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Deathloop (Mostly) Naked Eternalists Guide

Welcome to our Deathloop (Mostly) Naked Eternalists Guide for PlayStation 5. In this guide, you will find a detailed description of the location of all (mostly) naked Eternalists in Deathloop. Check out our Deathloop Trophy Guide for help unlocking the rest of the trophies.

Deathloop (Mostly) Naked Eternalists


Morning – Exit the tunnels via the right door and use shift to blink up on the right directly outside. Stand on the roof where the clothed Eternalist is stood and look down towards the entrance to the Rakyetoplan facility. You should see the (mostly) naked Eternalist stood near the edge by a railing.

Noon – Exit the tunnels via the right door and walk down the street until you’re stood outside the Candy store to your left. Go inside and head out the back door. The (mostly) naked Eternalist will be stood with a clothed Eternalist overlooking Charlie’s mansion.

Afternoon – This (mostly) naked Eternalist is wearing blue body paint and dancing in the middle of a crowd during a concert just outside the Library.

Evening – This (mostly) naked Eternalist is in the same location as the one above; however, he’s stood atop a large speaker stack instead of dancing in front of the stage. He also has similar body paint.

The Complex

Morning – Exit the tunnels and take your immediate left into the bunker. Walk up the stairs to the right and look down into the middle of the bunker. The (mostly) naked Eternalist will be stood in front of a truck.

Noon – The (mostly) naked Eternalist will be walking around Egor’s camp right outside the morning entrance.

Afternoon – This (mostly) naked Eternalist is stood at the back entrance of the bunker where the (mostly) naked Eternalist from the morning was found. You can go through the bunker or run around the outside to where the entrance was during noon.

Evening – Leave the tunnels via the right-most exit and walk towards the truck in front of you. The (mostly) naked Eternalist will be lying on the ground clutching his stomach. Make sure to shoot him quickly as he is dying (probably alcohol poisoning?) and will phase out after a few seconds.

Fristad Rock

Morning – This (mostly) naked Eternalist is stood on the pier outside Ramblin’ Frank’s club.

Noon – To the right of Ramblin’ Frank’s club entrance is a cave with a bar set up inside. The (mostly) naked Eternalist will be stood behind the bar.

Afternoon – This (mostly) naked Eternalist will be in the same location as the one above.

Karl’s Bay

Morning – This (mostly) naked Eternalist is in an alleyway to the right of the entrance to the Dawn of Reason.

Afternoon – Inside Hangar 1 to the left of the entrance. The (mostly) naked Eternalist has body paint which makes him hard to spot.

Evening – This (mostly) naked Eternalist can be found inside the AEON Coital Center next to the Dawn of Reason. You can access the room via a door in the alleyway where the (mostly) naked Eternalist stood from the morning.

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