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Trek to Yomi

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May 5th, 2022


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Where and How to Find All Upgrades and Lore Collectibles in Chapter Seven of Trek to Yomi for PlayStation 4 & 5

Welcome to part seven of our Trek to Yomi Collectible Guide. Inside, you’ll find a walkthrough-style guide to all lore collectibles and upgrades in Chapter 7.

Here are all seven chapters of our Guide:

Chapter 7 Upgrades and Lore Collectibles

Matching Kai-Awase Shell Collectible

At the start of the chapter, go right.

There, look for this Kai-Awase Shell Collectible on a crate.

Hiogi Remnant Collectible

Continue to the level’s first shrine and then head up the stairs to the right of it.

Enter the tavern door on the left and then collect this Hiogi Remnant Collectible from the bar.

Kiseru Remnant Collectible

Defeat the next two groups of enemies and then look for an injured man next to a broken cart.

Next to him, you’ll see this Kiseru Remnant collectible on a crate.

Death Warrant Collectible

Progress through the chapter as normal until you fall through a burning roof and climb down to a Shrine.

On the far right side of this area, there’s a low broken wall.

Walk against it with to hop over the wall into a secret area. The Death Warrant Collectible is near the screen.

Ozutsu Ammo Capacity Upgrade 3

From the shrine near the Death Warrant Collectible, head up the stairs to find a split in the path.

Go down the bottom-left path to enter the doorway there.

Defeat the enemies inside and then go through the doorway to the left to find the Ammo Capacity Upgrade scroll on a bench near the screen.

Light Anti-Armor Rotation Attack Upgrade

Leave this side-building and go up the stairs into the other building.

Proceed through the first three enemies until you’re outside facing your first Spearman General enemy.

Defeat the General to unlock the Upgrade automatically.

Omoikane Mask Collectible

After the first Spearman General fight, enter the house on the left.

Immediately to the left of the door you entered, on top of a cabinet, you’ll find this Omoikane Mask Collectible.

Health Upgrade 13

Head deeper into the house, and you’ll fall onto the floor below, but don’t use the ladder to get back up yet.

Instead, go to the right and move the two boxes out of the way.

Pick up the Health Upgrade from where the NPCs were before they escaped.

Tsurugi Collectible

There is a long collectible-less period of the stage now until you reach a section where you’re moving through a collapsed house.

On the table in the middle of this room, you’ll find the Tsurugi Collectible.

Kanke Koshu Collectible

Head up the stairs via the wooden ramp at the back of the room and look for the Kanke Koshu collectible to the left of the door.

Don’t go through the door until you pick it up or you’ll be unable to come back.

Stamina Upgrade 20

Continue through the door to drop down onto street level.

Climb the ledge in the collapsing building across the street, then go right.

You’ll slide down into a storeroom, where this Stamina Upgrade is on a big crate at the back.

Kagami Collectible

The next section of the level featured a lot of fire and explosions, and you’ll need to run through the whole thing so there’s no time to stop for collectibles even if there were any.

The sequence will end at the river.

Go under the bridge and you’ll find this Kagami Collectible in the rubble on the right side.

Sake Cup Collectible

Finally, we’re down to the last collectible. It’s been a long journey, so thanks for joining me!

Proceed to the Dojo right at the end of the chapter, but do not go in.

Instead, look for some crates to the left of the Dojo Stairs, one of which has this Sake Cup collectible on it.

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