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How to Get All 4 Endings in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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There are 4 endings in Sekiro. 2 of them are pretty simple to achieve, however, the other two require a bit of set up. Below is a guide on how to achieve all 4. You will need at least 2 playthroughs to acquire them all if you “save scum”. However, you’re free to split each ending up into their own playthrough.

Ending #1 Immortal Severance

This is one of the easier endings to achieve. 

Choose to stay loyal to Kuro and he will send you to Fountainhead Palace to collect tears from the Divine Dragon. After doing so, you will return to Ashina Castle automatically where you will find Emma. She will tell you that Kuro was kidnapped and that you need to go rescue him. Head to the same hidden door in Ashina Reservoir that you and Kuro “escaped” through during the prologue. Defeat Sword Saint Isshin and choose to give Kuro the Divine Dragon’s Tears.

Ending #2 Purification

This ending requires a bit of set up.

After defeating Genichiro in Ashina Castle, go talk to Kuro, and eavesdrop on him. You need to position yourself behind a wall and press to hug the wall. You may need to rest at the nearby Idol multiple times before you can eavesdrop on him. It should also be noted that you don’t necessarily have to eavesdrop on Kuro right away as I first eavesdropped on him right after defeating the Owl.

Progress with the story, choose to stay loyal to Kuro, and after you defeat the Owl, exhaust all dialogue with Kuro, and eavesdrop on him a second time and then rest and the nearby Idol. Emma will now be at the top of the tower stairs. Talk with Emma and agree that Kuro should not be harmed.

Travel to the Old Grave Idol and talk to Emma again and rest at an Idol. She will, once again, disappear. This time, head to the Dilapidated Temple and go around the back of the temple to eavesdrop on Emma and the Sculptor. Talk to Emma and find out what she was talking about. If you completed Hirata Estate then you can head back there to fight the Owl once more. After you defeat him, he will drop the Aromatic Flower.

After defeating Sword Saint Isshin, choose to give Kuro the Aromatic Flower (Everblossom) and the Divine Dragon’s Tears

Ending #3 Return

This is the trickiest and longest ending to set up. 

Like the other endings so far, you must choose to stay loyal to Kuro. You should also at this point already have defeated the Sliding Door Monkeys to get the Mortal Blade. 

Travel to the Inner Sanctum and talk to the Divine Child. She will give you some Rice. You can either eat it or give it to the old woman overlooking the chasm at the Senpou Temple Idol. You’ll need to consume or discard the rice at least 3 times before the Divine Child becomes ill. She will ask you to get her a Persimmon to make her feel better. Travel to the merchant near the Shugendo Idol and purchase one. Give it to the Divine Child and she will give you some rice to give to Kuro. Go and give it to him and then rest at the nearby Idol. Talk to Kuro again and he will give you two Sweet Rice Balls. Eat one or both of them (I had to eat both to trigger the next event) and then return to the Divine Child.

Now she’ll mention the Holy Chapter: Infested. You may have already collected this as there’s an opportunity to receive it from a praying monk. However, if you don’t already have it then travel to the Temple Grounds Idol and dive into the water below and pick it up from the floor. Give it to the Divine Child and rest at the nearby Idol.

Head into the Illusory Hall and speak to her once more.  She will send you to go seek out a High Priest. Head to the Main Hall Idol and leave the temple via the left exit. Enter the cave and follow it until you see a priest propped up against a wall. He’ll be holding the Holy Chapter: Dragon’s Return. Take it and deliver it to the Divine Child at the Inner Sanctum.

Now she’ll send you on a quest to collect 2 Serpent Viscera.

Fresh Serpent Viscera

  • Travel to the Senpou Temple Idol
  • Use Puppeteer Ninjustsu on the Rat below the Idol (near the kite mechanism)
  • Climb the large tree near the old woman and use the Kite to get across the large chasm
  • From the Sunken Valley Cavern Idol, jump on and takedown the sleeping Great Serpent to receive the viscera

Dried Serpent Viscera

  • Travel to the Bodhisattva Valley Idol
  • Enter the cave behind the merchant in the poison waters
  • At the end of the cave is a monkey. Use Puppeteer Ninjustsu on it to distract the Great Serpent
  • Head into the house behind the Great Serpent and collect the viscera

Give these 2 items to the Divine Child, then rest at an Idol, and eavesdrop on her.

Rest one last time at an Idol and then talk to her and she will give you “Frozen Tears”.

Defeat Sword Saint Isshin and choose to give Kuro the Frozen Tears and Dragon Tears.

Ending #4 Shura

This is the quickest ending to achieve.

Progress the story until you talk to the Owl in Ashina Castle. Choose to forsake Kuro.

Defeat Emma and Isshin Ashina.

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