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Oceanhorn 2 Arne Region Collectibles Guide

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Where to Find All Arne Region Collectibles in Oceanhorn 2

Welcome to our Oceanhorn 2 Arne Region Collectible Guide. This is part of a full Oceanhorn 2 Trophy Guide and includes 6 other chapters. Browse below:

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In this specific section, we’ll be focusing on collectibles in the Arne Region which will unlock the Arne of My Youth trophy.

Outcast Island

Outcast Island is where you start the game. You can return anytime but note that it’s only accessible by boat.

Bloodstone Go South from the Docks to find this Bloodstone on a tiny beach.
Treasure Chest (Pearl Necklace) At the north side of the island, near the sign that teaches you how to jump gaps. Jump across the rocks to reach the chest.
Treasure Chest (Emerald Crystal) The Chest on the East Side of the island. You can move the crane over by using the nearby lever, this way you can reach the chest via the crane.
Bloodstone On the East Side of the island atop a tall rock pillar. You can use your grapple hook to reach it.

Old Pirate Hideout

Climb down the ladder atop the hill on the east side of Outcast Island to enter the Old Pirate Hideout, which contains a few collectibles:

Treasure Chest (Wooden Statue) Near the ladder where you entered, there’s a box you can climb onto to reach the ledge containing this chest.
Treasure Chest (Bag of Gold) This chest is hidden behind a wood fence that you can burn away with a Fire Spell or burning barrel.
Treasure Chest (Captain’s key) On the shipwreck at the northeast end of the hideout.

Shoreside Cave

This cave is found on the east coast of Outcast Island. The entrance is blocked by debris so you will need to use bombs to gain access. Inside, there’s a chest and a Teleporter.

Teleporter Pick up  the gold ball and place it on the gold button. Simple!
Treasure Chest (Health Container) Look for vines at the back of the cave. Climb up and enter the room to find this chest in plain sight.

Arne Village

Arne Village is accessible via both the Yellow Bird Plane and the Boat.

Bloodstone North of Master Mayfair’s home, there’s a pond with this Bloodstone next to it.
Treasure Chest (Pearl Necklace) At the back of the lighthouse on the east edge of the village.
Bloodstone Near the lighthouse, there’s a small island with a gravestone on it. This bloodstone is found there.
Treasure Chest (Wooden Statue) On the second floor of the Shopkeeper’s house.
Bloodstone In the backyard of the Inn. Access it by going through the inn or by burning the damaged bit of fence.
Treasure Chest (Bombs) In the small shed next to the village gate. You’ll need to burn away the debris blocking access to the chest with a fire spell.
Treasure Chest (Health Container) In the closed-off area at the north where the Yellow Bird access is.
Treasure Chest (Amber) Underwater near the boat. Will require the Diving Helmet.

New Warehouse

North of Master Mayfair’s house.

Treasure Chest (Amber) Climb the ladder in the backyard to enter via the second-floor door, which contains this chest.
Treasure Chest (Wooden Statue) Go in through the front door and press the blue button to gain access to this chest.

Abandoned House

Red Brick House north of Master Mayfair’s House.

Treasure Chest (Innkeeper’s Key) In clear view inside this building.

Shop Keeper's House

Marked with a sign that says “Shop,” west from the boat dock.

Treasure Chest (Amber) On the second floor of this house, there’s a chest surrounded by boxes and jars. To reach it, you’ll need to cross the beam.

Fisherman's Hut

The Fisherman’s Hut is near the drawbridge that you can raise/lower via the nearby lever.

Bloodstone In clear view inside the Fisherman’s Hut

Arne Inn Guest Room

Access this upper portion of the Inn only by climbing the ladder in the backyard.

Treasure Chest (Miniature Airship) In clear view inside this room. Requires the Innkeeper’s Key from the Abandoned House.

Arne Lighthouse

Has a secret underwater entrance that you can access with the Diving Helmet.

Treasure Chest (Peculiar Device) Clearly visible in the lighthouse.

Warden Woods

Exit through the Arne Village Gate to enter Warden Woods on the west side of town.

Bloodstone Near the center of this area, there’s a sign that says “Road to Arne Beacon” near a stone arch. On that stone arch, climb the vines to reach the Bloodstone at the top.
Bloodstone Near the river on the southeast side of the map.
Treasure Chest (Flame of Aries Shard) At the other end of a broken bridge in the northwest portion of the woods.
Treasure Chest (Health Container) On the northwest side of the woods, look for a hollow log sticking out of a wall. Crawl through the log to reach a Chest.
Teleporter Blue icon on your map. Shoot the nearby target to release the gold ball, which you’ll then need to carry over and place on the Teleporter’s gold button.

Riverside Cave

Enter the cave entrance at the end of the river in Warden Woods’ Southeast portion.

Treasure Chest (Bag of Gold) Climb the vines to the cave’s highest point and you’ll find a blockage in the form of a rock pile. Blow it up with bombs to access the chest beyond.

Beacon Hill

From Warden Woods, exit near the sign that reads “Road to Arne Beacon.”

Bloodstone On the northeast side of Beacon Hill.

Arne Beacon

Exit from Beacon Hill via the south to enter Arne Beacon.

Bloodstone Behind a wooden (flammable) wall panel in a room at the south side of Arne Beacon.
Treasure Chest (Health Container) Behind a wooden (flammable) wall panel in a room at the south side of Arne Beacon, on the second floor.
Treasure Chest (Fire Spell Container) Inside a room on the northwest side of Arne Beacon.
Bloodstone Inside a room on the northwest side of Arne Beacon.
Treasure Chest (Tiber’s Passing Shard) In a room on the west side of Arne Beacon. You’ll need to keep the orange switch held by placing a jar or barrel on it.
Treasure Chest (Warlock’s Shard) In Warlock’s Hideout. To access it, you will need to use Key to Warlock’s Chamber to open the door to the teleporter which will bring you here.

You will get the Key to Warlock’s Chamber by collecting every single Bloodstone and then exchanging them for the key with the NPC near the ruined church in White City, so this should be one of the last rooms you check, and last chests you open, essentially.

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