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How long does it take to beat Secret of Mana and unlock all trophies?

Around 25 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Secret of Mana and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Secret of Mana have online trophies?


Does Secret of Mana have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Secret of Mana have missable trophies?

Does Secret of Mana have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Secret of Mana?


Does Secret of Mana have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Secret of Mana Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

This faithful 2018 PS4 remaster of 1993’s Secret of Mana takes the classic JRPG and re-imagines it in a pleasant 3D art style. Bring this Secret of Mana trophy guide along with you on the journey, and all 38 trophies in this excellent remake can be yours in just a single 25-hour playthrough!

Phase One – Reach the Underground City

Most of the trophies in this game involve defeating bosses. And there’s a lot of them! As such, the trophies you’ll receive in this phase of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide will all be awarded by defeating the various bosses that get in your way throughout the story.

While you won’t receive any trophies in this phase which are not boss-related, you will be making progress towards the missable and collectible trophies.

You should progress naturally until you come to the Underground Ruins portion of the game. There, you’ll want to stop and do a bit of grinding and farming in Phase Two of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide to make progress towards the Collectible and Missable trophies.

Along the way, to speed things up, you should try to do the following:

  • Kill every enemy you come across. You’ll eventually need to defeat all 121 enemy types at least once for the trophy Defeat all monsters so the more you can do now, the better. Try to keep track of those that you’ve defeated so you don’t end up with a painful end-game search for the missing monster.
  • When you’re at the Underground Palace in the Dwarf Village do not complete the area until you have killed a “Ma Goblin.” If you miss this, you will no longer be able to earn the platinum and will be locked out of two trophies, just like I am.
  • Visit every store and buy at least one of each equipment piece. You will eventually need to find all equipment to earn these trophies: Obtain all arm gear, Obtain all head gear, Obtain all torso gear.
  • Open every chest you can, you don’t want to miss any weapon orbs which will help you reach level 9 with every weapon for All weapons at level 9. Most of these come from bosses but they’re often found in chests too. You will also get a few from NPCs.
  • Talk to every character to fill in the Character pages in your Guide book for Complete the guide. There are 46 main characters to meet in total, so your best bet is to talk to everyone, making sure you meet as many as possible.
  • Upgrade the girl Primm’s and the sprite Popoi’s magic to level 8 for All magic at level 8. To do so, you will need to use their spells as much as possible, gaining magic exp and leveling up their spells in the background. You can check their Magic Level from the Ally Wheel . The level cap will increase for each Mana Seed you activate. For example, after activating 2 Mana Seeds, all Elemental spells can be increased to Level 2. I recommend taking frequent breaks to increase these levels as it will help a lot with bosses and you’ll avoid a long all-at-once grind. You will get the same amount of exp regardless of which spell you use or how many allies/enemies you use it on, so try to use low-MP-cost spells when level-grinding your magic.

After defeating Aegagropilon at the end of Phase One of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide, the following will happen:

Spoilers! Click to Show

You will find the final Mana Seed and acquire your final set of spells from the spirit Dryad. You’ll then be forced off the Mana Palace island into the world map, riding your dragon, Flammie. There will now be a whole new continent on the map, where the Mana Palace is.

You then need to land back on the Mana Palace and head south, down the stairs, and into the Underground City along the river at the bottom of the western staircase.

When those events have occurred and you’re in the Underground City, you’ll know it is now time for Phase Two of this Secret of Mana Trophy Guide, and it’s time to stop and farm some equipment before it becomes inaccessible.

Phase One Unmissable Secret of Mana Boss Trophies

All of the trophies you’ll earn in this phase of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide are completely unmissable and are all related to the game’s bosses. You get one trophy for each boss you defeat.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Mantis Ant

Defeat Mantis Ant

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Tropicallo

Defeat Tropicallo

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Spikey Tiger

Defeat Spikey Tiger

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Biting Lizard

Defeat Biting Lizard

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Fire Gigas

Defeat Fire Gigas

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Wall Face

Defeat Wall Face

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Kilroy

Defeat Kilroy

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Jabberwocky

Defeat Jabberwocky

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Spring Beak

Defeat Spring Beak

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Great Viper

Defeat Great Viper

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Boreal Face

Defeat Boreal Face

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Frost Gigas

Defeat Frost Gigas

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Mech Rider

Defeat Mech Rider

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Minotaur

Defeat Minotaur

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Vampire

Defeat Vampire

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Mech Rider 2

Defeat Mech Rider 2

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Lime Slime

Defeat Lime Slime

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Gorgon Bull

Defeat Gorgon Bull

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Dark Stalker

Defeat Dark Stalker

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Shadows #1, 2, & 3

Defeat Shadows #1, 2, & 3

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Aegagropilon

Defeat Aegagropilon

Phase Two – Rare Loot Farming in The Underground City, The Grand Palace & The Pure Lands

Now that you’re in the Underground City, create a backup save here which you can use at any time to return if needed. Past this point, if you are not careful, the missable trophies will start to require a second playthrough, which we want to avoid.

It would be wise to only replace that backup save each time you’ve successfully collected some of the missable items below.

In this second phase of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide there’s another handful of boss trophies to acquire, but you’re actually getting close to the end of the game if you’ve made it this far.

There’s just a few things you’ll want to look out for while you’re here, which is why I’ve pulled this out as a separate phase. What we’ll be doing is farming eight missable items from some of the enemies in the Underground City, Grand Palace, and Pure Lands areas. If you miss those items and finish the game without taking the time to farm them, you won’t be able to unlock Obtain all arm gear, Obtain all head gear, and Obtain all torso gear.

You will need to defeat the enemies listed below repeatedly, hoping that they drop a chest. When they do, you’ll need to open that chest and hope that it contains the item you’re looking for. You can improve your chances by having Primm (the girl) cast “Analyzer” on the chests. This will prevent them from being traps, ensuring you get an item every time.

You will be farming these for a long time. The chances of a chest dropping from an enemy are around 10%, but then these rare items have a 5-10% chance of even being in the chests when you’re lucky enough to get one, so prepare for a long grind.

You should be extra vigilant with the items in the Pure Lands, as they are truly missable, if you leave the Pure Lands without them you cannot go back, making that backup save I mentioned earlier extremely important.

Look on the bright side; by the end of this you’ll have a lot of money and some crazy exp.

Cockatrice Cap Farming

The first of these items is farmed from the Basilisk enemy and is called the “Cockatrice Cap.” Basilisks are weak to Wind (Sylphid) magic so you should hit them with Air Blast spells. A level 6/7 Air Blast should be enough to kill them in a single attack.

There’s a room with two Basilisks that you can farm endlessly by leaving the room and re-entering each time you defeat them. They’re just next to the last door before the ledge which drops down to a room with four coloured buttons.

Be careful not to drop down the ledge because you’ll need to go all the way around again to get back where you were.

You may want to use the Sprite Popoi’s Moon (Luna) Magic spell “Magic Absorb” to drain mana from enemies whenever their mana begins running low.

Ninja Gloves Farming

The next item is not far into the City from where the Basilisk-farming spot was. You’ll eventually come to a Subwayesque room with three ninja-like “Dark Stalker” enemies in it. You will need to farm these three enemies repeatedly in the hopes of finding the Ninja Gloves in a chest dropped by them.

You should use any of Popoi’s high-damage spells like Freeze, Thunderbolt, or Earth Slide to take them all out at once. Again, use their Magic Absorb ability to keep their MP up.

These Dark Stalkers have some really hard-hitting spells of their own, though, so be prepared to have Primm restore your health with Cure Water when needed. It might be wise to bring some Faerie Walnuts with you so that you can restore Primm’s mana when it starts getting low.

Watcher Ring Farming

The third item we want to farm can be found on “Eggplant Man” enemies. You may have fought these before because they can be spawned by “Shapeshifter” enemies.

You should try to take Eggplant Man enemies out as quickly as you can, before they spawn “Needlion” enemies, very powerful variants of the Pebblers you’l be familiar with from early in the game. Needlions are quick and stupidly resilient so you want to avoid fighting them if you can. Needlions are weak to Sylphid (wind) abilities so use those if you end up struggling against them.

This time you’re looking for an item called the “Watcher Ring” which can be found in chests dropped by Eggplant Man enemies. After the room with the three Dark Stalkers from before, you’ll end up on a Subway train. Go all the way to the end of it and you’ll find a single Eggplant Man, next to a door which you can use to respawn it repeatedly.

As with the last two farming spots, use Magic Absorb as much as is needed and have Primm use Cure Water to keep your health up. Again, you might need some Faerie Walnuts for Primm.

This is the last item you need in the Underground City, so you can play as normal once you have it until you’re in the Grand Palace area.

Amulet Helm Farming

When working your way through the Grand Palace you’ll come across book-like enemies called “National Scars.” You can find them in every Crystal Orb room, which are all viable places to farm it, you can farm the Doom Swords in these rooms while you’re at it to try and find the Guardian Ring.

There’s also one near the stairs you go up after activating the Sylphid (Wind) and Salamando (Fire) Crystal Orbs. It’s right next to the stairs which lead to another room so you can use the stairs to reset it so this is a decent place to farm.

National Scars are weak to Lumina spells, which are exclusive to Primm. Unfortunately, Primm doesn’t have any MP Absorption skill for us to abuse, so your best bet is to apply Lumina damage to the weapons by using “Holy Saber” and then using physical attacks to defeat the enemy. Or you can just completely reserve your MP and defeat them with purely physical attacks, otherwise, you’ll need as many Faerie Walnuts as you can carry to keep Primm’s MP supply up.

You’re looking for a Helmet known as the “Amulet Helm” which has a small chance of spawning inside chests dropped by National Scar enemies.

Guardian Ring Farming

Next, still within the Grand Palace, you will want to search for a Guardian Ring, which can be found in chests dropped by “Doom Sword” enemies. These enemies are everywhere in this level. You can find them in every Crystal Orb room, in front of the National Scar in each of these rooms there are two Doom Swords.

They’re, unfortunately, also only weak to Lumina magic, which means using Primm’s “Holy Saber” spell again or using purely melee attacks to defeat them.

Once you find the Guardian Ring there’s nothing else to farm in the Grand Palace so you can freely play as normal again until you reach the Pure Lands.

Side Note: You’re going to need around 400,000 Gold by the time you’re done here in order to purchase the best possible equipment at Neko and avoid struggling in the Pure Lands. Hopefully all this farming has at least graced you with that much money, but if not you may want to consider farming a little longer.

Warning: You will soon be entering the Pure Lands. If you’ve managed to find all of the Rare Gear so far, you should replace your backup save now with one made here. The three items in the Pure Lands are the most missable items in the game. If you complete the Pure Lands without them you will never be able to go there again and you won’t be able to earn the relevant trophies without loading a backup save.

Griffin Helm Farming

On just the second screen of the Pure Lands, you’ll find some “Griffin Hand” enemies in a group of three, and you’ll know when you find them because they’re very strong, capable of dealing insane amounts of damage.

These are the enemies you’ll need to farm in order to find the “Griffin Helm” in the chests that they drop. They are weak to Earth (Gnome) spells so using Earth Slide can make the fight a little easier.

Due to the fact that they’re found only two screens into the Pure Lands, feel free to use Flammie to escape and rest at an inn if you start to struggle for HP/MP as it won’t take long to get back to these three Griffin Hand enemies.

Imp’s Ring Farming

The next enemy to farm is found after the Pure Lands’ first boss fight. Immediately after beating the Dragon Worm boss, go through the north exit to be in an area where you can go North (the story path, goes to a shrine where you may save the game) or East to an area with some “Ghost” enemies in it. This will be your first encounter with these Ghosts, and you’ll need to farm them for the Imp’s Ring.

Ghosts can only be hit with magic abilities and to add insult to injury, if you use Magic Absorb on them the effect will be reversed because they’re undead enemy types. They’re also only weak to Primm’s Lumina magic, which would mean using “Lucent Beam” for a painful 8MP per use.

I can’t advise you do that because you’ll go bankrupt from the cost of Faerie Walnuts at that rate. Instead, just use Popoi’s Earth Slide spell repeatedly on one Ghost at a time. If you need to use Magic Absorb to restore your MP, use it on a different enemy whenever you step off-screen to respawn the Ghosts.

This is by far the worst farming grind you’ll have to do, but once it’s done, it’s done.

Dragon Coil Farming

The final item we need to farm is the Dragon Coil and can only be found in chests dropped by “Ice Bandit” enemies and the grind is thankfully a lot easier for this item.

The Ice Bandits are weak to Fire (Salamando) Magic and a decent high-level fire spell can decimate them in one hit.

There isn’t really an ideal place to farm these enemies where there aren’t any other enemies present, so you’ll just need to find somewhere you’re comfortable with to do it. Keep using Popoi’s MP Absorb to keep their mana up so you can keep doling out fire spells.

Once you have collected the Dragon Coil, let out a long breath in relief, you’re done with these silly farming sessions for now and can get on with the game again. Finish the Pure Lands and then move on to Phase Three of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide where you’ll finally be getting some trophies other than boss-related ones!

Phase Two Unmissable Secret of Mana Boss Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Kettle Kin

Defeat Kettle Kin

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Mech Rider 3

Defeat Mech Rider 3

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Blue Dragon

Defeat Blue Dragon

Phase Three – Point of No Return

Now that you’ve finished the Pure Lands, you’re right on the cusp of the game’s final stage. Before we step over that threshold and get locked out of the rest of the game, there’s a handful of things to do in this phase of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide…

  • Grind Primm and Popoi’s Magic Levels to Level 8
  • Fly to every possible location at least once via Flammie
  • Ensure the Characters page of your Guide is full in preparation for Complete the guide
  • Ensure all weapons except the Glove and Axe are at Level 8 in preparation for All weapons at level 9

Following that, we’ll continue the game a little and pick up another two Boss Trophies in the Mana Fortress. There, we’ll do a little farming to achieve the following:

  • Farm Weapon Orbs from enemies to get all weapons except the Sword to Level 9 in preparation for All weapons at level 9
  • Farm the last of the torso, head, and arm gear to unlock the relevant trophies.

Read on and complete the tasks below as they are listed to have a smoother process throughout this whole phase…

Grind Magic to Level 8

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
All magic at level 8

All magic at level 8

Each time you make Primm the Girl or Popoi the Sprite use a magic ability, they will earn a small amount of exp towards the element of the spell you used. Use Popoi’s “Freeze” spell, for example, and they will gain some exp towards their Water abilities.

When they gain enough exp in a certain element, that element’s spells will level up. The level cap changes depending on how many Mana Seeds you have activated; if you activate four seeds, the level cap is 4. All eight seeds make the level cap 8.

I highly recommend putting time aside every time a new element is learned to level all of their spells up to the cap. That will mean 8 short level-grinding sessions as opposed to one insanely long grind at the end of the game. Plus, by doing this you’ll be ensuring that your team always has the most powerful spells they can have.

As Primm’s spells are mostly support spells, you can train her pretty much anywhere. The best place, however, is the Wind Temple. Popoi’s Grandfather can be found at the back of the temple and he will recover your party’s MP for free. You can also use magic in that same room, meaning you can just spend a few minutes stood in the Wind Temple using magic and talking to the Grandfather to recover MP when needed.

Using support spells on someone other than the caster will allow you to use them back-to-back without waiting for the animation to finish, saving you a little bit of time.

Popoi needs enemies to be on-screen for the majority of their spells. You’ll need to train them somewhere where an inn is quickly accessible, and be prepared to spend a bit of money on the repeated inn visits. You could also stock up on Faerie Walnuts to restore MP in the field.

You can speed the process up by mapping the spell you want to level up with to and the Faerie Walnut to so you don’t need to open your inventory for any reason.

Once you’ve successfully learned all 8 elements, activated all 8 seeds, and then put the time in to level all spells up to Level 8 for both Primm and Popoi, this trophy will unlock.

Visit every location via Flammie

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Visit all locations on Flammie

Visit all locations on Flammie

There are 53 locations to visit via Flammie at this point in our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide. You will need to fly to each one at least once. To help you, here is a list of the 53 locations you need to land at:

1Potos Village
2Potos Village Outskirts
3Potos Cannon Travel Center
5Water Palace
7Pandora Castle
8Pandora Ruins
9Kippo Village
10East Kippo Village
11Southeast Gaia Lowlands
12Northwest Gaia Lowlands
13Gaia Lowlands Travel Center
14Witch’s Castle
15Forest of Seasons
16Forest of Seasons Cannon Travel Center
17Sprite Village
18Wind Palace
19Great Forest
20Great Forest Cannon Travel Center
22Fung Castle
23Cave of the White Dragon
25Kakkara Cannon Travel Center
26Kakkara Desert
27Fire Palace
28Todo Village
29North Frozen Forest
30Frozen Forest Cannon Travel Center
31South Frozen Forest
32Santa’s House
34Crystal Forest
35Neko’s Crystal Forest Branch
36Ice Palace
38Southtown Cannon Travel Center
40Northtown Ruins
41Imperial Palace
42Lighthouse Isle
43Turtle Shell Isle
45Mandala Temple
46Lofty Mountains
47Gold City
48Gold Tower
49Moon Palace
50Republic of Tasnica
51Mana Palace
52Pure Land
53Mana Fortress

Note that the Lighthouse on #43 Lighthouse Isle has a character at the top of it called Pecard. Pecard is in the Character page of your Guide and so you will need to make sure you take the time to climb the stairs to the top of the Lighthouse to meet him.

Also, in regards to #53 Mana Fortress, this location is your final destination and is found flying through the sky in no particular location at all. As this is where you’ll be going to continue the game, you should leave that for last.

Once you’ve visited all of these locations at least one time, you should hopefully unlock the trophy right away. If not, look through the list and have a think about where you might not have flown yet.

This serves as an excellent opportunity to make more progress on Complete the guide. Check that trophy out to see our list of characters, enemies, and weapons, making sure you have met every character, have no gaps in your enemies list so far, and have every weapon at Level 8 (Except the Axe and Gloves).

This is also a good place to work on the following the next few trophies…

Find all Gear & Farming on the Fortress

This point in our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide is the perfect place to stop and make sure you have every piece of equipment you can get your hands on, in order to pick up these three trophies. See each trophy below for a list of gear and their locations.

Note that there’s a handful we will find by completing a farming session on the Mana Fortress. During this phase, we’re going to progress through the Mana Fortress, far enough to defeat the King Vampire and Dread Slime bosses.

You are eventually going to come to a room with three Master Mace enemies as well as three Master Ninja enemies, you do not want to progress past this room. There’s a teleporter that will take you to the next boss do not step on it until you have the three trophies below and all of your weapons are at Level 9 (except the sword).

If you find yourself fighting the Dark Lich boss, you’ve gone too far and should reload your save.

In order to get the rest of the gear you need, including the last of the orbs you need, you should farm the following enemies in the Mana Fortress:

EnemyGear Drop (Common)Weapon Orb Drop (Rare)
Fiend HeadVampire CapeAxe Orb
Metal CrabVestguardBow Orb
WhimperPower SuitJavelin Orb
TsunamiAmulet RingSpear Orb
Master NinjaFaerie CloakBoomerang Orb
Wolf LordFaerie’s RingGlove Orb
Mace MenaceFaerie CrownWhip Orb
You won’t need all of the gear here, but I thought best to list what you’ll be finding from each enemy.

Once you have all of the items above, you will unlock all three “Obtain all x” trophies in this phase and will have the orbs needed to increase all weapon levels to 9 except the sword. Note that you can get multiple orbs for each weapon if needed. This is helpful if you’ve missed an orb somewhere, but it is also required for some weapons such as the Gloves.

Before proceeding with the rest of the game, make your way back to the entrance of the Mana Fortress so that you can call Flammie and fly to Watts. Have him upgrade all your weapons. The Sword will be automatically upgraded to Level 9 during the final phase of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide, which is when the All weapons at level 9 trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Obtain all torso gear

Obtain all torso gear

You will need to have collected every piece of torso equipment once to unlock this trophy. Note that you do not need to have all of these pieces of gear at once (it’s actually not possible thanks to limited inventory space) so feel free to sell any gear you’re not going to use, just make sure you’ve had them all in your inventory at least once.

Torso GearLocation
OverallsPotos Village Shop
Kung Fu SuitPandora Shop
Minor RobeDwarf Village Shop
Chain VestKippo Village Shop
Spiky SuitKippo Village Shop
Kung Fu DressKippo Village Shop
Fancy OverallsMatango Shop
Chest GuardKakkara & Todo Village Shops
Golden VestKakkara & Todo Village Shops
Ruby VestSouthtown Shop
Tiger SuitNorthtown Shop
Tiger Two-PieceNorthtown Shop
Magical ArmorMandala Shop
Tortoise MailRepublic of Tasnica Shop
Flower SuitGold City Shop
Battle SuitGold City Shop
VestguardNeko’s Shop (Outside Mana Palace)
Vampire CapeFiend Head Enemy
Power SuitWhimper Enemy
Faerie CloakMaster Ninja Enemy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Obtain all head gear

Obtain all head gear

To unlock this trophy, acquire every piece of head gear once. Note that you do not need to have all of these pieces of gear at once (it’s actually not possible thanks to limited inventory space) so feel free to sell any gear you’re not going to use, just make sure you’ve had them all in your inventory at least once.

Head GearLocation
BandanaPotos Village Shop
Rabite CapPandora Shop
Hair RibbonDwarf Village Shop
Head GearDwarf Village Shop
Quill CapNeko’s Shop (Moogle Village)
Steel CapMatango Shop
Golden TiaraKakkara & Todo Village Shops
Raccoon CapKakkara & Todo Village Shops
Quilted HoodSouthtown Shop
Tiger CapNorthtown Shop
CircletMandala Shop
Unicorn HelmGold City Shop
Dragon HelmGold City Shop
Duck HelmGold City Shop
Needle HelmNeko’s Shop (Outside Mana Palace)
Cockatrice CapBasilisk Enemy
Amulet HelmNational Scar Enemy
Griffin HelmGriffin Claw Enemy
Faerie CrownMace Menace Enemy
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Obtain all arm gear

Obtain all arm gear

Unlocking this trophy is going to mean getting every piece of arm gear one time each. Note that you do not need to have all of these pieces of gear at once (it’s actually not possible thanks to limited inventory space) so feel free to sell any gear you’re not going to use, just make sure you’ve had them all in your inventory at least once.

Arm GearLocation
Elbow PadKippo Village Shop
Power VambraceDwarf Village Shop
WristbandPandora Shop
Cobra BraceletPandora Shop
Wolf’s BandMatango Shop
Silver BandKakkara & Todo Village Shops
Golem RingSouthtown Shop
Frosty RingNorthtown Shop
Ivy AmuletMandala Shop
Shield RingGold City Shop
Lazuli VambraceGold City Shop
Gold BraceletRepublic of Tasnica
Guardian RingDoom Sword Enemy
VambraceNeko’s Shop (Outside Mana Palace)
Ninja GlovesDark Stalker Enemy
Dragon CoilIce Bandit Enemy
Watcher RingEggplant Man Enemy
Imp’s RingGhost Enemy
Amulet RingTsunami Enemy
Faerie’s RingWolf Lord Enemy

Phase Three Unmissable Secret of Mana Boss Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat King Vampire

Defeat King Vampire

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Dread Slime

Defeat Dread Slime

Phase Four – Finish Secret of Mana

Now you just need to finish the game. If you did the other phases in this Secret of Mana Trophy Guide correctly, you will receive the “All weapons at level 9,” “Defeat all monsters,” and “Complete the guide” trophies simply by completing the game.

Phase Four Missable Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
All Weapons At Level 9

All weapons at level 9

There are 8 different weapon types in Secret of Mana and those 8 weapons can be upgraded several times via Weapon Orbs until they reach Level 9. To use an orb to level up your weapons, you will need to visit Watts, a viking-looking character who will pop up in various places as you make your way through the game.

Don’t confuse Weapon Level with Weapon Skill Level. Weapon Level is the number of times a weapon has been upgraded and is done via the Weapon Orbs. Weapon Skill Level increases the more you use a weapon of a certain type, increasing your damage and prowess with that weapon. There is no trophy for Weapon Skill Level so you don’t need to worry about that.

Most of the Weapon Orbs are found in pretty easy-to-locate chests or from defeating bosses and minibosses. The last orb you need for each weapon (except the sword which upgrades via story progress) can be found by farming them from enemies in the Mana Fortress.

You should already have every weapon (except the Sword) at level 9 before even beginning this phase of our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide, but if you’re here for reference then you can find the full list of weapons and their orb locations below.

The order I’ve listed the orbs in is based on the order these locations/bosses are available to you in-game and is not a mandatory order. One orb = One level, regardless of which orb it is. It’s useful to note that you can get multiple orbs from the enemies while farming in the Mana Fortress, so if you’re missing any you could just keep farming.


LvlWeaponOrb Location
1Rusty Sword
2RapierMantis Ant Boss
3Herald’s SwordChest in Pandora Treasury
4Orihalcum BladeGreat Viper Boss
5ExcaliburChest in Northtown Ruins
6MasamuneChest in Republic of Tasnica
7Gigas SwordChest in the Grand Palace
8Dragon BusterThunder Gigas Boss
9Mana SwordStory


LvlWeaponOrb Location
2Heavy SpearTropicallo Boss
3Sprite’s SpearChest in Pandora Treasury
4PartisanChest in Santa’s House
5HalberdChest in Northtown Ruins
6Oceanid SpearChest in Golden Tower
7Gigas LanceAegagropilon Boss
8Dragon LanceMech Rider 3 Boss
9Daedalus LanceTsunami Enemy in Mana Fortress.


LvlWeaponOrb Location
1Spiked Knuckles
2Power GloveBiting Lizard Boss
3Moogle ClawsChest in Moogle Village
4Chakra HandChest in Ice Palace
5Heavy GloveMetal Mantis Boss
6Hyper-FistChest in Palace of Darkness
7Griffin ClawsRed Dragon Boss
8Dragon ClawsWolf Lord Enemy in Mana Fortress.
9Aura GloveWolf Lord Enemy in Mana Fortress.


LvlWeaponOrb Location
2ChakramSpikey Tiger Boss
3Lode BoomerangSpring Beak Boss
4Rising SunFrost Gigas Boss
5Titan BoomerangVampire Boss
6Cobra ShuttleBlue Spike Boss
7FrizbarChest in the Underground City
8ShurikenBlue Dragon Boss
9Ninja StarMaster Ninja Enemy in Mana Fortress.


LvlWeaponOrb Location
1Chobin’s Bow
2Iron BowWall Face Boss
3Long BowJabberwocky Boss
4Great BowBoreal Face Boss
5Silver BowChest in Northtown Ruins
6Elfin BowGorgon Bull Boss
7Wing BowKettle Kin Boss
8Doom BowSnow Dragon Boss
9Garuda BusterMetal Crab Enemy in Mana Fortress.


LvlWeaponOrb Location
1Watt’s Axe
2Lode AxeFire Gigas Boss
3Stout AxeChest in Moogle Village
4Battle AxeChest in Fire Palace
5Pyrite AxeChest in Imperial Castle
6Were-BusterChest in Golden Tower
7Great AxeDragon Worm Boss
8Gigas AxeFiend Head Enemy in Mana Fortress.
9Doom AxeFiend Head Enemy in Mana Fortress.


LvlWeaponOrb Location
1Leather Whip
2Black WhipChest on Scorpion Army Ship
3Backhand WhipFrom Gemma after Jabberwocky Boss
4Chain WhipMech Rider Boss
5Silver WhipDoom’s Wall Boss
6Steel WhipChest in Imperial Castle
7Hammer WhipHydra Boss
8Nimbus WhipHexas Boss
9Gigas WhipMace Menace Enemy in Mana Fortress.


LvlWeaponOrb Location
1Pole Dart
2JavelinKilroy Boss
3Light TridentChest in Fung Castle
4Orihalcum BladeMinotaur Boss
5ExcaliburMech Rider 2 Boss
6MasamuneLime Slime Boss
7Gigas SwordSnap Dragon Boss
8Dragon BusterAxe Beak Boss
9Mana SwordWhimper Enemy in Mana Fortress.

If you have successfully upgraded your Javelin, Whip, Axe, Bow, Spear, Boomerang, and Gloves as well as having your Sword at Level 8 by the time it becomes the Mana Sword at the end of the game, this trophy will unlock at that point.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat All Monsters

Defeat all monsters

Completing this trophy is required for earning the Complete the guide trophy. This is not a difficult trophy by any means, you just need to ensure you bet all bosses and at least one of every enemy type you run into throughout the game. There are no enemies hidden away in secret areas, they’ll all be found as you make your way through the story.

Ensuring you don’t rush through any areas and take the time to defeat everything you come up against will ensure trophy completion but you’ll also earn a lot of money and exp, making the game easier in general.

If you’re struggling to find any enemies, I’ve prepared a list below of where to find all 81 non-boss enemies to complete the Enemy page in your in-game guide. I’ve decided not to include the bosses in this list because they’re unmissable.

The most missable enemies in the game, which you should be the most careful about, are the Ma Goblin enemy and the Mimic Chest.

Ma Goblin can only be spawned by Goblin enemies, within the Underground Temple in Dwarf Village. It’s super easy to kill all of the goblins before they get chance to spawn Ma Goblin, and then if you finish the Underground Temple area without beating one it will require a whole new playthrough to get this trophy. Missing Ma Goblin will also lock you out of the “Complete the guide” trophy.

I speak from experience as I befell that fate.

The Mimic Chest can be found anywhere. It’s one of several possible chest traps. If you haven’t seen or beat one by the time you reach the Mana Fortress then I suggest farming for them. A low-level area would probably be the best place to do this as you can kill enemies fairly quickly.

That being said, I saw about 20 or more in my playthrough so I don’t think it will be too easy to miss.

1RabitePotos Outskirts
2LullabudPotos Outskirts
3MushboomPotos Outskirts
4Buzz BeePotos Outskirts
5BlatGaia’s Navel
6Kid GoblinGaia’s Navel
7Green DropGaia’s Navel
8Chobin HoodHaunted Forest
9Eye SpyHaunted Forest
10Polter ChairWitch’s Castle
11WerewolfWitch’s Castle
12IffishUndine’s Cave
13Ma GoblinUnderground Palace (Spawned by Goblins. Extremely Missable)
14GoblinUnderground Palace
15Chess KnightUnderground Palace
16ZombiePandora Ruins
17Tomato ManPandora Ruins
18Evil SwordPandora Ruins
19Water BanditWater Palace
20SilktailForest of Seasons
21Nemesis OwlForest of Seasons
22Steamed CrabForest of Seasons
23CrawlerGreat Forest
24PebblerForest of Seasons
25Kimono BirdCave of the White Dragon
26Sand StingerKakkara Desert
27Pumpkin BombKakkara Desert
28Spider LegsKakkara Desert (in the sinkholes)
29Mad MallardKakkara Desert
30HowlerIce Country
31Bluster GasIce Country
32Dark FunkFire Palace
33ShellblastIce Palace
34SpecterIce Palace
35Red DropFire Palace
36Blue DropIce Palace
37Robin FootFire Palace
38Mystic BookIce Palace
39Weepy EyeIce Palace
40DinofishSouthtown Sewers
41Grave BatNorthtown Ruins
42GhoulNorthtown Ruins
43Wizard EyeNorthtown Ruins
44ImpNorthtown Ruins
45Armored ManImperial Palace
46EmbermanImperial Palace
47Mimic BoxPossible Chest Trap
48Dark ninjaImperial Palace
49Trap FlowerLofty Mountains
50Bomb BeeLofty Mountains
51EggatriceLofty Mountains
52Fierce HeadPalace of Darkness
53Dark KnightPalace of Darkness
54Beast ZombieGolden Tower
55Shape ShifterPassage of Trials
56Dark StalkerRepublic of Tasnica
57Nitro PumpkinPassage of Trials
58MarmablueMoon Palace
59SteelpionUnderground City
60Metal CrawlerUnderground City
61Kimono WizardUnderground City
62BasiliskUnderground City
63Captain DuckUnderground City
64Heck HoundGrand Palace
65GremlinGrand Palace
66Doom SwordGrand Palace
67TurtlanceGrand Palace
68National ScarGrand Palace
69MushgloomPure Land
70Ice BanditPure Land
71NeedlionPure Land
72Griffin ClawPure Land
73Metal CrabMana Fortress
74Eggplant ManUnderground City
75GhostPure Land
76TsunamiMana Fortress
77Fiend HeadMana Fortress
78WhimperMana Fortress
79Wolf LordMana Fortress
80Master NinjaMana Fortress
81Mace MenaceMana Fortress
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Complete The Guide

Complete the guide

To complete the guide for this trophy you will need to do the following:

  • Upgrade all Weapons to Level 9 (See here)
  • Kill one of each enemy and boss (See here)
  • Speak to all important NPCs (See below)

You will unmissably meet 44 of the 46 characters in Secret of Mana’s Guide by simply completing the story. The other two are fairly easy to find.

The first is “Elman,” Primm’s Father and the 40th entry in the Guide. When you meet Primm for the first time she will be storming out of his room, so this is the best time to speak to him. If you missed that opportunity, go back to Pandora Castle at any time and look for him in his room.

The other character you can easily miss is Pecard, the last entry in the guide. He can be found on top of the Lighthouse on Lighthouse Island. This Island is easy to spot when flying across the map on Flammie due to the tall skyscraper-like Lighthouse at the center of it.

Simply land here and make your way up to the top where you can speak to Pecard and add him to your Guide.

Once you have completely filled your Guide this trophy will unlock. If everything is done correctly, it should unlock during the final battle at the end of the game.

Phase Four Unmissable Secret of Mana Boss & Story Trophies

Here we have the final set of unmissable trophies in our Secret of Mana Trophy Guide. Make sure you’re fully aware of the missable trophies in this phase and are confident you’ve done everything right before you finish the game. If you’re unsure, a backup save couldn’t hurt!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Dark Lich

Defeat Dark Lich

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Defeat Mana Beast

Defeat Mana Beast

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Reach the ending

Reach the ending


Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Earn all trophies

Earn all trophies

After you’ve slain 28 bosses, collected a whole armory of equipment, and shown a mastery of mana to get every trophy in this Secret of Mana Trophy Guide, your platinum will be well-deserved.

I unfortunately didn’t receive the platinum as I missed Ma Goblin in the Underground Palace. I still need to do a full second playthrough of the game because of this, so treasure that Platinum you earned!

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for a Secret of Mana Trophy Guide; consider checking our reviews and other guides.

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