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Square Enix


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How difficult is it to beat Final Fantasy VII Remake and unlock all trophies?

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Update: This is actually a lot easier to do post-game, check out the Hard Mode Boss Guide for a better method, once you’ve finished the game. Don’t worry, Battle Intel persists between playthroughs. However, if you really insist on getting this intel in your first playthrough, read on…

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, there’s a character called Chadley, who gives you plenty of Battle Intel challenges which trophy hunters, like myself, will be needing to complete.

One of these which I had on my to-do list for far too long was for getting an enemy up to 200% stagger. I’m at the end of chapter 14 at the time of writing and recently managed to do this in the Sewer area, so I’ll explain how.

Tifa’s your gal for this one, her uppercut ability will increase stagger by 5% increments each time you hit an enemy with it. The issue there is that it takes too long to reach 200%. Most enemies don’t have enough health to get hit that much, and other times they don’t stay staggered long enough. Then, even when you do have an enemy who is perfect for it, your teammates will come over and wail on them, ultimately killing the enemy before you can get the stagger rating up to 200%.

So, here’s what I did;

I noticed that the Scissorclaw crabs in this area could take enough hits and stay staggered for a real long time.

Staggering a Scissorclaw

Even so, I could only get them to around 185%, which is when I noticed that Tifa can actually inflict an additional 15% stagger in a single move!

If you use her “Unbridled Strength” skill, her “Whirling Uppercut” attack will change to something else. This temporary new attack will inflict an additional 15% stagger, taking the stagger rating instantly up to 185%. From there you just need to land 3 more uppercuts and the Battle Intel Challenge will be complete.

It’s still not simple, with Cloud and Barret constantly coming in to finish the creature off too soon, but with a bit of practice, you can get to your target early in a battle and bait it away from the other two characters. Once there, stagger it with a few punches, use unbridled strength and then immediately start hitting like your life depends on it!

There are plenty of scissorclaws in the Sewer, so just keep at it and eventually you will manage!

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There will be a full platinum trophy review up for Final Fantasy VII Remake as soon as I’m done platting it! So check back soon if you’d like to see what my Platinum Journey was like.

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