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How long does it take to beat Resident Evil 4 Remake and unlock all trophies?

About 40 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Resident Evil 4 Remake and unlock all trophies?

Medium (5/10).

Does Resident Evil 4 Remake have online trophies?


Does Resident Evil 4 Remake have difficulty-specific trophies?

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Trophy Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide and Road Map for PS5

Welcome to our Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide. Capcom has been valiantly remaking and reimagining their older Resident Evil titles for a few years now and the latest to undergo this treatment is the somewhat divisive Resident Evil 4. If you’re like me then you found RE4 to be an erroneous departure from the RE formula and Leon’s straight-laced rookie personality. However, the majority seemed to hail RE4 as a masterpiece in gaming and refuse to acknowledge how RE4’s existence lead to the dire RE5 and RE6 (just kidding). Either way Capcom had some lofty and highly regarded shoes to fill with this remake with fans on both sides of RE4’s reputation hoping the remake is good enough to reel them back in like a Del Lago tied to a boat.

Looking for a Trophy Guide for the Separate Ways DLC? We have you covered. Check out our RE4: Separate Ways DLC Trophy Guide.

Phase One - Finish the Story, Find All Treasures, Guns, and Finish All Merchant Requests

In the first phase of our Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide you can relax and play the game on any difficulty you prefer while exploring and gathering all the Treasures. You can sell any Treasures you find to the Merchant for pesetas (ptas) which you can then use to buy items or upgrade weapons–which you will need to do for Astute Appraiser and My Preferred Place. There are three total maps which have Treasures in Resident Evil 4 Remake; Village, Castle, and the Island. I would recommend not spending your ptas too recklessly as you’ll need to upgrade a weapon to it’s fullest and buy all weapons and attachments from the merchant. On my playthrough I knew I wanted to use and fully upgrade the Red9 pistol and nothing else so I saved my ptas for that. I also had around 1.3 million ptas on the last chapter from all the items and treasure I sold so I bought loads of First Aid Sprays to sell in my Professional NG+ playthrough which let me buy the Infinite Rocket Launcher (check Phase Two for more information).

As you play through the story you will receive special requests from the Merchant which you should work on in order to unlock Jack of All Trades for completing them all. Merchant Requests reward you with spinels upon completion which you can then use to trade for valuable items at the Merchant. I would advise you don’t waste these spinels as you will need to buy an exclusive upgrade ticket as well as a few weapons and upgrades.

Lastly, there are some Chapter-Specific Trophies which you should try to get during this phase to cut down on your clean up later. At the very least you should make a save in a new slot just before these moments in the chapters so you can jump straight in and attempt them later. There are also 3-4 Shooting Ranges that appear next to the Merchant which you will need to enter and gain an S rank on all their challenges. Hold on to the tokens for later as they are used to get case charms from the gacha machine but there’s a specific charm we want and their drops are predetermined at the start of each playthrough.

I wouldn’t worry too much about missing too many things during this playthrough as you can replay the game on NG+ on any difficulty after your first completion. If you miss a trophy or a treasure you can just go into NG+ on Assisted and quickly mop up for example.

It will help greatly if you make an additional Manual Save at the Merchant in Chapter 15 where the Shooting Range is as we can jump back to this point after finishing the game once to set up our NG+ playthrough. Do not save over this manual save with your completed save. Basically you want 2 saves, 1 at the Merchant in Chapter 16, and the other will be your completed save that you use to load into NG+.


Story Trophies

Harpoon Hurler

Defeat Del Lago



You will fight Del Lago at the end of Chapter 3. You can’t use a Rocket Launcher on the Del Lago but if you could you’d probably kill that giant slippery fool in 1 hit like everyone else.

Grilled Big Cheese

Defeat Bitores Méndez



You will fight Bitores Méndez near the end of Chapter 6. A Rocket Launcher will kill him in 2 hits, one for each phase.

Wave Goodbye, Right Hand

Defeat the Verdugo



The Verdugo appears next to Ramón Salazar when you first meet him but you won’t fight it until Chapter 10. The Verdugo is actually quite tough and can take a beating so it’s advised to buy a Rocket Launcher from the Merchant in the sewers for 50,000 ptas. Then when the Verdugo shows up after you turn the power on, bait it into a liquid nitrogen shower (switches on the walls where the green lights are) and once frozen you can kill it in 1 hit from the rocket launcher.

No Thanks, Bro!

Defeat Ramón Salazar



Ramón Salazar is an easy fight and will take place at the end of Chapter 12. Although he is no longer a stationary boss, he telegraphs his moves which gives you plenty of time to get out of the way. As he moves around the arena he will drop little black balls that will explode when you get too close so avoid those at all costs. He will also spit black liquid in a single and then later in three lines at you. This move is extremely telegraphed and easy to avoid if you just move sideways. A Rocket Launcher will kill him in 1 hit.

You Used to Be a Good Boy

Defeat Jack Krauser



There are 2 instances where you fight Jack Krauser; one time in the mines with Luis Sera in chapter 11 before he runs away, and at the end of Chapter 14. This trophy is obviously referring to defeating Jack Krauser for good in Chapter 14. The first time you fight Krauser you have to use your knife but in Chapter 14 you can use any weapon you have on you but also he isn’t too hard to defeat with just a knife either. You can see his attacks coming from a mile away although his grab attacks with his left seem kinds hit or miss when you try to dodge them. Krauser can also be killed in 1 hit from a Rocket Launcher.

You're Small Time!

Defeat Osmund Saddler



You finally get to defeat Osmund Saddler at the end of Chapter 16. This fight isn’t too challenging and it’s just like many other RE bosses. Shoot the giant eyeballs to weaken him and then move in to stab his main eye for more damage. He will move around quite a bit during the fight and spawn in quite a lot of Novistadors for you to deal with. He will have a 2nd phase where he becomes a giant red eyeball with tentacles surrounding it. You will have to wait it out while avoiding his attacks until Ada helps you out and throws a rocket launcher at your fight akin to how she saved you from the Tyrant in RE2. Osmund Saddle can be killed in 2 hits from a Rocket Launcher, one for each phase.

Collectible Trophies

Revolt Against the Revolting

Destroy a Clockwork Castellan


See Revolution Wind-Up

Nice One, Stranger!

Complete a request for the Merchant


See Jack of All Trades


Obtain all treasures indicated on the village treasure map in a single playthrough


See Burglar


Obtain all treasures indicated on the castle treasure map in a single playthrough


See Burglar


Obtain all treasures indicated on the island treasure map in a single playthrough


The treasures in Resident Evil 4 Remake are split up into three regions, the Village, Castle, and Island. Each region will have gems, Velvet Blues, as well as an assortment of regular treasures that can either be sold as they are or have gems slotted into them to increase their value. You can find all the treasures in each of the three regions with ease by following our Resident Evil 4 Remake Collectible Guide.

Jack of All Trades

Complete all requests from the Merchant


Merchant Requests appear throughout the game and appear as little blue pieces of paper pinned to walls or on desks. They will often ask you to shoot Blue Medallions in the area, kill some rats, or go and defeat a unique enemy that spawned in a room you’ve previously been to. These requests reward you with spinels which you can then use to trade for valuable items at the Merchant such as Leon’s signature Matilda hand gun and stock or a Treasure Map for each of the three regions. There are 19 total Merchant Requests.

Revolution Wind-Up

Destroy all Clockwork Castellans


Clockwork Castellans are little statuettes that you must seek out and destroy just like the Mr. Raccoons from RE2, Mr. Everywhere in RE3, and the Goats of Warding from RE8 etc. There are 16 total Clockwork Castellans to find and destroy and all of them are covered in our Resident Evil 4 Remake Collectible Guide.

Chapter-Specific Trophies

Shield Your Eyes

Defeat 3 enemies at once with a flash grenade


During Chapter 3 you will come to a Quarry after crossing over some wooden scaffolding overlooking a cliff behind the Church. In the middle of the Quarry is a murder of crows just chilling out. If you get too close they will all fly away so instead keep your distance and throw a flash bang into the middle of the crowd and this trophy will pop. This trophy isn’t restricted by chapter as you can get it at any time but Chapter 3 is probably the best place to get it.


Use a cannon to defeat a zealot


In Chapter 7 you will be trying to enter the Castle as some trebuchets launch flaming projectiles at you. Your objective is to use raise a cannon in order to shoot a giant hole in the Castle gates so you can enter. While you are using the cannon you will see several zealots running towards you across the bridge where the cannon is. This is the perfect opportunity to use the cannon to kill a few zealots.

Never Heard It Coming

Defeat a Garrador using only knives



During Chapter 7 Leon will be trapped in a room with a single Garrador (big blind enemies with large knives for hands) which you must kill using only knives. This is actually quite easy as you can crouch and walk around the Garrador to see the weakspot on his back where an prompt will appear. The Combat Knife is quite powerful so you only have to do this 3-5 times in order to kill the Garrador.

Hope You Like Thrill Rides!

Make it through both minecart sections in the underground tunnel without taking any damage


In Chapter 11 you and Luis will jump into a mine cart to get through the mines. During these section you will be attacked by zealots in their own mine carts. You have to shoot them as soon as you see them and get through this section without taking a single bit of damage. This is actually much easier if you’re playing on any difficulty below Professional as you get autosaves at the start of each of the 2 mine cart sections so if you take damage you can just it options and load your autosave to start again.

Capacity Compliance

Reach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping once


Near the end of Chapter 12 you will be riding a small wooden platform up the clock tower. You can’t let anyone of the zealots land on the lift as it will stop from the added weight. If a zealot lands you will have 1-2 seconds to kill them or knock them off. If you hear Leon comment on the lift stopping at all then you will need to reload your save, if you’re on any difficulty other than Professional, and try again. There’s no trick to this one, you just need to memorise where the Zealots spawn and the platforms they jump from and keep an eye on them.

You Talk Too Much!

Throw a grenade into Ramón Salazar's mouth


During the Salazar boss fight in Chapter 12 you will need to throw a grenade into his mouth to pop this trophy. The easiest way to do this is right at the start of the fight as Salazar is scripted to open his mouth wide while moving towards you which means you can get a quick free shot.

Two Bugs, One Stone

Kill 2 parasites inside a Regenerador with a single bullet



In Chapter 13 you will meet a new enemy called Regenerador because, well they regenerate. These enemies are virtually unkillable unless you target the multiple plagas parasites inside their body. To help you with this you will find a rifle scope called the Biosensor Scope in the back room of a lab area with 4 large tanks each with a Regenerador inside. Once you have the scope and a rifle you can then go back into the room with the 4 Regeneradors suspended in tanks and aim at them to see the parasites. You have to do this in order to find which Regenerador inexplicable has a wrench in their chest cavity. Instead you can just find a Regenerador with two parasites inside that are quite close together and can be lined up to be killed in 1 bullet.

Another good opportunity though much risker is when you receive the Merchant Request to backtrack and kill a unique Regenerador. This one will have near to a dozen parasites inside its body and you can line up a free shot from outside the room which means you’re almost guaranteed to get 2 parasites in 1 shot.

Smooth Escape

Escape on the water scooter without taking any damage


At the end of Chapter 16 you will be escaping from the Island during a timed section when you come to a jet ski, or in this case a water scooter, which you will take and speed through the watery tunnels below the island. Just like Capacity Compliance there isn’t a trick to getting through this section without taking damage as it all just comes down to memorising the course and knowing what’s coming next. If you’re on Assisted or Standard you have plenty of time to escape so you can take it a bit slower but also you can abuse the auto save system and reload any time you take damage.

Shooting Range

Amateur Shooter

Complete a game at the shooting range


Skill Based

Next to the Merchant in some locations is an elevator that leads down into a Shooting Range. The first time you visit there will only be 3 challenges available and they’re all really easy to complete. You might even get an S rank on them rather easily which will help out with Real Deadeye.

Real Deadeye

Earn an S rank in all games at the shooting range


Skill Based

There are 12 challenges in the Shooting Range broken up into batches of 3; 1A, 1B, and 1C for example. You must earn an S rank on all of them to unlock Real Deadeye. This is somewhat challenging but with a little perseverance you can do it easily. Generally if you fulfil the bonus round requirements for each challenge then you’ll earn more than enough score to get an S rank. The final challenge is much easier despite looking overwhelming at first because you don’t need to hit every single target to get an S rank; about 85% of them will do.

Trick Shot

Shoot through and destroy 5 targets at the shooting range with a single shot


Skill Based

4A is the best challenge to attempt this trophy as right at the end there are way more than 5 dogs, about 10 in total, that all line up as they come towards you and if you use the pistol which over-penetrates targets you will easily shoot through 5 or more dogs.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Knife Basics

Parry an enemy with a knife


This trophy is very unlikely to be missed by the majority of gamers. To parry you must have a knife equipped (open the case and select a knife to equip it) and press [L1] before an enemy lands a melee attack. On Assisted the timing for this is incredibly generous and the first chance you get to perform a parry will be after leaving the basement at the start of Chapter 1.

My Preferred Piece

Upgrade a weapon


This is another trophy that shouldn’t be missable but since you can technically play through the whole game without every upgrading a weapon, and I’m sure it will become a fan challenge in the RE community, 99% of players will upgrade at least one weapon one time. To upgrade a weapon you will need some pesetas (ptas) which you get from killing enemies or smashing crates and barrels. Then you need to visit the Merchant who appears in Chapter 2 and enter the Tune Up menu to purchase upgrades.

A Masterpiece

Get the exclusive upgrade for a weapon


This one is more missable as you have to purchase an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket from the Trade menu at the Merchant. The items in the Trade menu require Spinels to buy which you will get from completing Merchant Requests. You will need 30 Spinels for your first ticket which you should be able to buy during the Castle section of the game if you have completed every request up ’til then.

Capcom have released some “Time Saver” DLC items which are golden Exclusive Tickets. These tickets will be available at the start of every New Game you start and they don’t require Ptas to use. Just take them to the Merchant with your chosen weapon and get a free Exclusive upgrade using the ticket.

Talk About Near-Death Experience!

Rescue Ashley as she's being carried away by the enemy


Ashley will get carried away quite a lot if you don’t keep an eye on her and your surroundings. In the original Resident Evil 4 you could only stop her from being carried away by shooting at the legs of her abductor. However, in Resident Evil 4 Remake you can now run up to whoever has picked her up and press [R2] to stab them in the neck. Doing this at least once is almost a given during the early chapters but regardless she will be picked up and carried away during the Island section. This bit is scripted and will be a guaranteed unlock if you have managed to keep her un-harassed up to that point.

Astute Appraiser

Sell a single treasure for at least 100000 ptas


There is only 1 treasure item that can be sold for 100,000 ptas and that is the Elegant Crown. This crown has 5 gem slots, 2 circular, and 3 rectangle. In order to get it to sell for 100,000 ptas you need to slot in 5 gems of different colours i.e. Emerald, Sapphire, Alexandrite, Yellow Diamond, and a Red Beryl. This will give it a x2.0 multiplier and sell for exactly 100,000 ptas.

Phase Two - Professional NG+

In Phase Two of our Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide you will be playing on NG+ on Professional difficulty which sounds rather daunting going from Assisted/Standard straight to Professional but in NG+ you can buy an infinite Rocket Launcher (2,000,000 ptas) which 1-shots absolutely everything in the game.

In Phase One I warned against spending too much of your money and also asked you to keep a 2nd manual save at the Merchant in Chapter 15. This is so we can make things much easier for us in our Professional NG+ playthrough. Reload that manual save and speak to the Merchant. You will want to spend every last ptas on First Aid Sprays and store them in your storage; This works better if your first playthrough was on Assisted as First Aid Sprays are very cheap at 3,000 ptas each. However, we need a specific case charm so head into the Shooting Range (trade spinels for as many Gold Tokens at the Merchant if you don’t have many).

We’re going to map out our charm drops so grab a pen or open notepad on your PC/Mac and get ready to right out your results. Charms are predetermined at the start of your playthrough so you need to test every combination of tokens multiple times to see when the Rhinoceros Beetle charm drops. So to start you should try Silver/Silver/Silver combinations and write the results out every time. These results will stay the same when you reload your save. Once you’re out of tokens or start getting duplicate charms you should quit and reload so you get your tokens back. This time you should try Gold/Gold/Gold, Gold/Gold/Silver, or Silver/Silver/Gold. Keep writing out your results and when the Rhinoceros Beetle appears you should quit again and reload with the knowledge of exactly what combination and how many of them you need to get the charm or you can just keep going. It’s up to you.

With our Rhinoceros Beetle charm equipped to our case we can now fill up on First Aid Sprays if you haven’t already and finish the game. When prompted save over your completed save. Now, when you go into NG+ on Professional with your Rhinoceros Beetle charm equipped you can sell all your First Aid Sprays for 10,000 ptas each whereas you only spent 3,000 ptas each buying them on Assisted. This will give you a small fortune of, hopefully, at least 2,000,000 ptas which is exactly the cost of the Infinite Rocket Launcher. This is all you need to survive Professional difficulty.

Lastly, make sure to finish in under 7 hours to get an A rank which will unlock the Chicago Sweeper weapon which is needed for the Gun Fanatic trophy but also to lighten our Hardcore playthrough later since we have to do it on a fresh save.

Trophies in this phase:

Professional Playthrough Trophies

Peerless Agent

Professional Playthrough Trophies

Peerless Agent

Complete the main story on Professional mode





You don’t technically need to earn an A rank for this trophy but you do need to for Gun Fanatic which is why we spent a while at the beginning of this phase setting up the Infinite Rocket Launcher. If you’re not using the rocket launcher for this playthrough then you will need to be hyper-vigilant and avoid combat as much as you can which should be easy if you know the game inside and out. There are several skips you can utilise to speed up your run but also to avoid sticky situations. Some of these skips are listed below but as the days go by there will be more and more skips discovered so you should do some research before attempting this run.

  • You can use a long range weapon like a rifle to shoot the bell on the tower in the Village to end the encounter early
  • You can shoot the padlock on the door at the back of the barn in the Farm area through the open window where the pitchfork woman is which lets you grab the windmill gear and avoid most of the combat in the Farm
  • When you return to the Village you can skip the fight with the dogs by shooting the padlock on the door before the watchtower explodes so you can run inside as fast as possible
  • You can use a rifle with a scope to clip inside walls which is ideal for the cabin fight. Clip inside a corner and you will avoid taken damage. This method is safe but slow as you need to wait for around 10 minutes to trigger the cutscene to end the chapter
  • You can shoot the counterweight for the cannon through the metal grate as you walk up the stairs to the catapult encounter
  • You can use the Bolt Thrower with the an explosive mine. Shoot the mine at the floor just outside the cell where the Garrador is chained and then run to open the gate so you can escape without having to fight him
  • If you have a grenade you can skip the Sun/Moon lever puzzle bit by throwing a grenade through the gate to open it after climbing up the ladder after the first lever
  • You can throw a grenade or flashbang at the lever when walking across the bridge to the Goat Head to prevent the zealots from lowering it
  • You can skip a large portion of Ashley’s section by setting the first clock to 7:00
  • You can skip the Verdugo fight by using your rifle scope to clip into the elevator shaft and waiting for 3.5 minutes or until the Verdugo runs away
  • You can skip the TNT room in the mines by using a rocket launcher on the pile of rubble blocking your way
  • Shoot the back of the Salazar statue’s head to make it explode and open a shortcut around it
  • You can throw 2 Golden Eggs at Salazar to kill him quickly
  • You can glitch through the metal doors outside the cargo lift on Chapter 14 by crouching and backing up into it where you then spin the camera while mashing . When done successfully Leon will teleport to the other side where you can unlock the door. You must have Field of View, Camara Speed, and Camera Acceleration set to the max for this to work
  • You can throw grenades at the crack in the wall so that Ashley only has to hit it once with a wrecking ball. A rocket launcher also works
  • You can destroy the Anti-Aircraft turret in Chapter 15 with 2 Heavy Grenades instead of using the mounted turret

Lastly, during this phase you should also get the Primal Knife and fully upgrade it with a ticket to make it indestructible. You should also fully upgrade the Red9 pistol or whichever pistol you like the most. This is to prepare us for Phase Three.


Complete the main story within 8 hours


With the Infinite Rocket Launcher or Infinite Chicago Sweeper you will have no trouble finishing Resident Evil 4 Remake in under 8 hours, but if you’re struggle then refer to the skips outlined in Peerless Agent.

Phase Three - Guns & Knives Only, No Merchant, No Healing Items On Assisted

Feel free to split this phase of our Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide up into as many runs as you’d like but for the sake of time we’re bundling them together into one run. Since you should now have the indestructible Primal Knife as well as a fully upgraded pistol of your like such as the Red9 then all you need to do is play through the game once more and make sure you completely ignore the Merchant and avoid using healing items.

To make this easier I’d recommend making a save at the start of each chapter which you can reload should you take too much damage since you can’t heal. With the game being on Assisted you should breeze through these challenges without much difficulty.

Trophies in this phase:

Playthrough Challenges


Complete the main story without using a recovery item


To make things easier on yourself you should attempt Frugalist on Assisted as well as making regular saves to fall back on should you receive too much damage.


Complete the main story using only knives and handguns. (Excluding specific battles.)


As the trophy suggests you must use only hand guns and knives but certain situations grant you access to other means. These are:

  • Harpoons during the Del Lago boss fight are okay to use since you have to use them
  • Cannons can be used to kill zealots in the Castle
  • Ashley can kill enemies with the wrecking ball
  • You can use the mounted turrets on the island to kill enemies
  • The special red rocket launcher that Ada gives is okay to use since you again have to use it
  • You can also shoot explosive barrels to kill enemies wherever you see them as long as the bullet that hit the barrel was from a hand gun

Check your progress on this in the Challenges menu. If it says anything other than “0” then you’ve used something other than a hand gun or a knife at some point.

Silent Stranger

Complete the main story without talking to the Merchant once


This challenge isn’t so hard since all you need to do is not talk to the Merchant throughout a single run. Make sure you have everything you want to use in your case before you start a NG+ so that you don’t need anything from him.

Phase Four - S+ Rank on Standard and Hardcore

Phase Four of our Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide will have you playing through the game a further 2 more times. However, this time you need to start them on a fresh save so you can’t rely on the NG+ Infinite Rocket Launcher to get you through the game. That being said, you can and absolutely should use the Chicago Sweeper since you can get an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket early on, around the start of the Castle, if you complete all Merchant Requests in the Village. Use this ticket to turn the Chicago Sweeper into an infinite ammo weapon and you will have no problems finishing your run.

To get an S+ rank on Standard and Hardcore you need to be on a fresh save and beat the game in under 5:00 hours and 5:30 hours respectively. These trophies do not stack meaning achieving an S+ rank on Hardcore will not unlock the S+ rank on Standard trophy. They must be done seperately.

Trophies in this phase:

Standard & Hardcore Trophies

Promising Agent

Complete the main story on Standard mode or higher




This trophy will be unmissable during this phase as you are aiming for an S+ on Standard.

Mission Accomplished S+

Complete the main story on Standard mode with an S+ rank




See Peerless Agent for a bunch of skips that will help you get an S+ rank on Standard.

Proficient Agent

Complete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher




This trophy will be unmissable during this phase as you are aiming for an S+ on Hardcore.

S+ Rank Investigator

Complete the main story on Hardcore mode with an S+ rank




See Peerless Agent for a bunch of skips that will help you get an S+ rank on Hardcore.

Phase Five - Professional New Game or Mercenaries Mode & Clean Up

At this point in our Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide you should only have Gun Fanatic left which requires you to unlock all weapons.  You should have all but one of the weapons which is the Handcannon as you need to beat the game on Profressional on a brand new save and you can’t use any bonus weapons. However, with the release of Mercenaries Mode you can instead get an S rank on the 3 maps that came with the new mode. These 3 maps are very easy to get an S rank on. All you need to do is have a good combo going and kill at least 100 enemies in each map. You don’t have to have a combo of 100 to get an S rank but it’s a good idea to try and go for it regardless as it will increase your score.

Lastly, now is a good time to go for any trophy you may have missed during your previous playthroughs.

Trophies in this phase:

All Guns

Gun Fanatic

All Guns

Gun Fanatic

Obtain all weapons


There are 30 weapons to collect in Resident Evil 4 Remake and most of them will come naturally. However, some are bit harder to get than others. Below is a list of each weapon and how to get it; special requirements are listed in bold.


  1. Combat Knife – Automatically unlocked
  2. Fighting Knife – Beat Krauser in Chapter 14
  3. Primal Knife – Destroy All Clockwork Castellans
  4. Boot Knife – Common enemy drop
  5. Kitchen Knife – Common enemy drop


  1. SG-09 R – Automatically unlocked
  2. Blacktail – Buy from Merchant
  3. Punisher – Trade with Merchant
  4. Red9 – Found in Shipwreck in Chapter 4 or bought from Merchant in later chapters
  5. Matilda – Trade with Merchant


  1. Striker – Buy from Merchant
  2. W-870 – Found in a house in the Village, Chapter 2. Bought from Merchant in later chapters
  3. Riot Gun – Buy from Merchant


  1. SR M1903 – Buy from Merchant
  2. Stingray – Buy from Merchant
  3. CQBR Assault Rifle – Found in Castle in Chapter 11 or bought from Merchant in later chapters.


  1. Killer 7 – Buy from Merchant
  2. Broken Butterfly – Buy from Merchant
  3. Handcannon – Beat Profressional on New Game with no Bonus Weapons or achieve S Rank on all 3 maps in Mercenaries Mode


  1. TMP – Buy from Merchant
  2. LE 5 – Found in the Freezer in Chapter 13 or bought from Merchant in later chapers
  3. Chicago Sweeper – Beat Professional Mode with an A Rank (can be done in NG+ with an Infinite Rocket Launcher for ease)


  1. Grenade – Common enemy drop/found in open world (craftable)
  2. Flash Bang – Common enemy drop/found in open world (craftable)
  3. Heavy Grenade – Common enemy drop/found in open world (craftable)
  4. Eggs – Laid by chickens wherever they can be found


  1. Bolt Thrower – Buy from Merchant
  2. Rocket Launcher – Buy from Merchant
  3. Special Rocket Launcher – Used in final boss fight in Chapter 16 (unmissable)
  4. Infinite Rocket Launcher – Buy from Merchant in NG+

You have to have collected all of these weapons at least once on the same save file for Gun Fanatic to unlock.


Cuz Boredom Kills Me

Obtain all trophies

After collecting every trophy in this Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy Guide, the "Cuz Boredom Kills Me" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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