Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Bush Rescue HD Trophy Guide

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD

26 Trophies (1260 Points)






PlayStation 4

Release Date

June 30th 2021 (original game: October 12th 2004)


Krome Studios (original game: Electronic Arts)


Krome Studios


How long does it take to beat Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD and unlock all trophies?


How difficult is it to beat Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10)

Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD have online trophies?


Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD have missable trophies?

The trophy "Oils Well That Ends Well" is potentially missable.

Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD?


Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD have a Platinum Trophy?


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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was a huge part of my life growing up, while everyone else had Crash, Sonic, or whatever else, I was obsessed with this goofy little Australian feller. After excitedly creating the very first Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide, I’m even more excited to bring you this Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide, with which you’ll be able to complete all trophies and earn the platinum!

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 HD Trophy Guide: Before You Begin

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 HD PS4 Cheat Codes

You can use cheats in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 HD for PlayStation 4 but you will risk voiding trophies if you do. Most trophies are not void if you use cheats, you can still get all boss and level completion trophies, the 100% completion trophy, and all trophies for purchasable items (provided you actually purchase them) but you can’t unlock the ‘rang trophies using the unlock all rang cheats, the same goes for Bunyip Keys.

You will void the 200,000 opal trophy by using the opal cheat, but you can use those opals to buy ‘rangs and Bunyip Keys for the relevant trophies no problem.

The biggest issue is that if you use any cheat (except the Camerang cheat) all collectible trophies will become instantly void. You wouldn’t even find out until you’re at least 60-70% of the way to game completion.

Long story short; avoid using cheats. There’s some complexity to the system that means you ight be able to leverage cheats to your advantage in some way, but it isn’t worth it.

Boomerang Priorities

You’ll eventually need to buy every boomerang in the game if you want to earn the platinum, but it helps to know which ones you are going to need the most.

Obviously there will be times when you need to melt some ice with a Flamerang or create an ice platform with a Frostyrang, but those familiar with Ty the Tasmanian Tiger may be surprised to realise how little those rangs are actually needed. To help you get a head start on your playthrough, I’ll recommend a few to prioritise.

The first one you want to buy is the Infrarang. It will benefit you greatly to always be using it to scan around in the early game to look for invisible boxes that might be hiding picture frames, but there’s also some Frillnecks in Disguise to look for as one of the collectibles and you can’t even start looking for them without first owning the Infrarang.

The Infrarang also highlights collectibles, key items, and switches which will all help you in the long run when it comes to spotting secrets and solving puzzles.

Next up I recommend the Smasharang, a powerful boomerang capable of breaking open metal boxes and glowing rocks, giving you more access to secrets and collectibles early on.

And the final basic boomerang I recommend getting as soon as you can is the Lasharang, with it you can grapple and swing from floating/hanging hoops in various levels, again, giving you access to collectibles.

If you explore and complete enough missions at the start of the game you can have all three of the above ‘rangs before even leaving Burramudgee.

Once you gain access to Sly’s shop, you should prioritise getting the Xrang and the Warparang. The Xrang does everything the Infrarang does, but it does so passively. Allowing you to see (and hear) nearby secrets without even needing to scan.

The Warperang is a suped-up version of the Lasharang, except it will allow you to grapple onto purple crystals and access secret areas.

You might also like to grab the Omegarang from Sly as a priority too as it’s the most OP weapon in the game. Sure, the Kaboomerang is a portable mini-nuke but it’s slow compared to the absolute beatdown the Omegarang delivers.

Once you’ve stocked up on the above priority rangs, then and only then would I recommend buying any others.

Phase One – Finish the Game

For this first phase of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide, you just want to focus on beating the story. Along the way, you will want to gather as many collectibles as you can, but your main focus should be Opals, with which you can buy Boomerangs and Bunyip Keys essential for making progress.

Keep a keen eye out for Krome Opals as these can be used later to purchase maps from Madame Mopoke which will show you the locations of all Steve Encounters, Bilbies, and Silver Cogs.

I will leave it up to you whether you want to complete all other missions before the final story mission, we’ll come back for those during phase two of this Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide anyway.

There is one mission you will definitely be completing and that is the Oil Rig Fire mission. Keep an eye out for this mission and be sure not to miss the Oils Well That Ends Well trophy there. This is the only potentially missable trophy so do keep your eye out and make sure you don’t miss it.

Unmissable Trophies

There are a fair few trophies you will earn in this phase of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide which simply require you to finish a level or defeat a boss, these trophies cannot be missed and as long as you are making progress then you’ll earn them:

Trophy Image
Prison Break

Complete the Currawong Prison Level

Trophy Image



Trophy Image
Patch It Up

Defeat Patchy

Trophy Image



Trophy Image
Mortar Mayhem

Defeat Fluffy

Trophy Image



Trophy Image
Totally Bustered

Defeat Buster

Trophy Image



Trophy Image
Bush Rescued

Complete the game

Trophy Image



Missable Trophy

There is just one missable trophy in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2, and considering you can’t complete the game without going through the relevant level, I strongly suggest you check out the trophy below and keep an eye out for the Oil Rig stage so that you can’t miss it.

Trophy Image
Oils Well That Ends Well

Put out the fires on the oil rig

Trophy Image


Continue completing missions until you get a mission at the Oil Rig titled “Oil Rig Fire.” You won’t be able to start this mission until you have the Thermo Bunyip Key from Trader Bob’s Store.

Once all requirements are met, make a backup save via the pause menu’s “Save Game” option and then head to the Oil Rig and begin the mission. You will eventually reach the Thermo Bunyip which you can enter by hitting .

You will need to make your way to the end of the level while also ensuring that you do not miss any fires. There are some small fires wrapped around pipes that cannot be extinguished but, other than that, you will need to extinguish every fire on the rig.

A non-extinguishable pipe fire.

If you successfully reach the end of the mission without missing any fires, the trophy will unlock when the cutscene plays at the end of the mission.

If the trophy does not unlock and you missed some fires, you should load your backup save from before starting the mission as it cannot be re-attempted. Returning to the Oil Rig will just replay the Buster Nanobots Boss Fight.

Phase Two – 100% Completion

After finishing the game, you should have a better understanding of how the game works, plenty of Opals, a good head-start on collectibles, and be somewhat familiar with the map.

Now, you can see your total completion on the Totals tab in the / pause menu, we need to get this up to 100% to unlock Everything and the Kitchen Sink.

Throughout this phase of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide, you will also be wanting to unlock these two miscellaneous trophies if you didn’t achieve them in your initial playthrough.

Completion Trophies

The below trophies in this portion of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide all require you to collect, purchase, or complete various things in order to slowly bring your completion up to 100% at which point you can earn this trophy:

Trophy Image
Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Finish the game to 100% complete

Trophy Image



Provided you unlock every other trophy in this phase of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide, you should unlock this trophy naturally.

It involves completing the following objectives:

Do all of that, and this trophy is yours.

Trophy Image
Nice Guys DON’T Finish Last

Finish any race in first place.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Burramudgee GraffiTY

Finish in first place in all races.

Trophy Image

You will find Cart Racing missions at racing flag icons on the map when you’re exploring the outback in the Fourbie (pick-up truck). You will need to visit all Seven racing flag icons and finish the races at each location in first place.

After your first first-place victory in a cart race, “Nice Guys DON’T Finish Last” will unlock. Once you’ve had a total of seven first-position wins at all seven locations, “Burramudgee GraffiTY” will unlock.

These races aren’t very difficult. You can damn-near guarantee you will finish in first place by using shortcuts. Almost every course has at least one shortcut and by identifying where they are and making use of them you will be sure to get ahead of the opponents.

When you have finished a race in first place, the racing flag icon for that course will change to a gold trophy icon.

If you have won every race but the trophy does not unlock, return to the main menu and open “Extras.” The trophy should unlock when the Extras menu opens. If it still doesn’t, open the “Leaderboards” option and the trophy will unlock then.

Trophy Image
Opal Hoarder

Collect a total of 200,000 opals.

Trophy Image


This trophy is cumulative so don’t worry about needing to hold 200,000 opals all at once, you’re free to spend them as you like. In fact, in order to purchase every single boomerang for I Need Rangs! and All The Rangs! you will need well over 300,000 opals, so this trophy is pretty much guaranteed.

Given how many opportunities for opals there are in the game, it’s likely you will earn this naturally unless you’ve been ignoring all them for your entire playthrough. Not to worry, opals can be found everywhere. Opals respawn in all locations and you can farm a lot of opals by defeating enemies, who also respawn. Be sure to try and avoid any grind, though, by just making sure you collect your spoils while you play.

Once you’ve collected a cumulative total of 200,000 opals throughout your time playing Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2, this trophy will unlock.

As a reminder, using the cheat to give you 100,000 opals will void this trophy and certainly won’t help towards it.

Trophy Image
I Need Rangs!

Buy all the rangs from the Rang Shop.

Trophy Image

The Rang Shop is found in Burramudgee Town, it’s straight ahead of you when you exit the tunnel leading from Bush Rescue HQ. Inside, you can purchase boomerangs from Ty’s parents. There are 8 in total to purchase and you will need to buy them all in order to unlock this trophy.

Below you can find a full list of each rang and their Opal cost:

Trophy Image
All The Rangs!

Buy all the rangs from Sly’s Shack.

Trophy Image

Sly’s Shack is found later in the game and contains upgraded versions of each boomerang. For example, the Xrang is an upgraded version of the Infrarang.

Look for Sly’s Shop in the southeast region of the open-world “Southern Rivers” map, at the shop icon near a race. There, you’ll find a tall rock formation with platforms all around the outside of it. Use the platforms to reach the peak, where Sly’s Shop awaits.

To unlock this trophy you will need to purchase all 11 of the rangs Sly sells.

The below table lists each rang their Opal cost:

Doomerang (requires Deadlyrang)75,000
Trophy Image

Buy all the bunyip licenses.

Trophy Image

If you head north from the ‘Rang Shop in Burramudgee Town, you’ll be facing Trader Bob’s store. In there, you can purchase various random items, but the things to focus on for this trophy are the Bunyip Keys. There are three Bunyip Keys in total and they all cost 5,000 Opals.

They will give you access to various Bunyip Mechs, crucial for various missions that cannot be completed without them. To unlock this trophy, you will need to purchase all three keys. The trophy will then unlock immediately.

Trophy Image

Find, and listen to, Steve in all his locations.

Trophy Image


Steve is a strange caveman/dinosaur hybrid wanderer who shows up in various places throughout the game. If you find and speak to him, he will give you a hefty sum of Opals.

You can purchase a “Mysterious Anomales” map from Madame Mopoke for 10 Kromium Orbs which will show you Steve’s location on the minimap when the Infrarang or Xrang are equipped. I don’t recommend trying to earn this trophy without it, but do keep an eye out for him as you make your way through the game. Use and to zoom in/out on the map.

If you skip his dialogue with , he won’t give you any Opals and he’ll stay where he is. Make sure you listen to all of his dialogue, that way when he leaves, you know you’ve collected this encounter for the trophy.

Here’s a table showing the distribution of Steve Encounters throughout the game’s levels:

LevelSteve Encounters
Burramudgee Town1
Southern Rivers4
Outback Oasis1
The Never Never1
The Wetlands1
Faire Dinkum0
Sulphur Rocks1
Cass’ Run0
Frill Neck Forest0
Mount Boom1

Once you’ve witnessed all 10 of Steve’s encounters, the trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image
You Have A Friend In Me

Find all the Bilbies.

Trophy Image


There are just 30 Bilbies to find in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2, but they can be incredibly difficult to spot. Their colour is subtle, they don’t make a distinct sound like they used to, and they’re often hidden in very inconspicuous locations.

Fortunately, you can purchase a “Missing Persons” map from Madame Mopoke for 10 Kromium Orbs which will show you Bilby locations on the minimap when the Infrarang or Xrang is equipped. Use and to zoom in/out on the map.

Here’s a table showing the distribution of Bilby collectibles throughout the game’s levels:

LevelNo. of Bilbies
Burramudgee Town4
Southern Rivers4
Outback Oasis3
The Never Never4
The Wetlands3
Faire Dinkum3
Sulphur Rocks5
Cass’ Run0
Frill Neck Forest2
Mount Boom2

Find all 30 Bilbies and this trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Photo Booth

Find all the picture frames.

Trophy Image



Picture Frames are a type of collectible which unlock Concept Art in the Extras menu when collected. There are 175 of them in the game and they’re much easier to find than they were in the prequel to this game.

Fortunately, a huge chunk of the picture frames are found in Burramudgee, within the sewers and at the Bush Rescue HQ. The rest are distributed rather manageably across the other levels.

I strongly recommend that you have the Xrang with you when looking for picture frames as they are commonly found inside invisible boxes. Having the Xrang equipped will make these boxes visible and also make a sound when one is near.

Here’s a table showing the distribution of Picture Frame collectibles throughout the game’s levels:

LevelNo. of Picture Frames
Burramudgee Town67
Southern Rivers0
Outback Oasis13
The Never Never30
The Wetlands13
Faire Dinkum14
Sulphur Rocks22
Cass’ Run0
Frill Neck Forest15
Mount Boom1

Find all 175 Picture Frames and this trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Silence Is Golden But Cogs Are Silver

Find all the cogs.

Trophy Image


Cogs are back, but this time they’re silver! The game’s 50 Cogs can be found all over the map and are no longer tied to completing objectives. Keep your eye out for puzzles to complete and secret hidden locations to keep your cog collection growing.

To make things easier, you can purchase a “Cog Map” from Madame Mopoke for 10 Kromium Orbs which will show you Silver Cog locations on the minimap when Infrarang or Xrang are equipped. Use and to zoom in/out on the map.

Here’s a table showing the distribution of Cog collectibles throughout the game’s levels:

LevelNo. of Cogs
Burramudgee Town4
Southern Rivers3
Outback Oasis4
The Never Never16
The Wetlands6
Faire Dinkum3
Sulphur Rocks9
Cass’ Run1
Frill Neck Forest1
Mount Boom3

Collect all 50 Cogs to unlock this trophy! You should then take them to Trader Bob’s in Burramudgee to purchase all Ty and Fourbie Skins for Skinny Dipper.

Trophy Image
Skinny Dipper

Buy ALL the skins for TY and the Fourbie, from Trader Bob.

Trophy Image



Head north from the ‘Rang Shop in Burramudgee Town and you’ll be facing Trader Bob’s store. In there, you can purchase various random items, but for this trophy you’re going to need to buy all of the various Skins for Ty and the Fourbie (4×4 Jeep).

To purchase these skins you will need Silver Cogs. In fact, you will need all of the Silver Cogs if you intend to purchase every skin, which you will need to do if you hope to unlock this trophy.

Once you have unlocked the trophy Silence Is Golden But Cogs Are Silver, head to Trader Bob’s store and spend those hard-earned cogs on some new skins!

Once you own every skin that Bob sells, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Into Orb-it

Find all the Kromium Orbs.

Trophy Image


There are just 30 of these Kromium Orb collectibles in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2. They are pretty well-hidden making them difficult to find. Given that there’s no Mopoke Map for these collectibles they could be considered one of the hardest collectibles to find, but as long as you keep an eye on your totals trackers and ensure you’re fully exploring every location you will find that finding them all isn’t as daunting as it seems.

One bit of advice I have would be to thoroughly check the Southern Rivers map as that’s the only place I struggled to locate them. You can find the five Southern Rivers Kromium Orbs at; Sly’s Shack, The Sulphur Rocks Entrance, Underwater on the East side of Wobbygon Bay, Underwater on the West side of Wobbygon bay, and on a platform you need the Warperang to reach outside the Dennis Freeway mission.

Here’s a table showing the distribution of Kromium Orb collectibles throughout the game’s levels:

LevelNo. of Orbs
Burramudgee Town4
Southern Rivers5
Outback Oasis2
The Never Never7
The Wetlands1
Faire Dinkum2
Sulphur Rocks6
Cass’ Run0
Frill Neck Forest1
Mount Boom2

Find all 30 Kromium Orbs to unlock this trophy. You should then take them to Madame Mopoke’s caravan in Burramudgee Town to purchase all of the maps for Cryptocartographer.

Trophy Image

Buy all the maps from Madame Mopoke.

Trophy Image



Madame Mopoke sells three maps, each costing 10 Kromium Orbs. When you purchase one of her three maps, they will add the ability to display certain collectibles on the mini-map while the Infrarang or Xrang is equipped. There are maps available for Steve encounters, Silver Cog locations, and Bilby locations.

If you hit or a few times you can make the mini-map large so that you can see these things clearer.

Madame Mopoke is found in a caravan tucked away in the south-west corner of Burramudgee Town.

To unlock this trophy, you will need to purchase all of the maps, which isn’t possible of course without first collecting a total of 30 Kromium Orbs (you will be doing this anyway for Into Orb-It). Then purchase all three maps for the trophy to unlock.

Trophy Image
Fully Koalafied

Find all the disguised Frills

Trophy Image


To unlock this trophy, you need to first complete a specific mission. To complete it, you will need the Infrarang (or Xrang).

When in Burramudgee Town and equipped with an Infrarang, speak to the Koala Police Officer at the top of the stairs north of the Rang Shop (above Trader Bob’s shop).

When you do, he will explain that some Frillnecks have been disguising themselves as Koalas! Use the Infrarang to identify the Frillneck in disguise and then take care of him. He’s in the group of worker koala’s next to Dennis’ house in the northwest corner.

Once you’ve defeated the Frillneck speak to the Police Officer again to hand in the quest and then go speak to Ranger Ken, next to the Sewer entrance. If you haven’t done the crocodile mission in the sewers yet do that first and then speak to Ken again. He’ll tell you that the spy we took out wasn’t the only one to be found.

There are 25 Frills-in-disguise to find throughout the game and you can use the collectibles screen (Opal icon) in the game’s pause menu / to check how many there are in each of the game’s locations.

Here’s a table showing the distribution of Disguised Frill collectibles throughout the game’s levels:

LevelNo. of Frills
Burramudgee Town2
Southern Rivers8
Outback Oasis3
The Never Never3
The Wetlands2
Faire Dinkum1
Sulphur Rocks3
Cass’ Run0
Frill Neck Forest1
Mount Boom2

They are always disguised as builder koalas with little yellow hard hats on, so scan every one you come across with the Infrarang. If you have the X-Rang then they will be revealed just by getting close to them with the rang equipped, no scanning necessary.

Trophy Image
Bush Rescue Out Of Order

Complete all the missions.

Trophy Image

There are a total of 44 missions in the game, which will be slowly revealed as you progress. Completing missions will free up space for more missions to appear, and progressing the story will unlock additional mission pools.

You can find the currently active missions in the “Callsheet” tab of the / pause menu.

Missions are found at star-shaped icons on the map which will turn into hollowed grey stars when complete. Some side-activities also count as missions, such as Julius’ three Training Ground missions which can be found at translucent white star icons and do not change to hollowed star icons when completed.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding and completing all 44 missions, considering they are marked on the map very clearly. However, if you reach a point where there are no stars on the map and yet you don’t have 44/44 missions on your Totals Tracker, then you should consider visiting each level to see if you can find any translucent white star icons.

When all 44 missions have been completed, this trophy is yours.

Trophy Image
Hollywood Square

Complete all the Birrel and Squeaver missions.

Trophy Image

Birrel and Squeaver are an acting duo composed of, you guessed it, a Squirrel and a Beaver. They’re always accompanied by their director too, a Fox.

You’ll often find Birrel and Squeaver at star-shaped mission markers on the map. As long as you’re taking the time to complete every mission for Bush Rescue Out of Order and Everything and the Kitchen Sink, then this trophy is guaranteed.

Once all three Birrel and Squeaver missions have been completed, this trophy will unlock.

Miscellaneous Trophies

The two trophies in the below portion of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide are not tied to the game’s completion percentage at all, and are just random objectives you can complete as soon as the relevant locations are accessible.

Trophy Image
A Hundred Percent True

Listen to all of Lenny’s true stories.

Trophy Image

Lenny the Lyrebird is a returning character from the first game in the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series. He can be found in Burramudgie, at the side of the road south of the Rang Shop. He’s surrounded by a group of Koala Kids intently listening to his stories.

When you approach Lenny, a “!” prompt will appear, indicating that you can press to hear one of his “true” stories. You will need to repeat this, and listen to each of the stories, until you’ve heard them all and the trophy unlocks. His final story begins with the line “You may be wondering how I know so much…” and the trophy should unlock as he says it.

Trophy Image
We’re in the Money

Collect the hidden 10000 opal bag.

Trophy Image

During the final level “Cass’ Run,” which can be replayed at any time via the aircraft at the Bush Rescue HQ in Burramudgee, you will eventually need to fight two of the game’s bosses a second time in a large open area. Once the bosses are defeated, look for a cave blocked by a metal door on the east side of the area.

Above it, there’s a switch with a target on it. Aim at it by holding down and then shoot it with . This will activate four more switches in the area which will be shown to you briefly. Find and hit all four before the invisible timer ends and the cave will open. If you’re not fast enough, just hit the first switch again for a second chance.

Once the cave is open, head inside and follow the linear path to a very normal-looking grey Opal bag. Collect it to receive 10,000 Opals and this trophy!

Check out this video if my instructions weren’t clear enough:


Trophy Image
Collect all the trophies

Collect all the trophies in TY the Tasmanian Tiger2™: Bush Rescue™ HD.

Trophy Image

Unlock every other trophy in this Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 Trophy Guide to unlock this platinum trophy.

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