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Where to Find all Pigments and Animal Figurines in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds for PlayStation 4

This sub-guide is a branch of the main Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide.

All of these collectables can be tracked via the “Collectables” section of the “Notebook” tab in the touchpad menu. Power Cells can be found in the “Special Items” section of the “Inventory” tab, which also keeps track of quest items you’re carrying.

There is a Bluegleam Merchant at the campfire north of Song’s Edge who will sell maps revealing the locations of Pigments and Animal Figurines on your in-game map in the “Special Items” section of his store.

Frozen Wilds Bluegleam Map Merchant
Horizon Map Merchant

So, you have a choice, play the game as intended and use a small amount of resources to purchase maps from merchants, or use the guide below.

All Pigment Locations

Pigments are resources used to create vibrant colours which the Banuk use for their paintings. They’re hidden throughout the Cut in different rocks of which there are three variants.

You will see the familiar purple item indicator above the object and therefore be able to search it.

There are just 9 to find and they can be tracked via the “Collectables” section of the “Notebook” tab in the touchpad menu.

Set 1 – Pigment 1 – Light Salt

This pigment can be found inside a tall leaky rock near the pool where the Banuk dye their clothes, just slightly north of Song’s Edge, near Kamut, the NPC who gives you the ability to modify your spear.

Set 1 – Pigment 2 – Medium Salt

This pigment can be found inside a tall leaky rock at the top of some muddy pools in the Stone Yield bandit camp which is northwest of Longnotch. It’s probably best to clear out the camp before you attempt to collect this pigment.

Set 1 – Pigment 3 – Dark Salt

East of the merchant “Enjuk” – who collects the Animal Figurines – there are hot springs where you’ll find a few geysers. Near one of the larger geysers, you will find this red pigment in a tall rock formation which is oozing a bronze-ish colour.

Set 2 – Pigment 1 – Light Crystal

This mossy green pigment can be found in a small black rock by a tree on a ledge overlooking a group of lancehorns. This overlook has a brightly lit cave running underneath it which can help you to find it. The exact location is in a clearing northeast of the Frostfigures Tallneck.

Set 2 – Pigment 2 – Medium Crystal

Far up in the northeastern reaches of the Cut, north of the Stone Yield Bandit Camp, you can find this pigment in a small black rock along a cliff-side path.

Set 2 – Pigment 3 – Dark Crystal

You will find this bronze-coloured pigment in a small black rock at the very top of a mountain in the center of the Cut. The very same “Frostfigures” mountain you climb during the DLC mission “For the Werak”, except it’s the side that Aratak climbs.

Climbing the mountain is similar to one of the Banuk climbing trials where you would find a Banuk Artifact, except bigger, longer and a little bit more confusing.

You will need to start the climb on the eastern side of the mountain and the route will take you down the mountain before it takes you up it.

Start the Climb here.

Set 3 – Pigment 1 – Light Oxide

During the “Shaman’s Path” side quest, you will come to a point where you have two objectives, one of which is to “Activate the Bridge”. Here, you’ll unravel a rope ladder leading down into a darker area below, where a waterfall deposits into a nearby pool.

Use your focus here and you will see that there is a Supply crate next to that pool and – just next to it – this pigment too.

Set 3 – Pigment 2 – Medium Oxide

On the northern edge of the icy lake which is found southwest of the Longnotch Banuk encampment, you’ll find this cyan pigment in a copper-stained rock.

Set 3 – Pigment 3 – Dark Oxide

West of the Frostfigures Tallneck there is a frozen lake with a small Banuk encampment on it. Just west of here, at the side of a path leading up into the mountains, you will find a large rock with a copper staining on it. It is here that you will find this deep purple pigment.

All Animal Figurine Locations

Animal figurines are small statuettes of now-extinct megafauna from the old world.

There are just 6 to find and they can be tracked via the “Collectables” section of the “Notebook” tab in the touchpad menu.

Animal Figurine 1

Northeast of the “Greycatch” dam and north of the Animal Figurine merchant “Enjuk”, there is a half-ruined lodged with a Control Tower stood inside it. This figurine is found inside the fireplace near the Control Tower.

Animal Figurine 2

This figurine is found in the window of a ruined building at the river’s edge just south of the “Greycatch” dam.

Animal Figurine 3

Found in the window of a decrepit building near a Charger site northwest of Song’s Edge.

Animal Figurine 4

During “The Shaman’s Path” you will come to an abandoned facility called “Ourea’s Retreat”. This building cannot be entered from the north and must be entered from the south as part of the Shaman’s Path, even upon your return, you’ll need to start from the campfire to the south and head north.

In the final room of this facility, where Ourea can be found, this Animal Figurine is on a bench against the wall on the eastern side of the room.

Animal Figurine 5

In the Drone Hangar at the norther-most edge of the map – where you acquire the part needed to upgrade your spear for the errand “A Secret Shared” – you can find this figurine up on one of the 4 platforms in the first room.

Animal Figurine 6

Found on the northern side of a stubborn archway from a now-ruined bridge. The bridge can be found northeast of Song’s Edge, along an eastbound path.

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