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Trek to Yomi

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May 5th, 2022


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Where and How to Find All Upgrades and Lore Collectibles in Chapter Four of Trek to Yomi for PlayStation 4 & 5

Welcome to part four of our Trek to Yomi Collectible Guide. Inside, you’ll find a walkthrough-style guide to all lore collectibles and upgrades in Chapter 4.

Here are all seven chapters of our Guide:

Chapter 4 Upgrades and Lore Collectibles

Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade 6

At the start of this Chapter, go left instead of right and collect the Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade from the edge of the broken bridge.

Sprint Attack Upgrade & Heavy Fast Combination Upgrade

Also at the start of this chapter, go up to the log bridge but don’t cross it. Instead, walk away from the screen up a side-path.

At the end of this side-path there’s a scroll. Collect it to receive these two upgrades.

Onyudo Collectible

Continue through the chapter until you enter an eerie village.

Next to a cage on the right, atop a bench, you’ll find this Onyudo Collectible.

Health Upgrade 7

Head deeper into the village until you reach a pile of burning corpses.

Go right from the corpse pile to enter the next area where this Health Upgrade is on a crate.

Noppera-Bo Collectible

Go back to the burning corpse pile from earlier and enter the house on the left.

Inside, on a box near the screen, you’ll find this Noppera-Bo Collectible.

Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade 3

Head deeper into the village until you defeat the first enemy there. You’ll automatically unlock this Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Light Thrust Upgrade

Continue past another shrine in a spooky forest until you cross a log bridge, which will break when you reach the center, dropping you into a river with several blighted enemies.

Defeat the enemies and then go left to collect this Upgrade from a secret area.

Otoroshi Collectible

Continue through the swamp until you reach a shrine next to a large Torii Gate.

From there, go left to find this Otoroshi Collectible under the wooden canopy.

Stamina Upgrade 10

Continue left from the Otoroshi Collectible to enter a secret area.

Here, the Stamina Upgrade is on a crate next to the fallen log.

Light Stunning Combination Upgrade

Continue through the stage until you fight a Blighted Bannerman enemy for the first time. Defeat it to unlock the Light Stunning Combination Upgrade.

Hitotsume-Kozo Collectible

Continue past another shrine and use the dam controls to release water on the blighted enemies in the river, defeating them.

Go into the house at the other side of the river.

This collectible is on the boxes ahead of you, to the right of the ladder.

Stamina Upgrade 11

Use the ladders to the left of the Hitotsume-Kozo Collectible to reach the top floor.

Defeat the Blighted enemy and then follow the linear path to a Stamina Upgrade.

Yurei Collectible

Continue through the level for a long while. After a battle in a river, you’ll need to climb a white ledge up to a wooden ramp.

Instead of going up the ramp, go to the right to enter a secret area with another shrine.

Use the shrine if you wish and then go right to push over a tree.

Cross the tree to find this Yurei Collectible at the other side.

Stamina Upgrade 12

In the same area as the Yurei Collectible.

Uwan Collectible

Carry on through the level, past another shrine, and you’ll have to fight a samurai on a wooden bridge.

Defeat him and continue on to the other side of the bridge where the path splits.

Go left to a bonfire where you’ll find this Uwan Collectible next to a corpse on the ground.

Health Upgrade 8

Return to the split in the path and this time go right, into the house.

Drop onto the lower floor and then go left and down a ladder onto a pier.

At the end of the pier, you’ll find this Health Upgrade.

Nuppepo Collectible

Go back up the ladder and leave the house via the doorway on the right side.

Go up the ledge and then take the left path leading behind the house.

There, you’ll see some wooden cages and this Nuppepo Collectible on the ground.

Stamina Upgrade 13

Continue through the village, past a shrine, and to a small docking area.

There, near the screen, you will be able to see Stamina Upgrade 13. Make your way to the end of the pier to collect it.

Ozutsu Upgrade

Continue on to eventually meet your very first Gunner enemy. Defeat it and you’ll receive the Ozutsu Upgrade.

Press to switch to the Ozutsu and to fire it.

Stamina Upgrade 14

Continue via the raft near the next shrine to eventually reach another village.

Explore the village until you reach an open wooden platform which you can leave via the bridge on the right.

Go past the cage on the left down a side-path leading to a secret area.

Continue left past another cage to find this Stamina Upgrade on some boxes at the left side of the screen.

Heavy Stun Upgrade

Opposite Stamina Upgrade 14, leaning on the cage.

Inugami Collectible

Go back to the wooden platform and cross the bridge on the right. Watch out for the enemies on here. One has a cannon.

keep going until you reach the next shrine, next to which is a ladder.

Climb the ladder to the building above and collect the Inugami Collectible from the pile of logs.

Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade 4

Enter the house next to the Inugami Collectible and pick up the Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade inside.

Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade 7

Continue through the level, past the next shrine, and into a lighthouse containing a ladder.

Climb the first ladder to reach a shrine, and then climb up the next ladder to reach a small area containing this Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Ushi-Oni Collectible

Continue out of the lighthouse and you’ll have to fight your way across a collapsing bridge.

Use and to Place Swap Parry the enemies so that you can keep running right.

At the end of this section, go towards the shrine but climb the ledge on your right.

There, you’ll find the Ushi-Oni Collectible on the corner of the platform.

Yamawaro Collectible

Continue past the Shrine and keep going until you slide down a dirt path towards a cage and a bridge.

Leaning against a box between the cage and the bridge, you will find the last Lore Artifact collectible in this chapter, the Yamawaro.

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