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How long does it take to beat Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC and unlock all trophies?

Around 10 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

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Does Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC have missable trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC Trophy Guide and Road Map.

Ghost of Tsushima is a fantastic and beautiful game released by Sucker Punch Productions in July 2020 and has now been excitingly re-released as a Director’s Cut for PS4 and PS5. This Director’s Cut contains an impressively fleshed-out wealth of new content in the form of the Iki Island DLC, which even includes a couple of new trophy lists!

If you haven’t yet earned the Platinum Trophy for the Ghost of Tsushima Base Game, we have a Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide you can use which should cover everything you need, including the importing of Save Files and Trophy Auto-pop.

Phase One – Complete the Main Story

In this first phase of our GoT: Iki Island Trophy Guide, we’re going to focus on first completing the new main story content in the Iki Island DLC. There are 9 missions tied to the story and it should take just 3-4 hours for you to complete it all.

To access the DLC content, press and select “Journal” then “Tales of Iki.” Track the quest “Journey into the Past” and follow the waypoints.

Doing the story content first will get you acquainted with all the new in-game content and allow you to settle back in if you’re just returning to the game.

Along the way, you would be wise to complete any exploration activities you happen across, such as Enemy Camps, Archery Challenges, Animal Sanctuaries, Bokken Duels, and more. This will reduce the work you need to do in Phases Two and Three of this guide when we’ll focus on completing those activities.

Don’t forget that golden songbirds will often appear to lead you to special locations, and rising smoke can be seen coming from significant locations.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC Story Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Out of the Past

Survive the Eagle’s medicine and bid farewell to a new friend.



The unmissable “Out of the Past” trophy will be awarded to you for completing the 9 main story quests in the Iki Island DLC. The related questlines are as follows:

  • Journey Into the Past
  • A Lost Friend
  • The Eagle’s Cry
  • A Raider’s Return
  • Jin From Yarikawa
  • The Lightning in the Storm
  • Massacre at Kidafure Village
  • The Blessing of Death
  • Epilogue: Last Words

Once you finish the last of those quests (Epilogue: Last Words) the Out of the Past trophy will unlock.

Phase Two – Conquer Bandit Camps

With the story done, we will be dedicating this short second phase of our GoT Iki Island DLC Trophy Guide to locating and conquering all 4 enemy camps on Iki Island. This will earn us just one trophy but will clear the fog on the entire map, allowing us to quickly and easily find all of the remaining markers that we’ll be using in Phase Three.

All Undiscovered Locations Revealed

Liberate Iki Island

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Butcher Redeemed

Liberate Iki Island by defeating the Eagle and driving the invaders from Mongol territory.

To begin working on this trophy you must first have completed the Iki Island DLC story. After doing so, you will finally be able to conquer the 4 enemy camps on the island and clear the map fog.

Here are the four camp locations:

Sentinel’s Peak in the Northwest.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Sentinel's Peak Location

Katayama Market near the center of the island.

Zasho River Crossing to the east.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Zasho River Crossing Location

Saruiwa Overlook in the Southwest.

Once you have successfully conquered all 4 camps, you will unlock the “The Butcher Redeemed” trophy.

Phase Three – Iki Island Exploration & Side Quests

Moving on to the final phase of our GoT: Iki Island Trophy Guide, it’s time to broaden our gaze, collect the rest of the trophies from the “Iki Island: Story DLC” Trophy Set, and begin work on the trophies in the “Iki Island: Exploration DLC” Trophy Set.

There are several activities to complete which you have surely been introduced to while working through the trophies in Phase One. These activities include…

  • 8 Archery Challenges
  • 9 Animal Sanctuaries
  • 4 Bokken Duels
  • 3 Haiku
  • 2 Onsen (Hot Springs)
  • 1 Shinto Shrine
  • 4 Bamboo Strikes

New Guiding Wind Abilities will be added to your “Techniques” tab under “Samurai” for the new Animal Sanctuary and Archery Challenge locations. You will need one technique point for each of them.

Once you have them, don’t forget that you can set your guiding wind target by pressing on the map. Select which activity you’d like to track and then the guiding wind will show you the way. You can see the general direction of the guiding wind on the map when active, which should help you to fast travel closer to the destination if needed.

If you recall from the base game, you will need the Travellers Attire in order to track some of the collectibles. I really do recommend that you collect the Platinum from the Base Game (see Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide) before attempting to earn these DLC trophies as you should then have everything you need.

Additionally, we will be completing the various Side Quests which take the following forms:

  • 2 Mythic Tales
  • 5 Memories of Your Father
  • 7 Side Tales
  • 6 Unwritten Tales

The Mythic Tale locations won’t automatically appear on the map, but I have provided instructions in our Iki Island DLC Mythic Tales Guide. The same goes for Unwritten Tales, which are documented in our Iki Island DLC Unwritten Tales Guide.

The Memories of Your Father can be tracked using the Guiding Wind, or you can find them at some “?” icons.

Each of the Side Tales (except for two) will be revealed on your map by liberating territories.

A Side Tale waypoint.

The two exceptions are “A Mother’s Law” and “A Helping Hand.” These side quests won’t appear on the map. See Common Courtesy for instructions on how to find and begin them.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC Side-Quest Trophies

Here in this portion of our GoT Iki Island DLC Trophy Guide, we will be collecting the remainder of the trophies found in the “Iki Island: Story DLC” Trophy Set.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Benefit of All Beings

Build your Legend on Iki Island to earn the title Legacy Redeemer.

To unlock this trophy, you simply need to reach the maximum Legend level on Iki Island; “Legacy Redeemer.”

You’ll make the most progress towards this while working your way through the Story quests, but it will take a little bit more than that to max out your Legend. Thankfully, you will also be able to grow your Legend by clearing enemy territory, completing side quests, and more.

You will earn this trophy naturally on your way to 100% completion of the Iki Island DLC, it’s impossible not to. Just work on other trophies until The Benefit of All Beings unlocks.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Treasures of the Past

Complete all Mythic Tales on Iki Island.

There are just two Mythic Tales to complete in the Iki Island DLC. Check out our Iki Island DLC Mythic Tales Guide, where I’ve included screenshots and instructions for completing both Mythic Tales.

Once you have completed both “The Legend of Black Hand Riku” and “The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai,” you will unlock the Treasures of the Past trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Elegy for Kazumasa

Complete all Memories of Your Father.

There are 5 Memories of Your Father events to complete in Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island DLC, and they can all thankfully be tracked by pressing on the map and choosing to “Track” Undiscovered Memories of Your Father.

This will set the guiding wind to direct you to the location of your nearest Memories of Your Father event but will require you to have the Travellers Attire from the Ghost of Tsushima Base Game.

Follow the Guiding Wind to each of the five locations and press , where prompted, to relive a moment shared between Jin and his father Kazumasa years ago.

Once you have experienced all five Memories, the Elegy for Kazumasa trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Common Courtesy

Discover and complete all unwritten tales on Iki Island.

The Common Courtesy Trophy requires you to complete all 7 Side Tales and 6 Unwritten Tales. For the Unwritten Tales, please see our Iki Island DLC Unwritten Tales Guide. For the Side Quests, please read on…

Why am I including Side Tales in these instructions? I tested by completing only the Unwritten Tales before completing any Side Tales and the trophy didn’t unlock. After loading my save, completing the Side Quests, and then completing the Unwritten Tales I was able to unlock the trophy. I have also had multiple reports of people earning their Common Courtesy trophy in the middle of a Side Tale.

As Side Tales are required for Friend to All Raiders anyway, you should end up doing them regardless.

The names of the 7 Side Tales are:

  • The Ghost of Iki Island
  • Caretakers of the Eagle
  • Troubled Waters
  • Bloodletting (Unlocked by finishing Troubled Waters)
  • The Impact of Loss
  • A Mother’s Law (not on map, see below…)
  • A Helping Hand (not on map, see below…)

Each of these Side Tales will be clearly marked on the map with a large silver rhombus-shaped icon except for “A Mother’s Law” and “A Helping Hand” so to help you locate these two Side Tales, I have provided guides for them both here:

A Mother’s Law

The “A Mother’s Law” quest won’t show up until you’ve heard some specific dialogue. You just need to head to Fune’s House in Fune’s Refuge and then stand around for a moment. Fune should be speaking with one of her crew members. Wait for their conversation to end and the quest marker will appear over Fune’s head.

A Helping Hand

To start this quest, you must first find a Peasant NPC at one of three campfires and give him the supplies he asks for when you speak to him. Once done, visit the other two campfires and give him resources again.

Note that if he’s not at any of the below locations when you arrive, he will be later, just keep checking back in.

The three locations are as shown here:

Location 1: Smuggler’s Wood, requires 3x Yew Wood

Location 2: Central Iki, requires 6x Predator Hides

Location 3: Beach Northeast of Yahata Lighthouse, requires 10x Iron

Once you have given him the resources he needs at all three locations, head to the new icon on the map in Sly Hunter’s Forest.

Speak to the NPCs to finish the Tale.

In conclusion; complete all 7 Side Tales and 6 Unwritten tales and the Common Courtesy Trophy is all yours. It seems that the trophy relates to specific conversations in Side Tales, rather than the quests themselves, so you may unlock the trophy in the middle of a Side Tale and not at the end.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Friend to All Raiders

Complete all Tales of Iki.

Once you have completed all 9 Story quests, the 5 Unwritten Tales (see Common Courtesy), all 7 Side Quests (see Common Courtesy for these also), 5 Memories of Your Father (see Elegy for Kazumasa), and 2 Mythic Tales (see our Iki Island DLC Mythic Tales Guide) you will unlock the Friend to All Raiders trophy.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC Exploration Trophies

The trophies in this section of our GoT Iki Island DLC Trophy Guide come from the “Iki Island: Exploration DLC” Trophy Set.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Monkey See

Embody the spirit of the monkey on Saruiwa.

This trophy requires you to interact with three hidden Monkey Statues around the mountain-esque rock formation in Saruiwa, at the very southwest corner of Iki Island.

When you approach this mountain from the southern side you will see two chimp statues indicating the start of the climb. Begin climbing up the mountain and then look out for these three statues on your way up…

Monkey Statue 1 – Hear No Evil

This monkey has its hands over its ears and can be found by going left up a wall inside the first cave-like section instead of squeezing through a gap at the back of the cave.

When you reach the Monkey Statue, swipe left on the to start playing your flute. Petals will spawn around the statue to indicate you did the right thing.

Now go back the way you came and continue the mountain climb.

Monkey Statue 2 – See No Evil

Eventually, you will reach another point in the climb where you can choose to continue on or climb up a wall. Climb the wall here and the first handhold will crumble, revealing the true path which is down.

Climb down the wall to find the See No Evil monkey statue in a small alcove.

Drop a Smoke bomb at your feet to activate this second statue and then climb back up to the main path.

Monkey Statue 3 – Speak No Evil

Continue on the main path until you reach a point where there’s another two paths; you can either cross a wooden beam that leads to a grapple point, or you can climb the wall to your left.

For this statue, you will want to cross the beam, use to attach to the grapple point, and then make your way down the mountainside to a pool of bright blue water, where you’ll find the Speak No Evil monkey.

For this statue, swipe down on the to bow to the monkey statue, activating it.

Once you have interacted with all of the statues, you will need to complete the Monkey Sanctuary right at the top of the mountain, so just continue the climb until you reach the top.

If you have already done the Money Sanctuary then the Monkey See trophy will just unlock when you activate the third statue instead.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Pride of Ishikawa

Achieve bronze or higher on all Archery Challenges.

There are 8 Archery Challenges to complete on Iki Island.

You can set the Guiding Wind to show you to the Archery Challenge locations if you have purchased the “Wind of Concentration” Samurai Technique for 1 point in the Techniques tab of the pause menu.

Once you have it, go back to the Map tab of the pause menu and then press . Select “Undiscovered Archery Challenges” and then press to begin tracking them.

When you arrive at your first Archery Challenge, approach the Ranger with the bow icon above his head and press to speak with them. After that, you can start Archery Challenges by stepping up onto the platform and pressing on the bow.

You’ll be asked to shoot several archery targets as quickly as possible. You will be rated afterward based on your speed; either Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

In order to unlock the Pride of Ishikawa trophy, you should complete all 8 challenges on Iki Island fast enough to earn a Bronze rating or better.

This isn’t too tricky, just be conscious of how the arrows drop slightly over a distance and aim higher for distant targets.

There’s one hidden Archery Challenge, which counts as an Unwritten Tale. To start it, you need to go to the Raider Memorial on the south coast and then head up the stairs to a man standing next to a bow.

Speak to him with Tadayori’s Armor equipped (acquired in the Base Game) and he will allow you to participate in the Archery Challenge there.

Once you have completed all 8 Archery Challenges, the Pride of Ishikawa trophy is all yours!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Chiyoko’s Song

Complete all Animal Sanctuaries.

There are 9 Animal Sanctuaries on Iki Island; Three Deer Sanctuaries, Three Cat Sanctuaries, and Three Monkey Sanctuaries.

You can set the Guiding Wind to show you to these locations if you have purchased the “Wind of Harmony” Samurai Technique for 1 point in the Techniques tab of the pause menu.

Once you have it, go back to the Map tab of the pause menu and then press . Select “Undiscovered Animal Sanctuaries” and then press to begin tracking them.

When you arrive at an Animal Sanctuary, you will see a swarm of butterflies over a round kneeling mat. Approach the mat and press to begin playing the flute.

Use your DualSense/Dualshock motion controls to change the pitch of your flute by tilting the controller up and down.

As the pitch changes, the small orb will move up and down. You should attempt to keep the orb between the two moving lines on-screen to play the flute correctly and attract the nearby animal. Once the animal is close enough, Jin will pet them, completing the Animal Sanctuary event.

Once you have done this at all 9 Sanctuaries on Iki Island, the Chiyoko’s Song trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Few Splinters

Complete all bokken duels at the Hidden Cove Tournament.

Before you can enter any Bokken Duels you must have progressed the Iki Island DLC story far enough to complete the quest “Jin from Yarikawa.” After this quest, you’ll automatically be taken to the Hidden Cove Tournament.

Speak to the Raider in front of the tournament ring and he will introduce you to the concept of Bokken Duels. There is a total of four duelists to defeat.

To begin a duel, look for one of the three duelists sitting around the ring who have crossed-sword icons above their heads. Speak to them to challenge them to a duel. Defeat all three of them and the fourth duelist will show up.

Each of the four duelists uses a different fighting style which you must learn to counter and adapt to if you hope to defeat them. Land 5 hits on your opponent before they can do the same to you, and you’ll win. Below is some advice from my time with each duel:

Owan, The Exiled Monk

Owan is fairly easy if you have the right stance. Switch to the Moon Stance and then use to dodge his kicks. Immediately after dodging, tap to fire off a quick Moon Stance kick. You’ll stun him, so just tap once to follow up with a slash which will hit him. Repeat this five times and you will defeat him with ease.

Kai, The Brutal Raider

This opponent is very aggressive and pretty stupid. Use to dodge his attacks and then immediately hit to catch his flank with your Bokken. I recommend Stone Stance for this as it seems to land a hit a tiny bit quicker after a dodge than the other stances.

Take, The Murderous Merchant

Until you have hit her three times, this fighter will just slash at you like a normal enemy. Parry this by pressing with good timing to stagger her and then go in with a quick slash to land a hit on her. I recommend doing this fight in Stone Stance.

After you have hit her three times, she will change her fighting style and start blocking a lot more. Hit her a couple of times with quick attacks to bait her into attacking you. You can either parry the attack with a well-timed and then hit her with or dodge her attack and then jump with and bring your bokken down on her with .

Sao, The Crimson Fisherman

This fight is a bit more difficult than others and varies depending on how you fight, so stay on your toes.

Sao will drag his bokken across the ground in an attempt to hit your feet, dodge this with . If you dodge away from him, he will throw a flask at you, dodge the flask with and then prepare to parry his next attack so that you can hit him with .

If you dodge towards him (to one side) after the sweeping attack instead, he will immediately follow up with a blue attack instead of throwing a flask. You should immediately parry with and then attack him with while he’s staggered.

I recommend dodging towards him as that attack pattern is easier to parry than the one with the flask. It’s a little inconsistent, though, and sometimes he will throw a flask at you point-blank, so be prepared to switch strategy on a dime.

You can really use Any Stance you like here, but I found that the Stone Stance was a bit better to parry with.

After you beat Sao in a Bokken Duel, you will unlock the A Few Splinters trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Well-Rounded Warrior

Complete all Haiku, Onsen, Shinto Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes on Iki Island.

Haiku, Onsen, Shinto Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes are all returning side-activities which were featured in the Ghost of Tsushima Base Game. Just as with the base game, you can simply track every one of these side-activities using the Guiding Wind.

Open your map and then press to open the Guiding Wind Menu. There, browse and select the activity you’d like to track with to set the Guiding Wind to lead you to the nearest activity of that type.

Simply use this system until you have found the following:

  • 3 Haiku
  • 2 Onsen (Hot Springs)
  • 1 Shinto Shrine
  • 4 Bamboo Strikes

With the map uncovered, also, you’ll be able to see all of the “?” icons, which give you a good idea of where to look next.

Once you have found and completed all of the above-listed activities, the Well-Rounded Warrior trophy is all yours!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Blood on Your Hands

Purchase an item from the Crimson Dye Merchant and obtain a dye for your Sakai Horse Armor.

The Iki Island DLC adds two new merchants to the game and you must visit them both to unlock the “Blood on Your Hands” trophy. You won’t just happen upon them, however, there are specific steps that must be taken to find them.

Let’s start with the Crimson Dye Merchant. This new merchant can only be found once you have completed all four Duels at the Hidden Cove Tournament (see A Few Splinters). Once you have done that, the merchant will appear on the map, slightly southeast of Fort Sakai. You can even Fast Travel there without having visited that location before.

Visit him and purchase any item you like (the first purchase should be free). That’s task one done.

Next is the Horse Armor Dye Merchant. To make this merchant appear, you will need to complete the Mythic Tale titled “The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai” (see Treasures of the Past). Afterward, the Horse Armor Dye Merchant will appear on the map near the southeast coast.

Even though you have unlocked the merchant, you won’t yet be able to buy the Horse Armor dye you need. There are several that she offers but each requires you to have found a certain amount of Sakai Clan Banners.

From the map, press and set the Guiding Wind to target “Undiscovered Sakai Banners” (Traveller’s Attire required). There are 30 in total but you just need 6 to unlock your very first Horse Armor Dye. Once unlocked, visit the Horse Armor merchant and collect the first dye to complete the Blood on Your Hands trophy’s second requirement.

Once you have purchased any Crimson Dye item and any Horse Armor Dye, the Blood on Your Hands trophy will unlock.

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