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Oceanhorn 2 Source Region Collectibles Guide

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Where to Find All Source Region Collectibles in Oceanhorn 2

Welcome to our Oceanhorn 2 Source Region Collectible Guide. This is part of a full Oceanhorn 2 Trophy Guide and includes 6 other chapters. Browse below:

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In this specific section, we’ll be focusing on collectibles in the Source Region which will unlock the Secrets of Source trophy.

Ghost Town

To access the Ghost Town, start from the White City in the World of Arcadia and then head north around the mountain.

Bloodstone There’s a waterfall on the east side of the village. Use your Diving Helmet to get the Bloodstone below it.
Teleporter The gold ball is in plain sight next to Rodgar’s home in the center of the town. Grab it and carry it all the way to the blue icon on your map, then place it on the gold button.

House Under Snow

Starting from the Ghost town, climb up onto the snow-covered house via the ledge and then climb down into the chimney.

Bloodstone In clear view within the snow-covered house.

Well House

Near the Ghost Town’s bridge, head underwater and you’ll find a hidden entrance to the Well House.

Treasure Chest (Key to High Philosopher’s House) In clear view within the Well House

High Philosopher's House

The largest house in the Ghost Town is the High Philosopher’s House. It is situated in the northeast side of the town and is locked. To enter it, you will need the Key to High Philosopher’s House from Well House.

Treasure Chest (Cassiopeia’s Tear Shard) Behind a locked gate inside the High Philosopher’s House. You’ll need to light all of the pyres with fire magic to gain access.

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