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How long does it take to beat Demon's Souls and unlock all trophies?

50 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Demon's Souls and unlock all trophies?

Hard (7/10).

Does Demon's Souls have online trophies?


Does Demon's Souls have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Demon's Souls have missable trophies?


Does Demon's Souls have glitched trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Demon’s Souls PS5 Trophy Guide and Road Map

I created this Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide to accompany my Platinum Review. Check that out if you have a few minutes and are interested to know my thoughts on the Platinum Journey.

Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide: Before You Begin

The content in this section of our Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide includes some very important explanations for certain mechanics such as World Tendency and friendly NPCs that you need to save. I will be referring back to bits and pieces in this section via links throughout the Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide, though it might be worth familiarizing yourself with the information below before you continue. You can also use the sidebar on the left to jump back to this section at any time.

Upon starting a New Game in Demon’s Souls, it will task you with creating your character. Part of this includes picking a starting class and a gift. If you’re a veteran Soulslike player, then you may pick whatever class you feel most comfortable with. However, if you’re a new player, then it’s wise to pick the Royalty class as these characters start out with magic. Both types of players should pick the Providential Ring as their gift to get started on King of Rings. Check out my Royalty Class Guide for the best stat upgrades, gear, and items to use as a Royalty class.

After completing the tutorial, the game will throw you into World 1, level 1 (stylised as 1-1). While there are some important items and NPCs in 1-1, it’s best if you just focus on getting to—and defeating—the Phalanx boss, as you can’t level up or visit the other worlds until you have beaten it. Check out my Boss Guide for strategies on defeating every boss in the game.

Once you have defeated the Phalanx and returned to the Nexus, the Maiden in Black will tell you to visit the Monumental. He’s about halfway up the Nexus, sat down by some candles and corpses of what I’m assuming are other Monumentals. From here you are free to explore the worlds and fight the bosses in any order you want, but visit the Maiden in Black to use your collected souls to boost your stats first.

You can also consume the unique souls you get from killing bosses, however, most of these souls will be required to trade to NPCs for various things such as Spells. Check out the Demon Souls section for a rundown of what to do with each boss soul you collect.

Although you can tackle Demon’s Souls in any order you want, I highly recommend Royalty characters to visit 4-1 and collect the Crescent Falchion+1 weapon as it scales with your magic stat and replenishes MP.

One very important thing you should do every time you kill a boss is travel back to the Nexus and kill yourself. The game will give you back your physical body as a reward for killing a boss, but if you die while you have your physical body, your world tendency will drop. Therefore, it’s better to return to the Nexus and kill yourself to return to your soul form since the Nexus doesn’t have a world tendency, so there is no penalty for dying there. Check out the Character and World Tendency section below.

Finally, play offline. You will need to get Pure White Tendency by the end of the game for a few trophies, and playing online will probably have you invaded and killed by other players, which reduces world tendency.

World and Character Tendency Explained

You, along with each of the 5 worlds, have a Tendency which can either be Neutral, Black, or White depending on your actions.

World Tendency:

World Tendency will only affect the worlds. You can have Pure White Tendency in each world, but have Neutral or Black Character Tendency. Pure Black or Pure White worlds will sometimes open a new path to an item or NPC such as Black Phantom Miralda.

You will have to get all worlds to Pure White and then to Pure Black at some point to get all items and events in one run.

Neutral Tendency is the default. You will start with Neutral Tendency and over time it will shift up or down.

Black Tendency is bad. To get to Black Tendency, die repeatedly in body form, kill friendly NPCs (will also lower Character Tendency), and die from invading players. Having Black World Tendency will make every enemy harder than they were in Neutral Tendency, but it rewards you with more souls for killing them. Black Phantoms (they’re actually red) will appear, and they can be very hard to kill.

White Tendency is good. You can get White Tendency by killing bosses, not dying in body form, and defeating invading players. While in White Tendency, enemies are weaker and they will drop fewer souls when they die. Some areas will change upon achieving Pure White Tendency, which will often lead to an item related to a trophy.

Character Tendency:

Character Tendency will affect how some NPCs interact with you. For example, Yuria the Witch will only teach you spells if you have Black Tendency. You will have to get your character tendency to Pure White and then to Pure Black in order to obtain a ring from the Monumental and to spawn Mephistopheles.

It’s easier to get to Pure Black. Just kill some of the vendors that spawn in the worlds such as the Dregling in the Palace of Boletaria. However, Pure White is harder to achieve, especially online.

The fastest way to Pure White would be to find a friend or a stranger online, set an invasion password, and have them invade you repeatedly and kill them. You must be in human form to be invaded and your Soul Levels must be within 10 levels of each other.

The slower and harder method requires you to get all worlds to Pure Black to spawn 5 Black Phantom NPCs (see below). You must then go and kill all 5 of these Black Phantoms. If at any point, you have done something to tip your character tendency towards black, you will not be able to achieve Pure White in one playthrough. It might be worth putting off invading someone for the Unwelcome Guest trophy until after you have finished with the tendency phase of the platinum journey.

Neutral Tendency is the default starting tendency and will probably be the tendency you have for most of the game.

Black Tendency is bad and will lower how much available HP you have in soul form, and will spawn a character called Mephistopheles in the Nexus. Mephistopheles will give you a side quest that you must complete for a trophy. To get Black Tendency, invade other players and kill them, or kill friendly NPCs.

White Tendency is good and will raise the available HP you have in soul form and strengthen your attacks. You will also be able to receive a ring from the Monumental. To get White Tendency, you can help other players kill bosses or defeat the black phantoms that spawn in Black World Tendency.

Black Phantoms that spawn in Pure Black World Tendency:

  • Miralda the Executioner in 1-1
  • Scirvir the Wander in 2-2
  • Lord Rydell in 3-1
  • Satsuki in 4-1
  • Selen Vinland in 5-2

Soul Farming

Every enemy you kill will reward you with souls which can be used to buy items from vendors or more importantly, given to the Maiden in Black to upgrade your stats.

During a single playthrough, you should earn enough souls to keep you just at the right level for each world. However, if you begin to struggle, you can farm souls to give yourself an edge.

The best place to farm souls is by far 4-3. Kill the Storm King boss first, and then equip the Storm Ruler sword, Ring of Avarice and/or Silver Bracelet (only for female body types). Then reload the area and kill all the smaller Storm Beasts in the area while using the broken down building, directly opposite the Archstone, as cover. Then reload the area and repeat.

The Storm Ruler sword only has 10 durability so you’ll have to head back to the Nexus and repair your gear.

The amount of souls dropped by each Storm Beast increases in every NG+ that you starts and further increases if you drop World 4 to Pure Black Tendency. This isn’t really all that necessary though.

Demon Souls

Every boss you kill will grant you their soul. You can consume these to gain a bunch of souls that you can use to purchase items or upgrade your stats. Most of these souls will have to be traded to NPCs. Check the list below to see which souls are safe to consume and which need to be traded and to whom. Some NPCs will want the same Demon Soul, but you only get one of each per playthrough so hold off on trading them in until you read the Spells and Miracles section below.

  • Lead Demon Soul—Safe to Consume
  • Small Scaled Flame Demon Soul—Safe to Consume
  • Large Scaled Flame Demon Soul—Safe to Consume
  • Mixed Demon Soul—Safe to Consume
  • Gray Demon Soul—Safe to Consume
  • Beast Demon Soul—Safe to Consume
  • Searing Demon Soul—Give to Blacksmith Ed in 2-1
  • Dragon Demon Soul—Trade to Saint Urbain or Yuria the Witch in Nexus
  • Golden Demon Soul—Trade to Saint Urbain or Yuria the Witch in Nexus
  • Swollen Demon Soul—Trade to Saint Urbain in Nexus
  • Hero Demon Soul—Trade to Saint Urbain in Nexus
  • Storm Demon Soul—Trade to Saint Urbain in Nexus
  • Writhing Demon Soul—Trade to Saint Urbain or Sage Freke in Nexus
  • Pureblood Demon Soul—Trade to Saint Urbain or Yuria the Witch in Nexus
  • Colorless Demon Soul—Trade to Saint Urbain in Nexus
  • Iron Demon Soul—Trade to Sage Freke in Nexus
  • Hard Demon Soul—Trade to Sage Freke or Yuria the Witch in Nexus
  • Doll Demon Soul—Trade to Sage Freke in Nexus
  • Eroded Demon Soul—Trade to Sage Freke in Nexus
  • Silver Demon Soul—Trade to Sage Freke or Yuria the Witch in Nexus

Spells and Miracles

Demon’s Souls features Magic and Prayer type attacks, which can be very useful.

For Magic you must equip a Catalyst, which is essentially a wand. For Prayers—a.k.a Miracles—you must equip a Talisman.

Additional Spells and Miracles can be learned by purchasing them from Sage Freke and Saint Urbain, respectively. You must collect all Spells and Miracles for Sage’s Trophy and Saint’s Trophy.

It’s typically impossible to gain all Spells and Miracles in one playthrough unless you Save Scrub i.e. Uploading your save file to PS+, buying all Miracles, pop the trophy, and then download your earlier save so you can go buy all Spells.

Buy only the following Spells and Miracles during your first playthrough until you get to the final boss:


  • Antidote
  • Anti-Magic Field
  • Evacuate
  • Hidden Soul
  • Regeneration
  • Recovery
  • Second Chance


  • Acid Cloud
  • Cloak
  • Enchant Weapon
  • Familiar’s Prank
  • Fire Spray
  • Flame Toss
  • Light Weapon
  • Protection
  • Soul Arrow
  • Soul Ray
  • Water Veil
  • Warding

Upload Your Save File to PS+ and Buy These Miracles:

  • Banish
  • Cure
  • God’s Wrath
  • Resurrection

Download your save from PS+ and then buy the following Spells:

  • Death Cloud
  • Fireball
  • Homing Souls Arrow
  • Poison Cloud

Continue into New Game+ and buy the last of the Spells:

  • Curse Weapon
  • Firestorm
  • Ignite
  • Relief
  • Soulsucker
  • Soul Thirst

You now should have every Spell and Miracle and unlocked the Sage Trophy and the Saint Trophy.

Rescuing NPCs

As you explore Demon’s Souls’ 5 worlds, you will encounter various NPCs who will ask you to free them or save them from enemies. These NPCs are friendly and can offer you their various services, like teaching you new spells or selling items.

Ostrava of Boletaria1-1 On a ledge surrounded by Dreglings. You will encounter him in 1-2 and 1-3 as well. You must save him from his attackers each time.

Biorr of the Twin Fangs1-2 Found in a cell. Needed for Brother-in-Arms

Patches the Hyena2-2 or 4-2 Merchant NPC. You can meet him early in 2-2 after which he will appear in the Nexus and act as a merchant for you. Though you really only need to encounter him in 4-2 as it relates to Saint Urbain

Sage Freke3-1 Locked in a cell inside the Prison of Hope. Once freed, he will teach you Spells in exchange for Souls and Demon Souls.

Graverobber Blige 4-1 Locked in a cell. Once you free him, he will become a Merchant for you, but only in World 4

Saint Urbain4-2 Stuck in a pit. Once rescued, he will teach you Miracles for Souls and Demon Souls

Yuria the Witch1-3 Being held captive by a Fat Official. Once freed, she will teach you Spells in exchange for Demon Souls, but only if you have Black Character Tendency

Yurt 3-2 Inside a suspending cage after the first chain tower. Once freed, he will begin to kill everything in the Nexus. He needs to be freed for Mephistopheles to spawn once you have Pure Black Character Tendency.


There are 30 Rings in Demon’s Souls and you must collect all of them. Unfortunately, only some can be found throughout the world. The others are given as rewards from NPCs who you rescue or impress. You can also use your souls to buy some rings.

Below is a list of all the rings and where you can find them:

Ring of Great Strength1-1 – In dragon nest under Blue Dragon’s tail or dropped by Biorr when killed.

Ring of Herculean StrengthNexus – Reward from Stockpile Thomas for giving him the Jade Hair Ornament which can be found in 1-1

Regenerator’s Ring4-1 – On a cliffside path just before the 1st boss room or trade Jade Hair Ornament to Sparkly.

Fragrant Ring – Given to Royalty class at the start of the game, can be found in 3-2 swamp area, trade Brass Telescope to Sparkly or Bought from Patches the Hyena in the Nexus.

Eternal Warrior’s Ring1-1 – Dropped by Old King Dorian when you kill him.

Flame Resistence Ring1-1 – In dragon nest on a corpse.

Gash Resistence Ring1-2 – In the tunnel under the bridge or rewared by Patches the Hyena for rescuing Saint Urbain.

Poison Resistence Ring2-1 – In the lava pit after you “put it out” with water.

Plague Resistence Ring2-2 – On a bit of scaffolding in the big mine pit just before the Flamelurker boss.

Ring of Magical Sharpness3-1 – In a cell with a bunch of iron maidens.

Ring of Magical Dullness5-1 – On a roof near the 1st fog gate.

Ring of Magical Nature1-3 – In the tower where Yuria the Witch is being held.

Ring of Devout PrayerNexus – Dropped by Saint Urbain when you kill him.

Ring of Sincere Prayer5-2 – Dropped by Maiden Astraea when you kill her.

Clever Rat’s Ring3-1 – On a corpse on the ballista bridge.

Dull Rat’s Ring3-1 – Rewarded by Lord Rydell when you free him from his cell. The key to his cell can only be obtained in 3-2 with Pure White World Tendency.

Ronin Ring4-2 – In a small cave in the slug area before the Old Hero boss or dropped by Black Phantom Scirvir the Wanderer in 3-2.

Master’s Ring2-3 – Near the 2nd harpoon in the Dragon God boss arena.

Cling Ring1-1 – At the bottom of the stairwell before you open the 1st portcullis shortcut.

Ally’s RingNexus – Rewarded by the Monumental for achieving Pure White Character Tendency.

Foe’s RingNexus – Rewarded by Mephistopheles for completing her questline.

Thief Ring1-1 – On the ledge that Ostrava of Boletaria is stuck on.

Graverobber’s Ring4-1 – On a corpse just before the Adjudicator boss. You have to cross a beam to get to it.

Cat Ring5-2 – In the swamp near a Black Phantom or purchased from Patches the Hyena in the Nexus.

Ring of the Accursed1-3 – In the tower where Yuria the Witch is being held.

Ring of Avarice3-1 – Purchased from Once Royal Mistress or on the floor where the big heart dropped in 3-2.

Sodden Ring3-2 – In the swamp behind a pillar near the Prisoner Horde enemy. Need Pure Black World Tendency.

Ring of Longevity4-1 – Trade Pure Bladestone with Sparkly or rewarded by Stockpile Thomas for buying the Digital Deluxe edition.

Providential Ring4-1 – Trade Large Sword of Searching with Sparkly or choose as starting gift.

Ring of Uneven Scales4-1 – Trade a Gold Coin with Sparkly.


After killing the Phalanx, the Maiden in Black will gift you a Blue Eye Stone and a Black Eye Stone. These two items are used to interact with other players. Both of these items can only be used in Soul form.

Blue Eye Stone Use this outside of a boss arena and wait for another player to summon you to their world. You will then both enter the boss arena and work together to kill the boss.

Black Eye Stone Use this to invade another player’s world and try your best to kill them.

Use both of these at least once for Return to Form and Unwelcome Guest

Phase One – Defeat All But the Final Boss

In this phase of our Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide, we’re going to focus on killing every boss except the last boss. Along the way, we will save NPCs, collect some Rings, buy certain Spells and Miracles, and tackle some miscellaneous trophies such as Time for Rolling, and preparing for World and Character Tendency events.

The very first thing you have to do is kill the Phalanx. You cannot level up or continue until you do. Check out my Boss Guide if you’re struggling.

Killing the Phalanx will pop the following trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Phalanx’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Phalanx”

You will have recieved a Blue Eye Stone and a Black Eye Stone from the Maiden in Black. Check the Online section of this Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide for what these items do.

I would advise you to help a player kill a boss such as the Tower Knight to pop Return to Form. You should hold off on invading someone until after you finished all of the tendency events as invading and killing a player will likely tip your Character Tendency towards black which will make things harder for you later.

You likely won’t be able to immediately after killing Phalanx and Tower Knight, but you should also try to kill all the bosses in World 4 as soon as possible, as there’s a very good Soul Farming spot there.

My recommended Boss order, including the recommended Soul Level you should be for each area:

  • Phalanx1-1Soul Level: 15-20 – You have to kill this one
  • Tower Knight1-2Soul Level: 15-20 – Don’t kill a single archer for One Shall Fall
  • Armor Spider2-1Soul Level: 20-30Can be Co-Opped
  • Flamelurker2-2Soul Level: 20-30Can be Co-Opped
  • Dragon God2-3Soul Level: 20-30 – Use Hands of God to get the last hit for Fists of Legend
  • Adjudicator4-1Soul Level: 30-50 – Use Magic/Ranged for One Shall Stand
  • Old Hero4-2Soul Level: 30-50Can be Co-Opped
  • Storm King4-3Soul Level: 30-50 – This area is a good Soul Farming spot
  • Fool’s Idol3-1Soul Level: 25-40 – Don’t hit decoys for Not Fooled
  • Maneater3-2Soul Level: 25-40Can be Co-Opped
  • Old Monk3-3Soul Level: 25-40 – Stay offline for an easier fight
  • Leechmonger5-1Soul Level: 40-60Can be Co-Opped
  • Dirty Colossus5-2Soul Level: 40-60Can be Co-Opped
  • Maiden Astraea5-3Soul Level: 40-60 – Do not kill Garl Vinland for May you be unharmed
  • Penetrator1-3Soul Level: 50-60 – Let Biorr help for Brother-in-Arms
  • False King1-4Soul Level: 60-90 – Final Boss do not kill during this phase

Some Demon Souls you get from bosses will need to be traded. Once you get the Searing Demon Soul from the Flamelurker, give it to Blacksmith Ed in 2-1 for Road to Possibilities. It’s also a prerequisite for Legacy of the Kings.

Keep an eye out for the following NPCs (check here to see how to save/help them) who need your help in the following areas:

  • 1-1Ostrava 1st Encounter
  • 1-2Ostrava 2nd Encounter
  • 1-2Biorr of the Twin Fangs Need key from 1-3 to get to him
  • 1-3Yuria the Witch Need full Fat Offical outfit to save her
  • 1-3Ostrava 3rd Encounter
  • 3-1Sage Freke Need a key to open a cell door
  • 4-1Graverobber Blige In a cell behind Vanguard demon.
  • 4-2Patches the Hyena Can also be found in 2-2
  • 4-2Saint Urbain In a pit with 2 Black Phantoms

You may also run into an NPC called Yurt who is locked inside a suspended cage in 3-2. You will have to free him eventually, but for now, leave him be. Later, once you reach Pure Black Character Tendency you can free him but you must immediately kill him or he will start to assassinate the NPCs in the Nexus.

Yurt’s cage

Ideally, you can also start buying Spells and Miracles. You can’t get them all in one go though, so check out the Spells and Miracles section of our Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide for a workaround.

Lastly, there are several rings you can find on corpses and some that require a bit more effort to acquire. Check out the Rings section of this Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide for their locations and requirements.

The rings you can get during this phase are:

  • Ring of Herculean Strength
  • Thief Ring
  • Cling Ring
  • Gash Resistance Ring
  • Ring of the Accursed
  • Ring of Magical Nature
  • Poison Resistance Ring
  • Flame Resistance Ring
  • Plague Resistance Ring
  • Master’s Ring
  • Ring of Magical Sharpness
  • Clever Rat’s Ring
  • Ring of Avarice
  • Fragrant Ring
  • Regenerator’s Ring
  • Graverobber’s Ring
  • Ronin Ring
  • Ring of Magical Dullness
  • Cat Ring
  • Ring of Sincere Prayer

At the end of this phase of our Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide, you should have all but the last boss vanquished, all the boss-related miscellaneous trophies, at least half of the Spell and Miracles, and half of the Rings.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Tower Knight’s Trophy

Slayer of the demon “Tower Knight”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One Shall Fall

Vanquish the Tower Knight without killing any archers

This trophy is a lot easier than you think. As long as you don’t stand still too much, which you shouldn’t be anyway, then the archers shouldn’t be able to pin you down with their arrows. Just keep moving and attacking the Tower Knight’s legs until he falls over and then go and give his head a good thrashing once he falls. It helps if you grab the Crescent Falchion+1 from the beginning of World 4 before fighting the Tower Knight as it will end the fight fairly quickly.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Armor Spider’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Armor Spider”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Flamelurker’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Flamelurker”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Dragon God’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Dragon God”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fists of Legend

Vanquish the Demon God with the Hands of God

To the left of the Flamelurker’s boss arena is a weapon called the Hands of God. You’ll need 19 Strength and 16 Faith to use them effectively, but you can still equip them and do very small amounts of damage if you don’t meet the requirements.

Once you have hit the Dragon God with both harpoons, he will lay his head down on a path at the bottom of the arena. Head down there and equip the Hands of God. Be careful not to approach the Dragon God when he’s breathing as it will set you on fire. After every breath, run up to his chin and get 1 or 2 hits in and then back away. Do this until he dies and the trophy is yours.

The Hands of God
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Time for Rolling

Cross the walkway through the Idol’s volleys of arrows

When visiting World 3, you will happen across a bridge littered with corpses and a giant Iron Maiden-looking statue at the far end shooting arrows over the bridge.

This will likely take you a bit of trial and error so don’t be holding any souls when you attempt it. Stand at the start of the bridge, watch the arrows for a little while to get a sense of the timing. Then step out and press to dodge roll under each arrow as it comes towards you. The trophy should pop when you reach the other side. Note: Make sure your Equip Burden is below 50% so you avoid “Fat Rolling”.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fool’s Idol’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Fool’s Idol”

This boss fight is different to most other boss fights in that there is a hidden NPC in a room above the church that will resurrect the boss after you kill her. You will need to deal with this NPC before you start the fight. You can get to the 2nd floor of the church via spiral staircases near the lever to the Iron Maiden ballista on the bridge.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Not Fooled

Vanquish the Fool’s Idol without hitting any clones

Throught this boss fight the Fool’s Idol will conjure clones of herself. It might seem hard to spot which one is the real boss at first but there a few tells that will help you.

The clones will have small health bars above their heads when you lock onto them and they will cast Soul Arrow instead of Soul Ray. The Worshippers in the curch will also only worship the real Idol so you can pay attention to which way they’re all facing.

Simply hide behind the pillars and observe the boss and her clones until you have figure out which one you need to hit and make sure you only hit the real boss and the trophy will pop once you kill her.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Maneater’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Maneater”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Old Monk’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Old Monk”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Adjudicator’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Adjudicator”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One Shall Stand

Vanquish the Adjudicator without having him fall down

You must use ranged attacks to kill the Adjudicator without having him fall down. Stand on the top floor of the arena and run to the edge to cast Soul Ray or shoot Heavy Arrows at the Adjudicator’s head. Quickly dodge roll backwards to avoid being hit by his incredibly large tongue.

Hitting him in the stomach will cause him to fall down so make sure you avoid that at all costs.

Stay up here and use magic
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Old Hero’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Old Hero”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Storm King’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Storm King”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Leechmongers’ Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Leechmonger”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Dirty Colossus’ Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Dirty Colossus”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Maiden Astraea’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Maiden Astraea”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
May you be unharmed

Vanquish Maiden Astraea without killing Garl Vinland

When you enter the boss arena you will see some Worshippers in front of you. Head to the right of these to a 2nd group of Worshippers on a cliff. Kill them and then stand on the wooden platform that overlooks Maiden Astraea. Garl Vinland shouldn’t be able to reach you here so you’re free to pepper Maiden Astraea with arrows without worrying about any retaliation from Garl.

Make sure you have a strong bow such as the White Bow and use Heavy Arrows or better as she will routinely heal herself which might undo all your damage if you’ve got a less powerful bow and arrows. Once she dies, Garl Vinland will completely stop trying to attack you so it’s safe to walk past him.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Penetrator’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “Penetrator”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Vanquish Penetrator with Biorr

You need to rescue Biorr of the Twin Fangs from his prison cell in 1-2, the key to which is found on a Fat Official in 1-3. Once freed he will return to the Nexus and upon starting the Penetrator boss fight, will show up and help you fight him.

Biorr being in this boss fight is actually quite helpful because half of the time the Penetrator isn’t focusing on you which gives you plenty of time to heal or queue up your next magic attack etc.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Return to Form

Help a player vanquish a boss

Phase Two – Complete Pure White and Pure Black World Tendency Events

In this phase of our Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide, we will start working on triggering tendency events. If you have been playing offline then at the start of this phase you should have Pure White World Tendency. Check the Tendency section of this Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide for more information.

With Pure White World Tendency, head to 3-2 and pick up the key to Lord Rydell’s cell and go back to 3-1 to free him. He will give you the Dull Rat’s Ring.

Head to 4-2 and enter the pit that Patches the Hyena kicked you down. The item that was stuck on top of the stack of rocks should now be on the floor and accessible. Pick it up and go back to 4-1 to find an NPC called Satsuki. You must have the Makoto weapon in your inventory before you speak to him but do not equip it. Choose to give the weapon to him.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Worthy of the Sword

Deliver Makoto to Satsuki

At pure white world tendency, this item will be on the floor

Head to 5-1 and progress through the level until you get to a small wooden walkway against a cliff face just beyond where you first met the Filthy Woman vendor. A ladder embedded into the cliff face should now be visible. Climb it and fight your way to the Istarelle weapon.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One of the few

Ontain Istarelle

Climb the ladder here to find the Istarelle weapon

Now that the Pure White World Tendency events are done, you must now travel to each world and repeatedly die in human form to tank the world tendency down to Pure Black. To do this, use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and jump off a ledge or let the mobs kill you. When you respawn, use the Archstone to reset the level which should also update your world tendency.

With Pure Black World Tendency head to 3-2 and pick up the Sodden Ring which hiding behind a pillar close to one of those large rat king type enemies. Now head to each world and kill the Black Phantom that spawns there. This should tip your Character Tendency into Pure White assuming you’ve managed to keep a completely neutral character tendency during Phase 1.

Take a trip to 4-1 and trade a Pure Bladestone and a Large Sword of Searching with Sparkly to obtain the Ring of Uneven Scales and Ring of Longevity. The Pure Bladestone is an upgrade material that’s extremely rare. You can find one by killing the dual wielding skeleton just before the Adjudicator boss.

You can skip the Black Phantoms and just let a friend repeatedly invade you and kill them which should also push you into Pure White Character Tendency.

There are also Primeval Demons hiding in all the worlds with Pure Black tendency. You must kill at least 3 of them in order to buy the Recovery Miracle from Saint Urbain. Killing a Primeval Demon will tip the World Tendency back towards Neutral which might make things harder if you’re also trying to hunt down the Black Phantoms.

After you bought Recovery from Saint Urbain, upload your save to PS+ and buy the rest of the Miracles to pop the Saint’s Trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Saint’s Trophy

All Miracles Obtained

Check out the Spells and Miracles section of this Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide for a more detailed explanation on buying them all within the least amount of playthroughs as possible.

After killing all 5 Black Phantoms or having a friend invade you, your Character Tendency should be Pure White.

Head to the Monumental and speak with him. He will give you the Ally’s Ring.

Now it’s time to tank your Character Tendency to Pure Black. Doing this is much easier than getting it to Pure White.

All you have to do is kill the vendors in each world, they’re fairly weak and some won’t even put up a fight. You should also use the Mausoleum Key to face Old King Dorian. After you do a bit of damage to him he will yield and give you his weapon, however, you should keep attacking him and kill him in order to receive the Eternal Warrior’s Ring.

Since your Character Tendency should be Pure Black by now, it’s also a really good time to invade other players and kill them. You only need to invade and kill one for the trophy to pop.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Unwelcome Guest

Vanquish a player as an invader

Use the Black Eye Stone to invade another player. When you spawn into their world, hunt them down and kill them. You might need a few attempts at this as there’s plenty of amazing players in the Demon’s Souls community.

If you struggle, you could always ask around on Reddit or PSNProfiles for a boosting partner to help you.

Phase Three – Mephistopheles

Once you finally have Pure Black Character Tendency, you will be able to meet Mephistopheles. However, you must first head to 3-2 and free Yurt and then immediately kill him. Then once you go back to the Nexus, Mephistopheles will be waiting for you on the 2nd floor.

She will task you with killing some of the NPCs around the Nexus so make sure you’re happy with your equipped Spells/Miracles because pretty soon you won’t be able to change them.

You will also acquire the last of the Rings during this phase. Ring of Devout Prayer, Ring of Great Strength, and the Foe’s Ring which should be all of the rings in the game.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
King of Rings

All Rings Obtained

Check out the Rings section if you’re still missing any.

Phase Four – Kill Final Boss and Start NG+

The only thing left to do at this point in our Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide is to go and face the final boss, False King Allant. He’s a pretty tough fight, but those in the know will have the Thief Ring and Poison Cloud equipped 😉

Once you vanquish Allant and travel back to the Nexus, a cutscene will play and the floor in the middle of the room will open up. Speak to the Maiden in Black and go kill the real final boss and claim his weapon. Don’t worry, it’s not a hard fight at all.

Once you have picked up Soulbrandt, you won’t be able to go back to the Nexus unless you use an Archstone Shard or Nexial Binding. Once there head to Blacksmith Ed in 2-1 and forge the Northern Regalia from the Demonbrandt and Soulbrandt.

You should now close the app and upload your save to PS+.

Jump back into the game, head to the Nexus and…

Spoilers! Click to Show

kill the Maiden in Black
…for the bad ending. Then redownload your save and return to below the Nexus and leave the normal way via the fog gate for the good ending.

After the credits you will be in New Game+ and will have recieved…

Spoilers! Click to Show

the Maiden in Black Demon Soul.

The only thing left to do in NG+ is to collect the necessary Demon Souls required for the Spells you were unable to purchase in your previous playthrough which means fighting the following bosses again.

  • Phalanx (mandatory)
  • Armor Spider
  • Penetrator
  • Maiden Astraea
  • Old Monk
  • Dragon God
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
False King’s Trophy

Slayer of the Demon “False King”

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Legacy of the Kings

Obtain the Northern Regalia

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Seekest soul power

Embrace the power of the Old One

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Sage’s Trophy

All Magic Spells Obtained

Plat Get!

And last but not least, once you have every single trophy in this Demon’s Souls Trophy Guide, this well-earned new platinum is all yours to enjoy!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Slayer of Trophies

All Trophies Obtained

Plat Get!

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