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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC Mythic Tales Guide

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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC Mythic Tales Guide for PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4

Welcome to our Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC Mythic Tales Guide. Here, I will show you where and how to start each Mythic Tale before then walking you through completing both trials so that you can earn the Treasures of the Past trophy.

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The Legend of Black Hand Riku

To kick things off in our Iki Island Mythic Tales Guide, we’ll focus on the first Mythic Tale that will become available.

After you complete the Main Tale titled “A Raider’s Return” the blue waypoint for this Mythic Tale will appear in Fune’s Refuge on the west coast of Iki Island.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Legend of Black Hand Riku Location

Head to the waypoint to find an NPC called Kashira. Speak to them and they will tell you the Legend of Black Hand Riku, thus starting the Mythic Tale.

Follow your objective out of Fune’s Refuge to be given a yellow-outlined search area on Mount Takenotsuji, where you must look for someone by the name of “Minato.”

When you get close, you will hear her cries for help. Get to her and take care of the enemies she’s trying to fend off. If you need to know her exact location here’s a map:

Once you’ve defeated the enemies, follow her to the nearby campfire and rest until Night.

Your next objective will involve another search radius, in which you need to find glowing water as shown below.

Jump into the bioluminescent water and then follow it along the coast as instructed until you come to a cave opening inside the new search area. Your objective will change indicating that you have found it.

Head into the cave, light the brazier against the wall with some fire arrows to reveal a wooden barricade you can pull down with your grapple.

Continue deeper inside through the linear cave–lighting more braziers where you can–until you meet Riku, who will want to fight.

As with all Mythic Tales, defeat your opponent to receive your reward; a set of Sarugami Armor. With it equipped, you deal more damage when performing perfect parries or perfect dodges.

Follow the waypoints out of the cave, where you’ll be attacked by a group of enemies. You’ll notice you can’t change your armor if you try, this is the game teaching you how the Saragami Armor works. Once the enemies are defeated, the Mythic Tale will be complete and you’ll be able to change armor again… If you want to.

The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai

This second Mythic Tale can be started by speaking to an NPC named Jiro at a location called “Sheltered Campsite” near the east coast. When you approach it, the blue waypoint will appear.

Sit near the campfire and Jiro will begin to tell you the Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai, before you are kicked out for being a Samurai. If you want to hear the rest, you will need to stealth your way back in. Push to crouch and then slowly make your way to the waypoint unseen.

Enter through a hole in the side of the upturned boat, taking you straight into the house behind Jiro. Sneak past the NPCs in there and proceed to the waypoint.

When you reach the waypoint, press to eavesdrop on the rest of the story and get another objective with a search radius.

At the far east side of the search radius, there is a shipwreck. This shipwreck holds the Kazumasa Sakai Horse Armor but you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops to get onto the wreck. Start by swimming to this location on the map:

From here, you can begin your journey by climbing onto this wooden bit of wreckage:

From there, climb up onto the rocks and jump across to the top of a sail from nearby wreckage. Run along the sail mast and then jump into the water below. Swim through a low gap in the wreckage ahead of you.

At the other side, head left and go all the way to some wreckage at the opposite side. Use your grapple to pull a support beam out from under the wreck. You will then be able to climb on the wreck.

From the top of the wreck, you can reach some rocks with another sail mast caught on them. Run along the mast and use your grapple to swing to the rocks at the opposite side.

From there, you’ll see a small sailboat with another grapple point on it. Use your grapple to pull the mast down.

Step through a narrow gap in some larger wreckage opposite the small sailboat to end up back where you were earlier.

Climb back up the wreckage, onto the rocks, across the mast, and then swing from the grapple point again, but this time grapple onto the mast of the sailboat we pulled down.

From there, you can swing to another grapple straight ahead of you and then swing off onto the deck of a large shipwreck. There, you’ll see another Grapple point you can use to pull the mast down.

The broken mast will act as a bridge over to some rocks. From here, you should be able to see a clear path to the Iida boat on the rocks in the distance. That’s where the armor is.

Side Note: When you’re stood on the seaweed-coated rocks, pay attention to the waves as the force of them crashing against the rocks can push you into the water!

When you reach the armor, there will be a short cutscene showing Jin placing the armor on his horse, Kage, when he is ambushed by Mongols. Fight and defeat the attacking party of Mongols and then speak with the grateful peasants to end the quest.

After ending the quest–if you have completed the Legend of Black Hand Riku–you will unlock the Treasures of the Past trophy. The Horse Armor is also required for the Blood on Your Hands trophy too.

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