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How to unlock the Materia Maven trophy in FF7 Remake INTERmission for PlayStation 5

Welcome to our FF7 INTERmission Materia Maven Guide. For this trophy you will need to complete two different difficulty tiers of the Shinra Box Buster challenges and achieve top scores in both.

The Shinra Box Buster challenges can be played via the Training Console on floor B14 within Shinra HQ. After you activate the Level 2 Power Grid, the door behind you will open up, letting you into the Training Room.

There are 6 materia you can earn as rewards from these challenges and you will need to unlock them all. See this table for the unlock requirements:

ChallengeRequired ScoreMateria Reward
Basic Training5,000ATB Assist Materia
Basic Training10,000ATB Boost Materia
Basic Training20,000ATB Stagger Materia
SOLDIER Training10,000Magnify Materia
SOLDIER Training30,000Gil Up Materia
SOLDIER Training50,000EXP Up Materia

SOLDIER Training is the harder version of the challenge and it really is quite difficult! You’ll need to first beat Basic Training to gain access to this harder version.

There are a few tips I can give you to help you manage this, but with a lot of practice, you should be able to achieve it with 10-20 seconds left on the clock. Or less… like me.

  • To reach 50,000 points, you will need to destroy every single crate, which makes this quite a bit more of a challenge than the ones in the Base Game.
  • Don’t focus only on small boxes and timer boxes because you’ll quickly run out of extra time boxes and be left with big hard-to-destroy boxes. Try to find the right balance.
  • The aiming reticule will attach to the box that Yuffie is facing and not the box the camera is aimed at. This makes things incredibly difficult, but once you get the hang of it you can speed through the course without even looking where you’re going.
  • Press to throw your weapon at a box in the distance, then press again to “retrieve” it by teleporting to its location. This is the best way to move through the course at speed so get used to doing this.
  • For orange 100 point crates, just use throw and then retrieve to quickly destroy them in a single hit.
  • For Purple crates, use the following combo: Throw, , , (continue hitting square until destroyed).
  • For the very large white 1500-point crates, use Windstorm. Make sure you first use throw and then activate Windstorm as it will trigger at your weapon’s current location, allowing you to destroy them from a distance.
  • For the final room (the one filled with 1500-point boxes), use Banishment III. This is an ability you gain from Yuffie’s Steel Reaper weapon, if you haven’t learned the ability yet then you should equip the weapon for these challenges. Banishment gets stronger each time you use an ability and since you’ll be using Windstorm a lot it will be powered up by the time you reach the annoying final room.

I also recorded my successful 50,000-point run and uploaded it to YouTube for reference:

Good luck!

Once you earn all 6 materia, the Materia Maven trophy will unlock.

The Materia you earn for 50,000 points is an EXP Up Materia, which you should equip right away. You’ll earn double EXP, perfect for preparing yourself for Hard Difficulty.

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