Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide

Destruction Allstars

29 Trophies (1350 Points)






Playstation 5

Release Date

February 2nd, 2021


Sony Interactive Entertainment


Lucid Games Limited, Wushu Studios Ltd, XDev


How long does it take to beat Destruction Allstars and unlock all trophies?


How difficult is it to beat Destruction Allstars and unlock all trophies?

Medium (5/10)

Does Destruction Allstars have online trophies?


Does Destruction Allstars have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Destruction Allstars have missable trophies?


Does Destruction Allstars have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Destruction Allstars?

You will play at least 50 online matches, Complete all 5 Tutorial stages, and complete a full Challenge Series storyline.

Does Destruction Allstars have a Platinum Trophy?


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Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide and Road Map for PS4 and PS5

Our Destruction All Stars Trophy Guide aims to aid you in collecting the Platinum from this surprisingly good online-multiplayer-focused game. Online Platinum trophies usually aren’t all that fun to earn, but Destruction AllStars is just kind of a quiet exception…

If you’re curious about this trophy journey, and whether it is worth taking on, you can use our Destruction AllStars Platinum Review to make an informed decision before you start.

Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide: Before You Begin

The best advice I can give you right off the bat is to understand the value of the things you can do on foot. Most players will rush to get into a vehicle as soon as possible and start smacking people around, but actually, if you stay on foot for a while and collect some of the many shards dotted around each arena, you can give yourself a huge head-start on getting your Hero Vehicle to spawn, which is very useful for all the character-specific trophies.

Additionally, running over a trap in an arena will activate it. Players from my experience don’t tend to be very careful around traps, so by spending some time activating traps you can deal massive damage to your opponents and earn a lot of score in the process. In one round of mayhem, I came first place and had S-rank Wreckognition just from triggering traps the whole match.

It helps to understand not only the Vehicle breakers but each character breaker, they’re not all just there to get to your next vehicle as quick as possible, they each serve a purpose. Hana’s Breaker, for example, allows you to KO another on-foot opponent by dashing at them with . Muna has the best Breaker in my opinion, as when it is active, she can activate traps en masse within a radius, making her a devastating force on-foot.

Phase One – Destruction AllStars Tutorial trophies

Your first main objective in this Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide will be to simply play through each of the game’s Tutorials. There are 6 Tutorials in the game. The first will start when you load the game up, and there’s actually no trophy tied to that one. The others can be found alongside it in the “Practice” option on the Main Menu.

They are as follows:

Just play all 5 of these modes, ensuring you complete the Vehicle Emote objective in the Open Training tutorial and you’ll guarantee yourself the Tutorial Trophies.

Tutorial Trophies

Here in this section of our Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide you will find all 5 Tutorial-focused trophies.

Trophy Image
No Free Ride

Complete the vehicle emote tutorial in Open Training with any character

Trophy Image

To unlock this trophy you will need to choose “Practice” from the Main Menu, and then choose “Open Training”. In here, there are 20 tutorial objectives to complete, just 2 more than the standard Tutorial. With each on-screen objective you complete, a new one is revealed.

You must work your way through these objectives until you are told to use a Vehicle Emote by pressing . Once you do that, and fulfill the Tutorial objective, the trophy will unlock right away!

Trophy Image
Stars and Cars Collide

Complete and Win the Mayhem Tutorial.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Detonate to Dominate

Complete and Win the Carnado Tutorial.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Last AllStar

Complete and Win the Gridfall Tutorial.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Bankety Bank

Complete and Win the Stockpile Tutorial.

Trophy Image

There are four game modes in Destruction AllStars at the moment. Mayhem, Gridfall, Carnado, and Stockpile. Each of these game modes has a tutorial which can be found under “Practice” in the Main Menu.

To unlock the four trophies above, you will need to not only complete those Tutorials, but win the matches too. Each tutorial is just a mock match against bots, so they’re marginally easier than playing against real people and it won’t be too difficult to win all 4 matches, even if it is the first time you’ve ever played the game.

Each trophy will unlock as the Victory graphics transition on-screen upon a successful win of each game mode.

Phase Two – Ultimo’s Challenge Series

There’s an option in the Main Menu which gives access to the single-player AllStars experience that we’ll be playing for this phase of the Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide. Here, you’ll find optional story-driven challenge series which can be purchased and will likely rotate in the future. However, one of these Challenge Series options is Free and looks like it will always be an option, serving as an introduction to the game’s backstory and a couple of its characters.

This Challenge Series is called “Mutual Respect” and stars Ultimo Barricado, meaning you will play as that character for all 7 events in the series.

Mutual Respect Challenge Series Trophies

Trophy Image

Earn all of the star objectives for a single event

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Ultimate Respect

Earn all star objectives in Ultimo Barricados’ Series, Mutual Respect

Trophy Image

Both of these trophies are tied to the same thing; Star Objectives.

Ultimate Respect asks that you complete all 21 Star Objectives across the Challenge Series’ 7 event, and Rookie asks that you only earn all 3 in a single event. This means that by earning the Ultimate Respect trophy, you’re guaranteed to earn “Rookie”.

You will not need to complete all of the objectives in each event at the same time. You could just play all 7 stages 3 times each, earning one star each time you played them, and the cumulative total of 21 will still unlock the trophy. I actually recommend that you focus on getting at least 2/3 on each event in your first attempt, rather than going for all 3, just to make things easier and less complicated. You can then return to each event and clean up any that you missed.

Below you’ll find a small guide to completing all 21 Star Objectives:

Event 1: Mayhem

  • Star Objective 1: Win This event is just a simple game of Mayhem. Score the most points against these Bot players to win.
  • Star Objective 2: Collect 30 Shards Take the time to collect some shards on foot. Press or to leave your car and then collect the pink shards scattered around the stage.
  • Star Objective 3: Win By At Least 40 Points Once the timer stops you must have 40 more points than your rival, Jian.

Event 2: Break Time

  • Star Objective 1: Win To win, you will need to destroy all 60 crates with gear icons on them, hidden throughout the stage.
  • Star Objective 2: Destroy 20 Hazards Using The Undisputed’s Breaker Once you have a fully-charged vehicle breaker (bound to happen quickly when collecting shards on-foot) press to call in Ultimo’s vehicle; The Undisputed. While driving the Undisputed, if its Breaker is full (icon at bottom-center of HUD) you can press to activate a huge blast shield at the front of the vehicle. Drive through red hazards while this ability is active to progress this objective.
  • Star Objective 3: Win with 80 Seconds to Spare This one seems a lot more difficult than it actually is, but it may require you to practice a few times as you will need to nail down a solid route through all 60 boxes that wastes very little time. The way I did it was to work the arena in a spiral-like formation. From the start, I first got in a car and worked anti-clockwise around the arena picking up all the crates that only a car can get. Once I had all of those, I jumped out of the car and then worked my way clockwise around the center of the arena on-foot, getting all of the crates which can only be reached by foot. Collecting the hourglasses is crucial, so don’t miss any.

Event 3: Crash Course

  • Star Objective 1: Win This event is basically a timed race event. Reach all of the checkpoints and then the finish line before time runs out to win.
  • Star Objective 2: Destroy 5 Hazards Using Ultimo’s Breaker This is the same as Objective 2 in “Break Time” but instead of The Undisputed’s Breaker on , you want to use Ultimo’s Breaker, with , while on-foot. To complete this objective, you will need to approach a red hazard on foot and then activate the ability. Fireworks will shoot out of Ultimo, destroying the Hazards. You may need to do this a few times to get all 5 that you need.
  • Star Objective 3: Win with 45 Seconds to Spare Another objective which seems harder than it is. If you just practice a few times and get used to the course, you’ll be able to do this with ease by ensuring you collect as much extra time as you can and don’t waste any time. Using your booster will save you a lot of time, too.

Event 4: Carnado

  • Star Objective 1: Win This event is just a simple game of Carnado. Score the most points against these Bot players to win.
  • Star Objective 2: Bank a Full The Undisputed This Objective has a confusing name, but what you essentially want to do is bank 80 points while driving The Undisputed, Ultimo’s signature vehicle. Once it is available, spawn it in with and then use its Breaker Ability to deal as much damage as you can to the opposing team’s vehicles. If you manage to survive long enough to collect 80 gears from smashing your opponents, drive the Undisputed into the Carnado at the center of the arena to bank the points and complete this objective.
  • Star Objective 3: Win By At Least 30 Points Once the timer stops you must have 30 more points than the opposing team. For me, I found that using The Undisputed as much as possible and always aiming to bank 80 points with each use was the best and quickest way to set my score far higher than the opponents’.

Event 5: Transporter

  • Star Objective 1: Win This event is a lot like Crazy Taxi, if you’ve ever played that. There are Green, Blue, and Purple passengers found all throughout the arena. Stopping next to one will allow them to jump on your vehicle, and you must then drive them to their destination without causing them to fall off by driving erratically or taking damage. The difficulty and reward of each delivery is different depending on their colour. Green is worth 10 points, Blue is worth 20, and Purple will earn you 30 points. You will also receive bonus points if you deliver an individual quickly.
  • Star Objective 2: Wreck Morningstar Play through the stage for a while and eventually Jian will spawn in. He’s automatically in his signature car, the Morningstar. Simply do enough damage to that vehicle to wreck it and this objective will be complete.
  • Star Objective 3: Win with at Least 50 Seconds to Spare This event ends once you’ve earned 150 points, and to complete this objective you must do so with a full 50 seconds still on the clock. This means you will need to earn a lot of points in as short a time as possible. To do so, simply focus on delivering only Blue and Purple (mostly Purple) passengers. Also, avoid needless conflict with enemies, it will only slow you down.

Event 6: Skirmish

  • Star Objective 1: Win This event is a lot like Mayhem. The main difference is that in Mayhem you earn points by dealing damage to other vehicles. In Skirmish, you must actually wreck a vehicle to earn a point.
  • Star Objective 2: Wreck 2 Rivals Using The Undisputed’s Breaker The Undisputed is the best way to win this race. Whenever you can, spawn this vehicle and use your breaker as often as possible to deal massive damage to enemy vehicles, especially in head-on collisions. To complete this objective you must take out 2 vehicles while driving The Undisputed. It’s very likely you’ll take out a lot more than 2.
  • Star Objective 3: Win By At Least 3 Points Once the timer stops you must have 3 more points than your rival, Jian. This shouldn’t be too hard, just play aggressively and don’t miss any opportunities to hit rivals who are low on health. Using The Undisputed as much as possible will also be a huge help.

Event 7: Showdown

  • Star Objective 1: Win In this event, you will need to Wreck every vehicle in the arena to get Jian to spawn. Once Jian spawns you’ll need to Wreck his vehicle too in order to win the championship.
  • Star Objective 2: Wreck Morningstar Using The Undisputed’s Breaker When you eventually defeat Jian at the end of this event, make an effort to do so using The Undisputed’s ability. I recommend weakening him first and then once his health is low, activate the ability and go for the finishing blow.
  • Star Objective 3: Win without being KO’d You must survive against all of the enemies you face in this event without getting KO’d. A KO happens if your car is hit hard enough to annihilate you, or if you’re hit by a car while on foot. Avoid either of those eventualities by switching car often and avoiding being on foot out in the open and you’ll be fine.

Once you have all 21 Star Objectives completed, the Ultimate Respect trophy is all yours!

Phase Three – Destruction AllStar-Specific Trophies

All of the trophies in this section of our Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide will need to be earned while playing online. Against real people.

This can be quite off-putting so I’d forgive you if you wanted to call it a day right here and wave goodbye to your chances at the Platinum, but I will say that for the most-part these character-specific trophies are fairly reasonable and I think that most gamers would be capable of having an easy time unlocking these trophies with just a little effort and practice.

Character-Specific Destruction AllStars Trophies

Trophy Image

Block 100 damage with the Undisputed’s shield in a single use of the breaker in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Ultimo Barricado

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: To unlock this trophy, you can actually deal or block 100 damage using The Undisputed’s shield, though the trophy description just says “Block”. You can see how much damage you deal upon impact with an opponent as this information appears on the righthand side of the screen.

Firstly, you will need The Undisputed spawned in, you’ll need to be driving it, and you’ll need the barricade breaker active. The best thing to do then, is to drive head-first into opponents. If they panic enough to stupidly activate their forward-burst straight into your barricade, you may well unlock this trophy from a single impact. If not, keep looking for head-on collisions until the trophy unlocks.

Trophy Image
Terminal Velocity

Reach 135 MPH with Callisto in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Genesis

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: This is by far the easiest Hero-specific trophy you can collect. Whilst playing as Genesis, collect shard or deal damage until you can call in your Hero Vehicle “Callisto”. The Callisto’s breaker ability activates jets on the back of the car, sending you forwards at blinding speeds.

If you activate your ability while this breaker is active, Callisto will travel even faster. Fast enough to unlock this trophy, provided nothing gets in the way or steals your momentum, so try to attempt this when you have a long stretch of unoccupied ground ahead of you.

Trophy Image
Flame on

Set 3 AllStars on fire at once with Wildfire in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Lupita

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: Using Lupita’s Hero Vehicle; Wildfire, you’ll need to set 3 vehicles on fire at once with your breaker. The Wildfire’s breaker will leave trails of fire coming from the back of the car, so your best bet is to activate the breaker with and then cut across the path of a group of cars, thus forcing them to drive through the fire trails and ignite.

If you successfully have three rival cars set ablaze at one single time, the trophy will unlock.

I found that the best way to earn this is in the stage “Tokyo Gearbox”. There’s a large circular center to this arena and cars are constantly passing over it. If you just get your Breaker and then draw a line of fire down the center of the arena, the chances of setting 3 enemies on fire are very high.

Wildfire’s Breaker recharges very fast, too, so you can just drive around the arena avoiding conflict, then return to the center every time your breaker is recharged to draw another line of fire. Do that for a few matches and you’ll have the trophy in no time.

Trophy Image

Deal 100 damage whilst stealth in Cypher, without taking any damage in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Shyft

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: To unlock this trophy, you must deal 100 damage in total while invisible (using Cypher’s breaker ability). This doesn’t need to be accomplished in a single use of the Stealth breaker, but it must be done within a single event.

If you get hit while invisible, or the match ends, the counter will reset and you’ll start again at 0 damage dealt. There’s no way to effectively track this, so you will need to keep dealing and avoiding damage while invisible via Cypher’s breaker until the trophy unlocks.

This is one of the easier character-specific trophies so I am sure you’ll manage okay.

Trophy Image
Chewed Up

Shred 3 cars in a single use of the Shredder in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Bluefang

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: This is one of the tougher character-specific trophies because Bluefang’s Shredder Vehicle’s Breaker does not last long at all and you’ll need to hit three people in a row with it in order to unlock the trophy. The best chance you have at earning this trophy is to activate the Breaker with and then immediately hit to send the Shredder flying into groups of cars, don’t waste the abilities otherwise.

So, keep your eye out for multi-car pile-ups and try to always have a Breaker ready to go for that exact moment. It’ll take a lot of luck and practice but you’ll get it eventually.

Trophy Image
Instant Service

Attach drones to 3 enemies with The Boxmobile in one use in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Boxtop

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: This is one of the hardest trophies. With Boxtop’s Hero Vehicle; the Boxmobile, when the breaker is active, Boxtop will attach drones to each enemy he hits with attacks.

So, in order to unlock this trophy, you will need to activate his ability and then use to slam into enemies one at a time. It’s no use hitting groups, as you can only attach one drone at a time. So, once your breaker is active, carefully pick out and target one enemy at a time, hitting each one with a slam in order to attach a drone.

One of the things that makes this so difficult is that there’s no way to track how many drones you’ve successfully attached, so you just have to keep slamming opponents and crossing your fingers until it finally happens.

Once you have three drones attached to three individual enemies at one time, the trophy will unlock right away.

Trophy Image

Set an entire team on fire with Cerberus in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Fuego

Best Event to Farm: Gridfall

Method: This cruel trophy asks that you set the entire opposing team on fire with a single use of Fuego’s ability. In Carnado or Stockpile that would mean lighting up all 8 of the opposing team members! And in Mayhem, that would mean setting all 15 of your opponents aflame.

That just leaves Gridfall, where this is thankfully a little exploitable. If you manage to survive until the point where there is just one remaining opponent and then you set them aflame, you’ve essentially set the entire opposing team on fire and will earn this trophy.

You will need to do something similar for the No Escape trophy.

Glitch Warning: There’s a very, very annoying glitch related to this trophy which can make or break your chances at earning it. So, when you get your opportunity to hit the last man standing with your Breaker, setting them on fire and potentially netting that trophy, you’ll first want to hold to check how many people are in the lobby.

Even when you and one other player are the only ones left in the game, if there’s someone in the lobby then they’re technically still in the game and the trophy won’t unlock. You will need to hit your rival when they’re truly the only one left in the lobby.

Trophy Image

Slice 2 vehicles in a single slice with Sabre in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Hana

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: Hana’s Hero Vehicle; Sabre, has a retractible blade which can be brought out by using its breaker. If you then activate the ability and hit a vehicle with this blade by knocking them up and into it, they will get cut in half. In order to unlock this trophy, you’ll need to cut through two vehicles within a single use of the ability.

This can be really difficult to earn. Firstly, because the breaker ability usually only lasts long enough for one attack, two if you’re fast. Secondly, the blade isn’t guaranteed to cut through a vehicle, you need them to come into contact with the blade.

The way that I finally managed to earn this trophy was by t-boning two cars up the side of the arena together. When gravity took over and they began to fall, they were guaranteed to fall into the blade, so I was able to slice through them both pretty easily, but getting the right setup was pure chance. Just keep playing rounds of Mayhem as Hana, using your as often as possible, until you get lucky.

Trophy Image
No Escape

Wreck all opponents with Barong’s Countdown in an Online match

Trophy Image

Character: Ratu

Best Event to Farm: Gridfall

Method: This trophy has a similar method to Flamethrower. Because you also need to hit an entire opposing team with Ratu’s ability then your best hope is to just play Gridfall and try to survive until you are one of two players remaining. Your goal, then, must be to use Barong’s Breaker to blow up the one remaining opponent.

The problem with this trophy, which makes it the hardest trophy in this Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide, is that you can’t just save Ratu’s hero vehicle until the end, because the Breaker charges by slamming into other vehicles, so you’ll have to use the Hero Vehicle for a little while – risking losing it – in order to charge the Breaker.

That being said, if you can do it for Flamethrower, there’s no reason you can’t do it again here. It just takes some patience.

It seems as though killing the last person standing with Barong’s Breaker won’t do anything unless they’re in a car. The objective is to wreck the car of the last person standing. If they are on foot, you’ll kill them but won’t get the trophy.

Glitch Warning: Yep, unfortunately, this glitch applies here too. When you get your opportunity to hit the last man standing with your Breaker, blowing them up and potentially netting that trophy, you’ll first want to hit to check how many people are in the lobby.

Even when you and one other player are the only ones left in the game, if there’s someone in the lobby then they’re technically still in the game and the trophy won’t unlock. You will need to hit your rival when they’re truly the only one left in the lobby.

Trophy Image
Ultimate Precision

Take out 3 targets in a single use of Number One’s Lock on in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Angelo Avello

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: For this trophy, you will need to use Angelo Avello and his hero vehicle, “Number One”.

Number One’s breaker locks onto rival characters and vehicles. Once you are locked-on to a target, your vehicle will slam faster and deal more damage. You can only lock on to one vehicle at a time, but the extra damage output will affect all rivals, so it is not impossible to defeat three rivals in a single use of the breaker, which is what the trophy wants you to do.

Activate the ability in a match of Mayhem by locking on to a target, and then wreck three opponent vehicles (or KO on-foot characters) before the ability ends to unlock the trophy.

Trophy Image
Home Run

Wreck 3 opponents with a single use of Mr. Sparkles’ breaker in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Tw!nkleR10t

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: TwinkleR10t’s Hero Vehicle Breaker will activate pulse bumpers all around the oddly-shaped vehicle, which will make your slams do more damage.

The more damage the vehicle (Mr. Sparkles) takes, the angrier it gets, thus dealing more damage. Your goal will be to wreck three vehicles in a row while the breaker is active. Obviously, you’ll find it easier to take out enemies with slams while Mr Sparkles’ forcefields are red and the enemy’s health is low.

Honestly, this one took me a really long time because Mr Sparkles doesn’t have a lot of health and so it’s hard to keep the vehicle long enough to get all three. Just persevere, play as Tw!nkler10t as much as you can until you have the trophy unlocked.

Trophy Image

Spike 3 enemies at once with the Morningstar in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Jian

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: To unlock this trophy, using Jian’s hero vehicle “Morning Star”, you must hit three enemies with the vehicle’s Breaker attack. This Breaker doesn’t stay active for long, though, so your best bet is to try and hit all three at once by driving into large groups or pile-ups in Mayhem mode.

This isn’t difficult to achieve and so by simply playing enough matches as Jian you’re likely to unlock this trophy without too much trouble.

Trophy Image
Pitch Perfect

Wreck 3 enemies using CRASHendo in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Harmony

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: This trophy can be difficult because the Breaker for Crashendo (Harmony’s Hero Vehicle) doesn’t do a lot of damage. When you use Crashendo’s Breaker, it sends out a damaging shockwave which can send rival vehicles flying. The Breaker recharges quickly and so it’s quite a formidable tool when it comes to winning Mayhem. However, you’re unlikely to wreck anyone with it unless their health is low.

Well, this trophy wants you to wreck three rivals with it. Luckily, the aim is just to get three cumulative wrecks within the same match. So you can lose your hero vehicle and get it back in-between, as long as you successfully get 3 wrecks using Crashendo’s breaker within the match, the trophy will unlock.

The best way to do this is to target one vehicle at a time, hunting for rivals with low health. Eventually, with a bit of luck, just by playing enough rounds of Mayhem using Harmony, you should be able to nail it and get the trophy.

Trophy Image
Hit List

Take out 3 targets in a single use of Xero’s X-Ray in an Online Match

Trophy Image

Character: Xander

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: This trophy is basically the same as Ultimate Precision as Xander’s hero vehicle also locks on to rival drivers. Xander’s Hero Vehicle Breaker works a little differently though in that you lock on to a target at random, which will also increase your attack damage.

You will then need to wreck vehicles (or KO on-foot characters) three times before the breaker ability ends to unlock this trophy.

Trophy Image

Keep a full shield in Gravitron for 5 seconds in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Muna

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: When you activate Muna’s Hero Vehicle Gravitron’s breaker ability, several large magnets around the outside of the car become activated. When you come into contact with a vehicle while this ability is active, Gravitron’s magnets will pull scrap metal off the target vehicle and use it to build up a shield, which will fall off if an enemy hits you.

Around your health bar in the bottom-left corner, you’ll see 4 transparent white segments. Each of these segments becomes opaque once a level of scrap armour is added to the car. To earn this trophy, you will first need all 4 segments to be lit up. So, with the ability active, hit cars until the car has full scrap armour and all 4 segments around your health bar are opaque white.

Then, with full armour, avoid taking a hit which would destroy the armour. Instead, drive as quickly as you can away from conflict and try to keep the armour for 5 full seconds. If you take a hit or the ability ends, the armour will fall off and you’ll need to start again.

This can be really tricky to do, so just keep practicing.

Trophy Image
Party Animal

Smoke 3 enemies with the Smoke Commander in one use in an online match

Trophy Image

Character: Sgt. Rescue

Best Event to Farm: Mayhem

Method: Sgt. Rescue’s vehicle “Smoke Commander” has a breaker ability which enshrouds the vehicle in a yellow smoke. Hitting people with while this ability is active will blind them by covering their screen in smoke, making it harder for them to navigate without crashing in traps, walls, and other players.

Your goal for this trophy will be to hit three separate players with this smoke attack, blinding them, within a single use of the breaker. So, activate the breaker, slam three opponents with , and then hopefully the trophy will unlock.

Smoke Commander’s breaker lasts for quite a while so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Phase Four – One Victory Each and Clean-Up

You have now officially earned the most difficult trophies in this Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide, all you have to do now is a little bit of clean-up, and the chances are you’ve already earned most of the trophies in this phase of our Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide, so all in all you’re pretty close to that Platinum by now, I reckon.

You’ll just need to ensure you’ve had at least one win with each character, win a total of 50 events, and then collect a few misc trophies.

Win One Event with Each AllStar

Trophy Image
Checking out the competition

Win at least 1 online match with each AllStar

Trophy Image

This is fairly easy, even if you’re not the best Destruction AllStars player. Simply play a team game mode like Stockpile or Carnado and your chances of getting a win will be increased as there’s a chance you’ll have a pretty decent team.

You can track how many wins you’ve had with each individual character by pressing on the main menu to open your Profile, and then pressing to tab over to the “Stats” tab. In there, you’ll see various stats about each character, including how many times you have won a match while using them.

Once you have at least one win with each of the 16 characters, the trophy will unlock.

Win 50 Events

Trophy Image

Win 50 online matches

Trophy Image

You will likely make a lot of progress towards this trophy while working through the other phases in this Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide, but it’s fairly likely that you’ll still need a few more wins by the time you’ve completed every other trophy.

Again, Carnado or Stockpile are the best game modes to play as you’ll be working with a team of other people who may well just carry you to a win if you find you’re not doing as well at the game as you’d like.

Based on the wins I saw throughout my time playing the game, people playing as Ratu or Blue Fang seem to come out on top a lot, so consider using one of those characters if you are unsure.

You can track your wins from the main menu, where they’re listed above the number of wrecks you’ve caused, or you can view the stats tab in your profile.

With 50 wins under your belt, this trophy is all yours!

Destruction AllStars Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Image

Earn an S Rank Wreckognition rating or higher in any event

Trophy Image

This trophy is something which is quite likely to occur throughout the long road to the Platinum, given how many matches you’ll eventually play.

At the end of every event, you’re given an alphabetical “Wreckognition” rating of either E, D, C, B, A, or S (S being the highest), which you can track during the match via the meter in the bottom left. The more damage you deal, the more this meter will increase. Having a full meter by the end of the match will mean an S-rank in Wreckognition and a trophy in your pocket!

Trophy Image
Wrecking Ball

Perform 100 Wrecks in any mode

Trophy Image

For this trophy you just need to wreck 100 other cars in total. Obviously, the longer you play the more likely this trophy is going to be.

There’s a counter on the Main Menu, at the right-hand side, which tells you how many Wrecks you’ve achieved in your entire time playing the game. Once this counter reaches 100, the trophy will unlock.

On average, you’re probably going to get around 2-4 wrecks per event, so you’ll have this trophy long before you achieve the AllStar trophy.

Trophy Image
The Hero we don’t deserve

Wreck an opponent’s hero vehicle in an online match

Trophy Image

All you’ll need to do for this trophy is wreck a rival’s Hero Vehicle. Interestingly, this trophy can even be earned if you wreck an abandoned Hero Vehicle with no Hero in it.

This is very likely to happen throughout your journey to the Platinum so isn’t something you should feel like you need to go out of your way to earn unless you’re struggling to get wrecks of any kind. In which case, chin up! Keep practicing I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it eventually!

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Unlock all Destruction AllStars Trophies

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Once you have earned every other trophy in this Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide, the Platinum will be bestowed upon your collection!

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