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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Collectibles Guide

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Collectibles Guide

Welcome to our Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Collectible Guide. There are a total of 74 collectibles to find in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard of which 32 are Files, 20 are Mr. Everywhere Statues, and 18 are Antique Coins, and 4 Video Tapes. Below is the chronological order in which you can find all 74 collectibles items. Additionally you can also find steps to unlocking the 1st Place at the Science Fair trophy in this guide.

Guest House

File #1 – Email from Mia As soon as you gain control of Ethan, press to open his inventory and inspect the email from Mia.

Video Tape #1 – Derelict House Footage & Antique Coin #1 Enter the Guest House and go up to the attic on the 2nd floor. On a table next to the Tape Recorder is a video tape titled “Derelict House Footage”. Take the tape to the living room on the 1st floor and place it into the VHS player on top of the TV. When the tape starts, look down at your feet (you might have to take a step back to see it) and collect the Lock Pick. When you enter the house, use the lock pick on the drawer on the cupboard opposite the kitchen table. Finish the tape and once you are playing as Ethan again, go to the drawer you unlocked and an Antique Coin will be inside

File #2 – List of Names Front & File #3 – List of Names Back When Ethan finds Mia in the basement of the Guest House she will be locked behind metal bars. To get to her you will need to use the bolt-cutters from the table nearby. On this same table is a piece of paper with names on it. Inspect it and flip it over and read the list of names on the back for file #3

Main House, 1st Visit

File #4 – Home-Improvement Store Receipt After escaping from the chair in the dining room, look at the wall opposite the table where the kitchenette is. There is a not on the right side.

File #5 – Newspaper Article – Missing People Head into the living room to the right of the above note and inspect the stack of newspapers on the corner of the table.

Antique Coin #2 After unlocking the trap door that connects to the Safe Room in the pantry. Climb down into it and look for a red lawnmower on your left. A coin will be sitting on the base.

Inside the Safe Room is a Herb and a Chem Fluid which you can combine to make a First Aid Med. This is the first of 8 items you need to craft in a single playthrough the unlock the 1st Place at the Science Fair trophy. Combine them now—ensure you make a note of the items you craft—or stick them in the Item Box for later.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #1 After leaving the Safe Room and trying to open the double doors to the Main Hall you will hear a Deputy at a window. He will give you a knife so you can get into the Garage. However, head into the Safe Room and slash the Mr. Everywhere below the Tape Recorder.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #2 Head to the locked double doors at the end of the corridor again and look at the mess of furniture to the right of the doors. On the table in the center is a Mr. Everywhere.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #3 In the Main Hall to your left is a Mr. Everywhere on a table with a sign saying “shoot me”. Stab him.

Antique Coin #3 To the right of the above Mr. Everywhere is a cupboard and a set of draws. Open the top drawer and you will find a coin.

File #6 – Newspaper Article – Over 20 Missing On a table in the Main Hall to the left of the Shadow Puzzle plinth is a newspaper that you can read.

File #7 – Jack’s Journal Head up the stairs to the 2nd floor and enter the Recreation Room in the West Wing. Behind the bar is a cupboard with a drawer you can open to find Jack’s Journal.

Video Tape #2 – Mia On top of the bar is a vide tape titled “Mia” You have to play this tape and complete it without Marguerite spotting you to unlock the Can’t Catch Me trophy.

File #8 – Jack’s Memo To the left of the locked Scorpion Door in the Recreation Room is a hanging Moose head with a table below it. Jack’s memo can be found on the table.

Antique Coin #4 & Mr. Everywhere Statue #4 To the immediate right of the above memo is an antique coin next to a wicker basket with a Mr. Everywhere inside.

Antique Coin #5 Head to the Bathroom at the end of the corridor and look into the toilet bowl to find a coin.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #5 Solve the shadow puzzle in the Main Hall and take the secret exit to the Drawing Room. Inside the Drawing Room is a locked door with a crow pinned to it. To the right is a Mr. Everywhere perched on a ledge.

Once you get to the Drawing Room you can find a Chem Fluid inside the refrigerator, and some Gundpowder on some metal trays in the connected “Workshop” room. You can combine these items to create some Handgun Ammo. This is 2/8 total items crafted.

Antique Coin #6 In the “workshop” room connected to the Drawing Room is a table with an ashtray on it. Inside the ashtray is a coin.

File #9 – Travis’ Memo Front & File #10 – Travis’ Memo Back Inside the Safe Room—next to the steps leading down to the Processing Area—is a drawer next to the Item Box that has a memo scrawled on a bit of cardboard. Read both side for files #9 and #10

File #11 – Incinerator Room Memo Proceed through the corridor in the Processing Area until you reach the Incinerator Room. Above the sink in this room is a note pinned to the wall.

Inside the Incinerator Room is a Strong Chem Fluid hiding under the metal table to the left of the sink. You will have to crouch to pick it up. You can use this Strong Chem Fluid to create Enhanced Handgun Ammo—grab the Gunpowder from the yellow dish under the stretcher on the far side of the room. This will be 3/8 of the items needed.

Antique Coin #7 Follow the hallways of the Processing Area until you reach a green sliding door. On the otherside of this sliding door is a wooden palette leaning against a wall immediately to your left. Crouch down and look into the gap in the wall to the right of this wooden palette to find a coin.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #6 On the west side of this room is a door that will lead to a dead end. At the dead end is a Mr. Everywhere hiding on the ground next to some white tubs.

Once you enter the Dissection room from the Boiler Room you can find a green locker to your right. Inside is a Strong Chem Fluid. Make sure you pick it up and store it in the Item Box for later or use it to create Strong First Aid Med if you have a spare Herb. 4/8 items crafted.

File #12 – Memo about Relief Collect the Scorpion Key from the Meat Storage room in the Processing Area and return to the Recreation Room on the 2nd floor. Unlock the Scorpion door opposite the pool table and search the desk to the left with the broken shotgun (keep this shotgun as you can use a Repair Kit under the stairs outside the Main Hall to repair it. It’s the M21 Shotgun and packs a punch) to find a memo.

File #13 – Doctor’s Letter Inside a drawer on the opposite side of the door is a letter from a doctor.

Yard & Trailer, 1st Visit

Antique Coin #8 Directly outside the Main House are some stairs. To the left of these steps is some bushes that you can walk through. On the ground to your right is a coin in a plant pot.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #7 Hiding under the 2nd-to-last step leading into the Trailer is a Mr. Everywhere.

Before you go inside the Trailer look to your right to find a yellow crate with a Chem Fluid inside and then head all the way left of the Trailer to find a locked door with a bunch of lights around it. On the crates to the left of the door is some Supplements. Use these two items to create Psychostimulants. 5/8

Antique Coin #9 Inside the Kitchen of the Trailer is a coin on the table.

File #14 – Zoe’s Investigation Notes To the left of the above coin is a notice board with some notes that you can read.

Old House

Inside the Living Room in the Old House is a Solid Fuel in a drawer to the left of the hive in the middle and a Chem Fluid in a white drawer unit to the left as you pass under the hive in the middle. You can use these to create Burner Fuel. 6/8 items crafted.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #8 In the Safe Room on the Back Porch next to the Item Box is a Mr. Everywhere perched on a wooden beam next to a painting.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #9 Destroy the hive in the fireplace of the Living Room and crouch inside. At the top of the stairs are some wooden palettes with a Mr. Everywhere hiding behind them.

Antique Coin #10 At the bottom of the steps in the fireplace is a metal trolley with a coin sitting on it.

File #15 – Marguerite’s Warning On the locked Crow door is a note pinned to the wall.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #10 In the crawl space under the Old House where you obtain the Crank is a Mr. Everywhere on a shelf directly opposite the Crank itself.

Antique Coin #11 Once you have the crank you can raise a bridge to the northern Outhouse. Inside on top of the toilet is a coin.

File #16 – Serum Documentation After obtaining the Crow Key and fighting off Marguerite in the pit by the Crow Door, climb back up and unlock it. Inside is a small container that you have to open up to progress the story. On the inside of the container lid is a document you can read.

File #17 – Marguerite’s Notebook Head up the steps nearby the container mentioned above and enter the small room with a piano inside. On a table is a notebook.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #11 Proceed further into this area and you will meet a door that can’t be unlocked. To the right of this door is a Mr. Everywhere.

Antique Coin #12 In the corner of this room is a set of drawers that can be opened and inside is a coin.

Walk up the steps to enter the Greenhouse and search the green shelves on the north side of the room to find some Solid Fuel. On the ground floor of the Greenhouse before the fight with Margeurite begins is a metal locker with spiders blocking the doors. Burn them off and grab the Strong Chem Fluid inside and combine it with the Solid Fuel to make Flame Rounds or save it for use later. 7/8

Yard & Trailer, 2nd Visit

File #18 – Memo on Deputy’s Head When you make it back to the trailer with the D-Series Arm you will get a phone call from Lucas asking you to look inside the refrigerator. There’s a note inside.

Main House, 2nd Visit

File #19 – Lucas’ Journal Once you have the Snake Key from the Dissection Room you can head up to the 2nd floor and open a locked door opposite the Recreation Room. Inside is a journal on top of a desk.

File #20 – Torn Page from Journal Opposite the above note is a vanity desk with a broken mirror. On the desk is a page from a journal.

Video Tape #3 – Happy Birthday Open the attic and climb up the ladder. In the directly in front of you is a vide tape titled “Happy Birthday”. You must complete this video tape in under 5 minutes to unlock the Out Before Dessert trophy.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #12 At the top of the ladders turn around and look at the ledge around the opening in the floor to find another Mr. Everywhere.

In the attic on a metal shelf near the shadow puzzle is a Strong Chem Fluid. Take it and go downstairs to find some Supplements on an air conditioner unit above a giant alligator plushie. Use these items to create Neuro Rounds. This should be 8/8 and 1st Place at the Science Fair should unlock. If not, make sure you have create at least one of the following items: First Aid Med, Handgun Ammo, Burner Fuel, Psychostimulants, Strong First Aid Med, Enhanced Handgun Ammo, Flame Rounds, and Neuro Rounds.

File #21 – Torn Page from Journal Back in the Main Hall on the 2nd floor, go to the opposite side of the house and open the other Snake Key door. Next to the clock puzzle is a file attached to a globe.


Antique Coin #13 As you search for the passcode to Lucas’ door you will come across a room with 3 tripwires inside and a green workbench. Shoot the tripwires and search the drawer of the work bench for a coin.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #13 Enter the barn to the left of the above coin and walk until you reach a stack of hay (there will be Molded in this area). Quickly look up to the left to find a Mr. Everywhere perched on the above walkway. If you can’t shoot it now then you can go up the stairs to the Safe Room to despawn the Molded and then come back out and try to shoot it from the top of the stairs.

File #22 – Memo on Burnt Corpse After you fight the giant Molded who spits acid you can take the elevator to a room with a burnt corpse sitting in a chair. This is where you find the passcode to Lucas’ door and is necessary to advance the story.

Antique Coin #14 On the shelf next to the switch that lowers the staircase is a coin.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #14 Immediately above the door as you leave the Safe Room after escaping Lucas’ birthday party puzzle is a Mr. Everywhere.

Boat House

Mr. Everywhere Statue #15 As you make your way across the bending wooden walkways after the birthday puzzle you will come to a shack opposite where you need to use the crank to raise a bridge. Inside the shack amongst some fish netting is a Mr. Everywhere.

Wrecked Ship

Antique Coin #15 While exploring the ship as Mia you will come to a room with a flashback featuring two guys talking. The hatch nearby will open up letting you drop down into the maintenance tunnel to progress. When you drop down you should take a left, right, and another right to get to the antique coin. Don’t drop out of the tunnel until you have this coin.

Antique Coin #16 Keep making your way through the ship and you will find yourself climbing ladder and dropping into a slightly flooded room. Look in the left corner opposite the small ladder to find this coin which is highly missable.

File #23 – Jim’s Letter After walking up some stairs and bumping into Eveline who then runs off you will come to an area with some Molded patrolling. In the room with the bunkbeds is a letter on the bottom bunk in the far left corner as you enter.

File #24 – Giovanni’s Will Enter the next room via the other door inside the bunk room and look for a note on the nearby table.

Video Tape #4 – Old Videotape This video tape is part of the story and is unmissable.

File #25 – Orders During the vide tape section on the ship you will be controlling Mia as she searches for Eveline. Before leaving the Safe Room you started in, check the table with the Machine Gun Ammo to find this note.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #16 After the video tape section you will reach the bridge on the 4th level. Take a right and follow the corridor until you reach some blocked stairs leading down. Behind the railing on the left is a Mr. Everywhere.

File #26 – Mechanic’s Memo A not can be found inside the elevator that you unlocked using the Lug Wrench in the Captain’s Quarters.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #17 On the 2nd floor of the ship is a room to the North of the bunk room. Inside is a ladder that you can climb and find a Mr. Everywhere.

File #27 – Tattered Secret Document Return to the 3rd floor and to the left of the elevator is a large case that has a note pinned to the lid.

Antique Coin #17 In the room next to the above note is a locked toolbox that you can open with a lockpick (you can grab a lock pick from an orange box next to where you shot Mr. Everywhere #17). Inside the toolbox is a coin.

Antique Coin #18 You will need a Corrosive to obtain this coin (there are 3 Corrosives you can grab from a safe on the 2nd floor in the lounge connected to the dining room. You will have to rotated the paintings on the left wall to match the right wall and the safe will open). Once you have the Corrosive and fixed the elevator, take it down to level S2 and proceed through the area until you defeat or slip by the giant acid Molded. In this next corridor is a locked safe on the wall that you can use a Corrosive to open and reveal the last coin.


Mr. Everywhere Statue #18 As you regain control of Ethan and make your way through the swamp you will get to a wooden shack. Immediately look to your left when you climb up the ladders into the shack and you should see a Mr. Everywhere.

Salt Mine

Mr. Everywhere Statue #19 As you make your way through the Salt Mine you will have to push a mine cart to clear some logs. In the very next area is some metal steps. Ignore them and continue walking past them and look up above the breakable wooden box to spot a Mr. Everywhere.

File #28 – Email Log Go up the metal steps and into the next room to find a laptop with an email log.

File #29 – Infection Report In the room connected to the one above you can find a report on a desk opposite the door.

File #30 – E-Necrotoxin Document There’s a square box in the center of the room that contains a document on E-Necrotoxin.

File #31 – R&D Report 1/2 Behind the above document is a desk with a report.

File #32 – R&D Report 2/2 Lastly, the final file in RE7 is up some stone steps and on a desk.

Mr. Everywhere Statue #20 After escaping the mine you will enter the Baker Residence one final time. As soon as you enter—by breaking through some wooden beams—you will walk past a metal shelf. On the shelf is the final Mr. Everywhere in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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