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Trek to Yomi

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May 5th, 2022


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Where and How to Find All Upgrades and Lore Collectibles in Chapter Two of Trek to Yomi for PlayStation 4 & 5

Welcome to part two of our Trek to Yomi Collectible Guide. Inside, you’ll find a walkthrough-style guide to all lore collectibles and upgrades in Chapter 2.

Here are all seven chapters of our Guide:

Chapter 2 Upgrades and Lore Collectibles

Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade 3

Chapter 2 starts with a fight in a forest. Defeat the enemies to receive this Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade automatically.

Stamina Upgrade 3

After the fight at the start of the chapter, go left to find this Stamina Upgrade right in front of you.

Stunning Combination Upgrade

You will automatically earn this upgrade from a fight with some bandits in a river in this chapter.

Finishers Upgrade

Continue past the next shrine and you’ll approach a campsite, where you’ll unlock the Finishers Upgrade.

Discarded Kami Carvings Collectible

Continue on until you reach another shrine, where a dog will run off-screen to the right.

Follow the dog past the ledges into a secret area where you’ll find these Discarded Kami Carvings under a shelter on your left.

Crude Tekko Collectible

Continue via the ledges we passed earlier and you’ll end up in the old mining tunnel.

After taking the elevator in the mines, take the path leading to the left.

At the end of this path, you’ll find some boxes with this Crude Tekko Collectible on them.

Stamina Upgrade 4

After you leave the mines, this upgrade will be right ahead of you on a log, next to a shrine.

The Three Monkeys Collectible

Continue until you pass some enemies on a log bridge and you’ll come to a split in the path.

The left path goes through a Torii gate, head that way to find a hidden area with a large stone carving of some monkeys and a waterfall.

Interact with the Three Monkeys carving to grab this collectible.

Heavy Combination Upgrade

You will unlock this automatically after a fight with a heavily-armored enemy on a rope bridge.

Stamina Upgrade 5

After you push through the gates into the village, look for a house in the background immediately right of the entrance.

Head up the path and enter the house to find this Stamina Upgrade inside on a candle-lit table.

Sprint Attack Upgrade

Immediately to the right of the house containing Stamina Upgrade 5, there is another house.

Head inside and defeat the bandit to unlock the Sprint Attack Upgrade.

Ema Collectible

Continue through the village past another shrine and you’ll find the path is blocked by some damaged and burning carts.

Push the rightmost Cart out of the way and then take the path to the right.

Immediately on your left, look for this Ema Collectible on the pile of hay.

Health Upgrade 2

Continue through the village until you reach a pier and see a flaming cart crash into a nearby building.

To the left of this cart, there’s a gate that you can interact with. Walk against it with to kick the gate open and head into the area containing a shrine that lies beyond.

At the other side of the gate, continue past the shrine and then away from the screen to the end of the pier there, where you’ll find this Health Upgrade.

Light Rotation Attack Upgrade

Continue over the bridge and you’ll reach a crossroads where one path goes right over some rowing boats.

Go left here into the secret area containing a shrine. Enter the house on the right.

Inside, you’ll find a heavily-armored enemy. Defeat him to unlock the Light Rotation Attack Upgrade.

Lost Love Letter Collectible

Opposite the house containing the Light Rotation Attack Upgrade, there’s another house you can enter.

Go inside and collect this Love Letter from the table.

Stamina Upgrade 6

Inside the house containing the Lost Love Letter Collectible, on some boxes against the left wall.

Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade 4

Cross the rowing-boat bridge and continue through the level until you see a tree fall on a house next to a barn.

Kick open the barn doors and go inside.

Look for a scroll on the right side of the room. This scroll is a Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Mori Shio Collectible

Continue through the barn to the next shrine. Use it if you wish.

Opposite the shrine, there’s a path leading towards the screen. Go down it to enter a secret area and grab the Mori Shio Collectible from the tree stump on the right side.

Health Upgrade 3

Continue through the level past the heavily-armored enemy on a rope bridge.

You’ll come to a hidden cave entrance at the top of some stairs to the right of the bridge.

Push against the cave entrance to squeeze through.

Inside, you’ll find this Health Upgrade and a shrine.

Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade 5

On a winged lion statue opposite Health Upgrade 3.

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