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FF7 INTERmission Happy Turtle Flyer Locations Guide

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Where to find all 6 Happy Turtle Flyers in Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERmission DLC for PlayStation 5

Happy Turtle Flyers act as this DLC’s collectable item, and you will need to find and collect them all in order to earn the “Turtle-tastic” Trophy. Through this FF7 INTERmission Happy Turtle Flyer Locations Guide I aim to lead you effortlessly to all six of them.

It would be ideal for you to find and collect all of these during your first playthrough. This way, you can avoid needing to worry about them in your Hard Difficulty playthrough. That being said, you’re more than welcome to do this via Chapter Select cleanup, or wait and collect them all in your Hard playthrough.

There are just 6 to collect in total and they’re made easier to find by the fact that a unique jingle plays when you are close to them.

To begin collecting flyers you will first need to speak to an NPC called “Snapper,” this happens as part of the main story via the objective “The Happy Envoy” near the start of Chapter 1.

Snapper will tell you about the 6 flyers, which will then spawn, and can all be found relatively close by. Take some time out of your playthrough to now go and locate all 6.

Happy Turtle Flyer #1 Location

Guarded by a dog at the motel in the northwest of the Sector 7 Slums area. You will need to hide behind the boxes and slowly move past when the dog sleeps.

You’ll find the flyer pinned to the left wall, in front of the dog. Each time the dog falls asleep, move across to the next box. If you get ballsy and try to move over two boxes at a time, you’ll get seen.

Once you’re behind the third box, wait for the dog to sleep again and then head directly to the flyer.

Happy Turtle Flyer #2 Location

Towards the center of the northern portion of Sector 7 Slums, you’ll see a cat with the flyer next to it. When you approach the cat, it runs away with the flyer in its mouth.

You will need to follow the cat all the way to the back of a sectioned-off area in the north where you will find it behind some barrels.

Happy Turtle Flyer #3 Location

Towards the center of the Sector 7 Slums’ southern side, you can find a playground where some children are playing loudly.

Look for a stack of cardboard boxes and then walk through them, knocking them all down. Behind them you’ll find a small enclosed area with a flyer on the wall.

Happy Turtle Flyer #4 Location

Attached to a flying balloon in the southeast section of the Sector 7 Slums, where Wedge hangs out with his cats. You will need to pop the balloon, so climb over the boxes to the right and press to throw your weapon at it.

Once done, the flyer will drop to the ground where you can then collect it.

Happy Turtle Flyer #5 Location

Head east out of the Sector 7 Slums (towards the train station) into “Pillar Plaza”. While there, look out for a large bulletin board, this flyer is on there in plain sight.

Happy Turtle Flyer #6 Location

The final flyer is in the Abandoned Talagger Factory, which you can access by heading north through the guarded and fenced-off area into the Factory from Pillar Plaza.

Make your way through the factory until you’re in the eastern-most area, where you’ll find two Venomantis enemies and three stacks of crates, each taller than the last.

Behind the right-most, tallest stack of crates you will find the final and most well-hidden Happy Turtle Flyer on the wall, thus completing your collection.

With all 6 flyers in your inventory, the related side-quest will update, leading you back to Snapper. Bring him the 6 flyers to turn in the side-quest and unlock the Turtle-tastic trophy!

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