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Where and How to Find All Upgrades and Lore Collectibles in Chapter Five of Trek to Yomi for PlayStation 4 & 5

Welcome to part five of our Trek to Yomi Collectible Guide. Inside, you’ll find a walkthrough-style guide to all lore collectibles and upgrades in Chapter 5.

Here are all seven chapters of our Guide:

Chapter 5 Upgrades and Lore Collectibles

Great Thunder Collectible

Right at the beginning of the chapter, as you make your way down the forest path, keep your eye out for what looks like a decapitated head on the ground.

Pick it up to find that it is the Great Thunder Collectible.

Cleaving Thunder Collectible

After killing the first ghost enemy in this chapter, leave through the door on the right to reach a crossroads.

Exit this screen via the left to enter a secret area. In the bottom-left corner you’ll find the Cleaving Thunder Collectible.

Stamina Upgrade 15

Continue through the chapter until you reach a house.

Just to the right of the doorway, you will find this Stamina Upgrade.

Light Long Combination Upgrade

Continue through the chapter until you reach a specter who can control his blade through the air.

Defeat him to unlock the Light Long Combination Upgrade automatically.

Ozutsu Ammo Capacity Upgrade

From the Light Long Combination Upgrade, enter the house to the right.

From there, enter the secret area room on the left.

Inside, you’ll find this Ozutsu Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Anti Armor Rotating Combination Upgrade

Continue past many more enemies and another shrine, going up some stairs.

There, you’ll run into the first Wraith enemy. Defeat it to unlock this upgrade.

Ozutsu Ammo Capacity Upgrade 2

Continue to the right until you reach another shrine.

In that same room, you will find this Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 16

Continue through the chapter until you come to another puzzle like the one you completed earlier in the chapter.

Once here, go to the far right, past the statue with Kanji etched into its base and you’ll find this Stamina Upgrade.

Earth Thunder Collectible

Continue on through some more enemies until you reach a sharp 90 degree turn leading down to some stairs after climbing a ledge.

In the corner here, on a crate, you will find the Earth Thunder Collectible.

Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade 5

You will get this Upgrade automatically from your first fight with a Shade enemy type.

Bo-Shuriken Ammo Capacity Upgrade 8

Continue through the building until you reach a shrine next to an altar.

Go through the door behind the altar and head all the way up to find this Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Black Thunder Collectible

Continue once again through the building until you reach a large doorway that leads to a staircase.

Instead of heading up the stairs, go right past the doorway to a secret area.

You can find this Black Thunder Collectible on the ground next to the large vase at the center of the room.

Stamina Upgrade 17

Return to the large doorway and go up the stairs.

Go left at the top of the stairs and cross the magically-moving platforms. At the other side, you’ll find this Stamina Upgrade.

Couchant Thunder Collectible

Go back across the moving platforms and this time go to the right, across another invisible path.

You’ll eventually come to another shrine, after a few enemies.

To the right of this shrine, there is a statue. To the right of that statue is another small set of stairs, head up it to find a secret area.

Behind one of the torches, you will find this Couchant Thunder Collectible.

Block Ignoring Combination Upgrade

Continue through the Chapter until you need to fight the ghost of the Chapter One Boss, Sadatame.

As a reward for defeating him, you will unlock the Block Ignoring Combination Upgrade.

Roaring Thunder Collectible

Head into the next room and up to the gate that leads out.

To the left of the shrine there, you will find this Roaring Thunder Collectible.

Health Upgrade 9

Continue through the Chapter to the Shrine leaning against a stone pillar in the sand.

Go behind the pillar to find this Health Upgrade on a crate.

Health Upgrade 10

Keep playing through the chapter as normal until you reach a shrine inside an old ruin, next to some stairs leading to a pressure plate.

Go right through the doorway next to the shrine and head to the end of the corridor to find this Health Upgrade.

Young Thunder Collectible

Go back and continue up the stairs to the pressure pad. Solve the puzzle here to gain rebuild the tower across the gorge.

Step on the Pressure Pad at the back of this area to rebuild the floor in the center.

Once you step off the pressure plate, you will have only a few seconds to reach the other side. Instead of running to the stairs, though, run to the far right.

If you make it over safely, you’ll find this Young Thunder Collectible on the ground.

There’s another pressure pad here that you can use to get back across.

Quiver Ammo Capacity Upgrade 6

Go up the stairs across the gorge via the pressure pad to reach another shrine.

Go down the stairs to the left of the shrine to reach a secret area containing this Ammo Capacity Upgrade.

Fire Thunder & Raijin Collectibles

Head deeper into the ruins until you begin climbing some stairs up a large watchtower ruin.

At the third and final set of stairs, stop and look for this collectible on some rubble to the left.

If you’ve collected this and all other collectibles in this Chapter, the final Chapter 5 Collectible—Raijin—will be automatically collected.

Health Upgrade 11

Progress through the Chapter as normal until you reach some sandy ledges you need to climb.

Climb up them and head forward until the path splits and you can see a Torii gate on your right.

Go down the left path to enter a secret area containing this Health Upgrade and a Shrine.

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