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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Lapis Lazuli Locations Guide

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How to Collect all 10 Lapis Lazuli for Prosthetic Tool Upgrades in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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You will need to find a total of 10 Lapis Lazuli to upgrade all Prosthetic Tools in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. However, you can only collect 6 per playthrough.

Below is a list of all the Lapis Lazuli and where to find them, organised by Name of Location / Name of Idol.

Warning: Lapis Lazuli is unavailable during the Shura Ending.

Lapis Lazuli Locations

Lapis Lazuli #1

Fountainhead Palace / Palace Grounds

From this Idol, head into the building in front of you and exit via the left door. You should see a waterfall to your left. At the bottom is a Shichimen Warrior. Defeat it and it will drop a Lapis Lauli.

Lapis Lazuli #2, #3, #4

Hirata Estate / Dragonspring Bridge

In order to get this, and the 3rd, Lapis Lazuli, you must first head to Hirata Estate and jump into the lake to the right of Dragonspring Bridge. Swim to the far right and you will spot a Noble in a pot who wants to talk to you. He will ask you to find Treasure Carp Scales and offer items for them in exchange. You need to collect 19 in total. Check our guide on where to find Treasure Carp Scales. 

Once you have 19, head back to the Noble Pot in Hirata Estate and exchange the Treasure Carp Scales for 2 Lapis Lazuli, for 6 scales each, and spend the other 7 scales on the Mask Fragment. If you followed our Treasure Carp Scales guide, then you likely will have already been to Fountainhead Palace and fed the Giant Carp some Precious Bait. If you haven’t, head there now and do it, then return to The Noble Pot, who should now ask you to feed the Giant Carp some Truly Precious Bait. Go feed the Giant Carp the Truly Precious Bait and then travel to Sunken Valley / Guardian Ape’s Watering Hole to find the Giant Carp’s corpse. Loot the item from it’s mouth and take it back to the Noble Pot. There will be a Lapis Lazuli next to him that you can pick up. 

Note: There is a Noble Pot in Fountainhead Palace that you can buy the 2 Lapis Lazuli from instead, in case the Hirata Estate Noble Pot has disappeared.

Lapis Lazuli #5, #6

Ashina Outskirts / Ashina Castle Gate

The last 2 Lapis Lazuli are real simple to obtain, but quite hard. After you defeat the Divine Dragon. Head back to the Ashina Castle Gate Idol and you will be greeted by possibly the hardest boss in Sekiro, the Demon of Hatred. This is an intense fight, but if you manage to beat him, he will drop the final 2 Lapis Lazuli. You can trick the Demon of Hatred to fall off a cliff which will instantly kill him. You’re more than welcome to give it a try.

You’ll now need to carry on into New Game+ and progress until you end up back at Fountainhead Palace where you can collect the first four Lapis Lazuli which will bring your total up to 10.

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