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Where and How to Find All Upgrades and Lore Collectibles in Chapter One of Trek to Yomi for PlayStation 4 & 5

Welcome to our Trek to Yomi Collectible Guide. Within, you’ll find a walkthrough-style guide to the location of each and every Upgrade and Lore Collectible in the game.

You will receive the “No Stone Left Unturned” trophy for collecting all of the Lore Collectibles and the “Dedicated Collector” trophy for collecting all Upgrades. Both of these trophies are required for the Platinum Trophy. See our Trek to Yomi Trophy Guide for more info.

The main issue here is that Trek to Yomi does not have Chapter Select or New Game Plus, so you will need to collect all upgrades and lore collectibles in a single playthrough.

To make this even more difficult, you’ll often find yourself unable to backtrack, so you really don’t want to miss a single collectible. Fortunately, that’s where this Trek to Yomi Collectible Guide will really come in handy.

This guide has been broken up into 7 different guides, one for each chapter. I’d rather they were all on the same page, but that’s a lot of images!

Here are all seven chapters:

Chapter 1 Upgrades and Lore Collectibles

Movement Upgrade, Rotation Upgrade, Tired State Upgrade, Basic Combos Upgrade, Light Attacks Upgrade, Heavy Attacks Upgrade, Block & Parry Upgrade, Counter Attacks Upgrade

These 8 upgrades will be automatically collected at the start of the game during the tutorial.

Tamaya Mirror Collectible

At the start of the game, when you leave the dojo for the first time, go around the back of the dojo to find a hidden garden area.

Go right and cross the bridge to find the Tamaya Mirror Lore Collectible next to the Gazebo.

Izanagi Print Collectible

Shortly after leaving the dojo, you’ll be taught how to move a cart out of the way. This will allow you to enter a Tavern.

Inside the tavern, to the left of the door, this Izanagi Print is on the table.

Kai-Awase Shell Collectible

Continue through the tavern, down the road, and into a Warehouse.

Run through the warehouse and out the door to the left, leading to a small plaza with a merchant.

Speak to the merchant to receive the Kai-Awase Shell.

Sakura Bloom Collectible

Head through the warehouse, past the shrine, and over the bridge to reach a market stall with some NPCs gathered around it.

Continue past it into a garden through a gate and then into a bamboo building.

Inside the building, go left to find a table with the Sakura Bloom collectible on it.

Field Mouse Sculpture Collectible

Continue out of the village to another Shrine outside the Village Gates.

Continue down the hill to face your first enemy. Defeat him and the next two enemies to reach another Shrine.

Go down the path behind the shrine to find a hidden area where the Field Mouse Sculpture is on the table.

Double-Sided Block and Parry Upgrade

Continue down the road, past the shrine, and to the next group of enemies. Here, you should go far enough left that one of the bandits can get behind you.

If you do so, the game will teach you the Double-Sided Block and Parry Upgrade. Don’t worry if you don’t unlock it here, it may unlock in any similar situation.

Health Upgrade

Continue left after the enemies mentioned above, and you’ll come to another Shrine, next to which you will find this Health Upgrade.

Rotation Attack Upgrade

You will unlock this upgrade automatically after defeating two bandits on a wooden bridge immediately after the last shrine.

Bo-Shuriken Upgrade

Continue to the left into a farm, where you’ll find a female NPC being attacked by bandits. Defeat the two bandits and speak to the woman who was being harassed to receive the Bo-Shuriken upgrade.

You can now select the Bo-Shuriken with and throw it with .

Kakute Collectible

Continue past the next group of enemies and another shrine.

You’ll enter a small enclosed area of the village. Near the entrance, there’s a man sobbing on a barrel next to a wooden house.

Go inside the wooden house to find this Kakute Collectible on the ground.

Stamina Upgrade

Continue through the village until you fight two enemies near a blocked staircase.

Enter the house to the left, where you’ll find another staircase and a door. Go through the door to find a hidden room.

Inside, you’ll see this Stamina Upgrade on the table at the back of the room.

Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade

Continue up the stairs in this house and enter through the left door here.

You’ll be in an outdoor area near a shrine. Use the shrine if you wish and then head through the door on your left.

Defeat the enemies and then speak to the civilian inside to receive this Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 2

Continue through the village until you’ve defeated the bandits on the bridge outside the village entrance.

Head down the path opposite the village gates and then take a right at the crossroads to find a shrine.

Use the shrine if you wish and then head past it to enter a graveyard where there are three bandits to defeat.

Defeat the enemies and then look for this Stamina Upgrade at the end of the graveyard.

Izanami Print Collectible

In the same graveyard as Stamina Upgrade 2. Look for this collectible on a headstone opposite the Stamina Upgrade.

Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade 2

Heading down the path left from the village entrance, look for this injured civilian on the ground near a cart.

Speak to him and he’ll warn you not to go any further before giving you another Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

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