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Oceanhorn 2 Sernoa Region Collectibles Guide

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Where to Find All Sernoa Region Collectibles in Oceanhorn 2

Welcome to our Oceanhorn 2 Sernoa Region Collectible Guide. This is part of a full Oceanhorn 2 Trophy Guide and includes 6 other chapters. Browse below:

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In this specific section, we’ll be focusing on collectibles in the Sernoa Region which will unlock the My Time in Sernoa trophy. Sernoa is by far the smallest region so don’t be surprised if you come by most of these collectibles naturally.

Fortress Ruins

The Fortress Ruins is the area you travel through to reach Sernoa Station during the story. You can later access Sernoa Station via train in which case you’d need to backtrack to this area.

Treasure Chest (Scorpios’ Guidance Shard) Easy to find in the second clearing.
Treasure Chest (Wooden Statue) Behind the gate that you must open by hitting the lever from a distance, you can reach this chest by climbing onto the box to get over the wall.
Bloodstone In the northeast corner of Fortress Ruins
Treasure Chest (Key to Sernoa Underpass Entrance) Near the center of the map (though slightly eastbound) there’s a large wall with some vines on its north side.

Climb the vines to be able to drop onto the nearby wall that leads to the chest.

Fortress Underpass

Fortress Underpass is the connecting area between Fortress Ruins and The Sernoa Station.

Bloodstone On the south side of the map, there’s some stairs with this bloodstone at the bottom.
Treasure Chest (Health Container) Easy to find on the west side of this area.

The Sernoa Station

You can get here either by taking a train from The White City, traveling through the Fortress Underpass, or directly entering from the World of Arcadia overworld.

Bloodstone Near the entrance to the actual station, look for a hill with this bloodstone at the top.
Treasure Chest (Lightning Spell Container) Under the station shelter near the train, you’ll find a chest containing this item.
Treasure Chest (Peculiar Device) On the north side of this area, you’ll find a locked gate which you can open by completing the nearby electricity puzzle.
Teleporter In the scrapyard on the east side of the map. There, you’ll find the gold ball in plain sight. Bring it to the teleporter and place it on the gold button.

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