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Sifu The Squats Detective Board Collectibles Guide

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Where to Find All Detective Board Collectibles in The Squats on Sifu for PS4 & PS5

Welcome to our Sifu Collectible Guide for the Detective Board in the Squats Chapter of the game. There are 17 collectibles to find in The Squats, however, only 10 need to be found as the remaining 7 are automatically added.

Skull Letter

At the start of the chapter—after climbing the fence and beating up the two guys outside—head left of the wall you can climb into the apartments above you. Head towards the glass door at the front of the building and interact with the sticky note.

Avenue Door

Same location as the Skull Letter above. After interacting with the sticky note, interact with the locked door.

Purple Mist

After making the first jump into another building where three enemies are waiting for you—right before the Old Boy corridor section—search the counter to the left of the fridge.


After defeating your first juggernaut—where they teach you how to use avoid—search the table next to the couch where the heavy guy was sitting.

Club Flyer

After defeating the heavy guy, you will come to a large room with several enemies. After beating them you will have to exit a door to continue, however, before you leave the door turn around and hop over the wall behind you. On the table is a flyer for Sean’s club.

Metal Gate

After exiting the door mentioned in the above Club Flyer entry, walk to the end of the corridor—ignoring the door on your left—and inspect the metal gate at the end.

Purple Flower

After opening the metal gate you will end up in a large warehouse area with a large number of enemies. After taking them out, search the tables they were working at for a purple flower.

Keycard 206

After defeating the heavy and the two smaller guys with him just after the warehouse section, proceed forward until you reach a room with a locked door. On a table opposite the door is a keycard. This keycard can be used in The Sanctuary to open a door. See The Sanctuary Detective Board Collectibles Guide.

Private Room Door

Opposite the above keycard is a door I previously mentioned. Interact with it to add it to the board. It’s locked for now and you can’t open it until you collect the Flower Key from Room 206 in The Sanctuary.

There will be nothing more to collect in The Squats during this run so come back later once you have opened Room 206 in The Sanctuary and found the Flower Key.


Once you have the Flower Key from Room 206 in The Sanctuary, head to the Private Room Door above and use the key on it. Inside on a table is the last collectible in The Squats.

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