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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gourd Seed Locations Guide

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Where to Find All 9 Gourd Seeds in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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There are 9 Gourd Seeds to be found in Sekiro. A Gourd Seed increases the number of times you can use the Healing Gourd in battle—much like the flasks in Dark Souls. In order to upgrade the Healing Gourd, you need to bring every Gourd Seed you find to Emma, either in the Dilapidated Temple or in Kuro’s Room (after the Genichiro boss fight in Ashina Castle).

Below is a list of all the Gourd Seeds organised by Name of Location / Name of Idol with a brief description of where to find the seed, and an image of the location for any missable Gourd Seeds.

Warning: After beating both the Corrupted Monk and Guardian Ape, a lot of minibosses will despawn, thus making it impossible to collect all Gourd Seeds. Make sure you collect every Gourd Seed you can before you fight these two bosses.

Gourd Seed Locations

Gourd Seed #1

Ashina Outskirts / Outskirts Wall – Gate Path

Just beyond this Idol is a miniboss called “General Naomori Kawarada”. Sneak up on him and execute a stealth takedown to strip him of one of his lives and then block, parry, and attack him until you take his other life. Upon defeating him, he will drop a Gourd Seed.

Gourd Seed #2

Ashina Outskirts / Outskirts Wall – Stairway

Inside the building (immediately after beating the Chained Ogre miniboss), inside a room to your left. You’ll likely walk past it to get to the next area.

Sekiro Gourd Seed 2
It will be directly in front of you (I already picked it up)

Gourd Seed #3

Ashina Outskirts / Ashina Castle Gate

You will eventually fight a main boss, who’s riding a horse, called “Gyoubu Oniwa”. After you beat him, look across the battlefield for a set of stairs (directly across from the Idol) and head up them. Instead of entering the building at the top of the stairs, head past it and go to the right to find another set of stairs. At the top is a merchant that will sell you a Gourd Seed for 1,000 Sen. If you don’t have enough, you can easily farm some from the nearby enemies (just go back and rest at an Idol to respawn them after each farm run).

Sekiro Gourd Seed 3
The Vendor that sells the 3rd Gourd Seed

Gourd Seed #4

Ashina Castle / Ashina Castle

This one requires a few extra steps than previous Gourd Seeds. Run up the long stairs where the miniboss and 4 riflemen are, but ignore them for now. Run past them and hook around to the right and drop down. You should see a merchant sitting down in a little walled off area (you’ll probably land next to him). Talk to him and he’ll ask you to kill all the enemies in the area. After you kill them all, return to him and he will sell you a Gourd Seed for 1,000 Sen. He will also spawn at the Dilapidated Temple.

Sekiro Gourd Seed 5
Talk to this man and he should give you a side quest

Gourd Seed #5

Ashina Castle / Upper Tower – Antechamber

You will first need to reach the Ashina Castle Idol. From there, head up the long stairs a little bit and grapple to the rooftops on the right. You should see some red/pink smoke signals. Follow these up to the Upper Tower – Antechamber Idol. Inside this room is a chest with a Gourd Seed.

Gourd Seed #6

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo / Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

From this Idol, head outside and follow a path, with several Monks patrolling it, all the way up to a temple. Look up, to the left and you should see an opening you can grapple to. In the next room, you will see 3 praying Monks. In front of them is a Gourd Seed.

Sekiro Gourd Seed 6
Right there on the altar

Gourd Seed #7

Ashina Depths / Mibu Village

From this Idol, you should be able to see a tree with white leaves which is surrounded by several enemies. At the base of this tree is a Gourd Seed.

Sekiro Gourd Seed 8
At the base of the tree

Gourd Seed #8

Sunken Valley / Under-Shrine Valley

Just beyond this Idol you should see a single rifleman on an edge. Grapple to him, kill him, and then go forward a bit. You should now see some trees above you, to your left, that you can grapple to and some more riflemen beyond that. Keep climbing up this area and you should come across a sort of camp at the top with a Gourd Seed on the ground.

Sekiro Gourd Seed 7
Look for this camp

Final Gourd Seed Location, After Owl Tower Fight

Gourd Seed #9

Fountainhead Palace / Palace Grounds 

In front of this Idol is a building with some weird fish people. At the back of this building, next to a door you can open, is a chest with the final Gourd Seed.

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