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Demon’s Souls Royalty Build Guide

The Royalty class in Demon’s Souls is very beginner-friendly and capable of handling almost every single encounter throughout the game. Unlike the Magician class, Royalty Builds start with some beneficial equipment such as the Silver Catalyst and the Fragrant Ring. The Royalty Build focuses primarily on dealing damage from afar with plenty of spell choices and only occasionally using melee attacks. The key strategy being using magic to thin the crowd from afar and moving in to finish the stragglers with melee.

The most important stats are Magic which you should level up to 50, Intelligence to 40, and Vitality to 30. If you have more souls to spend then you can place them in Strength, Endurance etc it’s really up to you at that point.

The Royalty Class


The Royalty class starts with the Silver Coronet, and Silver Catalyst which boosts MP, and the Fragrant Ring which regenerates MP every 4 seconds. They also start with a full set of Wizard’s Robes and a Buckler shield.

Since the Buckler lets through small amounts of damage it’s best to unequip it and replace it with the Silver Catalyst so you can cast spells with and attack with your sword by pressing . This will be important later since there are some weapons that boost your magic stats but they have to be equipped for it to work.

Having a Shield is quite important so you will have to find something better to equip in your off hand 2nd slot such as the Spiked Shield or Knight’s Shield.

The Silver Catalyst is good for only a little while, it’s recommended to switch to the Wooden Catalyst as soon as you find one as it has a higher damage output.

The Wizard Robes are quite weak and will let through too much damage from enemies to be viable in the long term. It’s therefore recommended to buy/find and equip some light armour such as the Black Leather set or Miralda the Executionor’s set.

As soon as you can, you should head to 4-1 and collect the Crescent Falchion+1 from the ledge behind the red eye skeleton with the dual swords. This weapon scales with your magic which makes it quite powerful early on.

You should also collect the Kris Blade from 2-1 as it boosts your magic damage and place it in your 2nd main hand slot so you can switch out to it when you want a little extra spice to your magic attacks. It will be much weaker than your Crescent Falchion+1 so you shouldn’t rely up on it for physical attacks.

Lastly, you can place a Blue Eye Stone in World 3 and get summoned by the Old Monk boss. If you manage to kill the player, you will receive the Monk’s Headwrap which will increase your magic damage.

The Monk’s Headwrap


There are plenty of spells to choose from and you can swap them out for various situations, however, there are some that will be useful in almost every encounter.

Soul Arrow – This will be the spell you start with. It’s quite effective in the early game and doesn’t take much MP to cast.

Soul Ray – The bigger, much more powerful, and more costly version of the Soul Arrow spell. It will deal great damage, but requires more MP to cast.

Flame Toss – This is similar to Soul Arrow and Soul Ray except it’s a fire spell which works incredibly well on enemies weak to fire. It has a slower build up so be careful not to be caught off guard.

Flame Spray – Similar to Flame Toss except it fires repeatedly as long as you hold down . You can also move whilst you cast this spell which makes it very good for faster enemies that might close the distance too quickly otherwise.

Protection and Warding – Protection and Warding spells will reduce any physical damage you take when you cast them. Protection will only block 30% of damage whereas Warding blocks out 70% so start using Warding as soon as you can if you need to. These two do not stack.


Rings are important in Demon’s Souls, however, not all rings will be beneficial to the Royalty Build.

Cling Ring should be equipped if you want more HP in soul form with Fragrant Ring in the 2nd slot for MP regeneration.

However, if you have the Crescent Falchion+1 equipped, you should swap the Fragrant Ring for Ring of Magical Sharpness for an increase in magic damage.

Occasionally you’ll want to use the Thief Ring to avoid detection by enemies and bosses so you have more time to cast your spells.

Ideal Royalty Build

Stats: Magic 50/Intelligence 40/Vitality 30

Armour Set: Black Leather or Miralda’s set

Head Armour: Silver Coronet or Monk’s Headwrap

Main Hand Slot: Crescent Falchion+1/Kris Blade

Off Hand Slot: Wooden Catalyst/Spiked Shield or Knight’s Shield

Rings: Cling Ring/Fragrant Ring or Cling Ring/Ring of Magical Sharpness

Spells: Soul Arrow/Flame Spray/Warding

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