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How to Unlock Skills Permanently in Sifu

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Where and How to Keep the Skills That You Unlock in Sifu

In Sifu, each time you are defeated you will be given the opportunity to spend some of the XP you’ve earned throughout your current life to acquire skills that you will then have access to until you die for good, aged 75.

Note that if you are defeated at age 71, for example, but your Death Counter is 5, you will die permanently because you can’t be revived at 76, or any other number higher than 75.

You can also acquire skills from the literal Skill Tree in the “Wuguan” hub area and Jade Dragon Shrines that you will find dotted throughout every chapter.

These temporary skills are useful, but to feel any real sense of progression from the game you are going to need to start unlocking some of them permanently.

To unlock a skill Permanently, you will need to first unlock it temporarily, and then purchase it five more times for the same amount of XP.

For example, the “Strong Sweep Focus” skill costs 500 XP. Once you have purchased it temporarily, you will need to them purchase it five more times at 500 XP each time to unlock it permanently. In total, this will cost 3000 XP.

Is Permanent Skill Progress Remembered Between Deaths?

Whenever you die for good, you will lose your temporarily-unlocked skills, but any progress you’ve made towards permanently unlocking them will be preserved.

For example, if you have purchased “Charged Backfist” two out of five times but died before you were able to purchase it the final three times, you will still only need to purchase it three more times to get it permanently.

That being said, as you will lose temporary access to the skill, you will still need to re-purchase it temporarily to be able to continue paying into the permanent unlocking of that skill. Thus, it still benefits you to try and get permanent unlocks in a single playthrough if you can.

What Skills are Available in Sifu?

There are 24 skills available in Sifu, some more useful than others. You should check out our guide for the Best Skills to Unlock First in Sifu if you’re unsure one which you should prioritize.

Below, you can find a full list of the available skills, their descriptions, and costs:

SkillDescriptionUnlock CostPermanent Cost
360 Swing FocusFor staff weapons. A wide attack capable of knocking down multiple enemies500 XP5x 500 XP
Strong Sweep FocusPowerful strike to the enemy’s knee, knocking them down for a while500 XP5x 500 XP
Snap KickEngage attack with important forward movement500 XP5x 500 XP
Spin Hook KickCombo leading to a powerful high kick capable of knocking down multiple enemies750 XP5x 750 XP
Charged BackfistUnleash a powerful punch that stuns any enemy1000 XP5x 1000 XP
Face Smash FocusFor bar weapons. A direct attack to daze your enemy500 XP5x 500 XP
Weapon CatchParry at the right moment to catch an item thrown at you500 XP5x 500 XP
Pushback CancelWhen pushed, regain your balance500 XP5x 500 XP
Ground CounterWhile on the ground, parry to counter your enemy’s attack750 XP5x 750 XP
Environmental MasteryThrow an item, weapon, or object directly from the ground1000 XP5x 1000 XP
Double Palm FocusStraight strike that applies a destructive push to your enemy500 XP500 XP
Flowing ClawFast and evasive strike that leaves your back facing the enemy750 XP5x 750 XP
Chasing StrikesAttack on a pushed enemy to follow them up and deliver a powerful series of strikes1000 XP5x 1000 XP
Crooked FootAfter a successful parry, knock your enemy down with a quick throw1250 XP5x 1250 XP
Duck StrikeDucking move with forward movement1500 XP5x 1500 XP
Vertical Strikes FocusA powerful blow in the solar plexus that stuns the enemy for a long time500 XP5x 500 XP
Invert ThrowDodge towards your target just after a hit to grab them and invert your positions500 XP5x 500 XP
Hook InterceptHook that can withstand attacks during its buildup750 XP5x 750 XP
Chasing Trip KickAttack on a pushed enemy to follow up and knock them down1000 XP5x 1000 XP
Crotch PunchQuick, ducking punch that avoids high strikes1500 XP5x 1500 XP
Thigh Cut FocusFor bladed weapons. A damaging slash attack500 XP5x 500 XP
Raining StrikesA combo leading to a series of lightning fast attacks1000 XP5x 1000 XP
Slide KickPerform a slide kick while running that knocks down enemies1250 XP5x 1250 XP
Weapon MasteryContinue to use a weapon until it breaks completely1500 XP5x 1500 XP

In conclusion, skills are one of the most tangible ways you can progress in Sifu. Coupled with your own growing experience and muscle memory, the skills you acquire along the way will start to make you feel like a real Kung Fu master.

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