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I was originally going to wait for this game to drop in price, but after recently platting Doom (2016), I just couldn’t get Doom out of my head and had to buy it right away.

You might want to read my Doom (2016) Platinum Review before continuing on, as I’m likely going to be comparing this game to it quite a lot, and referencing points I made there.

In short, this game is a lot harder, yet a lot better than it’s predecessor, so let’s dive in…

Doom Eternal Review

What’s New?

Doom Eternal makes a lot of changes from Doom (2016), most of them are huge improvements, but some aspects of the franchise have worsened with this sequel.

One of the biggest changes, I found, is in the game’s difficulty. Compared to Doom (2016) this game’s difficulty is a huge step up. I assume in order to convince players to make more strategic use of their arsenal and the equipment available to Doomslayer, enemies can take much more of a beating, but the weapons serve more specific purposes than before and using the Chainsaw is vital to survival.

Who could complain about needing to do this more?

Ammo drops are a lot rarer and you’ll find yourself running out quite often, because of this, the chainsaw needs to come out a lot more and you need to ensure you’re not wasting the big-boy guns on the small-fry enemies. Each fight usually consists of multiple tough – or, as the game puts it “Heavy” – demons and a handful of Imps and Possessed. 

For the Heavy or Super-Heavy demons, it’s important to know their weak points and which weapons will help you take them down quicker allowing you to make your ammo last longer. For example, using a grenade or the shotgun’s grenade mod will allow you to take down a Cacodemon in just a couple of button-presses, rather than wasting multiple shotgun rounds on trying to take one down. 

Various enemies, such as the Arachnotron and Revenant demons have additional weapons which can be removed by attacking the right spot in the right way, with the right weapon, allowing you to reduce their range of attacks and deal huge damage to them overall. 

The in-game dossier will give you useful tips for taking down enemies as well as information about their weak points, and it is vital that you learn these. Exploiting Heavy enemy weak-points and using only the Chainsaw and Heavy Cannon precision shot to take down smaller enemies will ensure you have a steady stream of ammo and health coming in.

A demon’s dossier entry

One change I don’t like about the game is that punching demons barely hurts them now. Where before you could give a Possessed a swift one-two into a glory kill, punching demons is now practically useless unless you have a “Blood Punch” charged. 

Blood Punch is one of two new abilities built to complement the Chainsaw. The Chainsaw gives ammo, Blood Punch gives a lot of health (after a few upgrades), and the new “Flame Belch” will cause enemies to drop Armour – a rare commodity in Doom Eternal – by setting them on fire.

The frag grenade also makes a comeback, accompanied by an ice grenade which will instantly freeze enemies, allowing you to get in some free hits while they’re immobile, with some enemies staying frozen longer than others. Although, I found myself using this Freezing grenade very few times throughout my two playthroughs of the game.

All of the previous game’s demons see their return here in Doom Eternal, but there are some new foes too such as Naga-esque serpentine “Whiplash” demons, the terrifying and powerful “Marauder” demons, and annoying shield-projecting “Carcass” demons.

Doomslayer’s new blade means that even old enemies have new Glory Kill animations!

Many of these demons have visual variants depending on where in the game you are; demons on Mars take up many of the design properties of the last game’s demons whereas visiting other areas will present variant enemies.

This is one of the game’s biggest and best changes. Any frequenter of this site will know that I put a lot of weight on the importance of locale diversity in video games, as it can be easy to grow bored of repetitive environments. Doom Eternal sees you visiting multiple new environments such as the Camelot-esque Exultia, a sci-fi cultist facility, a ruined Earth city and “Urdak” the homeworld of the game’s new Maykr race and easily the best stage in the entire game – more on that later.

The environments have history, and a story to tell.

With these new environments comes a much more in-depth story, which is driven by lore and has a focus on helping us understand the history of the Doomslayer as well as the significance of demons and their connection to the ever-important “Argent Energy”.

Where the story in the last game was more of an excuse to punch a few demons in the face, Doom Eternal took the narrative knob and twisted it all the way up to a thousand, easily pulling you in and getting you much more invested in Doomslayer’s goals.

This is all backed up incredibly by yet another insanely good Soundtrack by Mick Gordon (WHY isn’t it on Spotify yet!?) including my personal new favourite track which you’ll hear during the Stage 8 Boss Fight.

In-between Stages, you can explore Doomslayers own base of operations, which serves as a hub stage and looks metal af. The structure features slick sci-fi materials in the form of a Dracula-esque gothic castle. Here you can use Sentinel Batteries to unlock upgrades and cosmetic items, or you can kick back and listen to the collectible albums in the game, featuring music from many of id software’s franchises.

Stone towers float aside the station in Outer Space, housing unlockable Doomslayer skins.

My favourite thing about this dope mega-structure is you can find Doomslayer’s own room where he has Pizza boxes strewn across his computer desk, a collection of figures you can find in each stage, a full wall display for all of his weapons, and a sick guitar collection.

This, along with seeing his face more, all helps to humanize Doomslayer and bring him away from just being a silent emotionless “Master Chief” character which is a stale archetype nowadays.

One other huge change is multiplayer, which in my opinion is a huge step-down, let me explain…

Weak Multiplayer

The game features weekly campaign challenges which can raise your Doomslayer level and reward you with various skins, emotes and more from a seasonal pool of cosmetic items. There are also Milestones in the game, which serve as persistent challenges and seconds as a handy in-game trophy progress tracker (we love those here).

These cosmetic items can be used in the campaign, to make Doomslayer or his weapons take on a new look, but a good majority of the items you’ll earn are only useful in the new multiplayer “BattleMode”.

Podiums and animations are just a few of the unlockable cosmetics.

BattleMode is a 2v1 game mode where one player will don the role of Doomslayer and the others will play as one of 5 demon types. Demon players can spawn more demons and their goal is to take out the Doomslayer before they can take down both Player Demons. 

The gameplay here is extremely repetitive and poorly balanced. Two demons who are not in a party and co-ordinating together will likely never beat a Doomslayer who is even remotely good at the game, whereas Demons who are partied up are practically invincible provided they play the right way, usually after the first of the (up to) five rounds, you can tell how the rest of the match is going to go.

The lack of variety and, well, fun in this multiplayer mode means most players will lose interest fairly quickly, making the exciting new challenge system practically useless as there’s nowhere decent to make good use of the rewards from it.

The game’s predecessor’s Halo-like Multiplayer was much more fleshed out, with much more incentive built into the cosmetic items and the new campaign challenges would have really added a new dimension of fun and variety to that existing multiplayer build. Hell, the devs could have just brought that over to the game and maybe added a few maps, cosmetics and game modes.

In short, the BattleMode feels like it’s a small part of a bigger, more fun, multiplayer system which was never to be.

PlatGet ♥s Urdak

I really just need to talk about the Urdak stage. As it’s the second-to-last level I’ll avoid story or major gameplay spoilers, but the inclusion and execution of this stage brings Doom Eternal from a solid 7/10 to a full 10/10 in my eyes. 

The design of the stage is hands-down the best environmental design in any game, ever. The use of sci-fi space-like elements and unpleasant, disturbing shapes and colours results in a level which is both awe-inspiringly beautiful and spine-tinglingly creepy all in one incredible package.

I just had to revisit in Mission Select to use Photo Mode here.

Even the music in this stage is somehow angelic and unsettling at the same time. It gives the environment the celestial feel the aesthetic demands while simultaneously getting across the sinister inner workings of the place.

You’re going to have to experience it for yourself, but the whole level from start to finish, the way it’s structured and the way the environment sells you a narrative, makes it one of the best levels I’ve seen in a game for many years.

My Doom Eternal Trophy Experience

Oh Boy, Here I Go Collecting Again.

After having platted Doom (2016) not even a full week prior, I already had a game-plan. I was going to work through every stage, getting all of the collectibles along the way and ensuring I didn’t leave behind any mission challenges to come back and clean up later.

All in all, the process was a lot easier than before. The improved map system and various Praetor Suit upgrades based solely around finding collectibles, meant that I could be a lot more casual about going after collectibles. I simply checked the map after reaching any new area in a level and then spent a bit of time reaching the various icons which displayed on it.

These left-most skills all make collectables easier to source!

I was careful not to go through any paths which seemed to be one-way paths until I was sure I had all the collectibles nearby, but it wasn’t all that important as there is a new fast-travel feature in the game. Once you reach the last part of any stage, you will unlock fast-travel allowing you to teleport back through the level to certain checkpoints and collect anything you might have missed.

All of this meant I was more free to just enjoy the game and get stuck into the combat, which is one of the things I was complaining about not being free to do in the last game.

There’s plenty of gruesome fun to be had with the game’s combat!

After around 15 hours or so I’d completed my first run of the story, and was looking forward to going back through the stages with cheats activated (yes, they let you do that and it doesn’t affect trophies!) but as it turned out, I didn’t miss a single thing. 

So, that right there was an enormous chunk of the trophies off my list. All I had to do then was complete multiplayer, do a second playthrough, and get a trophy for playing a Stage with “Famine” on.

I chose to replay Chapter 2, as this was one of my favourite environments to explore. I turned on the “Famine” cheat which meant that enemies don’t drop ammunition, and then played through the stage. It was super easy because I was already good at rationing ammo, and had all the weapons unlocked and ammo upgrades purchased, within about 15-20 minutes I’d stormed my way through the level and nabbed the trophy.

I was still a little adamant about getting to have some fun with infinite ammo, though, so I replayed Exultia and Urdak again and took some nice screenshots with the game’s photo mode, before moving on to the dreaded Multiplayer trophies.

I spent too long setting up some of my Photo Mode shots…


If I haven’t said it enough, the multiplayer in this game is so boring. It just sucks. Of the three strangers I spoke to on there, all three agreed it was sh*t, and MrZhangetsu who tagged along to help with the trophies wasn’t too pleased either.

Initially we were just trying to play as all 5 different demons and play 25 matches, for the related trophies. We ended up meeting a really cool Trophy Hunter there who asked us if we wanted to boost trophies with him. So, we started a party and invited him – he was a really cool guy who I could see myself genuinely playing more games with, which is great because in my experience it’s not often you meet someone nice or even bearable in an online game.

He told us how the trophy for using every weapon as the slayer is brutal because you need to get 2 kills at the same time with the BFG, which only works when both Player Demons are stood in the same spot and have very little health.

My companions, post-gibbing.

So, we all took turns as the slayer and got the trophies for using all 8 weapons to kill a Player Demon, as well as the trophies for playing once as each demon. Then, I got hungry so we said our goodbyes and logged off.

The next morning I went back on to try and get the rest of the MP trophies and, my god, it sucked. I managed okay getting the trophies for playing 25 matches, dealing 5,000 damage as a Demon and healing for a total of 50,000 health, but getting 200 kills was taking an insanely long time.

After boosting trophies with our new friend, MrZhangetsu and I both had about 50-60 kills. 1 hour of playing solo later, I only had 87 kills. There was no way I was playing this crappy multiplayer for another 5 or 6 hours to get the rest. 

So I hit up MrZhangetsu and our new buddy and we partied up to get the rest of the kills we needed. We each took turns as the Slayer to kill the two Player Demons for 5 minutes and then swapped (I explain the method in more detail in the Tips section). Around an hour and a half later we all had the trophy and we’re grinning from laughing. We had a blast talking about everything from Resident Evil 3 to Netflix’s bizarre Tiger King show and plenty in-between.

True friends will explode for each other.

So, in the end, my jaunt into BattleMode had a happy ending.

Extra Life Mode

Now, after having a small break from the Campaign, I felt ready to tackle it again. There is a trophy which asks that you play through the game on “Extra Life” mode, in which you have limited lives and there is a game over if you run out. You can find hidden lives in each level to help you survive longer. You can also play on any difficulty you like while doing this so I chose the easiest… Don’t judge me!

Before started, I laid out a game plan. I didn’t want to have to get every collectible again, and frankly wouldn’t need to, so here are the things I deemed important:

  • Praetor Tokens – I had fully upgraded my suit by Stage 11 though, so I stopped looking for them after then.
  • Modbots – I selected one mod for each weapon which I would actually use, and focused on acquiring and upgrading those mods, this would allow me to skip a few optional combat encounters.
  • Extra Lives – Obviously. The trophy wanted me to finish the game with 10 spare. I finished the game with 40 – better safe than sorry!.
  • Sentinel Batteries – These offer you access to the Praetor Tokens and Sentinel Crystals on the Doomslayer’s ship so I grabbed most of these. I didn’t need them all as I wouldn’t need all of the modbots or the unlockable outfits, so I was able to skip a few mission challenges and still get all tokens and crystals.
  • Sentinel Crystals – These are how you improve health, armour and ammo so obviously I didn’t miss any of these.
  • Runes – I didn’t actually need any more than 3 of these, but they’re always out in the open right in your path, so I ended up grabbing them anyway.
  • Mastery Tokens – I wouldn’t need them all, but being able to bypass some mastery challenges on my selected weapon mods made things a lot easier, a lot faster.
It’s useful to know your way around the weapon mods and have an understanding of which ones will help you the most.

And here’s what I didn’t collect in my second playthrough:

  • Slayer Keys, Empyrean Keys – These give you access to extra Weapon points to upgrade weapon mods, but as I decided to only use and upgrade half of the mods I was able to skip these. I also didn’t think I’d need the thing the Empyrean keys unlocks, and I was right.
  • Secret Encounters – Same reason as above, I just didn’t need the extra weapon points. This is also where I lost most of my lives in my first playthrough, and I wasn’t going to risk it.
  • Mission Challenges – A few happened naturally, so I got Praetor suit points and Sentinel Batteries from those, but I didn’t really need either of them all that bad so I skipped a few of the more annoying challenges.
  • Codex, Toys, Albums & Cheat Codes – These are completely useless once I had the trophy for them from my first run, so I ignored all of these.

Because I was better at the game, knew where I needed to go, and wasn’t going for many of the hidden items in the game, my playthrough took easily half of the time my first playthrough took, if not less.

I was very nervous I was going to lose a lot of lives in the Taras Nabad stages because that’s where the “Archvile” enemies start showing up, and I lost a lot of lives to those in my original playthrough. However, I just saved BFG and Crucible ammo for them and made short work of them whenever they appeared.

I managed to reach the end of the second-to-last stage with 43 lives, but was still worried the last two bosses might completely decimate them.

In the end, I made it through and finished the game with 40 lives left! It seems I was worried for nothing.

Time Breakdown

First Playthrough

Extra Life Mode Playthrough

Multiplayer Trophies

Doom Eternal Trophy Tips

General Gameplay Advice

This plat is easier than Doom (2016) in a lot of ways, despite the game actually being harder, however, my tips from the last game still count here, I’ll summarise for you:

  • Gather all collectibles on your first run. The praetor suit upgrades make it extremely easy to see what collectibles are where, and at the end of every level you’re given the opportunity to fast-travel to an earlier point in the stage to grab anything you’ve missed. So make use of the map and the fast travel capabilities and collect away!
  • Complete all challenges on your first run. The challenges within missions are way easier this time around and shouldn’t be all that difficult. The worst are probably the ones asking you to get specific Glory Kills, so if you think you’re running out of chances to Glory Kill a specific enemy make use of the checkpoints to keep reloading and trying again.

With the new game having so many differences though, I have a new set of tips for you.

Firstly, don’t worry if you have some cleanup to do later for weapon masteries or collectibles you might have missed. Despite the fact you’d have a much shorter Platinum Journey if you get everything in your first run, cleanup is actually easier and more fun as you can do mission select with cheats on. 

Cheats include things such as infinite ammo (including the BFG) and infinite power-up boosts, but also fun things such as a crowd cheering you on depending on how well you’re doing and gibbed enemies bursting into confetti.

Infinite BFG means you get to waste it taking photo mode screenshots like this!

The best advice I can give you is on fighting enemies though. 

Don’t waste ammo on the smaller enemies. Use blood punch or the chainsaw whenever you can on them to ensure you always have health and ammo. You can also use Flame Belch on them frequently to ensure you keep some armour coming in too, but it’s better to use this on the larger enemies once you have upgraded it with some Sentinel Crystals as you’ll get much more armour this way and it’s good in a pinch.

I liked to keep the heavy cannon set to precision mode and exclusively use that to shoot smaller enemies in the head, whenever I didn’t have a blood punch charge or chainsaw fuel, this got rid of them very quickly allowing me to focus on the big guys. I’d often even do this from a distance to clear them out before entering the fray.

It was also useful to shoot the cannons off Revenants, the guns off Mancubi and the turrets off of Arachnatrons. Make sure you check the dossier regularly for each new enemy type to find out the best ways to kill them. Although, Marauders are by far the toughest enemies, though, and the dossier doesn’t help much, so I’ll see what I can do…

I’ve beat some nasty demons in Doom Eternal, but I still sh*t myself every time one of these Marauder guys turns up.

When fighting a Marauder, use the Super Shotgun and dash around them as much as you can. Once his eyes flash and you hear the audio cue, shoot him with the shotgun, there is no other time you can hit this guy. If you have upgraded the Super Shotgun you should be able to shoot him a second time while he’s staggered. If you have the flaming hook upgrade, you can even hit him with that to set him aflame and get some extra armour to survive against him for a bit longer. Keep this up until you beat him.

If you’re fighting a Marauder and there are other enemies nearby, make sure you deal with them first and just keep moving so he can’t catch up with you until they’re dealt with.

Multiplayer Trophy Tips

You may very well enjoy the multiplayer in Doom Eternal, and you may just want to go ahead and do these trophies legitimately. But, I was really bored within just a couple of hours of playing the new Battle Mode and am fortunate that we ran into a very helpful Irish feller on there, who was more than willing to help Boost the trophies with us!

The best way to get most of the trophies is unfortunately playing legitimately. You could boost them with two friends, and it’s pretty self-explanatory how you would do that for each trophy, but it’s not really necessary. If you have unlimited access to a couple of mates willing to help you out then I do recommend boosting them all, but I just had help for a short while and used it, I think, in the best way.

The two trophies we boosted are both tricky trophies which just aren’t fun to get solo at all, so I’ve got some tips below to help make the process as quick and smooth as possible:

Trophy Image
Weapons Expert

Kill a Player Demon with each of the 8 Slayer weapons in BATTLEMODE.

Boosting this with friends is pretty easy, just kill one of the Player demons with one weapon, and then kill the next with another weapon. Have your friends use the Revenant demon as he has the lowest health and his jetpack will make it easier for them to travel back to you upon respawn. Do this for 2 rounds to get 4 out of 8 weapon kills and then on the third round, let the Player Demons kill you.

This will then take you on to round 4. In round 4, one of the power-ups the Slayer can choose is the BFG, which is one of the 8 guns required for the trophy.

Now, to avoid the match ending, kill only one Player Demon at a time with the other 3 standard weapons, waiting for one to respawn before you kill the next. 

Once all you have left is the BFG, you will need to kill both Player Demons at once. Have them stand as close to each other as possible, against a wall or – better yet – in a corner. Use the Heavy Cannon to take their health down to about 1.5 – 2 pips and then hit them with the BFG. The projectile needs to hit them both so aim at an overlapping part of their body for maximum efficiency. 

The match will then end, and you’ll get the trophy.

Doing this solo would require so many different things to align by chance that I can only imagine it being an absolute nightmare to achieve.

Trophy Image
Blood Bath

Kill 200 opponents in BATTLEMODE.

This is by far the longest Multiplayer tropy and you’re gonna hate it unless you have a couple of friends to boost with.

Boosting this is essentially the same as the trophy above. Get to round 4 again, because demons can get an instant resurrection skill, which will help speed things up a bit.

To make things fair, if more than one of you needs the trophy, take turns to play as the Slayer for 5 minutes each and you should get around 20-30 kills per 5-minute turn as the slayer. This will mean about 10 turns for each player to get the full 200 kills, so 50 minutes each not including the time between matches.

Each match, the Player Demons will respawn and then jetpack over to the Slayer, who will kill one of them whenever there are two alive. After 5 minutes, the Slayer will kill both demons which – if you’re on round 4 – will end the match and then you can change who the Slayer is in the lobby before going back in.

Simple, really!

Bonus: DOOM Eternal Screenshots

I haven’t done this since my Control review, but I loved Doom Eternal so much that I have a lot of screenshots which wouldn’t fit into the review that I’d like to share, take a look through, or just skip past to the Verdict!

Glory kills are more brutal than ever.
Urdak is Beautiful and terrifying.
Posing with the boys.
The landscapes have incredible attention to detail.
Pretty much any screenshot from this game could be a Heavy Metal Album Cover.
More Photo Mode fun

As another little added bonus, here are two DualSense themes I made based on Doom Eternal! I’d sell my own kidney for that Maykr one! Check out more of them here: 22 Playstation 5 DualSense Controller Theme Concepts

Another DOOM Eternal DualSense theme, this time inspired by DOOMSlayer’s armour.
My personal favourite, based on the beautiful colour scheme of the Maykr in DOOM Eternal

That concludes my Doom Eternal platinum trophy review. If you enjoyed reading this review, please do let us know, it means the world to us when we hear feedback and we love engaging with people over the game we just platted. It’s basically the only thing motivating us at the moment!

You can follow us on Twitter @GetPlat and Instagram @platget where we’ll be sharing updates, upcoming reviews and general gripes about the games we’re working on so feel free to follow us or use it as another channel for feedback!



While serving up significant helpings of difficulty in certain areas, the game’s plat is mostly just a lot of fun and is absolutely worth going for. You might want to have a couple of friends handy for those MP trophies though…


  • Even more insanely good music
  • Even more dramatic and lively environments
  • Even more brutal Glory Kills


  • Crap Online Multiplayer
  • Standard Melee is a lot weaker

Platinum Trophy

How could I not award this game a Platinum rating? Doom (2016) got one and Doom Eternal is just a marked improvement on that. Get it. Play it. Plat it. Love it.

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