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Trek to Yomi

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May 5th, 2022


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Where and How to Find All Upgrades and Lore Collectibles in Chapter Three of Trek to Yomi for PlayStation 4 & 5

Welcome to part three of our Trek to Yomi Collectible Guide. Inside, you’ll find a walkthrough-style guide to all lore collectibles and upgrades in Chapter 3.

Here are all seven chapters of our Guide:

Chapter 3 Upgrades and Lore Collectibles

Swordsmith Hammer Collectible

At the start of the chapter, as you move through the burning village, look out for this Swordsmith Hammer Collectible leaning on a burnt stall just before the ledge you need to climb.

Roll Attack Upgrade

Continue past the shrine and you’ll eventually reach a bridge with two enemies on it. Interact with the support post holding the bridge up to kill them both instantly.

Once done, continue left and you’ll see a doorway with light coming from it.

Head inside and interact with the scroll there to receive the Roll Attack Upgrade.

Dove Collectible

Head upstairs from the Roll Attack Upgrade Scroll and kick through the door to find a Shrine.

The Dove Collectible can be found on the boxes to the right of the shrine.

Health Upgrade 4

This Collectible is very missable. Make sure you do not walk past the ladder mentioned below or you’ll fall through the floor with no way to backtrack.

Go left from the Dove Collectible Shrine and fight through the enemies there. You may even be able to see this next Health Upgrade from here, on the second floor.

Continue into the next room where you will see a ladder to your immediate right.

Climb up the ladder to reach the second floor and then head all the way to the right to collect the Health Upgrade from the room at the end.

Bow and Arrow Upgrade

Proceed through the chapter until you meet a soldier on a wooden bridge with a bow and arrow. Defeat him to get a Bow and Arrow of your own.

Press to select the bow and to fire it.

Place Swap Parry Upgrade

Continue until you’re outside again and there’s a horse and cart next to a crying man.

The horse is facing a secret area. Enter it via the bottom-left corner of the screen to find the Place Swap Parry Upgrade on some rubble ahead of you.

Magatama Bead Collectible

Continue through a rather difficult section of the game which takes place while archers fire volleys of flaming arrows at you.

Once you reach the next shrine, you’ll notice that the path splits. Go down the left path and look for a sobbing man.

The Magatama Bead Collectible is on the ground near him.

Staggering Rotation Attack Upgrade

Enter the house opposite the Magatama Bead Collectible and defeat the two enemies inside to unlock the Staggering Rotation Attack Upgrade.

Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade

Return to the shrine where the path splits and this time go down the path on the right.

Eventually, you’ll reach a wooden torch where the path splits again. Take the path leading toward the lower-right corner of the screen to enter another secret area.

Here, you’ll find the Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade on the ground near the boats.

Fujin Print Collectible

The Fujin Print Collectible can be found in the same secret area as the Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade. It’s on the left side of the screen, by a corpse.

Fishing Rod Collectible

Continue through the chapter to the next shrine, near a wooden barrier.

Go left from this shrine and look for the Fishing Rod Collectible in this secret area.

Stamina Upgrade 7

Continue right from the previously-mentioned Shrine and through the area with the raiders on horseback. Just block their attacks with and keep moving right.

Once you reach the path leading toward the village entrance, go right, into a graveyard we visited in Chapter 1.

At the end of the graveyard, you’ll find another Stamina Upgrade.

Ugajin Collectible

Go back and approach the village gates but don’t go in.

At the entrance, go right along the village walls to the area where you originally left the village in Chapter 1.

There, look for this Ugajin Collectible on the ground. It looks like a sitting man.

Bronze Mirror Collectible

Continue past the first shrine within the village walls and through the group of enemies.

Climb the following ledge to reach a muddy area with several corpses and broken carts. Here, the Bronze Mirror is propped against a box on the left. Grab it before proceeding.

Heavy Thrust Upgrade

Continue on past a shrine until you come face-to-face with your first spearman enemy.

Defeat the spearman to automatically unlock the Heavy Thrust Upgrade.

Inarizushi Collectible

Enter the house the Spearman enemy was guarding and look for this Collectible in a secret area on the right, on a table in the middle.

Stamina Upgrade 8

In the same room as the Inarizushi Collectible, on the shelf near the screen.

Health Upgrade 5

Leave the secret area back into the room from earlier and climb the ladder.

Climb out through the window on the left and defeat the enemy to reach a shrine.

Climb the ladder past the shrine to reach a rooftop and defeat the enemies up there.

Continue into a spa and defeat two more enemies on the balcony.

Continue down the stairs to the wounded civilian and then go right into a secret area, you’ll find the Health Upgrade next to a sobbing woman.

Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade 2

Collect the scroll next to Health Upgrade 5 to receive this Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Light Overhead Combination Upgrade

Continue through the level, past another shrine. Opposite the shrine is a wooden house. You can enter the garden via the gate at the back.

In the garden, you’ll see this Combination Upgrade on a tree, next to a ladder.

Moon Flask Collectible

In the garden where Light Overhead Combination Upgrade is found, climb the ladder.

You’ll find this Moon Flask Collectible at the top, next to some burning crates, obscured by the low wall.

Stamina Upgrade 9

Continue on to the right and push the wooden beam to crush the enemies below.

Go back down and cross to the other side of the river, then use the wooden ramp to reach the upper pathway and collect the Stamina Upgrade ahead.

Health Upgrade 6

Continue past another three shrines and through a burning warehouse containing enemies.

At the other side, you’ll see some burning stalls. This Health Upgrade is on the one nearest the Warehouse.

Rice Bowl Collectible

In the same area as Health Upgrade 6, this Rice Bowl is on another burning stall.

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