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Sifu The Club Detective Board Collectibles Guide

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Where to Find All Detective Board Collectibles in The Club on Sifu for PS4 & PS5

Welcome to our Sifu Collectible Guide for the Detective Board in the Club Chapter of the game. There are 16 collectibles to find in The Club, however, only 10 need to be found as the remaining 6 are automatically added

Finding Sean

When you enter the club and head down the steps you will be confronted with a clerk who will ask you what you want. Reply with “Sean?” and he will call two guys over. Defeat the two guys but leave the clerk alone. Afterward, you will be able to press when a little exclamation mark appears and a little sticky note will be added to the Detective Board.

Code Door

After defeating the large group and the miniboss on the dance floor, check the door to the left—near where two more enemies enter the area.

Access Door

Similar to the Code Door above, there is another locked door on the right of the dance floor.

Sean’s Values

You can find Sean’s Values written on the walls just after the miniboss fight. There are three values to interact with. The first one will be on a wall to your right and the other two will be next to each other on a wall to your left.

Fire Chest

After making your way through the trials you will fight a woman with a pole. Defeat her and progress forward until you can jump over a counter similar to the one the clerk was standing at. On the other side of the counter is a locked chest. You will need the Fire Key to unlock it which you can only get once you have found the Club Code in The Museum.

At this point, you should restart your run in The Club if you would like to collect absolutely everything before continuing on to The Museum.

Tech Guy

You will have obtained the Disciple’s Pass from defeating the miniboss in the burning area of The Club. With it, you can now open the Access Door to the right of the dance floor. Inside you can use the Disciple’s Pass on a door to the right, or head left and up the stairs.

Head left and fight your way through the enemies until you end up in the DJ’s booth above the dance floor. Inside is a Tech Guy; he’s harmless.

The Three Trials

Use the Access Door—or head back towards it if you went to see the Tech Guy—and use the Disciple’s Pass once again on a door near to the Access Door. Inside you will be greeted by a bunch of fighters all stretching and training. Go to the back of the area and talk to the guy standing by the door. Choose “Trials?” to add the Three Trials to the Detective Board.

There will be nothing more to collect in The Club during this run so come back later once you have found the Club Code.

Fire Key

Once you have the Club Code from The Museum—See The Museum Detective Board Collectibles Guide—you can return to The Club and use the Code Door to the left of the dance floor. Inside you will be greeted with a large aquarium room with two enemies. defeat them and you will automatically pick up the Fire Key.

Sean’s Father

With the Fire Key now in your possession, return to the locked Fire Chest from your first playthrough and use the key on it to get a picture of Sean’s Father.

Again there will be nothing more to collect in The Club during this run so come back later once you have interacted with Jin-Feng’s computer in The Tower.

Sean’s Father

Now that you have interacted with Jin-Feng’s Computer in The Tower, you can return to the Tech Guy and talk to him. Select “Computer Access” to receive the Hacker’s Key.

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