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How long does it take to beat Teardown and unlock all trophies?

Around 18-25 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Teardown and unlock all trophies?

Medium (5/10).

Does Teardown have online trophies?


Does Teardown have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Teardown have missable trophies?


Does Teardown have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Teardown?

One, plus cleanup!.

Does Teardown have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide and Road Map for Teardown on PS5

Welcome to our Teardown PS5 Trophy Guide. Teardown is an infinitely fun sandbox game featuring a mind-blowingly complex physics system. This incredible system is used as a foundation on which a somewhat mid-tier thievery game is placed.

Using various tools to interact with (and destroy) the voxels around you, the main campaign will see you completing objectives with various restrictions and obstacles to navigate.

The trophy journey will see you through the campaign and the completion of all optional objectives. Beyond that, you’ll need to pull your hair out over some complex chapter-specific trophies before you get to finish things off with some quality time in Sandbox mode, just blowing stuff up in a final push for the Teardown Platinum Trophy.

The current version of this game (as of 17/11/2023) is quite buggy and there’s a good chance your trophies won’t unlock when they should. If this happens to you, you should close the game and restart your PS5 console. Upon loading the game up, you should be able to unlock trophies again. Some will unlock when the game loads up, but others may need you to achieve their requirements again.

In my experiments, it seems as though putting the console in Rest Mode causes trophy issues pretty much every time, so avoid doing that where you can.

Many people online claim that mods cause the trophy glitches. We have extensively tested this and can say for certain that mods are not the cause of any issues with trophies at this time.

Both MrZhangetsu and I played through the game with mods on. While I did have about 80% of the trophies glitch out on me at least once, MrZhangetsu only experienced one glitch.

Phase One | Complete the Campaign

In this first phase of your Teardown Trophy journey, the bare minimum goal you should be aiming for is to complete the main campaign.

There are quite a few things you could be doing throughout this phase to expedite your trophy journey, however, but it’s up to you how you’d like to pace things out. If you just want to complete the campaign’s main objectives then that’s fine too, we’ll come back for cleanup in phase two.

All that said, here are the things you could be working on:

  • Try to complete as many optional objectives as you can. It is totally fine to skip them if any of them get too difficult, as you’ll be able to come back to them later with new and improved tools.
  • Destroy the treadmill in the home base after every mission. You need to destroy it a total of 10 times so it helps to be gradually working on it.

Those things aside, if even the minimum requirements of a level are proving too difficult (which can happen with some stages), then check out the “Game” tab in the Options menu. Under the “Campaign” heading, you’ll find various settings that can make the game much easier (or harder, if you really want).

You can apply those settings to your heart’s content as they won’t affect your ability to earn any trophies. The only one I would avoid, though, is the “Mission Skipping” option. You’ll need to complete every level and—eventually—their optional objectives too!

That’s not all, as the game can be made even easier yet! If you access the “Mod Browser” option from the Main Menu, you can activate any of these mods and they’ll become active even in campaign mode. Currently, the selection is small but even now there are great things like the Jet Pack which makes timed missions a lot easier.

Trophies in this phase:

Unmissable Story Trophies

Summer is over
Beat it

Unmissable Story Trophies


Destroy 1 000 000 voxels

What is this?


It is extremely unlikely that you will make it through the entire campaign without unlocking the “Whoops” trophy. Though a million voxels may seem like a lot, it’s actually a very small amount compared to the sheer volume of voxels you’ll obliterate in your journey through the campaign.

Summer is over

Reach part 2.

What is this?



You will eventually upgrade your home base and it will be snowing, indicating that you have entered Part 2 of the game (if the huge letters saying “PART TWO” when you loaded in didn’t do the trick).

This trophy will unlock unavoidably once you reach that point in the campaign. Simply keep progressing until the trophy unlocks!


Travel to Muratori.

What is this?



You will visit Muratori unavoidably as part of the main campaign, thus the “Tourist” trophy is totally unmissable and will unlock naturally.

If it doesn’t unlock when it should, it will either unlock on a future visit or as you explore the island more.

Beat it

Complete the game.

What is this?



As you can imagine, the “Beat It” trophy will unavoidably unlock when you reach the end of the story campaign by completing the minimum requirements for every campaign mission.

Phase Two | Complete Optional Objectives & Collect Valuables and Chapter-Specific Trophies

After making your way through the main story campaign, you’ll come away with a little bit of money, lots of new tools, and access to every Mission via the “Missions” tab at the Computer.

In this phase of our Teardown Trophy Guide, you’ll need to tackle a selection of Chapter-Specific Campaign Trophies which ask you to complete specific levels under specific conditions. Following that, you’ll want to revisit any missions in which you did not originally complete the Optional Objectives so that you can earn Completionist.

While there, you should also be looting Valuables for True Looter.

If you actually avoided using the game’s difficulty options or the mod browser up to this point, I would definitely recommend them moving forward. Some of the objectives you’ll be asked to complete could make this trophy journey a 9/10 difficulty if it wasn’t for the mods and the ability to increase the alarm time.

Chapter-Specific Campaign Trophies

Where's my hammer?

Complete Making space without using any tools.

What is this?


“Making Space” is the first campaign level you can access that takes place in the Marina area.

To unlock the Where’s My Hammer? Trophy, you will need to complete the minimum requirements of the mission without using any of your tools. The best way to achieve this is to first manually drag the safe into the water. It takes some time and patience but just carefully walk it out and into the water.

Next, get into any of the available boats, and drive them straight into the cabin you need to destroy. Keep this up until the whole cabin is destroyed and your objectives are complete.

Swiss cheese

Complete An assortment of dishes without getting hit by the chopper.

What is this?



The Swiss Cheese trophy is one of the more difficult trophies in the Teardown Trophy List. To unlock it, you must complete the minimum requirements of the “An assortment of dishes” mission without once taking damage from either the Helicopter’s bullets or missiles.

I highly recommend using the Jetpack Mod for this. It’s certainly doable, but you will need to plan out a route that keeps you under cover for the majority of your run so that you can avoid taking damage.

If it helps, I’ve uploaded my full successful run to YouTube, which you can view below:

Note that this was something like my 14th successful run because I was having trouble getting the trophy to unlock initially. Restarting my console did the trick and I was able to earn the trophy after that.

The floor is water

Complete Flooding without getting wet.

What is this?


Unlocking “The floor is water” legitimately is one of the things nightmares are made of. Just don’t even try it unless you’re partial to being frustrated.

The best and simplest way to earn this trophy is to activate the Jetpack in the Mod Browser and then complete the level using it.

Starting from the truck in the lower-left corner of the map, just fly from rooftop to rooftop and use bombs to blow holes into the rooftops where the objectives are and collect them.

Once you have all five items, fly to the boat and press on it to make your getaway, unlocking the trophy immediately.

Runner up

Complete The Chase without using any vehicles.

What is this?


To unlock the “Runner Up” trophy, you simply need to complete the mission called “The Chase” without driving any vehicles except the boats you start and end the mission in.

At the beginning, make sure you press as soon as you can to exit the boat. If you push and accelerate, you’ll void the trophy immediately.

You’ll be being chased by a helicopter which shoots at you, so you’ll need to try and find cover as you make your way to the boat at the opposite end of the town.

Both of us used the Jetpack and Rocket Launchers to complete this level, we’d just blast holes in the sides of buildings to get in and out of them quickly. Just keep moving, enter buildings for cover, and do not enter another vehicle.

Once you reach the boat at the end, you can obviously press to escape the level. You’ll then immediately receive the Runner Up trophy!

Big brother

Complete Ornamental ordeal without getting seen by the robots.

What is this?



“Big Brother” is one of the harder trophies in Teardown’s trophy list. Especially since it’s also one of the buggiest. If this trophy does not unlock for you when it should, restart your PS5 and then try again.

Quite late into the campaign, Gordon Woo will email you to tell you about a new Side Mission at Evertides Mall called “Ornamental Ordeal.”

To unlock the Big Brother trophy, you must complete this whole stage without triggering the Robot Alarms. The robots can see you and look at you, but if they trigger the alarm (thus starting the countdown) then you have voided the trophy and will need to start again.

Bring at least four decorations to the Van in the parking lot without triggering an alarm and the trophy will unlock when you press on the van to escape at the end of the level.

Miscellaneous Campaign Trophies

Bare Bones

Complete a mission without using any tools

What is this?


By far the easiest mission to complete without using a single tool is the very first one, The Old Building Problem, where you need to completely demolish an old house. There are several large vehicles nearby that you can use to raze the building to the ground; the bulldozer seems to be the best.

Couch potato

Destroy the treadmill at your home 10 times.



What is this?


During the campaign mode, you’ll visit your home base between missions so that you can accept new missions and read messages via the home computer.

In the same area as the computer, in the opposite corner, you’ll see a treadmill.

To unlock the “Couch potato” trophy, you need to destroy this treadmill a cumulative total of 10 times.

You can either destroy it between missions, or destroy 10 back-to-back by selecting “Restart” from the pause menu each time that you destroy the treadmill.


Get full score on skeetmaster 10 times.



What is this?



At each of your facilities, there is a “Skeetmaster” machine outside. When you press to activate it, a short moment will pass and then the machine will begin shooting out orange discs.

To unlock the Sharpshooter trophy, you will need to shoot all 10 orange discs, earning yourself a perfect score of 10.

First things first, go to the Main Menu, access the Mod Browser, and then download and activate the “Laser Gun” mod.

With that equipped, go to a Skeetmaster machine, activate it, and then immediately begin shooting the laser gun across the back of the machine, where the discs come out.

Just keep held down until all of the discs have been destroyed, then check the screen of the machine to see your score of 10.

Repeat this, using the “Restart” option in the menu to refresh your ammo, until you unlock the trophy after earning a score of ten, ten times in a row.

I took a thing

Find 50 valuables.



What is this?


The “I Took a Thing” trophy will unlock when you’ve grabbed at least 50 Valuables. See True looter for more info.

Average looter

Find 100 valuables.



What is this?


The “Average Looter” trophy will unlock when you’ve grabbed at least 50 Valuables. See True looter for more info.

True looter

Find 200 valuables.



What is this?


For the True Looter trophy, you will need to collect at least 200 Hidden Valuables from Campaign Missions. This is a pretty crazy grind and an awful lot of effort.

While you will certainly grab some valuables naturally, and there an estimated 280-300 valuables in the game, you’ll still need to go out of your way to really track some down.

Fortunately, I’ve gone to the effort of documenting the locations of 235 total valuables in the maps below:

You will not find any valuables in Sandbox mode, you can only find them by loading a level up via a relevant campaign mission via the computer.


Meticulous planner

Mission setup time more than one hour.

What is this?


The “Setup Time” is the amount of time you spend preparing for a heist in any mission. Essentially, any time before the alarms go off is setup time. However, due to the complex nature of some levels, it’s not always clear when you’re in setup time and when you’re not.

Select a mission that has alarmed items, then refrain from touching the objectives until an hour has passed. I personally used the “Tool Up” mission at the Marina.

Then, you can either stand on the spot for an hour before doing anything, or you can spend some time looking for valuables (see our valuable maps here), and setting up a route for the actual mission.

Once an hour has passed, go ahead and complete the mission as normal to receive the Meticulous Planner trophy at the end of the mission, once you escape.


Mission completed in less than 60 seconds.

What is this?


The Speedrunner trophy may seem daunting, but it’s best earned on the first mission; “The Old Building Problem” at Evertides Mall.

You’ll obviously want to return to this level after finishing or at least progressing the campaign. When you return to this level with bombs, nitroglycerin, a rocket launcher, and more; knocking the building down becomes a trivial task.

Cover that baby in bombs, blow it sky-high, then press on the van to escape. Do all that within a 60-second window and the trophy is all yours.

Complete All Optional Objectives


Complete the game with all optional targets.

What is this?


The “Completionist” trophy is a long ol’ grind depending on how many you’ve already completed. You essentially need to make sure that all of the circles next to every mission in the Missions tab on the Computer are filled, thus indicating that both the required and optional objectives have been completed on that mission.

Once you have done this for every single mission, you’ll receive the “Completionist” trophy.

Phase Three | Miscellaneous Cleanup

This last phase of your trophy journey is going to be a lot more fun-focused. You’ll get to just mess around in Sandbox mode, destroying voxels and completing a few miscellaneous tasks, nothing anywhere near as challenging as what you’ve faced up til now.

Miscellanous Gameplay Trophies

Wasn't me

Destroy 10 000 000 voxels.

What is this?



For this trophy, you’ll need to do exactly what it says; destroy 10 million voxels (small cubes).

Quite a tall order for sure, 10 times more than the last one of these trophies. That said, there’s nothing more to it than just blowing stuff up. Just keep playing missions or mess around in sandbox mode and blow things up to your heart’s content.

Now what

Destroy 100 000 000 voxels.

What is this?



The “Now what” trophy is no different to Wasn’t me, except the objective has been multiplied by 10 again, asking that you achieve a whopping 100 million voxels destroyed.

Again, you’ll just have to keep destroying stuff, there are no tips or secrets to expedite this, just get whatever makes the biggest bang and use it liberally.

I recommend sticking to Sandbox for this trophy, as you’ll have infinite ammo.

The very best voxel farming method we could come up with was as follows:

  • Play on the Villa Gordon map, as it has a lot of voxels in a tight space.
  • Use the spawn menu (>) to spawn an “ATV Launcher” in the main courtyard.
  • Push to turn slowly while repeatedly pressing .
  • The resulting effect is essentially a missile sprinkler, spraying out in all directions.
Drive for treasure

Drive the sunken car.

What is this?

In one of the main bases you get at Muratori Island, there’s a boat in a shipping container under the water right here:

To unlock the “Drive for Treasure” trophy, you will need to drive the car in this container a few feet at least.

This is notoriously difficult to do, so I really don’t recommend trying to do it in Campaign Mode. Instead, open Muratori Island in Sandbox Mode.

In Sandbox Mode, you can spawn anything you need. So open the menu then press to open the Spawn Menu.

From within there, go to “Heavy Machinery” and select “Crane Big.” Spawn it on the coast near the containers.

Next, get in the front part of the truck and use to lower the legs and make the vehicle more stable.

Then, get out and go into the back of the truck. Move the crane over the container, using to extend it, and get it as close as you can to the containers. If you cannot hook the container () get out of the truck and attach cables from the crane’s hook to the container.

Lift the container out of the water, bring it to shore, get in the car, and drive it.

After driving it a few feet, the trophy should unlock!


Paint the boat in Quilez Security.

What is this?

On the Quilez Security map is a small wooden boat hiding in a cave at the far left side of the map.

This boat is not there on Sandbox mode, so you’ll need to go in via a Campaign Mission. I recommend “The Droid Abduction.”

To unlock Paintjob you need to find it the boat and spray paint it yellow with the Spray Paint tool.

In “The Droid Abduction” you actually spawn right next to it. Turn around and you’ll see a cave on your left, head inside to find the boat.

You will need to paint about 80-90% of the boat for it to count so you will need to flip it over once the bottom has been painted.

When you’ve painted it enough, you’ll get an $80 paycheck. If you receive this paycheck and not the trophy, you’ll have to restart your PS5 and try again. It may even unlock when you reload the campaign, without repainting the boat.


Get airtime of 2 seconds in a car.

What is this?


You should first unlock the Vehicle Booster tool before you attempt Liftoff. Once you have these you can load up The Villa in Sandbox mode and grab a fast car such as the Green Supercar in the red garage at the front of the villa.

Drive it to the race track and place it at the base of the ramp that leads towards the villa. Stick some Vehicle Boosters on the back of the car and drive it as fast as you can up the ramp.

Let go of as soon as you leave the ramp as holding it down can make your trajectory become unstable and plummet you into the ground before you reach 2 seconds of air time.

You may hit the villa roof. If this happens then you should break away as much of the window and roof of the villa as you can to give you a clean air space to soar through.


Drive a vehicle over 88 mph.

What is this?

Once you have the Vehicle Boosters you can easily make a vehicle reach 88mph and may even do so in pursuit of Liftoff.

You can do this on any map that has a long enough stretch of road to reach high speeds, though I’d recommend the vehicle spawn map in the Mod Browser as it features every vehicle in the game and a long platform with no obstructions.

Pick your car, such as the Green Super Car, and attach some Vehicle Boosters on the back. Get in and floor it to the edge of the platform and McFly will unlock when you reach 88mph (you can also enable a speedometer in the mod browser to see how fast you’re driving).

Above and beyond

Reach an altitude of 100m.

What is this?

The easiest way to reach a height of 100m in no time is to just use the Jetpack from the Mod Browser. Activate it via the Main Menu, then load up any mission or sandbox level.

Then, simply hold and you’ll continue climbing higher and higher until, eventually, you reach an altitude of 100m, unlocking the “Above and Beyond” trophy.

The jetpack does seem to move you upward relative to your view, so if you look down, you’ll move forward while holding . That is to say, make sure you look forward.

I was on a boat

Sink the yacht in Marina sandbox.

What is this?

Before you can unlock the “I was on a boat” trophy, you will need to progress the main campaign until you’ve unlocked the Marina level in Sandbox Mode.

Once it is available, select “Sandbox” from the main menu and then choose the Marina. There, in the water, you’ll see a megayacht just waiting to be destroyed.

Use whatever methods you deem necessary to destroy the ship, causing it to sink. Once all parts of the boat are fully submerged, you’ll unlock the trophy.


Demolition Man

Obtained all Teardown trophies

After collecting every trophy in this Teardown Trophy Guide, the "Demolition Man" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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