophy hunting. 

Before I became a Trophy Hunter, I would probably just complete a game’s main campaign on normal difficulty, not really bother with collectables which didn’t give me a bigger sword or something, and then never touch the game again.

As a Trophy Hunter, I’m given the incentive to play through the campaign on multiple difficulties, search every nook and cranny for collectables, dip my toe into the multi-player modes, complete all the side-quests. You name it, and if the game has it then you’ll probably be doing it. 

It’s much more satisfying to be able to say “I completed Death Stranding” and mean that you really completed Death Stranding.

Sometimes developers will even add additional trophies with DLC or updates which will give you a reason to go back in and keep that completion rating at 100%. Or, if like me, you’re in it for the Platinums then that is totally optional.

In Conclusion

Gaming is a hobby, for sure, but Trophy Hunting takes it to the next level. Every Trophy Hunter is different, some want to pick and choose their games, some want to complete every game ever released, some only want to plat their favourites, while others will go for 100% completion on everything their account has ever touched. 

Whatever kind of Trophy Hunter you are, or hope to become, we’re certain you’ll be happier and more fulfilled because of it.

And hey, if you find yourself with a few more hours on your hands thanks to the quarantine, then we have a list here of 8 great, long platinums to begin your journey with.

We’re always publishing new Platinum Trophy reviews to help people make a decision on what to plat next, if you decide to pick up trophy hunting, you could follow us on Twitter @GetPlat or Instagram @platget to see our latest reviews when they’re ready, and some other bits too!

Good luck, and happy hunting!