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Alan Wake Episode 6 Collectibles Guide for PS5

Welcome to our Alan Wake All Collectibles Guide for PlayStation 5. In this guide, you will find a detailed description of the location of all Manuscripts (including the pages only available in Nightmare difficulty), Coffee Thermoses, Signs, Can Pyramids, Supply Chests, TV Shows, and Radio Shows; Optional Trophy opportunities are also listed. Check out our Alan Wake Trophy Guide for help unlocking the rest of the trophies.

Alan Wake Episode 6 Collectibles

On the Road to Cauldron Lake

TV Show #14 – The last TV show can be found right at the start of the chapter. Alan Wake will need to find some sunglasses and painkillers before moving to the living room to watch a TV Show (unmissable).

Optional TrophyGunless Wonder” – For this trophy, you must make your way to Cauldron Lake without firing a single bullet or flare from the flare gun. You can use flashbangs and handheld flares (). The recommended strategy is to attempt this on Easy and use flashbangs during encounters where you must defeat enemies leaving the handheld flares as an escape strategy when you need to run away or past enemies.

Coffee Thermos #90 – Once the cutscene in the apartment ends, Alan Wake will be standing at a rest stop. On the picnic table to his left is a coffee thermos that is pretty hard to miss.

Sign #22 – Driving down the road for a little bit, you will see another rest stop on your right. There will be a huge sign next to a camper van that says “Majestic”. Press to read it.

Supply Chest #26 – Continuing down the road, you pass a lumber yard on your left. Jump out of the car and enter the yard. Head through the yard towards a large yellow excavator. Down the hill from there is a shack in a shrouded area. Inside is a supply chest.

Coffee Thermos #91 – Back in the car, you will reach a dark tunnel. Before entering the tunnel, jump out of the car and look to your left. You will see a large barn. Outside on the front left corner, behind a box, is a coffee thermos.

Manuscript #86 – After a small scene inside the tunnel you will be attacked by three enemies. In the middle of the road where they came from is a manuscript page. It’s hard to miss.

Can Pyramids #11 – After surviving the mini ambush, jump into the new car up the road and drive to Majestic Motel. Look to the left towards the parking lot. On the brick wall near the left-most end is a can pyramid. Warning: If you’re attempting the Gunless Wonder trophy, you can use the nearby car to jump onto the wall so Alan Wake and run over the can pyramid to knock it over.

Sign #23 – Enter Majestic Motel via the main door and on a wall directly in front of you is a blackboard with white letters. Read it by pressing .

Manuscript (NIGHTMARE) #12 – Inside the Majestic Motel’s lobby on a bench to your right when you enter is a nightmare manuscript page.

Coffee Thermos #92 – Enter the door to the right of the black sign inside Majestic Motel. On the floor inside is a coffee thermos.

Manuscript (NIGHTMARE) #13 – After crossing the bridge and defeating the monster truck, enter the barn with the really bright lights. Go upstairs to find this nightmare page on a shelf.

Coffee Thermos #93 – Drive the truck out of the barn out and immediately to your left into the field. At the back of the field is a house. The coffee thermos is on the steps.

Manuscript #87 – Inside the tunnel where you are ambushed by several enemies. At the very end, on the floor is a manuscript page. It’s hard to miss as you will have to walk over it to exit the tunnel.

Manuscript #88 – Eventually you will reach a roadblock and a dirt path to your right. Drive onto the grass and get around the roadblock and carry on to the end of the road (or go on foot). At the very end, on a truck, is a manuscript page.

Sign #24 – Drive until you hit a roadblock. On the right is a huge sign for Larsen’s Auto Salvage & Used Parts. On the nearby metal fence is a sign about opening times you can read.

Supply Chest #27 – At Larsen’s Auto Salvage & Used Parts, head down along the left side of the building and you will see the large yellow torch symbol on a wall with the supply chest to the right. Warning: You will be ambushed when you open it. Use a flare to push the enemies back and then run to the blue truck nearby to escape them.

Sign #25 – The last sign in the game is on the metal door at Larsen’s Auto Salvage & Used Parts (the main story path).

Coffee Thermos #94 – Inside Larsen’s Auto Salvage & Used Parts on the ground floor. On a metal shelf is a coffee thermos.

Can Pyramids #12 – The last can pyramid can be found at Larsen’s Auto Salvage & Used Parts. Go upstairs inside Larsen’s Auto Salvage & Used Parts and exit the door onto the deck outside. Look on top of the handrail and you will see a can pyramid. Warning: If you’re going for the Gunless Wonder trophy, you cannot fire your gun at the cans to knock them over. Instead, stand in front of the pyramid and repeatedly push and tap . Alan Wake will try to mount the handrail and the cans will fall off.

Manuscript (NIGHTMARE) #14 – Upstairs in Larsen’s Auto Salvage & Used Parts on a table with a flare gun is a nightmare manuscript page.

Coffee Thermos #95 – After opening the gate at Larsen’s Auto Salvage & Used Parts, drive until you see a ramp. Stop the car and look to your right, you should see a thermos on a stack of wood.

Manuscript #89 – In the junkyard, you will be forced to abandon your car to climb a ladder. Opposite the ladder, next to the light, is an old oven with a manuscript page.

Supply Chest #28 – Escape the junkyard and drive until you are stopped by a collapsed wooden bridge. To the right of this bridge is a wooden hut with a supply chest inside.

Coffee Thermos #96 – After continuing on the main path for a bit, you will be ambushed. In a wooden building on the right will be a coffee thermos.

Manuscript #90 – After yet another ambush by a big searchlight, you will have to push a cart aside to enter a building. At the back of the building is a manuscript page. It’s hard to miss.

Supply Chest #29 – After riding a minecart you will reach a safe light. Just ahead and to the right is a train car. Walk through the car and you will spot the supply chest.

Coffee Thermos #97 – Climb the ladder near the safe light and push the cart at the top. At the end of this path is a thermos. It’s hard to miss.

Coffee Thermos #98 – After traveling some more and having two large items fall from the sky, you will come across a red train car like the one before. Inside is a thermos.

Supply Chest #30 – The last supply chest can be found after climbing some wooden stairs with black goo on them, you will enter a wooden building. Inside the building to your right is the last supply chest.

Coffee Thermos #99 – After exiting the wooden building via the second floor, turn to your left and search behind the large rusty silo for a thermos.

Manuscript (NIGHTMARE) #15 – Right near the end of this section you will need to power a lift with a generator. The generator is surrounded by a chainlink fence. On the backside of the fence behind the generator is the last manuscript page on nightmare mode.

Manuscript #91 – The very last manuscript can be found after riding the elevator at the end, you will see the manuscript right in front of you. It’s impossible to miss as you will walk over it to progress the story route.

The Dark Place

Coffee Thermos #100 – The last coffee thermos is at the very end of the game. You will be inside “the darkness”. There will be words hovering around that you must shine your light on—just like you did to get the clicker. Next to a couch in front of Alan will be the word “thermos”. Shine your light on it to reveal the very last thermos in the game.

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