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How long does it take to beat Maneater: Truth Quest and unlock all trophies?

About 4 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Maneater: Truth Quest and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Maneater: Truth Quest have online trophies?


Does Maneater: Truth Quest have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Maneater: Truth Quest have missable trophies?


Does Maneater: Truth Quest have glitched trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Maneater Truth Quest DLC Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Welcome to the Maneater Truth Quest DLC Trophy Guide. Maneater was a pretty fun yet disappointingly short Shark RPG released in 2020 both on PS4 and then later on PS5. With the release of this new Truth Quest DLC, we don’t just get more of the content I was so hungry for from the original game, but we get more violence, more predators, and plenty more Chris Parnell!

Maneater Truth Quest DLC Glitched Trophies

At the time of writing, there is a very strong chance that some trophies won’t unlock.

I myself experienced Island Queen and Apex Predator not unlocking despite me fulfilling the requirements. For me to have another chance at unlocking these glitched trophies I would have to play the entire game again, including base game content, from scratch.

Naturally, I recommend that you avoid earning the trophies in this guide for the time being until the developers have confirmed that the trophies are fixed. If you wish to proceed, do so at your own risk. Every trophy in this DLC Trophy Pack has a chance of glitching out and refusing to unlock at the right time.

At this time there are no known methods for forcing glitched trophies to unlock.

Phase One – Complete Truth Quest Objectives & Reach Level 40

Just as with the Maneater base game, you should remember to mash wherever you go. This will continuously trigger sonar and ping the surrounding area for points of interest, which will be added to your map in the form of “?” icons. This will help you later when it comes to 100% completion.

For now,in this phase of our Maneater Truth Quest DLC Trophy Guide, you can just focus on completing the objectives of the Truth Quest DLC, which will all show up as blue “!” icons. They can be found in your Log under the “Story” subheader.

Along the way, feel free to complete any side activities you want, such as Landmarks, Nutrient Caches, and more. You’ll also gain a lot of exp through completing the objectives and any side content you choose to complete during this phase.

If you haven’t already, you should aim to max out all pieces of the Shadow and Bone sets. The Bone Set is very useful against ships and the Shadow Set will make fights against organic enemies a lot easier. The Bio-Electric Set looks cool but isn’t too useful. You may use it if you like, of course.

In this new DLC, there is a new set called the Atomic Set. You should aim to upgrade all parts of the atomic set that you acquire. The Atomic Set is pretty devastating with some powerful new abilities. The Atomic Set parts will all unlock through the main story objectives except for the head. See Atomic Bomb.

Story Trophies

The trophies in this portion of our Maneater Truth Quest DLC Trophy Guide should all unlock naturally as you make your way through the main story objectives.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
I See Site P

Reach the Plover Island Complex



At the start of the game, you will be given a few introductory objectives such as learning what Time Trials are by following a scent, and learning how to use your Whipshot ability to knock down comms towers. After that, you’ll get an objective marker near the edge of the map and when you approach it you’ll be taken to Plover Island.

After a short loading screen, you’ll arrive at the Plover Island Complex and the “I See Site P” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Electric Burn

Kill the Electric Great White



The Electric Great White will be added to your Story Objectives as you progress and explore in the Truth Quest DLC. As you can imagine, the Electric Great White is an Apex Great White that is equipped with the Bio-Electric set of mutations. As such, it can electrocute and stun you.

I recommend using the Shadow Set for this fight. The Shadow Teeth will allow you to quickly recover health by attacking the Great White and other surrounding marine life. You can also use to fire a ball of poison at the boss. Pair that with using to dodge any attacks and you can continuously deal damage to the Great White from a distance, without needing to get close and open yourself up to paralyzing electric attacks.

Kill the Electric Great White and you will unlock the Electric Burn trophy as its body explodes into digestible chunks.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Shadow Killer

Kill the Shadow Orca



The Level 50 Shadow Orca is a fast and powerful opponent which will be added to your Story Objectives over time. The Shadow Orca is an Apex Orca equipped with the Shadow Set. This makes it quite quick and allows it to deal poison damage.

As with Electric Burn, I highly recommend using the Shadow Set and keeping your distance. Use to fling poison balls at the Orca and try to only approach from behind for bite attacks. If you get in front of the Orca it can and will quickly grab you and begin thrashing you, dealing massive damage.

Kill the Shadow Orca and the Shadow Killer trophy will unlock the moment it explodes into delicious killer whale meatballs.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Bone Breaker

Kill the Bone Sperm Whale



The Bone Sperm Whale is a devastatingly powerful Apex Sperm Whale equipped with the Bone Set of Mutations. This makes it hit very hard with tail attacks and it has a lot of defense. It will appear in the list of Story Objectives once you’ve learned of the government’s plot to create a worldwide pandemic and use the vaccine to control the world.

I’d recommend either a mix of Atomic and Shadow Set or just full Shadow Set. Use the Shadow Tail to allow yourself to fling poison attacks with and pair this with the Atomic Teeth to stack damage boosts each time you land a bite attack, or the Shadow Teeth which allow you to heal more efficiently by attacking.

If you are struggling, it’s helpful to note that the Bone Sperm Whale has a patrol area that it refuses to leave. So if you bait it to the edge of its patrol area, you can actually fling shadow tail attacks from a safe distance and it won’t come out to retaliate.

Kill the powerful Bone Sperm Whale and the Bone Breaker trophy will unlock the moment it explodes into bite-sized chunks that are more whale than sperm, thankfully.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Four-Star Rank

Defeat Adm. Barbara Terranova



You’ll eventually reach a point where there are no more Story Objectives and the only items left in the Truth Quest DLC check list are “Reach Infamy Rank: 5” and “Kill Plover Island Bounty Boss.”

To complete both of these objectives, and unlock the Four-Star Rank trophy, you will need to do the following:

  • Attack Humans and Ships to increase your Threat Level
  • At max Threat Level, the government will send more ships after you
  • Continue destroying ships to slowly increase your Infamy Level
  • Each time your Infamy Level increases, one of the bounty bosses will be sent after you
  • Defeat each boss and cntinue destroying ships until you reach Infamy Level 5
  • The rank 5 Bounty Hunter won’t come to you, they’ll appear at a blue “!” objective marker on the map. Go there and fight Admiral Barbara Terranova. Attack and Destroy her ship.

The Four-Star Rank trophy will unlock when you either eat Admiral Barbara Terranova or sink her battleship.

You will begin to struggle at around Infamy Rank 2 or 3 if you have not yet reached Level 40, so I would recommend doing that after you have defeated Lt. Ron Honeywell.

It will take a while to reach infamy rank 5, and I don’t enjoy this aspect of the game where you’re forced to watch your Infamy Rank slowly tick up while you attack ship after ship for about 30 minutes straight, but once it’s out of the way you won’t have to worry about your infamy rank again.

You should use either the Bone Set for its durability and +60% boat bite damage bonus, or the Atomic Set for its damage-stacking abilities, or a mixture of both. At the very least I think you should be using the Atomic Body. The Active Ability will allow you to fire a devastating atomic blast by holding and then releasing it while aimed at an enemy vessel.

Terranova’s vessel is no more powerful than the Rank 4 Bounty Hunter’s that you fight before her, but she has a lot of powerful backup. I recommend charging up your atomic Active Ability before heading to the waypoint where she is and then just unleashing as many atomic blasts as you can at her ship. This should leave the ship with about 20% HP left, so you can either just go all-out and mash the bite button until her ship explodes, or retreat and eat some fish to charge up your Active Ability again.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Apex Eater

Kill the Atomic Leviathan



After you have completed all objectives and defeated Admiral Terranova, you will get a final objective marker title “Stone Killer” sending you back to the Gulf.

Each time you swim to a marker, you’ll learn a bit more about the creature you’re tailing and then be given another marker. This will go on for a while and you’ll occasionally need to complete other objectives like destroying a sonar beacon. As you make your way from marker to marker, you may notice that you’re uncovering new objectives in all of the past locations that you’re revisiting.

Eventually, you’ll come face-to-face with the greatest challenge that Maneater has to offer; an irradiated Mosasaur, the Atomic Leviathan!

I recommend using the full Atomic set yourself and, much like fighting Admiral Terranova, use as many atomic blasts as you can to quickly rip away at the Mosasaur’s HP. The Atomic Leviathan can deal enormous amounts of damage in a single attack so you should play as evasively as you can and keep an eye out for fish you can eat to stay alive and charge your Active Ability.

It will occasionally attack you with a tail-whip attack which fires radioactive spines at you. When you dodge it, look for the spines as you can grab them with and then whipshot them at the boss with . This will do massive damage, removing its armor.

When you get its health down to 25% it will call out for backup and the Bone Sperm Whale, Shadow Orca, and Electric Great White will all join the fight in their more powerful irradiated forms.

Just abuse your dodge to avoid them (which does a little damage too) and keep eating any fish you can find until you have your Atomic Blast ready to fight back with.

You have two options; take things slow and defeat the three new foes one by one until you’re alone with the Leviathan again, or focus solely on the Leviathan and take it out as quickly as possible to end the fight.

Once the battle is over, you’ll get a small cutscene to conclude the DLC story and the Apex Eater trophy should unlock.

Reach Level 40

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
40 and Flirty

Reach level 40

Reaching Level 40 shouldn’t be much of a challenge. You should be around Level 30 (maybe higher) once you’ve completed the base game content, and the main objectives in this Truth Quest DLC should take you up to around Level 37-38. You can then give it a little boost by completing side-objectives like Hunts, Time Trials, Nutrient Caches, etc.

You’ll eventually reach a point while working on Four-Star Rank where the enemies will get very difficult to take down if you don’t spend some time reaching Level 40.

Feel free to complete as much or as little side content as you need to, but if you’re like me you may have already worked your way around the map completing everything before even touching the Story Quests, gaining a lot of exp along the way.

The 40 and Flirty trophy will unlock the moment you reach Level 40, and you don’t need to return to the Grotto or anything like that to get it to unlock.

Phase Two – 100% Completion

In this final phase of our Maneater Truth Quest Trophy Guide, it’s time to complete all of the remaining side activities. We will start by first getting 100% completion on Plover Island before then revisiting all past locations to complete new Time Trial and Hunt events as well as looking for all of the Questers.

100% Plover Island

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Atomic Bomb

Acquire 100% of the Atomic Evolution set

You will get most of the Atomic Set from completing Story Objectives, mainly those that ask you to fight one of the new mutated Apex creatures. The final piece of the Atomic Set puzzle is the head, which you can find by completing all of the Landmark objectives on Plover Island. See Island Queen for all Landmark locations.

Once you have all 6 pieces of the Atomic Set, the Atomic Bomb trophy will unlock immediately. You don’t need to have the full set equipped.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Island Queen

Complete all objectives in the Plover Island Complex

To unlock the Island Queen trophy you should complete every side-activity in the new Plover Island location and earn 100% completion. This means finding the following at “?” icons on the map:

  • 6 Landmarks
  • 10 Nutrient Caches
  • 10 License Plates

And you will also need to find the three hidden Questers. See Fan Fare for all Quester locations.

Once you have reached 100% completion of the Plover Island Complex (you can see your total progress in the top-left when on the map), this trophy should unlock.

Complete New Base Game Content

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fan Fare

Eat all the Questers

Questers can be found in every area of the game from the very moment you start the DLC. They’re an annoying collectible as unlike other side-activities, they won’t show up on the map and sonar won’t point them out to you. You’re just supposed to scour each map in search of them.

Instead, you can just use the map screenshots below to find the exact location of each Quester in the game.

Plover Island Quester #1 Location

On the west side of the Plover Island map, inside a small dock, you will find this Quester underwater, below a large vessel.

Plover Island Quester #2 Location

Close to the Grotto, the second Quester in the Plover Island Map is found at the water’s edge just past the bridge to your left when you exit the Grotto.

Plover Island Quester #3 Location

The third Plover Island Quester can be found on the east side of the easternmost island.

Fawtick Bayou Quester Location

The Quester in Fawtick Bayou is found in a small enclosed area on the east side of the map, standing on a dock.

Dead Horse Lake Quester Location

The Quester in Dead Horse Lake can be hard to find. He’s underwater inside a small square ruin. I’ve included an additional photo to help:

Golden Shores Quester Location

As you enter Golden Shores from Dead Horse Lake, there’s a large church-like building with big banners out front, advertising the Clovis TGP Golf Tournament. Amid these banners, standing on the roof of a Golf Cart, you will find the Golden Shores Quester.

Sapphire Bay Quester Location

The Sapphire Bay Quester is found underwater not far from the Grotto. He’s taking photos of a shipwreck surrounded by seaweed in a particularly open part of the ocean.

Prosperity Sands Quester Location

In front of a curved building at the north end of Prosperity Sands there is a statue of three huge flexing arms. On the bicep of the central arm, you will find the Prosperity Sands Quester.

Caviar Key Quester Location

On the grounds of some sort of factory in the northwest corner of Caviar Key, you will find the Caviar Key Quester crouched inside a rusted barrel next to a hole in the perimeter fence.

The Gulf Quester

The final Quester is found along the southern edge of the Gulf, taking photos of a sunken battleship.

Once you’ve eaten the 1 Quester in each base game location and all 3 in the Plover Island complex, the Fan Fare trophy is all yours!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Perfect Timing

Complete 100% of the Time Trials

A Time Trial will be the first event you complete as an introduction to the DLC. You’ll need to follow a new scent as part of the first main quest.

This will introduce you to the concept of Time Trial events in Maneater, in which you will need to swim, jump, and dive through glowing rings. There will be a set number of rings and you must pass through them all before the timer reaches 00:00.00.

There’ll be a few more objectives like this as you progress through the story and, eventually, you will unlock a few as side-activities on the map.

You’ll also notice that a few more unlock in past areas of the base game while you’re chasing the Leviathan for Apex Eater.

I highly recommend the Shadow Set for these Time Trials as it will give you the fastest possible speed stats, especially if fully upgraded.

You’ll need to complete a few time trials as story objectives, plus a further 10; 2 in Plover Island, 2 in Dead Horse Lake, 2 in Golden Shores, 2 in Sapphire Bay and another 2 at Prosperity Sands.

Once you have completed all of them, the Perfect Timing trophy is yours.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
I Can Handle the Truth!

Complete all available objective in Truth Quest

After you have earned the Island Queen trophy and completed all of the new DLC content on Plover Island, you will need to go back to each of the original base game locations to complete the following:

LocationNew Activities
Fawtick BayouEat 1 Quester
Dead Horse LakeEat 1 Quester
Complete 2 Time Trials
Complete 2 Hunts
Complete 2 Revenge Missions
Golden ShoresEat 1 Quester
Complete 2 Time Trials
Complete 2 Hunts
Complete 2 Revenge Missions
Sapphire BayEat 1 Quester
Complete 2 Time Trials
Complete 2 Hunts
Complete 1 Revenge Mission
Prosperity SandsEat 1 Quester
Complete 2 Time Trials
Complete 2 Hunts
Complete 2 Revenge Missions
Caviar KeyEat 1 Quester
The GulfEat 1 Quester

Revisit each location (you can fast travel to Grottos) and complete the above-listed activities to unlock the I Can Handle the Truth! trophy. Remember that we have map screenshots for all Quester locations here.

You should have 100% of the trophies in this Maneater Truth Quest DLC Trophy Guide by this point, provided none of them glitched out on you like they did for me.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for a Maneater Truth Quest DLC Trophy Guide. Consider checking out our other guides!

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