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Alan Wake Episode 5 Collectibles Guide for PS5

Welcome to our Alan Wake All Collectibles Guide for PlayStation 5. In this guide, you will find a detailed description of the location of all Manuscripts (including the pages only available in Nightmare difficulty), Coffee Thermoses, Signs, Can Pyramids, Supply Chests, TV Shows, and Radio Shows; Optional Trophy opportunities are also listed. Check out our Alan Wake Trophy Guide for help unlocking the rest of the trophies.

Alan Wake Episode 5 Collectibles

Night Life in Bright Falls

Optional TrophyAn Idyllic Small Town” – If you manage to complete the first part of Chapter 5 without dying and/or restarting the chapter you will unlock An Idyllic Small Town trophy. If you die and quit to the dashboard the trophy will still void so you must do this in one go. It’s best to attempt this on the easiest difficulty after you’ve finished gathering all collectibles as you can quit and restart the whole chapter as many times as you want without losing any collectibles you picked up along the way. The trophy will unlock as soon as you get to the helicopter if you were successful.

Manuscript #74 – After the FBI agent leaves the police station you will see two manuscript pages on the ground that he dropped.

Manuscript #75 – With the above manuscript page.

Coffee Thermos #70 – On the front desk of the police station is a coffee thermos.

Coffee Thermos #71 – After fighting down the street with Sarah, you will see the Deerfest float whip by you. Follow where it went and you will find a yellow arrow on a booth to your left with a thermos.

Supply Chest #19 – To the right of where you found the coffee thermos is a black metal fence with a stop sign. to the left of the sign is a wooden platform you can walk on. The chest is at the end of the wooden platform.

Supply Chest #20 – Head down the street in the opposite direction and you will come to a building on your right with a “Fresh Seafood” sign on it. Enter the metal gate and proceed through the area until you get to some steps. The supply chest is at the top of the steps.

Optional TrophyDrink ‘Em Both Up” part 2 of 2 – You can finish the Drink ‘Em Both Up trophy during this section. Leave the seafood building and continue down the street, and enter the diner on your left. Go to the jukebox and play the record that the Anderson brother asked you to play way back in Chapter 1.

Coffee Thermos #72 – Inside the diner behind the counter is a coffee thermos.

Manuscript #76 – Go to the bathrooms in the back of the diner where you first met the creepy old lady in Chapter 1. There will be a manuscript page stuck to the wall.

Can Pyramid #9 – Continue following Sarah and you will reach a hotdog food truck just after the ambush in the area with all the portable toilets. The cans are on top of the hotdog truck.

Coffee Thermos #73 – Head to the end of the street after the hotdog truck and you will find a coffee thermos under the Deerfest banner.

Coffee Thermos #74 – After Sarah opens the wooden gate go through it and immediately look to your left. The thermos is by a BBQ grill.

Manuscript #77 – Inside the town hall building is a podium next to some stairs. Next to the podium is a manuscript page.

TV Show #12 – Head up the stairs and immediately in front of you is a TV hanging from a wall. Turn it on to watch an episode of Night Springs.

Supply Chest #21 – Enter the room to the left of the TV and you will find a supply chest (and an enemy that will drop from the ceiling).

Coffee Thermos #75 – Go back downstairs and follow the main path. A large enemy will burst through a door. After you kill him, go inside the room and check the smaller room to the right for a thermos.

Sign #15 – After a cutscene, you will be in front of a park. Go inside and check the statue for a readable sign.

Coffee Thermos #76 – Inside the bookstore is a coffee thermos that you likely saw from outside.

Sign #16 – On the right wall inside the bookstore next to a table is a readable sign.

Manuscript #78 – On the corner of the counter in the bookstore is a manuscript page.

Supply Chest #22 – Exit the book store and head left to find a shed with a supply chest inside.

Coffee Thermos #77 – Inside the playground by the sandpit to the right is a coffee thermos.

Sign #17 – In front of the church is a readable sign.

Manuscript #79 – To the right of the church is a yellow truck with a manuscript page inside.

Manuscript #80 – On the podium inside the church is a manuscript page.

Coffee Thermos #78 – In the basement of the church in the far left corner is a coffee thermos.

Manuscript #81 – Continue following Sarah as she leads you up some steps towards the helicopter. Eventually, you will come to an overlook with a picnic table. The manuscript page is on the table.

Coffee Thermos #79 – Look to your left as you reach the helipad and you will see a thermos near a red propane tank.

Bright Falls Light & Power

Coffee Thermos #80 – At the start of this section look to your right and follow the chainlink fence to find a thermos.

Coffee Thermos #81 – In the first building you enter, where you have to jump over a fence, you will find a thermos in the pipes at the end of the building.

Supply Chest #23 – Drop down into the power plant area after the Safe Haven light and head left. There is a supply chest tucked in the corner.

Manuscript #82 – After being attacked by the big enemy that smashes through the gate, head from where he came from and fight another large enemy. Take a left and you will see this page on the ground.

Coffee Thermos #82 – After being sandwiched by two big enemies, head right and you will see this thermos on some wooden palettes.

Manuscript #83 – You will see a manuscript page on a red armchair after using the blue cherry picker to get up to a roof. It’s on the main path.

Sign #18 – As you get to the road where the bridge control room is you will see a green memorial sign that you can read.

Manuscript (NIGHTMARE) #9 – Head away from the memorial sign and follow the road towards a school bus. There will be a nightmare manuscript page on the floor.

Coffee Thermos #83 – To the right of the control room office is a coffee thermos.

Coffee Thermos #84 – Search the control room on the other side of the bridge for a coffee thermos.

TV Show #13 – Inside the control room on the other side of the bridge is a TV on the desk.

Supply Chest #24 – After the helicopter is run off by birds again, go to the cliff edge on your right and follow it left to a brick wall. There is a supply chest there.

Coffee Thermos #85 – When you get to the parking lot check the front left corner behind a concrete road block to find a thermos.

Sign #19 – There is a readable warning sign to the right of the doors where you have to enter the building. You can still read it after the cutscene.

Coffee Thermos #86 – After the cutscene head into Cynthia’s “bedroom” and check near a small shelf on the right wall for a thermos.

Manuscript (NIGHTMARE) #10 – After your chat with Cynthia head down some steps and take an immediate left. Follow the chainlink fence to your left and it will lead you to the rock with a nightmare manuscript page on it. You will likely have seen this page when you first entered the area.

Sign #20 – When you reach the floodgate controls read the sign to the left of the buttons.

Can Pyramid #10 – On the wall next to the killswitch is a can pyramid.

Manuscript #84 – You will find this page directly in your path after the cutscene in the pipes.

Manuscript (NIGHTMARE) #11 – Just as you get attacked by birds you will see a large moss-covered tree wedged in the chasm to your right. In the middle of the tree trunk is a nightmare manuscript page.

Supply Chest #25 – When you regroup with Sarah and Barry walk up the small hill to the right of the red shack to find a supply chest.

Coffee Thermos #87 – As you walk up the hill towards the elevator, you will come to a large concrete pipe with a thermos inside.

Coffee Thermos #88 – After exiting the elevator, search the cliff edge behind the two green dumpsters to your right for a thermos.

Sign #21 – To the right of the button that Sarah asks Alan to press is a readable sign.

Manuscript #85 – On the main path after you get separated from Sarah and Barry again you will jump a chainlink fence. To your right is a rock with a manuscript page.

Coffee Thermos #89 – The darkness will begin to chase you across the dam. Eventually, you will get to a building with a spiral staircase that you have to descend. At the bottom, look to your right before leaving to find a thermos.

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