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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC PlayStation 4 Trophy Guide and Road Map

This guide was created to accompany my Platinum Trophy Review, check that out if you have a few minutes and are interested to know my thoughts on the Platinum Journey as a whole.

Before You Begin

There are just a few things to consider before heading up north to tackle the additional DLC trophies, which I’ve listed below for convenience;

  • No trophy is missable thanks to post-game free-roam.
  • You can play on any difficulty you like with no consequences. I do, however, recommend playing on Normal difficulty or higher, to preserve the intricacies of the Combat System.
  • I have created a Key Locations Guide and a Collectables Guide both of which will ensure you don’t struggle finding any items or locations you might need to get 100% of the DLC trophies.
  • The DLC trophies are split into two categories, Quests and Feats. I will be following the same structure with this guide.
  • You can start the Frozen Wilds questline once you have completed the quest “Seeker at the Gates”. The Side-Quest taking you up there, listed as “Into the Frozen Wilds” can be started from one of three NPCs; Rhavid near Meridian, Ohtur at Daytower or Yariki who can be found north of Grave-Hoard, just outside of “The Cut” where this DLC’s content takes place.

Phase One – Completing the Frozen Wilds Quests & Side-Content

To begin with, we will be tackling the “Quests” portion of the DLC trophies, leaving “Feats” to mop up afterwards.

The Main DLC Story

Complete the “Into the Frozen Wilds” side-quest to find your way into the Cut. When you reach the Banuk Settlement, you’ll be told to approach some nearby rising smoke. There you’ll watch a cutscene featuring a Banuk ritual and will receive your first Frozen Wilds side-quest.

Took the Shaman’s Path

Survived the Shaman’s Path and found Ourea’s retreat.

To earn this trophy, complete the DLC Side Quest “The Shaman’s Path”.

Won the Werak Challenge

Challenged Aratak at the Frostfigures and won.

To earn this trophy, complete the DLC Side Quest “For the Werak”.

Completed the Second Expedition

Successfully assaulted Thunder’s Drum.

To earn this trophy, complete the DLC Side Quest “Firebreak”.

Conquered the Mountain

Drove out the threat within the mountain.

To earn this trophy, complete the DLC Side Quest “The Forge of Winter”.

Other Side-Quest Trophies

With the DLC’s main campaign out of the way, you’re free to take on the remaining side-quest content. Unlike the base game, there is a trophy for completing every side-quest and errand in the Frozen Wilds, so you’ll really get the most out of the additional content.

Drained the Flood

Completely drained the floodwater from inside the Greycatch.

To start the “Waterlogged” side-quest needed for this trophy, speak to Laulai in the Banuk encampment “Song’s Edge” where you first arrive in the Cut. She is stood near the Bluegleam merchant.

The quest is quite long and involves a fun new character who you’ll either love or hate; Gildun!

Finish up the quest and you will earn the trophy.

Won Ikrie’s Challenge

Met Ikrie again at the Snowchants Hunting Ground and took first place in her challenge.

To earn this trophy you will need to complete the side quest “Ikrie’s Challenge” with a First-Place (Gold) rating.

You will first need to have completed the side quest “The Survivor” – found at a small Banuk Camp called “Keener’s Rock” just north of Greycatch dam – which is where you will meet Ikrie.

With “The Survivor” completed, you can find Ikrie at the Snowchants Hunting Ground to the north, east of the Drone Hangar. Here, you will be able to take on her challenge.


You will need to draw the attention of machines in the area and bait them over to Ikrie, who will use her Sling to freeze them. Once they are frozen, you can kill them.

The challenge ends once you reach 10 frozen kills, speak to Ikrie, or run out of machines to kill. You also have limited arrows and will need to be conservative, shooting only weak points to maximise your damage output.

Once you have all 10 kills and the challenge ends, your trophy will pop.

Fully Improved Weapons

Acquired the improved versions of three weapons from Varga.

There are three brand new weapons in The Frozen Wilds:

  • ForgeFire – a Flamethrower weapon which you will unlock by defeating the Camp Leader at Stone Yield Bandit Camp.
  • StormSlinger – a weapon with similar attributes to a Tesla Coil which you will unlock by completing the Side Quest “The Shaman’s Path”.
  • Icerail – As you might expect, an ice-type weapon with freezing abilities. This weapon is unlocked by completing the Side Quest “For the Werak”.

These three weapons, while interesting, are not all that powerful when you first acquire them, and their icons are blue to indicate this. You can upgrade them to their stronger purple-icon forms by speaking to a merchant in Longnotch called “Varga”.


Once you have all three weapons, find Varga and she will give you a side-quest for each:

  • Geared up: Forgefire
  • Geared up: Stormslinger
  • Geared Up: Ice Rail

They are all hunts which require defeating a somewhat powerful machine – often with Varga’s help. After each hunt, loot the machine to gather the parts needed and then give them to Varga who will upgrade your weapon and the respective quest will be complete.

Do this for all three quests and you’ll earn the trophy after the third one is complete.

All Quests Completed

Completed all side quests and errands in the Frozen Wilds.

There are 15 Side Quests/Errands in total to complete from the Frozen Wilds DLC, which includes the 4 main DLC Campaign quests and the three weapon upgrade quests from Varga.

To earn this trophy you will need to complete all 15 quests, listed below:

  • The Shaman’s Path – A main DLC Campaign Quest, required for the “Took the Shaman’s Path” trophy – Given to you after a short storyline introduction in Song’s Edge.
  • For the Werak – A main DLC Campaign Quest, required for the “Won the Werak Challenge” trophy – Given to you after completion of “The Shaman’s Path”.
  • Firebreak – A main DLC Campaign Quest, required for the “Completed the Second Expedition” trophy – Given to you after completion of “For the Werak”.
  • The Forge of Winter – A main DLC Campaign Quest, required for the “Conquered the Mountain” trophy – Given to you after completion of “Firebreak”.
  • Waterlogged – Required for the “Drained the Flood” trophy – Available from Laulai at Song’s Edge as soon as you arrive there.
  • A Secret Shared (Errand) – Required for the “First Spear Modification” tropy – Available from Kamut near the hot spring just downhill from Song’s Edge, to the north.
  • The Survivor – Required to unlock “Ikrie’s Challenge” for the “Won Ikrie’s Challenge” trophy – Available from the White Teeth Chieftain at the Keener’s Rock Banuk Camp to the north of Greycatch dam.
  • Ikrie’s Challenge – Required for the “Won Ikrie’s Challenge” trophy – Available from Ikrie at the Snowchants Hunting Grounds once “The Survivor” has been completed.
  • The Hunters Three – Available from Burgrend in Song’s Edge once the quest “The Shaman’s Path” has been completed.
  • The Claws Beneath (Errand) – Available from Umnak in Longnotch once the quest “For the Werak” has been completed.
  • Out of the Forge (Errand) – Given to you once the quest “The Forge of Winter” has been completed.
  • Frontier Justice – Available from Inatut in Song’s Edge once the quest “The Forge of Winter” has been completed.
  • Geared up: Forgefire (Errand) – Required for the trophy “Fully Improved Weapons” – Available from Varga in Longnotch once you have acquired the Forgefire weapon.
  • Geared up: Stormslinger (Errand) – Required for the trophy “Fully Improved Weapons” – Available from Varga in Longnotch once you have acquired the Stormslinger weapon.
  • Geared Up: Ice Rail (Errand) – Required for the trophy “Fully Improved Weapons” – Available from Varga in Longnotch once you have acquired the Ice Rail weapon.

Once you complete the last remaining side quest from the list, your trophy will pop.


Complete all Frozen Wilds Activities

The last few bits to ensure you’ve done are the Tallneck – which you will likely do as soon as you get to The Cut, the Stone Yield Bandit Camp, and the Snowchants Hunting Grounds. You may well find yourself doing any of these things whilst you make your way back and forth across the Cut completing the side-quests.

All Activities completed

Completed the Tallneck, Bandit Camp and Hunting Ground in the Cut.

The Frozen Wilds Tallneck will be marked on the map from the moment you override your first Tallneck in the base game. Override it by completing the mid-to-long side quest surrounding it to reveal the Hunting Grounds and Bandit Camp locations on the map too.

For the Bandit Camp, all you will need to do is kill every enemy and the boss you find in there and call it a day.

For the Hunting Grounds, you will need to reach “Blazing Sun” (gold/best) rating in each and every challenge at these Hunting Grounds, but they cannot be challenged until after you have completed the main storyline of The Frozen Wilds.


You can use my Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Key Locations Guide to find each of these locations and see Hunting Ground challenge requirements, but it shouldn’t be too tricky to do this without, considering their locations are marked on the map.

Phase Two – Skills, Kills and Collectables

In this phase, we will be focusing on the second DLC trophy list; “Feats”. This list consists of challenges requiring you to kill a certain number of each machine, make use of the new skills and abilities, and reach level 60.

Skill and Ability Trophies

You will likely have most of these unlocked from working through the first phase of this trophy journey, so just acknowledge them for now as you may well finish them off as you work through the rest of the Feat trophies.

First Spear Modification

Applied a modification to your spear.

One of the new features of the Frozen Wilds DLC is the ability to equip modifications on your spear. However, it must first be upgraded by the NPC “Kamut” found in Song’s Edge.

Frozen Wilds Kamut

The NPC will give you an errand to go and find a Rail Part. The errand is titled “A Secret Shared”.

Once you have completed this errand, your spear will be upgraded to accept Modifications, so all you will then need to do for the trophy is equip a spear modification.

Frozen Wilds Spear Mod Trophy

Spear modifications have triangular icons and you may well have one already. I collected several while working through the base game and so was already prepared when the ability to modify my spear was unlocked, but the quest-giver will actually give you a resource box containing a spear modification as an extra reward for finishing the quest!

Frozen Wilds Spear Mod
All Frozen Wilds Skills

Learned all of the new skills in the Frozen Wilds.

For this trophy, you will need to acquire all 8 new Frozen Wilds skills.

Skills which are new to the DLC can be found in the “Traveler” skill tree and purchasing them all will require 18 skill points. You’ll be able to accomplish this long before reaching the DLC’s level cap of 60. I was able to purchase every base game skill as well as all Frozen Wilds skills by level 55, a whole 5 levels short of the cap.

Once you purchase your 8th Traveler skill, regardless of what base game skills you have, this trophy will pop.

5 Dismount Strikes

Killed 5 enemies using the Dismount Strike skill.

To perform dismount strikes you must first purchase the skill for doing so in the “Traveler” skill tree. It is the lower-most skill on the right-hand side of the tree.


With the skill purchased you will be able to perform a dismount strike by pressing blank when the prompt appears whilst you are riding a mount and in close proximity to an enemy.

As these attacks actually need to be the killing strike, try using it on smaller and weaker machines. I farmed this trophy at the two Charger sites near Song’s Edge.

Once you have performed your fifth dismount strike, the trophy will pop.

5 Machine Types Repaired

Used the Machine Repair or Mount Repair skill on 5 different types of machine.

To repair a machine, several pre-requisites must be met. Firstly, you will need the “Mount Repair” and “Machine Repair” skills from the left-hand side of the “Traveler” skill tree.


Those skills will allow you to repair an overriden machine by approaching it and holding blank if it is damaged.

The easiest way to do this is to approach a machine you have overridden and then attack it with blank. You will do a small amount of damage which you can then repair.

You will need to do this for 5 different machines and cannot just farm the same machine five times for the trophy.

The “Call Mount +” skill from the Forager Skill Tree is quite useful for this as when you call a new mount it will either be a Strider or a Charger and you can damage each of those in order to repair them and easily check 2 repairs off your list.

Once you have repaired your fifth unique machine type, the trophy will pop.

Reached Level 60

Reached player level 60

The Frozen Wilds DLC increases the level cap from 50 to 60 and this trophy requires you to earn those additional 10 levels. Thsi can take quite a long time as the amount of experience required for each level is pretty hefty, but there is plenty of additional content in the DLC through which you should be able to earn more than enough exp.

Once you reach level 60, the trophy will pop.


Disable all Control Towers

All Control Towers disabled

Disabled all Control Towers by overriding or destroying them.

There are 12 Control Towers in total throughout the Cut. With any luck, you will already have bumped into and disabled most of these as you worked through the story and side-quests in the Cut, but don’t worry if you haven’t got them all yet.

Your introduction to the Control Towers will come from the NPC “Naltuk” as part of the DLC Side Quest “The Shaman’s Path”.

The Control Towers are actually marked on the map, making them easier to find, but if you’d like additional point-to-point walkthrough-style direction as well as screenshots of where to find each Control Tower, check out my Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds Key Locations Guide, which will give you all the info you need.


Collectable Trophies

The Frozen Wilds DLC adds two new types of collectable to find; Pigments and Animal Figurines. There is a trophy tied to each.

There is also a new currency called “Bluegleam”, which you can use to purchase new weapons and upgrades from a Banuk specialty vendor. You’ll earn a lot of Bluegleam from the side-quests in the first phase of this journey, but there are hidden collectable Bluegleam deposits to find throughout the Cut, too.

You can purchase maps which will display the general location of all Pigments, Animal Figurines and Bluegleam deposits from the Bluegleam Merchant found at a Campfire to the north of Song’s Edge, near the entrance to the Shaman’s Path.

Frozen Wilds Bluegleam Map Merchant
All Pigments found

Found all of the Pigments in the Cut.

Pigments are the substances and resources which the Banuk use to get the colours for their infamous paintings. The pigments are found within rocks of which there are three variants.

You can purchase a map from the Bluegleam Merchant north of Song’s Edge which will show you where you can find these pigments.

You can use my Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Collectables Guide to easily locate all 9 Pigments.

Once you have them all in the “Frozen Wilds Collectables” section of your notebook, the trophy will pop.

All Animal Figurines Found

Found all of the Animal Figurines in the Cut.

Animal Figurines are exactly what they say they are, small statuettes of megafauna which no longer exist. They serve a secondary purpose as keys which can activate holographic representations of each animal, something which a certain Banuk is keenly interested in using them for.

You can purchase a map from the Bluegleam Merchant north of Song’s Edge which will show you where you can find these figurines.

You can use my Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Collectables Guide to easily locate all 6 Animal Figurines.

Once you have them all in the “Frozen Wilds Collectables” section of your notebook, the trophy will pop.

First Bluegleam Trade

Traded Bluegleam for a special weapon or outfit.

You will not need to find every single Bluegleam cache in the game for this trophy. You only need to make your first Bluegleam purchase from a Bluegleam Merchant which will cost 12 Bluegleam minimum.


Bluegleam Merchants have a similar map/compass icon to other merchants except the icon is blue and contains a gem shape.

You will receive Bluegleam for most Frozen Wilds quests and you can also find Bluegleam at certain hidden caches throughout the Cut. You can purchase a map from the Bluegleam Merchant north of Song’s Edge which will show you where you can find these caches.

Machine Kill Trophies

Killed 15 Scorchers

Killed 15 Scorcher machines

You will fight quite a few Scorchers for the story, particularly during the side quest “The Forge of Winter”, and there will be many Scorchers which will cross your path as you play, but the best way to farm them if needed is to visit each of the two Scorcher sites on the map and then alternate between them.

The first is in the wooded area northwest of Song’s Edge.


The second is northeast of Song’s Edge, along the path to Longnotch.


Also, I am not sure if it is normal, but I ran into three Scorchers at once (and a Frostclaw) at the Charger Site north of the Stone Yield Bandit Camp so you could try looking there too.


Once you take down your 15th Scorcher, this trophy will be yours.

Killed 10 Frostclaws

Killed 10 Frostclaw machines.

Frostclaws won’t show up at all until you’ve been introduced to them as part of the side quest “The Shaman’s Path”. After that point, you can find them all over the map, seemingly at random. There are also several quests during which you will come face-to-face with a Frostclaw.


There is also just one Frostclaw Site, in the valley of the Frostfigures mountain where the side quest “For the Werak” reaches its conclusion. This site usually contains two Frostclaws. Interestingly, only one is Daemonic so you can actually override one and make them duke it out, which is very cool.


Once you defeat your 10th Frostclaw you will earn this trophy.

Killed 6 Fireclaws

Killed 6 Fireclaw machines.

You won’t find a Fireclaw until they are introduced during the side quest “The Forge of Winter”. After that, you will receive an Errand called “Out of the Forge”. This errand tasks you with finding and killing the 5 Fireclaws marked on your map, taking the total up to 6, which is exactly what you need for the trophy!


If for some reason the trophy doesn’t pop when you finish the “Out of the Forge” errand – which was unfortunately the case for me – then you can still find Fireclaws at a Fireclaw site in the northeast.


Note that the errand “The Claws Beneath” may interfere with this spawn point in which case you will need to complete that errand and then return.

With all of the above complete, if you have already platted the base game (Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide) you should now be a lot closer to 100% of the trophies. All you will need to do is complete the game again on Ultra Hard using New Game plus.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for this guide, consider checking out our reviews and other guides!

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