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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Treasure Carp Scales Locations Guide

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A Guide to Finding 19 Treasure Scales to Trade for Lapis Lazuli in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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There are 42 Treasure Carp Scales in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, however you only need 19 in total for the Lapis Lazuli. Check out our Lapis Lazuli guide, if you’re struggling to find them all. You can collect the Treasure Carp Scales before you get to Fountainhead Palace, however, it’s best to wait until you can visit Fountainhead Palace so that every Treasure Carp Scale is accessible. You can also collect more than you’ll need entirely within Fountainhead Palace.

Treasure Carp can be tricky to kill, however, they respawn rather fast after outrunning you so just lurk near where they spawn and wait for them to pop back into existence and kill them.

Below is a list of all the Treasure Carp Scales and where to find them, organised by Name of Location / Name of Idol.

Warning: Treasure Carp Scales are unavailable during the Shura Ending.

Treasure Carp Scales Locations

Hirata Estate – 7 Scales

There are 4 Scales to be found from killing Treasure Carp in the lake right next to the Noble Pot.

You can also swim past the bridge in this lake to find a Treasure Carp Scale pickup on the left near the shore.

Head to the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol. Just beyond this Idol, you will see a grapple point on your left. Grapple up and drop into the river. Swim upstream and kill the Treasure Carp that’s swimming here. Then head back downstream and kill another lone Treasure Carp. 

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – 2 Scales

Head to the Temple Grounds Idol. Directly below this Idol is a small pond with two Treasure Carp swimming around in it. Dive in and kill them for 2 Scales.

Ashina Depths – 4 Scales

Head to the Mibu Village Idol. Directly to the right of this Idol is a merchant who will sell you 2 scales for 500 Sen each.

Turn around and walk down the river to find 1 more scale on the ground.

Turn around again and head all the way to Mibu Village and dive into the lake there. You can find a lone Treasure Carp swimming here. Kill it and get it’s scale.

Sunken Valley – 3 Scales

In the lake that you fell into when the Giant Snake attacked you (just beyond the Gun Fort Idol), you can find 2 Treasure Carp swimming here that you can kill for 2 scales.

After killing the 2 Treasure Carp, dive down to the bottom of the lake and search the floor for a single scale pickup.

Ashina Castle – 2 Scales

Head to the Ashina Castle Idol (you might need to unlock it again via the Dungeon Entrance Idol). From this Idol, jump into the water below the bridge and find the 2 Treasure Carp that are swimming here.

Fountainhead Palace – 24 Scales

At the Mibu Manor Idol, you can find a hole in the top left of the area which leads to a room with 3 scales. You can also find a chest with “Water of the Palace” which you can take to the scared priest hiding in the building with the mob outside, just past the Water Mill Idol in Ashina Depths.

After giving the priest the Water of the Palace, travel away to an Idol and then return to him to find him transformed into one of the Fountainhead Palace fish people. Kill him and he will drop 5 Treasure Carp Scales.

Go back to Fountainhead Palace and travel to the Great Sakura Idol. From here, you can jump into the water below. In the water are 7 Treasure Carp swimming around that you can kill. There are 2 scales to be found on the floor of the lake and a further 3 can be picked up inside a sunken building near Mibu Manor. Make sure you pick up the “Precious Bait” on the floor of the lake also since we need to feed it to the Giant Carp.

Head to the Feeding Grounds Idol and talk to the large fish person NPC. He will tell you about feeding the Giant Carp. Ring the bell next to the fish person NPC and the Giant Carp will swim up to you. Feed it the 2 Precious Bait and then talk with the fish person NPC again and he will give you the last 4 scales.

You can collect the exact same Treasure Carp Scales in your New Game + to exchange them for the last 4 Lapis Lazuli which will bring your total up to 10.

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