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How long does it take to beat Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and unlock all trophies?

About 10 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger have online trophies?


Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger have missable trophies?


Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger have glitched trophies?


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Does Ty the Tasmanian Tiger have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

This Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide was created to accompany my Platinum Review, check that out if you have a few minutes!

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a collect-em-up with a pretty easy Platinum Trophy. Obviously most of the trophies are related to story progression and collectables but there are a few miscellaneous and combat-related trophies for us to keep an eye out for! This Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide should ensure you’refully prepared, though.

Note that you do not need to complete the game on “Hardcore Mode” in order to earn the Platinum as there is no trophy for doing this.

GLITCH WARNING: themindisacity on PSNProfiles pointed this one out: “In the level Lyre Lyre, you may collect every gem and still only have 299/300.  This is a bug that happens when gems are picked up too quickly.  Exit the stage (either by quitting to the main menu or through the level end warp), enter back in, and go to the bouncy tree where one of the cogs was (there were also crates here with gems).  If you look over the side of this cliff, you should see some spiders surrounding a crate – your bugged gem will be in that crate.”

Phase One – Finish the Game

Unmissable Trophies

There are a fair few trophies in this phase of the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide which simply require you to finish a level or defeat a boss, these trophies cannot be missed and as long as you are making progress then you’ll earn them:

Trophy Image
Two Rangs Are Better Than One

You got your second rang!

Trophy Image
No More Dog Paddle

You learnt how to swim!

Trophy Image
That’s Using Your Head!

Defeat Bull The Razorback

Trophy Image
Free Crikey!

Defeat Crikey the Tiger Shark

Trophy Image
Foil Fluffy

Defeat Fluffy and her Robot, Fluffy

Trophy Image
Brotherly Love

Defeat Sly the Tasmanian Tiger

Whilst you’re collecting those, though, you’re going to be wanting to keep your eye out for collectables. You can easily minimize the amount of backtrack and cleanup you will need to do by being vigilant about collectables.

Collect everything you can during your first stab at a stage.

Once you have completed 9 stages and 3 bosses, earning the Zappyrang, do not play the final stage, we will come back to that but first we need to ensure you unlock the secret ending by getting 100% completion. Do so by grabbing all collectables…

Collectable Trophies

Each level contains a certain number of each type of collectable and for that Platinum Trophy you’ll need to collect everything. Below are the collectable trophies along with some information and advice about each collectable:

Let’s start with Thunder Eggs. There’s no trophy tied to collecting all of these except for the 100% collectables trophy and general progress trophies as the Thunder Eggs are the main objective and the only way to progress further into the game. There are 8 Thunder Eggs per stage and you should be able to collect them all within a stage on your first visit there.

Some Thunder Eggs come from NPC side-quests

One thunder egg on each stage is attributed to another type of collectable; Bilbies. There are 5 Bilbies to find in each stage, earning you a Thunder Egg, but finding all of the Bilbies will earn you this trophy:

Trophy Image
Find all the Bilbies

You found all the Bilbies!

Finding all of the Bilbies is pretty easy because they will yell out “COOOOOUWEE!” whenever you’re near them, so just wander the stage until you can hear their sound effects. If you’re struggling, try changing the audio settings to make the Music very quiet and the SFX louder.

A sweet little grandma Bilby

Another Thunder Egg on each stage is attributed to Opals. Opals are everywhere and you will want to make sure you collect every one you possibly can because you really don’t want to get stuck looking for that last one on each stage. There are a whopping 300 to find in every level and they’re usually placed in a breadcrumb trail formation showing you the way through the level. You can also find them in wooden crates. Crates usually have about 5 Opals in them but it can be less.

Opals galore!

Opals on Water Slides: The most frustrating opals to get in general tend to be those on Water Slides. It can be hard to control Ty whilst he’s sliding but if you pull back with Ty will slow down dramatically and you can do this the whole way down. It takes a while to get to the bottom but at least it gives you time to grab every Opal.

Opals in Boxes: If you’re stuck unable to find 5, 10, or 15 Opals then you’re probably missing a box or three. The HD upgrades to Ty’s graphics mean there is a lot more grass in this game than the original. This density of grass means it is hard to see boxes in some areas now – especially on the sides of the road in Outback Safari – so if you find yourself struggling to find a box, check all the grassy patches.

Collecting every Opal will not only earn you each stage’s 300 Opal Thunder Egg but you’ll also get this trophy:

Trophy Image
You found that last opal!

You found all the opals!

And finally, the third repeating Thunder Egg objective is to beat a Time Attack challenge in each stage. This is usually either a Time Trial race against the clock with a high score to beat or a race against an NPC.

A Time Attack with a time to beat of 2m 18s

NPC Races are exactly like the Time Trials because the NPC always finishes at the same time, so it might as well have just been a Time Trial but I suppose the NPC acts as an additional obstacle.

Beating every single Time Attack will of course earn you a trophy:

Trophy Image
Complete All Time Attacks

Completed All Time Attacks

Each stage also contains Golden Cogs. There are 10 of these per stage and there is no trophy for them. This is because you need to use the Golden Cogs to buy Boomerangs and there is a trophy for every Boomerang you unlock. In order to unlock every Boomerang you will, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, need to collect every single Golden Cog.

I would advise you get as many of these as you can during your first visit to a stage. You’ll be able to get all 10 in most stages but there are just a few which you can’t collect without a specific Boomerang which you won’t have upon your first visit. For example, there is a Golden Cog in Bridge on the River Ty, in the back corner of the lake, which is pretty hard to get without the Frostyrang’s ability to create ice platforms on water.

This one’s real easy to reach with the Frostyrang.

Once every 15 Cogs you can buy a ‘rang at Julian’s Workshop. For each of the Boomerangs you will earn a trophy:

Trophy Image
Zoom Zoom

You got the Zoomerang

Trophy Image
Throw throw throw throw throw

You got the Multirang

Trophy Image
See the Unseen!

You got the Infrarang

Trophy Image

You got the Megarang

Trophy Image
Shake the Room!

You got the Kaboomerang

Trophy Image
Slow down, Kid!

You got the Chronorang

At this point, if you buy all the Boomerangs as soon as you can, you will have only one missing Boomerang which you earn during the final boss fight. However, despite not actually having all of the Boomerangs, you will earn this trophy:

Trophy Image
Boomerang King

Get all the boomerangs

Note that the Flamerang, Frostyrang and Zappyrang are story-related and will be given to you by Julius after each boss fight.

Details on all boomerangs are available via the touchpad menu.

The last collectable you need to look out for in every single stage is Picture Frames. Some stages have 0, but there are up to 29 in any given stage. You will need to collect them all in every stage and that includes the Rainbow Cliffs and the Bonus Stages. The Bonus Stages aren’t available until after you have collected everything else, so this trophy is unlocked in a later phase.

For some reason, Picture Boxes are very easy to see when put against the sky.

Picture Frames are typically found in invisible boxes. These boxes have a blue outline allowing you to spot them if you look closely. In a lot of stages, though, the boxes are clearly visible due to the way that the shaders work.

To have an easier time collecting these, I advise that you first progress until you have 45 Golden Cogs, this should happen about half-way through Bridge on the River Ty. With those 45 Cogs you’ll be able to buy the Infrarang which exists purely to help you find Picture Frame crates.

A picture frame box viewed through the Infrarang Scope

When the Infrarang is equipped it will make a sonar-like noise whenever a Picture Frame box is nearby and the surround-sound is actually good enough that with headphones on you will be able to locate the box via this sonar effect. You can then hold to look through the infrared scope which will allow you to see the boxes a lot more clearly.

You can press the button at any time to view your collectable progress on the current stage, but you can also use the and buttons to see your progress on other stages you’ve visited.

Collectable tracking screen.

Misc Chapter-Specific Trophies

There are a few new objectives added to Ty the Tasmanian Tiger via a set of additional miscellaneous trophies requiring you to do either something silly, or something somewhat skilled. Many of these are tied to specific stages so I’ll list them here in our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide in the chronological order that you will visit their respective stages.

Your very first opportunity for a Misc Trophy is found as soon as you start the game.

Trophy Image
Not Your Proudest Moment

Die in Rainbow Cliffs

There are many ways to die in Rainbow Cliffs at the start of the game. You could jump off the cliff 4 times until you have no health or go and leap on some fire 4 times. If you wait until you earn the ability to dive underwater in Ship Rex then you can simply dive underwater and set the controller down, allowing Ty to slowly drown. However you decide to do it, killing yourself in the Rainbow Cliffs hub world will net you that trophy!

Your next opportunity for a Misc trophy comes in the stage “Walk in the Park”. After you take your first trip down a waterslide, you’ll find yourself next to a large bear character called “Ranger Ken”, stood before the start of another water-slide. In this shallow river where Ken is stood you will see plenty of purple leeches who are most likely jumping at you.


Hit to bite down on one of the leeches, making it burst into a spray of purple goo and netting this trophy:

Trophy Image
Take that, Leech!

Bite a leech

The very next trophy opportunity is very close by in the same stage. Towards the end of the level you’ll find a Thunder Egg just sat on the ground, that is until a Turkey comes out of nowhere and grabs it! Getting the Thunder Egg back from the Turkey is infamously frustrating unless you know about the super bite, which I am sure is why Krome added this trophy:

Trophy Image

Get a thunderegg from a turkey using a super bite

You will earn a super bite for every 100 Opals you collect. You can check how many super bits you have via the number over the Opal icon in the corner. In order to Super Bite you just have to hold and Ty will begin glowing with a mystical energy surging around him. Once you release a fully charge Super Bite by letting go of , Ty will launch himself towards the nearest enemy and chomp down.

Charging super bite.

To earn the trophy you will need to sneak up close to the Turkey without startling it and then begin holding while facing it. Once you release your fully charged Super Bite, Ty should head straight for the Turkey and chomp down, earning you both the Thunder Egg and the trophy!

The next misc trophy opportunity is once again within the very same level. The stage’s main objective is to reach Shazza who needs your help with a blue reptile problem.

Trophy Image
Blue Tongue Bash

You didn’t miss with a single boulder!

To earn the above trophy you will need to have a perfect run on the boulder mini-game which you can start by reaching Shazza and pressing . In this minigame, Shazza is on the left and there are Blue Tongue reptiles walking towards her from the right. In front of your are 5 boulders which you can hit with your boomerang to send them flying down towards the Blue Tongues.

The boulder mini-game.

In order for the trophy to unlock, every boulder you hit has to land on a Blue Tongue. If you miss even once you will need to start again, it is best to just let the Blue Tongues reach Shazza because nothing bad will come of it except you need to restart. If you successfully finish the minigame without unlocking the trophy, though, you will need to go back to Rainbow Cliffs, restart “Walk in the Park” and then make your way back to Shazza again just to retry the minigame.

To ensure your boulders never miss, hit the boulder when the Blue Tongue is stood in-front of the next boulder along to the right. So, say for example if we marked each boulder 1 to 5 from left to right, you would want to hit boulder 3 when the Bloue Tongue is in front of Boulder 4. This way, by the time the boulder lands the Blue Tongue will be under it.


And – would you believe it? – your very next trophy opportunity is in exactly the same level once again. However, you will need to return at a later time to unlock this one. Once you have beat the first three stages as well as your first boss, you will be given the Flamerang by Julian.

You’ll need to head back into the “Walk in the Park” stage, head all the way back to Shazza and then – for some reason – hit her with the Flamerang. You will only need to do this once and then this trophy will unlock:

Trophy Image
Hot Dingo

Hit Shazza with the Flamerang

After that, since you have the Flamerang now and access to the second trio of stages, make your way to “Bridge on the River Ty” as there are another two misc chapter-specific trophies to acquire!

For the first of these you will likely need to make a second visit, but you’ll probably need to come back to this stage later with the Frostyrang for one of the Golden Cogs anyway.

Trophy Image
The Ashes

Burn 50 Cricket Bats

Throughout this stage there are various lizards wielding Cricket Bats and bad intentions. All you need to do for this trophy is hit each of them with a Flamerang. There are around 30-35 of these enemies in the stage and you will be able to earn the trophy about half-way through a second run at the level.

I know absolutely jack all about Cricket, but I do at least get the pun in the trophy name.

The other trophy asks you to listen to Dennis’ answering machine:

Trophy Image
Leave a Message

Listen to Dennis’ answering machine

Dennis is the lanky tree frog character who you will need to escort to his home as part of the Thunder Egg quests. Once you have escorted him home by lighting the oil barrels all the way up and over the bridge, go over to his front door and press when you see the “!” above your head. This will trigger a miniature cutscene in which Dennis’ answering machine plays through his postbox and you will get the trophy.

I tried this before escorting Dennis and it wouldn’t work. Not sure why he seems to need to be home for this.

There is just one chapter-specific misc trophy left and it is another Flamerang one. Head to the mission “Lyre, Lyre Pants on Fire” in the third trio of stages, where you will find a charming young Lyrebird called “Lenny” greeting you as soon as you spawn. Immediately pull out your Flamerangs and start hitting him with them until you earn this:

Trophy Image
Bird Burn

Hit Lenny with the Flamerang 15 times

Note that it doesn’t count unless Lenny flinches when the Boomerang hits him, so you will need to wait for his reaction animation to end before you hit him again.

Don’t worry guys, he does kinda deserve it.

Misc Global trophies

The miscellaneous trophies in this portion of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide can be earned anywhere in the game. The one you will likely want to get out of the way as soon as possible is this one:

Trophy Image
Game Over, Man!

Run out of lives. So sad…

Running out of lives will put you back at the start of the level, so you’ll want to try and do it as early into a level as possible – to avoid losing progress – and near the start of the game when you still have only a few lives.

Personally, I ended up leaving it until near-last, I used a burning log pile near the start of the stage “Beyond the Black Stump” but because I had finished everything else, I had 8 lives and had my HP upgraded from 4HP to 8HP so I had to get hit a total of 64 times for this trophy. If you do it earlier when you have 3 lives and only 4HP you’ll just need to take 12 hits.

Tsch, what a loser!

UPDATE: madbuk on PSNProfiles gave some excellent advice for this trophy. A quicker way to do this is to start a new game on Hardcore mode. In this mode, you only have 1 life from the start you can simply die once and earn the trophy!

Another reason to do that trophy early is that for another trophy you’ll want to reach 9 total lives:

Trophy Image
Breaker Living

Get 9 lives

This will most likely occur naturally because you probably won’t die a lot, but if you need help just remember that lives will re-appear when you revisit a stage. So feel free to collect the extra lives in the first stage and then re-play it to collect them again.

The next trophy is very easy to earn in almost every stage:

Trophy Image
Just Say No

Say no to a friend asking you to help. Bad Tassie Tiger!

Whenever an NPC asks you a yes or no question, all you have to do is select “No”. This will not have any negative effects and you can press to speak to the NPC again to change your answer.

Don’t let these Platypi peer pressure you into fighting an octopus if you don’t want to!

Alongside the above is also 3 combat-specific trophies. My advice for all of these is to go to the level “Snow Worries” for the sheer number of enemies there. When you spawn, head downhill and use the left-most route.

Along the left side of this iced-up river, there are a few Frill necks you can defeat on your way down, then there are a lot of enemies along the frosted shore of the frozen lake.

Earning the Flamerang trophy on this stage.

After defeating these, you can work your way up to the circular arena on the mountainside. It’s clearly visible on your map. Use your flamerang or zappyrang to destroy the ice cubes and then a wave of spiders will attack you, bite them all and then several waves of Frill-necks will follow.

After that, you can just restart the stage and repeat with whichever weapon or attack you need a trophy for.

I earned the Zappyrang trophy in this arena.

If you prefer a lazier approach, head to this location on the map:

Here you will find a snow-less patch of ground within which snowboarding wombats will spawn infinitely, allowing you to simply farm them over time without even moving.

They spawn here endlessly without fail.

The trophies you’ll need to earn with these methods are for biting 200 enemies, defeating 100 enemies with the Flamerang and killing 75 enemies with the Zappyrang.

Trophy Image
What Big Teeth You Have!

Defeat 200 enemies using your Bite

Trophy Image
Nice and Toasty

Defeat 100 enemies with the Flamerang

Trophy Image
Tesla Time

Defeat 75 enemies with the Zappyrang

You won’t earn the Zappyrang until you’re right at the end of the game, so you can try using it exclusively during the final level or you can use my methods above. I preferred to use the Kaboomerang in the final stage for it’s destructive radius so you might like to do the same. But remember, don’t start the final stage until you have all collectables in every level.

The last miscellaneous Trophy cannot be earned until towards the end of the game. To earn it you will need to have bought the Chronorang from Julius, which unlocks once you bring him every Golden Cog in the game.

With the Chronorangs equipped, go back to any stage and replay the time trial. You will need to beat your original high score so choose one you are confident you can beat – I simply chose the first stage “Two Up”.

Only 2 seconds quicker than my original time.

The Chronorangs do not give you any advantage in the race. You can’t beat stop or slow the clock so it’s simply a matter of running the race as normal, just with them equipped.

For doing so you will earn this trophy:

Trophy Image
Time Attack Slowdown

Set a best time with the Chronorang equipped

Rainbow Scales

One additional set of collectables you need to look out for are found in the Rainbow Cliffs hub area. There are just 25 small Rainbow scales to be found and these are fairly easy to find with a bit of vigilant exploration.

The reason I leave this to last, however, is that for some of them you need to make progress in the game. There are 3 to be found under each of Julian’s Thunder Egg machines each time he moves after a boss fight and there are some which require access to other areas of the map, so it’s really best to leave them til last when you have all rangs and full access.

I wonder what these scales came from…

Note that there is two in the final area where the final stage portal can be found, don’t start the final stage until you have every collectable. This way, you can earn the secret ending…

Phase Two – Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Secret Ending

Final Story Trophies

At this point, you’ll want to assess where you’re at in terms of collectables. Are you missing anything in other stages? Well, go get them. Once you’ve collected everything and earned most if not all of the collectable trophies listed in the previous section of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide, it’s time to head into the final stage, where you will earn the following two trophies:

Trophy Image
From the Shadows

You defeated Shadow!

Trophy Image
Boss Cass Smacked

You defeated Boss Cass!

Provided you were successful and had 100% completion, there will be a small cut-scene at the end of the game featuring a cyborg/robot character. It’s nothing special but it does earn you this trophy:

Trophy Image
CY Lives

Watch the secret ending

By now you should also earn or already have earned this:

Trophy Image
Get All The Things!

You got 100% of everything!

Now, I assume by this point you are wondering how you have the 100% trophy but don’t – despite having every single one – have the Picture Frame trophy yet. Well, that’s because there are two bonus stages to complete, which each have a whopping 123 additional Picture Frames within. Continue on into the third phase of our Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide…

Phase Three – Bonus Mission

Collecting the Rest of the Picture Frames

Once you’ve finished the final mission and received the trophies above, it’s time to head into the Bonus Worlds. To reach them, use the stone pillars at the far end of the map (furthest from Julian’s workshop, on your left if you’re facing the medallions by the spawn point) as platforms to reach one large round pillar in-front of the Waterfall.

From there, jump into the waterfall to land on one of the two ledges in there. On the right is a higher ledge with a portal to the night version of the Bonus World. On the left is a lower ledge with a portal to the day version of the Bonus World.

The day version of the Bonus World.

I recommend going to the higher ledge first because once you’re done in that Bonus World you can drop down to the lower ledge. If you do it the other way around you can’t reach the higher ledge from the lower one and will have to jump across all of the pillars again to reach it.

The night version is the hardest to complete because there are a lot of well-hidden buttons. So let me tell you now where they all are. The hardest to find is one on the underside of a platform directly above your head when you spawn, use the Zoomerang to hit it.

There is one inside a hut at the back of the stage which you can burn to cinders using the Flamerang. There’s another inside a block of ice underneath the ledge with the exit portal on it, and there is one directly in-front of your when you spawn, which activates the steam vent. You’ll need to stand on the vent and hit the button from a distance with the Zoomerang.

The Bonus World’s night version is where I earned my trophy for every Picture Frame.

You shouldn’t have any trouble with the day version, just know that in both versions the spy-cam trails will drop you on an invisible platform as long as you don’t move until you land. The platforms are hard to see and can cause some confusion so just don’t push while you’re using to bite your way up the trail and you will land on the platform.

All in all, they’re fairly easy to complete and even though there are 123 Picture Frames in each one, they’re dotted around like Opals so it should only take 10-15 minutes to complete each Bonus World and earn the following trophy:

Trophy Image
Find all the Picture Frames

You found all the Picture Frames!

Phase Four – Cleanup

Last Steps Before the Platinum

Even after completing every stage and collecting every collectable, you may still have a couple of misc trophies left. Now is the time to check those again and clean up any that you’ve missed from that portion of the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Trophy Guide.

Once you mop up that last trophy or two, the Platinum will be yours!

Trophy Image
I came, I saw, I Thylacined.

Collect all the trophies in TY the Tasmanian Tiger.

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