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How long does it take to beat Ghost of Tsushima and unlock all trophies?

Around 50 Hours in total.

How difficult is it to beat Ghost of Tsushima and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Ghost of Tsushima have online trophies?


Does Ghost of Tsushima have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Ghost of Tsushima have missable trophies?


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What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Ghost of Tsushima?


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Trophy Guide

Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide & Road Map for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Trophy Auto-Pop

If you have purchased the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PS5 Upgrade and already have the Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 4, you can re-acquire all of the trophies again automatically except for one, which is easy enough to pick up.

To start, make sure your Ghost of Tsushima PS4 save data is in your PS5’s Console Storage or Extended Storage. You could use a USB storage device or the PS Plus Cloud Save service to transfer it from a PS4 console if needed.

Next, install, update and then boot up Ghost of Tsushima PS5. You will see an option on the main menu that reads “TRANSFER PS4 CONSOLE SAVE.” Select it to begin the process.

Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Save Transfer to PS4

Once done, all previously unlocked trophies except “A Moment in Time” will unlock.

Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Trophy Auto-pop

Thankfully, A Moment in Time is a very easy trophy you can earn in a few seconds once you’ve loaded your save. See how to unlock it here.

Once you do, the Ghost of Tsushima PS5 platinum trophy will unlock!

Note that if you wish to play the PS5 version first and then auto-pop the trophies on PS4, there is no feature for PS5-to-PS4 save transfer so it would be impossible to do. You must first earn the platinum on PS4 and then upgrade to PS5.

Phase One – Complete the Ghost of Tsushima Main Mission Trophies

During this first phase of our Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide, we’re going to complete as many main campaign missions – displayed in the journal as “Jin’s Journey” – as we can. During this phase, feel free to get side-tracked as much as you like, nothing is missable thanks to the free-roam post-game so you can do as much or as little here as you like.

Obviously, completing Side Quests as you come across them as well as gathering any collectables nearby will shorten the length of your cleanup phase. I also recommend that whenever you see one of the golden songbirds, you follow it to its destination, as it will lead you to a useful location and often a collectable such as a haiku, hot spring or bamboo strike, all of which are very beneficial.

Our preferred approach while working on this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide was like so;

  • Each Act is tied to a portion of the map, you can’t progress to the next area without clearing the Act and the map of the area also cannot be fully revealed.
  • Complete the Act and then turn back, don’t progress the story any further, instead turn your attention to Side-Quests, Collectables and Mongol Bases. Liberating all Mongol Bases within a region of the map will reveal the entire map and all of the Undiscovered Locations within so it is a good idea to prioritise any that you find. Rescuing hostages and speaking to peasants that you meet along the way will help you identify their locations quicker.
  • Complete all side-quests in this region and use a combination of the map and the guiding wind’s collectable skills to find and collect everything there is to find in said region.
  • With the region complete, move on to the next Act and Region, repeating the process.

It was a satisfying system and proved an excellent way of mixing up the different phases to stave off potential boredom.

General Tips

Below is just some general advice to keep in mind throughout this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide which may make your trophy journey go a little smoother.

  • As there are no difficulty trophies you can play the entire game on Easy with no repercussions, however, I strongly recommend playing on at least Medium Difficulty so that you get the full experience of the excellent combat system. You can always change this at any time.
  • Make sure you free any hostages you come across while travelling. It can be a pain to get side-tracked but it’s worth it in the long run as it will update your map with rumoured locations.
  • Another good source of rumoured locations is short conversations with peasants. Speak to anyone and everyone at camps and villages with a speech bubble icon over them to glean information from them. The more you can update your map, the better.
  • Look out for signs with a silhouette of a bowing samurai on them. These are hidden altars and if you bow at them by swiping downwards on the touchpad, something cool will happen nearby. There is a trophy for bowing at 10 of these!
  • When you arrive in Toyotama, head to the Sakai estate as soon as you can. There’s a mission there, the reward for which is important for a trophy and better to earn sooner than later.
  • Be very, very vigilant about gathering any supplies you come across. Check every hut in a Mongol Camp and every building in a Village, you will need quite a lot of supplies in order to purchase all of the necessary upgrades for the Platinum and you really don’t want to get stuck farming resources at the end of your journey. My own vigilance meant that I had all the upgrades I needed by Act 3.
  • The Charm of Inari from Arrow Point Shrine has a chance of doubling all resource pick-ups and can be collected as early as Act 1.
  • The only upgrades you actually need are those for the Sakai Katana – which you can begin upgrading from the start – and the Sakai Clan Armour you will be able to get in Act 2, try not to spend resources on anything else if you can avoid it. Feel free to use flowers and predator hides as much as you like.
  • You do not need to find every single collectable in the game. In fact it is quite generous in that sense compared to other similar games. See Phase Five for more details on which collectables you will need, but bear in mind that you won’t need absolutely everything.
  • Try to knock an enemy off a ledge as soon as you can for the trophy “Have a Nice Fall“. This trophy can be very difficult to earn if you wait until the post-game so for the sake of your sanity and time, ensure you keep this in the back of your mind throughout the game until it is acquired.

Glitch Warning: Though not experienced by myself or MrZhangetsu, there are many reports flying around of game-breaking glitches, preventing you from making any progress. To avoid these issues, ensure you do the following while following this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide:

  • Save after each mission completion. Even more frequently if you wish. Loading a manual save is the only way to restore the game to before the glitch took place and you really don’t want to get stuck without a save to go back to – forcing you to restart the game.
  • Complete every mission you start. If you leave a mission half-finished which just so happens to have glitched, you’ll not only lock yourself out of the Platinum but your most recent saves will likely contain the glitch.

In some side-quests, such as “The River Children”, when you investigate an item, Jin will stare at it without saying anything and the only way to leave is to fast travel away, but the quest becomes impossible to complete. If this happens, just quit to the main menu and then select “Continue”, you’ll come back to an autosave from just before investigating anything and it will now work fine.

Unmissable Trophies

There are a whole lot of trophies in this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide which you will earn simply by playing the game’s main campaign missions and working your way through the story, these are listed below as you don’t need to worry about them. As long as you finish the campaign, you’ll earn the following:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Gathering Storm

Recover the katana of clan Sakai.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Point of No Return

Break your code to help a new friend.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Company of Wolves

Recruit the Straw Hat ronin.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Stoking the Flame

Rescue Taka from Mongol captivity.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Family Reunion

Free Lord Shimura from the Khan’s clutches.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Leader of the People

Rally the peasants of Yarikawa.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Den of Thieves

Discover Umugi Cove.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Recover your father’s armor.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Dying Embers

Eradicate the traitors in the name of a fallen friend.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Ghost

Embrace your new identity.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Exiled Alliance

Reunite with your allies in the frozen north.



Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Mono No Aware

Leave the past behind and accept the burden of your new mantle.



Phase Two – Ghost of Tsushima Map Liberation & Side Quests Trophies

With the campaign phase of this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide complete, it’s time to cover off any liberation or side-quests you have remaining. Doing so will help you to uncover the rest of the map and also collect any supplies and upgrade points you might still need.

Side Quests

Some side-quest icons on the map have the face of an ally within them. These tales are part of individual quest-lines and each quest-line has its own silver trophy attached to it. Complete these quest-lines to earn the following trophies:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Warrior Monk

Complete all of Norio’s Tales.

Norio has a total of 9 missions for you to complete for the above trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Vengeful Warrior

Complete all of Masako’s Tales.

Masako has a total of 9 missions for you to complete for the above trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Unbending Archer

Complete all of Ishikawa’s Tales.

Ishikawa has a total of 9 missions for you to complete for the above trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Headstrong Thief

Complete all of Yuna’s Tales.

Yuna has a total of 4 missions for you to complete for the above trophy.

Mythic Tales

The cooler – yet more complicated – optional missions to complete in Ghost of Tsushima are “Mythic Tales”. These require a small amount of detective work and can be quite confusing, often spanning huge portions of the map. In order to help with these, we’ve created a separate Mythic Tales Guide which should help with any difficulties you might be having completing them.

Obviously, once done, you’ll earn yourself the following trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Teller of Tales

Complete all of the Mythic Tales.

Aside from those character-specific quest-lines and the Mythic Tales there are other silver side-quest icons on the map which are just once-off quests. You will need to complete every one of these along with the others above, for 61 quests in total, in order to earn yourself this trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Helping Sword Hand

Complete all Tales of Tsushima.

Liberation Trophies

While working through this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide you will also want to be heading to every red icon on the map. These are Mongol Territory areas and completing the objectives there will uncover a large area of surrounding map. Liberating all areas in each region will reveal that region’s entire map.

Note that a lot of Mongol Territory locations are story-related and cannot be liberated without progressing the story. For this reason it’s recommended that you leave these until after the story, at least per region. Each region has an Act attached to it, so if you want to liberate all territories in Izuhara, for example, you will need to complete Act 1.

If you do decide to complete the entirety of the story before doing these Liberation Tasks, note that they will all be automatically marked on the map once the story is finished.

Each region has it’s own liberation trophies. Complete all 24 Liberation events in Izuhara for the following trophies:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hero of the People

Liberate 12 occupied areas in Izuhara.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Fight For The Isle….

Liberate all occupied areas in Izuhara.

Complete all 17 Liberation events in Toyotama for the following trophies:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Good Riddance

Liberate 8 occupied areas in Toyotama.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Securing Sanctuary….

Liberate all occupied areas in Toyotama.

Complete all 15 Liberation events in Kamiagata for the following trophies:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Mass Eviction

Liberate 7 occupied areas in Kamiagata.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A New Safe Haven

Liberate all occupied areas in Kamiagata.

Completing all 56 of the above Liberation events will land you this trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Master Liberator

Liberate the entirety of Tsushima Island.

Phase Three – Ghost of Tsushima Jin & Equipment Upgrade Trophies

Legend and Stance Trophies

Though it is unlikely you managed to make it this far into the Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide without fully upgrading both Jin and your favoured equipment, it’s now time to tackle any Upgrade Trophies you may have left.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Ghost of Legend

Build your Legend to earn the title Ghost of Tsushima.

This trophy requires you to raise your legend to the maximum level. Your legend will increase with every side-quest, liberation and main-line quest you complete. Completing bonus objectives during Liberation activities will increase the amount of legend you gain upon liberation.

This trophy should easily be accomplished long before you’re done with Phase Two of the trophy journey.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Quick Study

Learn the Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon combat stances.

Stances are the different combat styles available within Ghost of Tsushima. Below are their key mappings and competencies:

  • Stone Stance Unlocked from the beginning, Stone stance is accessed by pressing + and uses over-head attacks and thrusting strikes to gain an advantage over sword-wielding combatants.
  • Water Stance Unlocked after killing or observing 3 Mongol Territory Leaders. Water stance is accessed by pressing [R2]+ and uses low upward-rising attacks to gain an advantage over shield-carrying combatants.
  • Wind Stance Unlocked after killing or observing 8 more Mongol Territory Leaders. Wind Stance uses high-to-low sweeping attacks and kicks to gain an advantage over pole-arm-wielding combatants.
  • Moon Stance Unlocked after killing or observing 12 more Mongol Territory Leaders. Moon Stance uses fast spinning strikes and rapid kicks to gain an advantage over Brutes (large enemies).

In total you will need to observe or kill Leaders 23 times to earn this trophy.

Leaders are found in Mongol Territories and some story missions. You can observe a leader by approaching them while hidden and then holding when the prompt appears. By doing this and then killing the Leader you will earn 2 points towards your next stance instead of one, meaning you’ll simply learn the stances much earlier in the game.

However, if you are struggling to find opportunities to observe Leaders, there are more than enough of them for you to learn all four stances just by killing them, before even leaving the first region.

Equipment Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Every Trick in the Book

Acquire all the throwable Ghost Weapon techniques.

Each time your legend grows, you will be offered the chance to choose from one of five Ghost Weapons which you’d like access to. I recommend going with the “Wind Chime” throwable first, this is because the trophy will not pop until you have purchased the “Firecracker” Wind Chime upgrade in the Ghost Weapon techniques tab, which technically counts as a sixth throwable weapon.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Perfect Storm

Fully upgrade your sword.

Upgrading the Sakai Katana requires a lot of supplies, steel and iron. It’s likely that even by the end of the game and having completed every main quest, side-quest and liberation event you will not have enough to max out the blade unless you’ve neglected every other piece of equipment, which you don’t want to do.

Instead, you will need to farm these resources. They’re found pretty much everywhere, but the best places are villages and Mongol Camps, where you’ll find plenty of each just laying around on the ground and inside buildings on shelves, waiting to be gathered. Be insanely vigilant about collecting everything you can find as this will pay off greatly.

There is a charm in the lower-most region of Tsushima, found at Arrow Peak Shrine called the “Charm of Inari”. It will take up one of your most valuable charm slots so you will likely only want to equip it on occasion, when you’re specifically farming supplies. This charm has a chance of doubling any resources you find, from Yew Wood to Steel to Supplies, it definitely comes in handy.

There is also an exploit you can use, whereby if you visit a Mongol Territory and raid the place for supplies but don’t complete the Liberation Event before leaving, you can come back to the camp later to find the supplies have been restocked. This can be used anywhere but the “Destroyed Shipyard” in the lower-most region of Tsushima is an excellent place to use this exploit as the enemies there are weak and there are five large chests to be found containing resources.

However, I do not recommend using this exploit. You’re essentially testing fate by doing this. As the game has a small chance of glitching out and preventing completion of certain quests and events when you leave something incomplete, you’re repeatedly opening yourself up to the chance of this happening and locking you out of the Platinum.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Charming Man

Equip a charm in all 6 slots.

This simple trophy asks only that you unlock your full 6 charm slots and then equip a charm in each one.

To unlock your charm slots you will need to visit multiple Fox Dens and then have said foxes lead you to the nearby Inari Shrines. After you have visited enough of them, the 6th charm slot will become available.

There are enough Fox Dens and Inari Shrines in the first region of the game alone for you to complete the requirements of this trophy as early as the first Act.

Once you have your six slots, equip a charm in each to have the trophy pop.

Phase Four – Miscellaneous Trophies

Within Ghost of Tsushima there are a few Miscellaneous Trophies, most of which you will earn naturally through standard gameplay but it’s quite likely there will be a few remaining at the end. You can use this phase of the Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide to clean those up.

Miscellaneous Combat Trophies

The following trophies in this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide require you to perform a specific feat using your abilities in combat.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Flash of Steel

Defeat 20 enemies with a counterattack after a Perfect Parry.

To parry in Ghost of Tsushima you simply press when an enemy attacks with either a normal attack or one with a blue cross. Red cross attacks cannot be parried and must instead be dodged with . If you time your button press perfectly so that you block at the very last second before the blade hits you, time will slow for a short moment. This is a perfect parry.

The timing isn’t that tricky and with a moderate amount of gameplay you will soon be parrying almost every attack the enemy throws at you.

To earn the trophy, you will need to get a perfect parry and then immediately press or for an instant kill on the enemy. This will need to be done 20 times, but it should be easier than you think, especially on the easier enemies in Act 1.

There are two things which will make this trophy easier;

  • The first is the “Charm of Mizu-no-Kami” which can be found at the Spring Falls Shrine in Northern Izuhara. This charm will increase the window for a perfect parry or dodge, making them occur more frequently.
  • The second is the skill “Unyielding Sword Parry” in the “Deflection” tree of Jin’s Samurai techniques. This ability will turn some red-cross attacks into blue-cross attacks which can be parried, but still cannot be blocked.
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Witness Protection

Shoot a Terrified enemy with an arrow while they are fleeing.

There are many ways to terrify an enemy in Ghost of Tsushima, here are the main 3 methods:

  • Sneak up on and assassinate a Leader in a Mongol Territory to decapitate him, striking fear in his men. This ability will not be available until near the end of Act 2.
  • Use the skill “Terrifying Parry” from the “Deflection” tree in Jin’s Samurai techniques. This makes perfect parries have a 20% chance of terrifying nearby enemies.
  • Kill an enemy using any of the four Mythic combat arts. Each of these has a decent chance of terrifying nearby enemies.

There are a few other ways of terrifying enemies such as Ghost Stance kills, but those three I have found to be the most effective.

To improve your chances, you can wear the Ghost armour which you will earn towards the end of Act 2, this gear increases the chances of an enemy becoming terrified.

Once it happens and an enemy begins screaming and running off into the distance, pull out your bow with , slow time with to ensure they don’t get away, and hit them with your best shot to take them down and earn the trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
All in the Wrist

Defeat the maximum amount of enemies within a single Standoff.

Before you can earn this trophy you will need to have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Unlock the skill “Improved Standoff Streak” in the techniques tab of the pause menu. This will increase your number of max stand-off kills to 3.
  • Acquire the Sakai Armour from the Sakai Residence as part of the main questline in Act 2. This – when equipped – will increase your number of max stand-off kills to 4.
  • Fully upgrade the Sakai Armour. This – when equipped – will increase your number of max stand-off kills to 5, the highest possible number of stand-off kills.
The required skill.

Ideally you will want to fulfil the above requirements as early as possible because stand-offs become much more difficult as you get further in the game. That is not to say they become impossible, but the enemies will taunt a lot more and attack quicker, requiring more effort on your part to deal with.

To initiate a stand-off, approach a group of enemies and then press when the prompt appears on-screen. You will then need to hold and watch your opponent’s movements. They will pretend to strike up to 3 times in an attempt to get you to strike first. If you strike first, your health will be reduced to almost-zero and you will be at a disadvantage. I found that the best way to time this is to watch your opponent’s legs, as soon as they step forward it’s time to release .

If your enemy strikes first, release just before their attack lands and you will cut them down. Surrounding enemies will then begin charging you one at a time. To defeat them and get the maximum number of stand-off kills you will need to time up to 4 more presses just before each enemy can land an attack on you.

If you strike any of the additional enemies too early, you will have your health reduced to almost-zero and the stand-off will end. If you attack too late, you’ll take a normal amount of damage and the stand-off will end. Timing these events right takes some practice and you will need to learn the attack animations of your enemies to get the timing down.

It’s not as difficult as I am probably making it sound, so I am certain you’ll have no difficulty earning this trophy once the pre-requisites are met.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Open for Business

Successfully Stagger enemies 50 times.

This will likely happen a lot earlier in the game than you’d think. To stagger an enemy you simply need to hit them with a heavy attack enough times for the white bar above their head to become filled.

This bar will fill much faster if you are using the correct stance, i.e. Stone Stance for swordsmen, Water Stance for shield carriers, etc.

As it is such a vital part of the combat system you should be doing this in almost every combat encounter and so this trophy will pop naturally very early into the game.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Have a Nice Fall

Kill an enemy with fall damage by knocking them off a ledge.

This trophy can be a real pain to get if you wait until the post-game when there are less enemies around, so do your best to earn it as early as you can, keep it in mind throughout your play-through.

There will be plenty of opportunities for this and it may even occur naturally for you as it did for me. Simply attacking an enemy near a cliff can be enough for chance to take the reigns and hand you the trophy, but if you want to make this easier on yourself, use either the Wind or Moon Stances when you have them, as they both feature kicking attacks which can send the enemies flying backwards.

With the Wind Stance, the kick is more powerful but you will need to hold to use the attack. With the Moon Stance, a standard attack is a kick but is not as effective at throwing people.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Haunting Precision

Kill 20 enemies with Ghost Stance strikes.

Ghost Stance is a new stance you will earn as part of the story towards the end of Act 2. With this ability, any kills you earn without taking damage will add a red mark on a meter near your current stance icon in the bottom right.

Once you have killed 7 enemies in a row – which is quite easy when you can use a successful stand-off to kill up to 5 people – this meter will be filled and your stance icon will change to an icon depicting the Ghost Mask. There will be a button prompt telling you to press + at the same time.

Pressing the thumb-sticks in at the same time as prompted will initiate Ghost Stance and nearby enemies will become stricken by fear. In this stance you can kill almost any enemy in a single or button press. After 3 of these instant kills, the Stance will end and you will need to refill the counter to initiate it again.

Note also that the Ghost Armour can reduce the number of kills needed for Ghost Stance.

As you can earn up to 3 kills per Ghost Stance usage, you will only need to initiate it 7 times.

If you’re struggling to earn kills without taking damage, note that kills from a distance with a bow and stealth assassinations will also count towards filling the Ghost Stance meter.

Miscellaneous Interaction Trophies

The following trophies in this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide require you to perform a specific action outside of combat whilst free-roaming the Island of Tsushima.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Honor the Unseen

Bow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima.

This is the Hidden Altar trophy I mentioned in the General Tips section of this guide. There are many signs hidden throughout Tsushima which depict the silhouette of a bowing man, usually near shrines, in graveyards, or in small villages. Stand in front of any one of these and swipe down on the touchpad to have Jin bow at the sign.

This will trigger some sort of nature-based event such as a hundred frogs jumping out at you all at once!

Find and bow to 10 of these in total in order to earn the trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Monochrome Masters

Purchase an item from the Black and White Dye Merchants.

Hidden throughout Tsushima there are two dye merchants, one who can dye your armours white and offer white vanity items, and another who can do the same with black dye.

The White Dye merchant can be found in Izuhara at the location shown below.

The Black Dye Merchant can be found in Toyotama at the location shown below.

To earn this trophy you will need to visit them both and use Flowers to purchase anything from each of them. Side-note: The Sakai Armour looks incredible in black.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Cooper Clan Cosplayer

Dress up as a legendary thief.

Earning this trophy requires that you do several things, but you will not be able to do most of them until at least Act 3, so come back here at that time.

You will need the following items:

  • Any face mask vanity item. Many prefer to use the Thief’s Mask item, which is great because you will definitely have received it by this point unless a serious glitch has occurred. If you don’t have it in your inventory, visit any gift altar and it will almost certainly be waiting there for you.
  • The Gosaku Armour. This armour is earned from the Mythic Tale quest “Unbreakable Gosaku”, for which you will find a guide here. For the purposes of this trophy, you do not need to upgrade it.
  • The blue “Ocean’s Guardian” dye for the Gosaku Armour. Purchase this from any merchant for just 10 Flowers once you have the Gosaku Armour.
  • The Sly Tanuki Sword Kit. See instructions for finding this below.
  • The Crooked Kama Headband. See instructions for finding this below.

The Sly Tanuki Sword Kit is found in the Kamagiata region at a Pillar of Honour in the east. As you’ll be finding all Pillar of Honour locations for the Platinum there’s no danger of you not finding this, but just in-case you can see it’s location below:

The Crooked Kama Headband is the only real tricky part of this trophy as it is a vanity item hidden in the world. To find it, go to the Jogaku Temple in Kamgiata.

If you fast travel there you’ll spawn in just inside the main gate, turn around and head out through the gate where you’ll see a frozen lake ahead of you with two tall buildings next to each other.

There you will want to climb the tallest building to reach the top. From the foundation/decking of this building you can jump towards any one of it’s four corners and then press to grapple onto it. From there you can climb up and then repeatedly jump then grapple each of the building’s floors until you reach the top.

Jump from the platform where that NPC is sitting and hit to grapple the corner I’m hanging from.

Here you’ll find a strange spire with the headband caught in it, this is the Crooked Kama Headband!

With all of the above items acquired all you need to do is equip them and the trophy will pop!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Dirge of the Fallen Forge

Play the “Lament of the Storm” at a friend’s grave.

To gain this trophy you will need to have unlocked the second flute song, “Lament of the Storm”. To unlock it you will need to find 5 of the 20 available Singing Crickets, which are almost always found inside graveyards so be sure to check for them whenever you visit one! The Yuriko questline will take you through two locations with very hard-to-miss singing cricket cages.

These 5 Singing Crickets are the only Singing Crickets you need to find, there is no trophy for collecting all 20. Note also that with the Traveller’s Attire equipped you can set the guiding wind to point you to the nearest Singing Cricket by pressing while on the map tab of the pause menu.

The rest of the instructions for this trophy contain enormous spoilers, so only read on if you have reached Act 3.

Spoilers! Click to Show

Following Taka’s death in Act 2, a new location will appear on the map to the East of Yarikawa Stronghold… His grave. You can fast travel there at any time by simply pressing [triangle] over it from within the map to go there.

Then, with the “Lament of the Storm” song equipped in the menu (Gear > Accessories > Flute) simply swipe left on the Touchpad to begin playing it, and the trophy will pop.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Moment in Time

Personalize a scene in Photo Mode.

This trophy couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is press to open Photo mode and then change any of the many settings available to you!

Phase Five – Ghost of Tsushima Collectible Trophies

It’s now time to begin the final cleanup phase of this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide. There’s a strong chance you have a lot of these as it is quite hard to resist getting sidetracked in this game with all of the wonderful additional content peppered across the map, and considering how each some collectables will increase your maximum Resolve or HP, it’s always beneficial to have collected as many as you can.

By some grace of the gaming gods, however, you do not need to collect everything. Below is a full list of every collectable you actually need.

  • 30/59 Vanity Gear – Found throughout the world but also earned automatically from Gift Shrines, Story Missions and Haiku. There is a guiding wind skill which can lead you to the nearest vanity item, too, but you shouldn’t need it. Needed for “Slay“.
  • 18/18 Hot Springs – There is a guiding wind skill which will lead you right to these and they are marked on the map as “?”. Needed for “Body, Mind, and Spirit“.
  • 16/16 Bamboo Strikes – As above, there is a guiding wind skill for these and they are marked on the map as “?”. Needed for “Body, Mind, and Spirit“.
  • 16/16 Shinto Shrines – Again, there is a guiding wind skill for these and they are marked on the map as “?”. Needed for “Favor of the Kami
  • 8/8 Lighthouses – No guiding wind skill for these, but they do appear on the map as “?” and their general placement makes their location easy to determine. Needed for “Light the Way
  • 1/23 Pillars of Honour – You will need to visit the one with the “Sly Tanuki” sword kit at the very least for the trophy “Cooper Clan Cosplayer“. However, they are marked on the map as “?” so it is likely you will find most if not all of these as you mop up other collectables. Collecting these will also help with the trophy “Slay“.
  • 49/49 Inari Shrines – Once again, there is a guiding wind skill for these and they are marked on the map as “?”. Needed for “Body, Mind, and Spirit“.
  • 19/19 Haiku – The guiding wind can take you to these if you select “Wind of Vanity” in the menu on the map, but it will also take you to Pillars of Honour. Haiku are marked on the map as “?” and you can spot them from a distance for there is always a flock of birds circling above the location. Needed for “Body, Mind, and Spirit“, but will also help with “Slay“.
  • 25/5 Duels – Only 5 duels are tracked in the Collections tab, but there are actually 25 duels to complete for the “There Can Be Only One” trophy.
  • 20/40 Records – The Traveller’s Attire makes finding these very easy. Needed for the “Avid Reader” trophy.
  • 20/50 Mongol Artifacts – As above, the Traveller’s Attire makes finding these very easy. Needed for the “Know Your Enemy” trophy.
  • 5/20 Singing Crickets – The Traveller’s Attire can also be used to make finding these very easy. Needed for the “Dirge of the Fallen Forge” trophy.

Regardless, if you have any of these trophies left, you’ll find instructions for unlocking them here.

Collectable Location Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
There Can Be Only One

Successfully complete every duel.

There are several duels within Ghost of Tsushima, and they are not all trackable, but you will definitely have this trophy if you complete every story mission, complete every Mythic Tale and complete every Liberation event. This is because duels are found in the following places:

  • There are 5 trackable duels within the Mythic Tale “The Six Blades of Kojiro” – view this in our Mythic Tales Guide.
  • Every Mythic Tale except The Unbreakable Gosaku ends with a duel.
  • There are several duels which are fought as part of the main questline.
  • There are several duels to be found in Mongol Territory as part of liberation events.

Simply focus on the other trophies and this one is guaranteed to occur along the way.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Light the Way

Rekindle all the lighthouses of Tsushima.

There are a mere 8 Lighthouses in Tsushima and you can track how many you have found from the Collections tab in the pause menu. They are pretty easy to find on account of their size and location, and some are even revealed as part of the main questline.

If you are struggling to find one, either wait until you have liberated the region for it to be revealed as a “?” on the map, or head to any unrevealed coastal locations on your map which still have the “Fog of War” over them and you will find the lighthouses easily enough.

Bug Warning: If an enemy sees and attacks you while you are lighting the lighthouse flame, it will interrupt the animation and you’ll need to light it again. However, it’s possible for this to happen in the latter half of the animation when the flame is already lit. If this does happen, the lighthouse won’t count as being lit even though the fire is burning. You will need to press on the torch again to trigger the animation again.

If the lighthouse is properly lit, the prompt will no longer appear, so if you are unsure then simply check the torch for a prompt.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Favor of the Kami

Find and honor all of the Shinto Shrines on Tsushima.

There are 16 Shinto Shrines across Tsushima – all of which you will need to find – and each one starts at a Torii gate. Once you locate said Torii gate, there will be a path leading from it with several more Torii gates and at the end of that path will be the Shrine.

However, the Mongol horde has caused damage to the pathways, leading to broken bridges and collapsed steps, meaning the people of Tsushima can no longer reach the shrines to pay their respects. That’s not going to stop you, though, is it? Using your traversal abilities and grappling hook, you can take the long way to each of these shrines and be rewarded for your efforts with a golden charm.

Finding and reaching all 16 Shinto shrines isn’t all that difficult, especially with the guiding wind ability which can lead you straight to them.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Body, Mind, and Spirit

Complete all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes.

For this trophy you will need to find all of the following:

  • 18 Hot Springs
  • 16 Bamboo Strikes
  • 49 Inari Shrines
  • 19 Haiku

For each of these, there is a skill you can purchase which will allow you to press while on the map and then get the guiding wind to show you their locations.

Once you have completely liberated Tsushima of Mongol territories, you will be able to see the locations of all the above collectables by looking for “?” icons on the map. Some of these will be Pillars of Honor and Lighthouses, but if you see to it that you visit every single “?” then you will have this trophy in no time.

Note that one of the hot springs is actully Hiyoshi Springs, and there is a woman there who you need to speak to in order to use them. Activate “Wind of Health” while in Hiyoshi Springs to find her much easier. I believe this is where you’re supposed to learn about the Hot Springs but somehow both myself and MrZhangetsu didn’t find her until it was our last hot spring.

As well as that, there’s another NPC in Hiyoshi Springs whose purpose is to teach you about Haiku. Again, we both somehow missed this until it was the last Haiku we needed. Activate the “Wind of Vanity” while in Hiyoshi Springs to find him.

Collectible Item Trophies

These last few trophies in this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide require collecting a set number of items which can be found throughout the game and shouldn’t prove any challenge to clean up.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Collect 10 Gifts


As you work your way through the story and side-missions of Ghost of Tsushima, you will receive gifts from those you have helped which can be found at “Gift Shrines” found in larger villages. These cannot be missed and will be stacked up if you don’t collect them so that you can collect them all at once when you finally visit one.

You’ll be able to see if there are any gifts for you at a shrine by hovering over the icon of a village which has a gift shrine whilst in the map. Also, the icon for a Gift Shrine will be lit up in a gold colour if there is anything to collect there, which you’ll be able to see when inside any village which has one.

You will earn more than 10 quite quickly by simply completing objectives in the game, so it will come naturally as long as you remember to visit the shrines.

You will typically receive resources and vanity items, the latter of which will help you a lot with the next trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Acquire 30 pieces of Vanity Gear.


There are 59 Vanity items to find in Ghost of Tsushima and you need just 30 of them. Vanity Items can be found all over the map, such as the “Crooked Kama Headband” needed for the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy which is found at the top of a temple.

However, it is much easier to earn this trophy than simply looking for headbands stuck in temple spires. As mentioned above, you’ll earn some vanity gear from Gift Shrines, you will also get Vanity gear from every Haiku you write, which is something you will have to do anyway for the trophy “Body, Mind, and Spirit”. You can also earn vanity gear from Pillars of Honour.

Using the guiding wind skill “Wind of Vanity” by selecting it from the menu on the map, you will be able to set the guiding wind to take you to locations with vanity gear and all you have to do is follow it.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Avid Reader

Collect 20 Records.


Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Know Your Enemy

Collect 20 Mongol artifacts.


The next and last two trophies in this guide are for collecting Mongol Artefacts and Records. These collectables are plentiful with 40 Records and 50 Artefacts to find throughout the world, however, as I mentioned earlier, you only need 20 of each!

Finding them is pretty much the same process for both, it just depends where you are. If you are in a Japanese village, check every building for records. If you are in a Mongol Camp, check every tent for artefacts. There’s a pretty high chance there will be at least one in each of those places.

However, it does mean going a little out of your way to get them. Thankfully, Sucker Punch have added an excellent mechanic which makes both of these trophies laughably easy. There’s an outfit you get right near the start of the game called “Traveller’s Attire”. This outfit will allow you to track Sashimono Banners, Artefacts, Records, Singing Crickets and even Flowers when equipped.

From the map, you can press to open a menu of things to track and the guiding wind will then lead you directly to the nearest item within the selected category, all you have to do is follow it.

Even better is that you can see the direction the wind is guiding you from the map, so if it seems to be leading you north then you can just fast-travel to a village or camp in the north and thanks to how truly fast the fast travel is in Ghost of Tsushima, you can just jump from one location to the next, following the wind and gathering the collectables you need in no time!

On top of all that, with the Traveller’s Attire equipped, the controller will vibrate when you get closer to a record and at a certain distance a Firefly will even appear to literally put a big blinking light above the collectable, it really couldn’t be easier to find these collectables so I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

And lastly, obviously, completing every trophy requirement in this Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide will result in you earning this final trophy… The Platinum Trophy!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Living Legend

Obtain all trophies.

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