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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Madhouse Antique Coins Guide

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Madhouse Antique Coins Guide

Welcome to our Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Madhouse Antique Coins Guide. There are a total of 33 Antique Coins on the Madhouse difficulty. Below is the chronological order in which you can find all 33 Antique Coins which are unique to the Madhouse Difficulty and are placed differently than in Easy or Normal mode. If you have the X-Ray glasses unlocked from completing RE7 within 4 hours then you can place them in your inventory and have very item tagged for you so you can see coins and such much easier.

Guest House

Antique Coin #1 This coin is acquired exactly the same as in Easy and Normal mode. Collect the “Derelict House Footage” tape from the attic of the Guest House and play it via the VHS player in the living room. Take a step back once the tape starts and collect the Lock pick from the ground. Open the drawer in the kitchen and when you regain control of Ethan, go collect the coin from the same drawer.

Main House

Be careful during this section as Jack Baker will stalk the house on Madhouse difficulty. If you have the Circular Saw unlocked then this becomes trivial as you can just hold + to deal incredible damage to him until he falls over leaving you safe to explore for a short time. However, if you don’t have the means to damage him like this then it’s best to crouch and stealth your way through the house.

Antique Coin #2 There is a coin inside a vase on the wooden display in the living room connected to the dining room where you begin the Main House section of the game.

Antique Coin #3 After defeating Jack in the garage you will climb some ladders to get the Ox relief. As soon as you are at the top of the ladders, look left to find a coin.

Antique Coin #4 This coin can be found in the same drawer next the the cupboard in the main hall.

Antique Coin #5 Head up to the Recreation Room and check inside the vase by the Scorpion Door to find a coin.

Antique Coin #6 Head towards the bathroom on the 2nd floor and take a right towards the broken stair case. Behind a painting leaning against a wall on the floor is a coin.

Antique Coin #7 In the Drawing Room is a toilet in the left corner as you enter. In the toilet bowl is a coin.

Antique Coin #8 Inside the Incinerator Room in the Processing Area is a yellow dish under a stretcher. Inside the dish is a coin.

Antique Coin #9 In the passage way that leads to the Morgue (can be accessed via the room where the shortcut back to the Safe House is) is a coin on the bottom of a metal shelf.

Antique Coin #10 Inside the room in the Morgue where the Deputy’s corpse is hanging is a coin on the shelf.


Antique Coin #11 As you exit the Main House and walk down the steps, take a left and look for a metal sheet that you can pull off. Inside is a coin.

Old House

Antique Coin #12 Leave the kitchen area in the Old House and immediately turn left to find a coin under a window.

Antique Coin #13 Head to the Gallery where the shadow puzzle is and check the shelving area next to it for a coin.

Antique Coin #14 Solve the shadow puzzle and take the hidden passage. As soon as you leave look on the floor to your left.

Antique Coin #15 This coin can be found in the same drawer—in the corner of the room with the lantern door—as in Easy and Normal mode.

Antique Coin #16 After climbing out of the tunnel that Marguerite escaped down you will see a metal post to your left with a small box attached to it. On top of the box is the coin.

Antique Coin #17 After defeating Marguerite once and for all you will leave the greenhouse via the previously blocked room. In this room is a green work table with a coin on top.

Main House, 2nd Visit

Antique Coin #18 Open the locked Crow Door in the Drawing Room and you can find a coin directly in front of you when you enter.

Antique Coin #19 Use the Snake Key to open the kids’ room on the 2nd floor and go up to the attic. Turn around and check the metal shelf behind the divider for a coin.


Antique Coin #20 After obtaining the Red and Blue keycards you will enter a room with a TV in the middle of the room. Behind the TV is a coin.

Antique Coin #21 As you progress through Lucas’ section you will pass through 2 rooms with trip wires in them. Immediately after the 2nd room you can turn left to find a coin in a dark area by the door—if you pass the breakable crate in the middle of the corridor you’ve gone too far.

Antique Coin #22 Just before you enter the room with the keypad you can see a dark corridor. At the end of the corridor is a coin.

Antique Coin #23 Just before you get to the Barn section you will see a room at the end of a corridor with a single trip wire blocking your path. Duck under it—deal with the Molded crawler that spawns behind you—and then enter the room. Shoot the tripwires inside the room so it’s safe to move around and check the drawer of the green work bench for a coin.

Antique Coin #24 This coin is on the shelf in the room with the burned corpse and the passcode just like in Easy and Normal mode.

Wrecked Ship

Antique Coin #25 In the same room you acquire the fuse to open the stair well on the ship is a coin in the last laundry machine closest to the wall.

Antique Coin #26 On the 4th floor of the ship where the Captain’s Quarters are is a stair case leading down but is blocked at the bottom. This is the same stair case where a Mr. Everywhere is. At the bottom by some barrels is a coin.

Antique Coin #27 Outside the Safe Room on the 2nd floor is a coin on a small table. Be careful while exploring this area as two acid Molded will be patrolling.

Antique Coin #28 On the same floor as the above coin you can find another hiding inside a vase on the bottom part of a metal shelf in the dining area.

Antique Coin #29 On the 3rd floor of the ship behind the locked door is a corridor that has been partially ripped open. At the end of the corridor on the railing is a coin.

Antique Coin #30 When you reach floor S2 on the ship you will pass through a corridor with a large pipe to your right. When you reach the next corridor, turn right immediately to see a coin on the floor in the corner.

Antique Coin #31 This coin requires Corrosive to collect. After you make it to the final corridor on floor S2 you can see a locked safe on the wall. Use some Corrosive to open it and grab the coin inside.

Antique Coin #32 Once you regain control of Ethan you have to leave the ship. Once you get to the room with the chainlink fence that you have to crawl through, stop and look to your right to find a desk with a coin.

Antique Coin #33 As you wade through the dead swamp keep an eye on the edge of the water to your right and you will see a coin shortly after climbing over a fallen log.

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