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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Corneo’s Stash Locations

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Where to Find All Three of Don Corneo’s Stashes in Midgar

Don Corneo has 3 stashes hidden throughout Sectors 5 and 6 of Midgar, and a certain side-quest in Chapter 14 will ask you to hunt them down. If you’re going for the Platinum trophy, like I am, then you’re going to need to find these. Trouble is, they’re hidden quite well and it’s difficult to determine where you can go without locking yourself out of the chapter and it’s sidequests.

Luckily, I’m here to help, read on to find out more.

Sector 5 Slums: Steel Mountain Corneo Stash

Map location for Corneo’s Stash in Steel Mountain

This first stash is the closes to the church where you first acquire the key for these stashes.

You likely saw this gate way back in Chapter 8, when you passed by with Aerith in tow. Simply check the “Steel Mountain” area of your map and you should see a small white icon which looks like a cracked wall but is probably supposed to be a dragon symbol.

Oops! I couldn’t resist raiding it before taking the screenshot!

There is also a Chocobo stop right outside it’s gates, so if you have completed the “Chocobo Search” side-quest at this point, then you can just fast travel right up to the gate!

Sector 6 Slums: Collapsed Expressway Corneo Stash

Map Location for Corneo’s Stash in the Collapsed Expressway

For this one you’re going to want to head out of the south exit from the Sector 5 slums and follow the road until you see the Expressway entrance tunnel on your left.

You can also fast-travel right up to the entrance if you have completed the “Chocobo Search” side-quest.

From there, follow the narrow path until you enter the first open section of the tunnel, at which point you can turn around to face the tunnel you just entered through. There you’ll see a gate to it’s right with that familiar golden dragon logo on it.

I managed to snag a photo before raiding this one! Much smaller haul in here!

There’ll also be an icon on the map indicating the location of this one if you’re struggling to pin it down.

Sewer System, Old Trunk Line: Former Disposal Area Corneo Stash

Map Location for the Corneo Stash in the Sewer System.

This one is the trickiest one to find and you likely won’t just stumble upon it.

The first issue with this one is that it requires you to advance the story. Which, of course, you’re going to be very wary about doing out of fear that it might leave you locked out of this chapter and unable to complete all of your side-quests.

I can confirm, that the mission I’m about to describe to you will allow you to continue exploring and won’t lock you out of any side-quests. I will also keep this as spoiler-free as possible so as to not spoil the main quest line for you.

So, you’ll want to follow your main quest marker into the Corneo Mansion in Sector 6’s Wall Street Market. There, you’ll meet a familiar face who will take you into the sewers. Follow the story until a pig-like creature turns up and steals an important item from the party. You’ll then be tasked with chasing the creature.

At a certain point this pig creature will taunt the team from the end of a long section of the sewer, while dancing on top of a submerged sluice gate. Your group of four will split up, two of you heading down the left of the canal while the other two head down the right. Remember this location, because just around the corner at the end of here is the location of the final Corneo Stash.

The well-hidden Corneo Stash found in the Sewers.

However, it is submerged at the moment and you’ll need to find a way to lower the water level. The main quest will pull the group away from this area so, like I said, remember where it is.

Once you have retrieved the stolen item from the small creature, the quest-giver will tell you to follow them because they know a shortcut, and they’ll head through a door and up a ladder. Go through the door but do not follow them up the ladder. To the right of the ladder is a switch. Hold to pull the lever here and it will lower the water level at Corneo’s final stash.

You can now enter and complete the side-quest.

Once you’re done in the sewer you’ll be asked if you want to hand in this quest, do so.

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